Friday, March 31, 2017

The Delft Community Peace March is on Saturday

Today, Mrs. Naseema Ismail came to the studio to talk about a very important issue in her community. In her community of Delft, gun violence, gang violence, and drug violence are a major problem, and Mrs. Ismail is impassioned and adamant about ending violence her community. To her, the safety of Delft's children and the next generation is imperative. In order to raise awareness of these issues, Mrs. Ismail has organized a gathering of sorts. This 'peace march' will take place on Saturday, going from the Stellenbosch Arterial Road to the Delft Police Station. Starting at 9:45,  a human chain will form along the Delft main road, leading to the march's starting point. Organizers of the event are asking participants to wear white t-shirts. Mrs. Ismail hopes that this march will bring awareness and meaningful change to her beloved community.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Jenna Croaster on air!

Yesterday, we had Jenna Croaster and her mom, Chantel, on air. Jenna is a young 13-year-old dancer from Lotus River. Jenna, who is in Grade 7 right now, has been dancing since she was five, reports Jenna's mom, Chantel. Since she began dancing hip hop way back when, she has worked hard to train for competitions and performances and has been slowly climbing the dance ladder.

Jenna wants to study law at UCT when she gets older, and her favorite dancer is Rudy Smith, one of her judges for this competition. This fall, she is trying to go to Croatia to represent South Africa in an international dance competition! Currently, her mom is raising funds for the trip there and the entrance fee, and is looking for help. To find out more, contact:
or email

Lit Life in Studio!

Lit Life is an event promotion company run by five friends that helps bring accessible options for youth to party and for DJs to perform. Today, we had them in to the studio to talk about what they do. Their aim is to make every party a lit one. "Nothing basic", as they said in studio! They wanted to create an affordable partying and music sharing platform for youth, after they were kicked out of a club on Long Street. They work to cover promotion, representation, hosting, and organizing for these events and their hosts and DJs.

Their company started last year, working through struggles like lack of support and the struggle to separate personal life from work life in order to become a team. One of the main difficulties they have in the industry is facing the competition and 'entitlement issues' in the business. They say that the people in the party industry can get very territorial or possessive over their turf, and that can often be a challenge. This week, on Thursday, they have an event coming up.
To learn more, you can contact them on social media:

@Neliswa Ngada



Friday, March 24, 2017

Today on Morning Cruise: Ayanta Tonise

Today in studio, we had Ayanta Tonise in the studio to talk about his innovative self-made genre-fusing music that he calls Hip Hop Reggae. Ayanta is from the Eastern Cape. He used to make hip hop music, until he realized how similar all the popular hip hop songs were. To remedy this, he created his own fusion genre, Hip Hop Reggae, which uses an innovative blend of the instrumentals and stylings of hip hop with the beats of reggae, ending up with a clean, nice product. He talked about his experience with being a self-made musician here in South Africa. If you want to learn more about his music, you can contact him on:

Instagram: Dollar_sa
Facebook : Ayanda Dollar Tonise
Twitter: @RealDollar_sa

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Eva McKend Interview

Eva McKend is an anchor and reporter at WCAX-TV in Burlington, Vermont. We managed to invite her to Bush Radio to interview her about her time in South Africa. She is also volunteering locally in the Gugulethu township community through the Ikamva Youth organization

Eva traveled to South Africa to learn more about the countries rich history and life post-Apartheid. She's originally from New York City. Growing up, she was a part of the Young People's Chorus of New York City and the Harlem Educational Activities Fund. She's traveled to Japan, Senegal, Morocco, Brazil, Australia, and London.

Listen to our interview with her below to learn more about her life as a journalist in the United States. You can contact her on:

Facebook: Eva McKend ((Please link to my professional fan page and not my personal page))

Instagram: Eva McKend

Twitter: @evamckend

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Big Fun Music (Local Music label & CapeKapa (Local Clothing Brand)

BIGG FUN MUSIC is formed and directed by 4 young men, namely - Trendy Deejay, AyaProw, Laphiro Maniak & Spoilt Deejay. The company operates as a label in Cape Town, and Performs all over South Africa. We invited them in Studio to get a hint of their Music with their song from their Ep the song is Called Nguwe Lo they are also dressed by a Local Clothing Brand called CapeKapa CK The CapeKapa will open their Clothing Store at Khayelitsha

We had Simbongile Wani, Sopakana Cele, in studio talking about their Music Label Bigg Fun Music and their song Nguwe Lo from their EP we touched on issues about Artist don't get Airplay on Local Radio station's and what are Challenges as Artist's in Cape Town. 

We also Spoke to CapeKapa about their New store at Khayelitsha what are ups and Down's of Clothing Industry, They also Dress The Big Fun Music for their Gigs.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Crossroads Library CHESS CLUB

We have in studio Thando Hlakula and Ntsika Kuhlane from the Crossroad Chess Club. They using a Public Library to teach people chess and challenging adults to learn Chess so they can Influence their Children when it Come's to Chess.

