Friday, June 29, 2012

In Studio Today: CWP


Crazyworld Productions: Jadely Minaar, Leethan, Michelle, YBT, and Neviell join The Morning Cruise to discuss the CWP show case album launch at Kraaifontein Stad Saal on July 6.

The 18 artist/groups featured on the album will perform at the event.

Tickets: R50 standing, R70 seated, R120 VIP

The show case album will also be available for purchase.

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Crazyworld Productions

Thursday, June 28, 2012

In Studio Today: Leneave Hansen (BLACK VULCANITE)

Producer and Manager Leneave Hansen joins The Morning Cruise to introduce BLACK VULCANITE.

Black Vulcanite, they appear to remember the future. They are not a rag tag posse of loonies that see things that don't exist; they are a rag tag posse of loonies that see things that don't exist YET. Some of you will call them visionaries long after their time and some of you will marvel at their gifts today. This bio has nothing to do with precognition or how they are kinda fuggen dope, this is a terrestrial and extraterrestrial broadcast announcing their presence in your schools, malls and offices. I hope you are watching closely.

Black Vulcanite members Mark Mushiva, Alain Villet & Nikolai Tjongarero arrive in CPT in July watch this space for gig updates!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In Studio Today: Toni Stuart

Toni Stuart joins The Morning Cruise to discuss her creative writing workshop.

'Words can change worlds' says Toni, who adds that she is inspired by poets like Malika Ndlovu, Primrose and Winslow Schalkwyk. She offers sound advice to young aspiring writers; firstly find a mentor and secondly explore your interests and learn how they feed into your writing.

'If you have come to save me,

you are wasting your time.

If you have come because

your liberation is locked up in mine,

then let us work together'

To Learn more about Toni Stuart and the silence that words come from:

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Friday, June 22, 2012

In Studio Today: Upper Yard Records


Mr H (Harvey Jonker) joins The Morning Cruise. Harvey explains that it has always been his dream to own his own record label and shares the challenges that he has faced in the quest to fulfill his dream. He confirms that anyone who wishes to pursue a career in the arts needs patience, finance and a strong support system.

Learn more about UPPER YARD RECORDS and Mr H see:

Thursday, June 21, 2012

In Studio Today: Sammi Cakes


Young Entrepreneur Samatha Luter explains that she Sammi Cakes was born out of both necessity and demand. Sam says, after being retrenched she attended a short baking and cake design course and started baking for friends and family. The demand for her novelty cakes soon grew and continues to rise.

Sam adds that young entrepreneurs should identify their strengths and 'do what they love', they should also be resilient because the entrepreneurial route is a challenging one, but if one does what one loves the rewards are far greater than the risks.

Learn More about Sammi Cakes here




The winners of 1 dozen cupcakes in the Sammi Cakes competition. 



Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In Studio Today: JITSENIC

In Studio Today: Arsenic and Jitsvinger

Join the Morning Cruise to discuss the Hip Hop scene in Cape Town and the Jitsenic collaboration. They explain that they would like to pay tribute to the local Legends who inspired and incited them to pursue their musical aspirations. Jits also adds that the Cape Town scene could benefit from increased female influence and participation,  and he would like to see Women represented in Hip Hop.

 Learn More about Jitsenic here

 Jitsenic Live

Cape Town Hip Hop with Jitsvinger and Arsenic the Maniac Metalloid aka JITSENIC collaborates on stage using rhymes, guitar licks and loops, finger-drumming techniques and samples.

Special guests: BLACK n BLUE

Host Dj Juice

-taking you on a journey into Soul Power through the Vibrations of Blues, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Reggae, Hip Hop and more...see Jitsenic at:


Date: 21 June 2012

Time: 9pm

Door: R30

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In Studio Today: Meg Shout

She Built This City

Meg Shout joins The Morning Cruise to discuss She Built This City, and her aims for the project.

"I have 3 aims for SBTC – INSPIRE those in the industry. You’re not alone in the hustle, there are many of us trying to make it happen! CONNECT young creatives or provide a source for those looking to find young women for various creative projects. EDUCATE those who are interested in joining a creative working space.

She Built This City is a about the young women working in the Mother City striving to achieve their goals. Not only are they pursuing their dreams but they are also contributing to the creative wealth of the city. Cape Town has always been steeped in arts and culture and these treasures are only kept alive by the citizens of the city. These are the UNIQUE stories of young creative women working in their desired fields.

Learn more about Meg Shout and She Built This City:

Friday, June 15, 2012

In Studio Today: Liesl Schoonraad

In Studio Today: Liesl Schoonraad

Strong Woman Liesl Schoonraad joins The Morning Cruise.




Strong 4 Charity is the brainchild of Liesl Schoonraad. A strongwoman from Cape Town South Africa who has completed 3 challenges of which 2 were strength events, in 2011.

Liesl succesfully pulled a 10 ton truck in November 2011 and became the first woman in South Africa to do so. In December 2011 she became the first woman in the world to pull a Dakota Aircraft. Both pulls were done in a body harness only with no arm rope. She did all the events to help raise awareness around Cerebral Palsy. A condition where you have very little or no muscle control. In April 2011 on her 40th birthday she completed one of the world's most dangerous sea swims from Robben Island to Big Bay in Cape Town.

Liesl is currently planning to visit schools and hospitals to motivate kids to "stand strong" even when times are tough and life hits with challenges. Dedicated to her sport, she shows compassion to those less fortunate by pushing her body to the limit.

In 2012 she will do demo's of strength events to encourage children to one day consider becoming the future strongmen/women of the world. She is currently also doing motivational talks to encourage people to empower themselves on a physical. mental and emotional level. It has been wonderful to have the support and thumbs up for combining the sport with charity and motivational events from a few of the world's best Strongmen such as Terry Hollands, Mark Felix and Derek Poundstone as well as receiving huge support from her friend, WWE The Big Show.

