Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Twoman Crew

Twoman Crew, Both studying film and video technology at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) originally from Eastern Cape, both these students never thought they were going to do film and video technology as a career.

Zikhona Khusi and Thandokazi

 Zikhona Mnyani and Thandokazi Tyindyolo, are two dedicating young ladies who trying to make their dreams come true, as to become business partners in film and photography that met at school. 
The name came from having a deep conversation with a friend about how to do things even though they were just two people doing this.

Today they have taken the dream further than just a dream, they are making it a reality. Thandokazi also known as Tida deals with the creativity of producing and directing, while Zikhona also known as Zee does the post production and camera work. They started this business because if you are a black woman in this industry you are struggling to make it so, “it is difficult to get jobs so we decided to just break the cycle and create jobs” said the girls. In 2015 they were just simple roommates with a big plan until they graduated and saw the real world. That’s when they came up with the name Twoman crew, they are now situated in Cape Town. “Timing is key” they said, so in a few years’ time they are building a big brand where more people can come and engage with their business.

Tida and Zee gave their last words to inspire other people, “no matter what you got just start right now”.
 Instagram: @two man_crew
Facebook: twoman crew
 Website: twomancrew.co.za

Presenter: Khusi Veto
Producer: khusi Veto