Tuesday, July 15, 2008

By Chanel September

Good Day! How are you doing? I hope that you well and oh so good. Today is the 15th of July 2008 and that of course means that it is the Tuesday edition of the Morning Cruise…ooh so Tuesday is here and I’m feeling pretty good about that and I’m so so sure that you are too if not then I just have the cure for you…your daily dose of MC so weather you need some cheering up then I’ve got some advice no matter were you are at the office, at home, in your car or in the taxi listening to Bush Radio and the Morning Cruise…so how daring are you and what is the most daring thing that you ever done mmm I want you to think about that, as I’ll be easing you through until 12 on this July 15th edition of MC…

Moving onto today’s show we had all the usuals such as you’re Word of the Day, your SA Q&A, and you’re Tip of the Day.

We also had interviews with:

· David Muir and he joined me here in the studio chatting to us about his career as a fundraiser.

· We also spoke to Pam Nicholson from Woema which stands for women apposing extra marital affairs it’s a support group for women whose husbands have cheated on them giving them a support through a time of need.

· Lastly we spoke to Thembani Dyule from Gun Free South Africa and she was chatting to us about the Gun Destruction Campaign.

Word of the Day:

RISIBLE - Exciting or provoking laughter; worthy of laughter; laughable; amusing

Trivial Question:

Q: Name the largest province in SA?
A: Northern Cape

Tip of the Day:

So I’ve got your tips and I’m actually exited about today’s tips not sure why, but I am…ways to control to control listening with out distractions

1. At home, insist that the television, radio and stereo are turned off if there is to be a serious conversation.

2. Eliminate all noise that is distracting you from listening. If that is not possible, move to another room, close the door or do whatever is necessary to mute the noise or remove it.

3. Eliminate physical barriers or move to a different area so that the barriers do not get in the way of your listening.

4. Go into a listening situation with an open mind. Eliminate the internal distractions that you may have such as fear, worry, being unprepared, etc.

5. If you can’t control the environment, reschedule or move to another environment.

6. If you’re in charge of scheduling the meeting - family or business - chose a neutral environment to enhance listening and communication. Try to avoid “home turf,” where one of the participants will have the emotional advantage.

Quote of the Day:

Robert H. Schuller - Goals are not only absolutely necessary to motivate us. They are essential to really keep us alive

It’s time for me to love and leave you. You must have oh so super Tuesday. Let’s chat again tomorrow…Much Love…Peace.

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