With huge media interest (tygerburger, die burger, die beeld, the new age, sabc news, e-tv news, sabc expresso show) in the past 2 events as well as radio interviews we are convinced every company and sponsor involved will benefit from being a part of these epic adventures.

She has the support from Planet Fitness Gym, home of Liesl Schoonraad, to assist her in working on her fitness and strength. Schools, hospitals and charities are welcome to contact us and we will see if we are strong enough to make a few dreams come true.

We hope to encourage everyone to reach for their dreams no matter what!



If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Liesl at

Thursday, June 14, 2012

In Studio Today: Freedom Dialogue


Freedom Dialogue

Through a 30 minute performance - directed by Eldene Jones -Winslow Schalkwyk and Glen Arendse, will examine our notions of freedom and deliver commentary from pre and post 1994, as the duo ebb and flow through history remembering not only the Cape Town struggle or South Africa's struggle for freedom but also the struggle to be a human, to be free, to be comfortable in your own skin and be classified as South African.

This showcase at House of Joy will be the first time the audience will be able to experience Freedom Dialogue and also serves as a fundraiser to get the crew to the National Arts Festival Grahamstown.

Venue: House of Joy

6 Lower Trill Road, Observatory, Cape Town


Doors open at 4pm (performance scheduled for 5pm)

Soup and drinks will be on sale.

Learn more about Freedom Dialogue:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In Studio Today: Esme Witbooi

In Studio Today: Passionate’, ‘Confident’ and ‘Results-driven’ are descriptions Esme is well-used to hearing from delighted therapists she coached from all therapy practices in the United Kingdom.

Working in the United Kingdom for 5 years, specialising in Alternative Dispute Resolution as a Facilitator to Mediations and Arbitrations , has given her the most advance skills in Conflict Resolution. She now ploughs this back into South Africa, and specialize in Separation and Divorce Mediation. Helping couples achieve better outcomes without adjudication.

Her methods are the product of world-class training, anchored to unique life experiences gathered from exploring scores of countries, seeking answers to basic human desires and motivations, to answer questions, such as:

“Who am I?”

“What is my purpose in this life?”

“What is my core beliefs and values?”

“Where does my passion lie?”

How can I use my emotions work for me?”

Contact Esme:

In Studio Today: PAWUSA

In Studio: PAWUSA General Secretary, Gavin Jood joins The Morning Cruise to discuss PAWUSA's 45 Year Celebration.

PAWUSA is one of the oldest trade unions in South Africa with a rich history of proud members united in the struggle for the rights and freedoms of workers.

The organization was formed on 23rd November 1967 in Cape Town, as the Public Service League (PSL), when access to racially segregated unions was prohibited, and changed name to the Public and Allied Workers Union of South Africa (PAWUSA), in 1995 after the event of our new democracy.

STATEMENT: Launch of PAWUSA 45th Anniversary Celebration 1967 - 2012

Held at PAWUSA national office, 5 Buiten Street, Cape Town.

Once in a while, the power of human effort triumphs over adversity, and this is the case in the existence of PAWUSA, in its fight for the rights and freedoms of workers in South Africa. Remembering this fight, and the fight for equality, in the month of the worker, has got to be placed in context.

We have launched our celebration of 45 Years in existence, since PAWUSA was founded in 1967. The celebrations will be held in November 2012, in George. Every member has been sent a 45 Year celebration pack together with a celebration lanyard.

PAWUSA, the Public & Allied Workers Union of South Africa, formerly known as the Public Servants League PSL, or SDL Staats Diens Liga, is one of the oldest unions in the Public Service.

PAWUSA'S history dates back to 1967 when the PSL (Public Servants League) was established in Cape Town, on 23 November 1967 to represent employees in the public service.

To learn more about PAWUSA see the website at: 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In Studio Today: Active Social Assistance

In Studio Today: Active Social Assistance

Active social assistants and ASA founders, Royston and Lolita Bennett joined us in studio today to discuss the NPO and the role the organisation plays in the community. ASA was born of the couple's personal history and victory over substance abuse.

The organisation, based in Athlone, works with families affected by substance abuse, they provide emotional tools and support to members of the community who seek active social assistance.

The new ASA offices will be launched on Youth Day, Saturday the 16th of June at 10:00am. This event takes place at Peak View High school, Cypress rd Bridge Town. The ASA website will be launched on June 15th.

ASA Contact Details:

Royston Bennett:
(Operations Director and founder member)

Mobile: 073 506 0980
Office:  021 637 9464
Fax: 086 510 974

Lolita Bennett:

Mobile: 079 222 9537
Office: 021 637 9464
Fax: 086 554 1788

ASA on Facebook

Friday, June 08, 2012

In Studio Today: Crazyworld Productions

Crazy World Productions: 
caused considerable Mid-Morning Madness in Studio today. Ceo Brilynn Van Rooyen introduced YMB, Louise and Alphonso who will be performing at the CWP album launch, at Kraaifontein Stad Saal on 6 July.

for futher details on the album launch, connect to CWP online:

Brilynn Van Rooyen: Facebook

Crazyworld Productions: Facebook

In Studio Today: Zaki Ibrahim

 Zaki Ibrahim: joined The Morning Cruise today to discuss her latest album Every Opposite which is currently being received with rave reviews both locally and internationally.

After her performance at Zouke (170 Bunny Street, Kensington) on Saturday 9 June, she embarks on an epic tour to perform in the worlds largest cities, including Spain, Germany and New York.

To win double tickets to Zouke and see Zaki's performance sms 32158!
Zaki Online: Facebook, Twitter