Thando Learned chess from friends on the street he also Invited Ntsika to be part of the Chess Club and Learn 10 Golden Rules of Chess. They also trying to break the Stigma of Black people dont want to learn the Chess, one of their main Aim is to take children off the street. the Chess club started in 2015 with only 10 Kids and now it is Growing they also take part in competitions. Their disadvantage they looking for Funding.

CPUT Students Siziphiwe and Luchulumanco Talking about helping the Fire Victims from Imizamo Yethu

 Siziphiwe Refiloe Dlulane and Luchulumanco Nanto from Cape Peninsula University CPUT are Currently running a campaign to help the Fire Victims of Mandela Park at Imizamo Yethu Township on the 11th of March Saturday 2017 There were about 15 000 residents left homeless.

As Students they trying their best on helping out the Community by Asking each Residency at CPUT Styudent's to Donate what ever item they can be able to donate from Food to Clothe's including Books for School Kids. Not only they asking the Student's to donate for Imizamo Yethu Community they also went to Khayelitsha and Ask the Community to Donate as well.

If you think you can Help please get in Contact with  Siziphiwe Refiloe Dlulane and Luchulumanco Nanto from Cape Peninsula University CPUT  on 062 6854615  Number also available on Whatsapp on facebook its Siziphiwe Refiloe Dlulane and Luchulumanco Nanto

Producer & Host
Mbasa MB Gqokoma & Mkhuseli Khusi Veto

Mawande Bokweni Musician Talking about his Upcoming Album

|Mawande Bokweni also known as (Big Wande) is an Artist from Langa who is now taking his Brand further on Promoting clothing brand, also taking his Music further promoting it on Platforms like Social Media, we also touched on the Payola issue Payola is when a Artist pays a Music Compiler to play the music on Radio and it is illegal to do that but most Radio Stations in South Africa are linked to that. Mawande said as an underground artist they struggle to get their music out there. Bush Radio is the First station to play his Single (War ft Lolo) 

The Song talks about Social issues that young people face in our Community's and also he talk's about people who don't want him to make it in the Music industry. Tay Showtime was the Producer of the song from 

Producer & Host's
Mkhuseli Khusi Veto & Mbasa MB Malusi Gqokoma

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Today on the Morning Cruise: A Woman's Path

In addition to a few other interviews, we had a representative in today from A Woman's Path, an organization that empowers local women to do more with their identity. Nosiviwe elaborated on how easy it is for women to forget their power and lose it, along with their purpose. Women are strong, she said, it is only a matter of finding your strength. You have to test it through strife and communal struggle. One must know how to navigate your purpose. A Woman's Purpose helps women do this by offering workshops and open spaces for talking and networking. in addition, one-on-one mentoring programs are offered, as well as the Visionaries Breakfast series. The only requirement for these programs is to be a woman, that's it. Nosiviwe talked a bit more about their upcoming projects. One of them is their high school project, where they encourage and motivate students of all genders at local high schools, and address the shock of upcoming independence from domestic life, which is not taught in school. The next upcoming event for them is the next installment of their Visionaries Sanctuary Breakfast Series at the ArtsCape center. This month, the theme is Start to Finish, addressing the motivation to see a goal through to the end. "You are not your past", says Nosiviwe. "Do not let others define you."

Twitter: @S.Lisa
Insta: '''''''
Facebook: Lisa Nwabisa

Today on Morning Cruise: Running for Pads Campaign, and Vij ZA-Vuyani Batyi

Today, we had three guests in studio

The first was a phone interview with a representative for the #Running4Pads campaign, a campaign to help disadvantaged young women gain access to sanitary pads. Founded a year ago, their marathons help raise money for something that should be considered a necessity for all women. We talked about the importance of feminine hygiene products in the modern day, and how limited access has made them more than just a commodity.

Next, we had Vij ZA, a local hip hop artist with an upcoming event. He started back in 2006, and since then, his brand has grown to a point where he now has legitimate offers to perform at large events. His name is an attempt to inject his own identity into his namesake, taking his name and home country to a new level. His upcoming team-up show, Hip Hop Explosion, will showcase his brand-new music video for his new release. His aim is to bring the music back to the people. After giving him the opportunity to slay it against a beat, we wrapped it up. He can be reached at:

Monday, March 06, 2017

Marley Bloo and Bombza in the studio

Today, we have a special guest: musician Marley Bloo from Pretoria! She came in to perform for us and talk a bit about her journey.

Social media: Marley Bloo

Also, we have the artist Bombza on the show.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Our guests today: the minds behind Mr. and Mrs. Empower Pageant

The Mr. and Mrs. Empower Pageant, starting in the beginning of April, is a program meant to empower young people to do better and be proud of themselves. The program helps give agency and independence to the youth of Khayelitsha through a specific type of performance and activity. From opportunity can come great success, and this program provides such opportunity. The program also provides leadership opportunities for these youth. Information about the pageant is in the below brochure.