Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Trvp Gvng (Pronounced as Trap Gang) are South African hip hop musicians, songwriters and performers who specialize in Hip Hop, Trap and any type of Trap. 

Trvp Gvng began originally from Mbekweni in the Western Cape Province. They started rapping/singing at an early stage of their lives from just freestyling at corner of where they live to being now recording artists.They look up to fellow South African artists like Emtee, AB Crazy, Nasty C and Benchmark and many more African Artists.

They are mostly known for their notable singles "The Whole Gvng" and "Thethelela" which have received a major buzz in the city of Paarl. Trvp Gvng has 4 members who have different unique styles of making music (Tendai "Tee1ne", Dumisani "Malachi", Unathi "Mattpeace", and Keletso "K. Juliez")

They stated that they were motivated by their work ethic. Trvp Gvng is on the process of creating their own sound and take South African music to the next level.

FB: Trvp Gvng

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Ashihara Karate presents special classes

Hoosain Narker FROM Cape Town, has a love for the Martials Arts, which was evident since 1974 at the age of 10. He joined the Shotokan Karate dojo in Retreat.

After three or four months the club relocated to Grassy Park and he ran 4km there and back to train. In September of 1980 he opened his own dojo in Retreat and three months thereafter he was joined by William Quantoi. In 1981 he had the honour training with the late legend of karate, the great master, Sosai Masutatsu Oyama as well as with two leading Japanese Sensei.

Ashihara Karate presents special classes for children from the age of 3 and upwards. His gym and fitness centre was named after Hideyuki Ashihara with influences from various martial arts including Muay Thai, Pankration, and Jujutsu with an emphasis on Sabaki. Ashihara Karate is considered to be one of the most practical karate systems today.

These classes have been designed especially for children by Kaicho Hoosain Narker, a Black Belt, who has more than 40 years of martial arts experience. Ashihara Gym has been offering special Karate classes for men and women on a twice weekly basis. Classes are taught by Kaicho Hoosain Narker, the Director of Ashihara Karate in South Africa. Kaicho has trained overseas extensively and he has also taught "Ashihara Self-defense Principles" to the U.S. Army. In the classes at Ashihara Gym, you will learn basic punches, kicks, and blocks. You will apply them in combinations, working with partners in controlled fighting situations. You will learn specific self-defense techniques - how to throw someone who grabs from behind, how to counter various frontal attacks.


(Cell: 082 369 6904)

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Thursday, July 26, 2018


Thandeka Nompumelelo Mkhwanazi, known as TDK Macassette born and raised in Woodland, Montclair Durban the warmest city by the beautiful coasts of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

She began her singing career with the likes of Dj maphorisa who discovered her, sjava and Bucks when she created the song idea Gooshehse Somnika, which has inspired her till this far to work even harder with her creativity in music and creativity. She has shared stages with the likes of Dj Cndo, Zakwe, Dj Tira, Dj Maphosrisa and Bucks and Casper Nyovest.

Thandeka Mkhwanazi had the privilege to be approached by Afrotainment Management in doing distribution, Public Relation, events and administration assistance.

Thandeka is an ambitious public relation student who began her studies at Boston collage studying journalism and now furthering her education at the University of Durban technology studying Public Relation Management science.

TDK Macassette is a very humble hard working lady who is forever driven to new things and life challenges that come with it. This new career as the next lady of house/Gqom has made her focus more of being different, sexy and true to herself.


Instagram: Tdk Macassette
 Facebook: Tdk Macassette
Twitter: Tdk Macassette

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Monday, July 23, 2018


Sanelisiwe Marina Mateta, better known as Sane, is a South African singer/songwriter, aspiring tattooist and illustrator. She has always shown a love for all things creative and displays a very D.I.Y and entrepreneurial mind-set.

Throughout most of her adulthood Sane has been sustained by her art gigs and when she finally stumbled into music, she felt that it was the epiphany that has commenced a long awaited evolution.

She has been involved in a number of creative projects around Cape Town, having worked
at Greatmore Studios, Creative Nestlings to name a few, and Co-Founded Pink Artists (exists to support careers of female visual artists in Africa ), which is now run by her sister. In 2017, Sane went into a business partnership with illRow who founded a record label called Unite The Mic. Together they rebranded and reshaped the company so that it operates as a competitive and effective brand in the music industry. As Managing Director at Unite The Mic, Sane is not only responsible for her own music career and brand, but for the artists signed to the label as well.

It was only in 2016, at 25 that Sane had a deep burning desire to do nothing else but music. She went on to form a band called Synergy alongside long-time friend Phola Galada. Synergy made lots of music throughout 2017, but only released one track, before they split. Sane credits her 3 yearS old daughter for her diabolical drive, as she feels she has to reach her fullest potential in order for her daughter to do the same.

Sane's music style varies based on what space she is in at a certain point in her life. She has a love for all music genres and is keen on experimenting with the various music styles.


FB https://www.facebook.com/sanemateta/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/supersanesa
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/supersanesa/?hl=en
SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/sane-mateta
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3JKE016J4mW9v8smvHf2Jj

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Friday, July 20, 2018


Lauren Small and Nicole are both clothing designers and these young entrepreneurs will stop at nothing to achieve their dreams.

Nicole clothing line is called Peyton Cole. It is a versatile women's wear brand which started the end of 2016. It's named after her daughter. She was one of the main reasons why she started her own business. She hated the idea of not being in charge of her own time. A bit more about the brand, it's for everyone. She's currently got 3 ranges: Swimwear, Streetwear and Basics. You can wear Peytoncole no matter what mood you're in, dress it up in heels or dress it down in sneakers.

Prrettybird started out by making herself clothes last year when she was working in retail because she kept running out of things to wear and because she met so many people she began getting orders or just getting good feedback from the items she would design. It started off  when she done custom designs where she'd just ask for a picture reference and then work from there. She did pretty well last year November to Jan and then she got  bored and quit her job to start studying and put her business first and then started making her own designs. She gets inspiration from international boutique stores.

Right now she's doing everything herself from styling, photography, creative directing. She has always been a creative and growing up with so many talents it was hard for her to figure out what exactly she wanted to do in future. Her clothing style can be described as chic yet hip. You can dress it up or down with a pair of sneakers or match a skirt with a tee shirt or sweats with a crop top and throw on some heels. That's the aim, to be able to mix it up.

They will be having an event which started when Nicole was looking for places to sell her own clothing. She applied for an existing pop up in the Bello Studio and the owner said it's full but she was welcome to host her own event there. She figured that she does not have much to lose, especially since the Old Biscuit Mill draws a crowd every single weekend. It was space allocated for other local designers/entrepreneurs to get their products out there and to the overseas markets since there's many tourists visiting the OBM. Luscious by Lauren applied to take part in the first one and that's how they met and ended up doing business together.

This event will be the fourth Pop-up Market and is double the size it was last year and Lauren has now come on board and co-hosting with me.

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Thursday, July 19, 2018


SpiltMilk is the premier Techno festival experience in Cape Town, South Africa.

They were founded in 2015 as a the first exclusively Techno orientated festival in South Africa where inspiration was drawn from the music culture in Europe – specifically Berlin and Amsterdam. South African electronic and Techno culture has grown rapidly since and they are now getting ready fortheir biggest event to date when the spring festival season commences.
In September 2018 they host the 6th installment of the festival in 3 years. This is the first outdoor - inner city experience of its kind. They have a new inner city venue in Green Point, a new and bespoke 1500sqm TECHNO DOME and they have launched a new PlusOne ticketing initiative for 2018.


Keep a look out for all their new plans for the rest of 2018 on the social media playforms @SpiltMilk

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The Secret Rapper

The Secrete Rapper (Abongile Yolwa) is a Khayelitsha born and raised social media entrepreneur and a hip-hop artist/songwriter.

He is recovering from the biggest break in making music due to my focus in getting my studies one side, on the 29th of June I am dropped my two brand new singles under one artwork titled “TWO BIRDS, ONE STONE” actually referring to exactly what I’m a CPUT Marketing graduate and experienced Digital Marketer and still follow your music dream at the same time.

He persists on pursuing his dreams and does not care what people say about it. He his simply living his best life!

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Written By: Micurls Muller

Monday, July 16, 2018


Durane Plaatjies better known as D.O.E.P (discipline, Excellence, Purity) is a Afrikaans rapper born and raised in Cape town.

He discovered his ability at age 14 and took stage at age 17. He makes music that empowers and inspires people to strive for greater and get a full understanding of who they are and that they can achieve anything they set they mind to.

In 2016 he was nominated for best Gospel hip hop artist of the year at the Cape town VGMA awards .He also shared stage with the likes of Mi casa, Emo Adams ,Hemelbesem and so much more. He had the privilege of working with greats such as Zane Meas better known as 7de Laans Neville Meintjies, Simon Witbooi better known as Hemelbesem, just to name a few. He performed at many festivals such as Saron festival of lights ,Paarl festival,Menslay and had  the opportunity to travel in and around the Western, Eastern and Nothern Cape with his music.

King Smasher is currently in the acting industry and has already performed at the Artscape, Paarl, Baxter Theatre and various other local theatres in Cape Town. 

He has also done a Mr Price Ad where he was featured as a lead role and did a Total Customer Presenting campaign. He played the Lead Role of Colgate in the stage Production of Sarafina in 2015 and also performed at the Suidoosterfees and the Woordfees. The young artist won a Best Performer Award at his College in 2015 and was Nominated for a “Best Actor Award” in 2016 at the Zabalaza Festival and he also won an award for a production he was in called “Our Winds That Heal” for a “Best Ensamble Award” with his colleagues and friends in the production. This year 2017 he played the Lead Role in the Stage Production of Charlie & amp;The  Chocolate Factory, Co-directed and composed music for a Coloured  Musical “Gympie Straat” and it will also be part of the Suidoosterfees Festival
next year.

The young artists are really passionate about their music and has performed at
numerous shows. King Smasher and D.O.E.P collaborated on several songs together and are planning on doing big things for 2018.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Improving healthcare and education in poverty-stricken communities

The S.A Medical and Education foundation is a non-profit organisation that does high impact education projects focusing on science, maths and technology.

The role aim is to improve healthcare and education in poverty-stricken communities through high-impact, focused projects. Without intervention by YOU and the SAME Foundation, these communities won’t be able to receive the healthcare and education,  and technology that they deserve. "Together we can make a real, sustainable difference" they said.

Each year SAME Foundation selects one of their beneficiaries as a recipient of their Mandela Day initiative where they bring together schools, businesses and celebrities to paint as many classrooms as possible on the day. 

This year they have selected Manzomthombo Secondary School in Cape Town as the recipient for their Mandela Day Initiative. They have completed 4 science classes, 5 general classes, 1 computer lab, 1 library and 2 lavatories at the beginning of last year and believe that in giving learners access to the best possible learning resources, they are giving them an opportunity to reach their full potential and in doing so break the cycle of poverty through quality education.

Presenters & Producers: Micurls Muller & Khusi Veto

Written By: Micurls Muller


Tyrone aka Ty, is a rap artist that resides in Strandfontein Village. He is an independent artist who works with other independent producers.

He recorded all of my music in Lotus River, Goodwood and Strandfontein, which are all homemade studios. His music speaks to and for youth who go through everyday struggles such as gangsterism and  unemployment. Ty's music is a mixture of modern day commercial sounds with true lyricism. He raps in English which is infused with about 20-30% Afrikaans. He feels like he could bring something new to the table in terms of topics I address, and authentic rhyme schemes.

He  has on stage experience as well, since he has performed at various shows and carnivals such as the community chess and at different night clubs for open mic competitions and gigs.

He  plans to push the sound of Cape Town music forward in his own unique way and build
relationships with intelligent artists and producers who share the same passion.

Presenters & Producers: Micurls Muller & Khusi Veto

Written By: Micurls Muller

Amber talks "DESIGNS"

The love for clothing started in primary school . She always found herself busy drawing pieces of clothing and cutting out swatches from her mothers old table cloths and sometimes from her own clothing . she remembered the day her mom first bought a doll and she started making clothing for the doll . "I have always been fascinated with fashion and clothing making"  she  said.

Her mom wanted her to become an accountant and dad wanted her to become a lawyer . 

"I remember, many nights that year I would cry because of the pressure that was placed on me by my mother and father . eventually I ended up choosing my subjects , which was Business , Cat AND Accounting.Grade 12 came and again I found myself crying myself to sleep , because now the pressure was back . Because I was heading into the GROWN UP world . Over the course of 5 yrs , I've received some many diplomas , served in the RCL for 3 of the 5 yrs . Been on the matric council , and I served on the SGB ( SCHOOL GOVERNING BODY ) for 2 yrs . I think this also led to my parents being so hard on me , regarding my career choice . At first , my mom and dad wasn't so happy with me studying fashion design but after , they saw the work I produced in only the first 6 months of university and the determination I had for fashion".

She's currently a first year student at CPUT Cape Town campus , in the design faculty studying fashion design . So far they've only made or been taught to make a skirt . She self taught herself how to make other prices of clothing like hoodies , joggers , bra-lettes , pants , tops etc . She managed to get an old sewing machine from her neighbor and been doing her side hustle for about 2 months now . "I have a page on IG called blvckbirdbyaed and she's my baby . I am using the page as platform to showcase my pieces and get peoples feedback . I encourage interaction and people to direct message me on my social media pages"  she said, as we all agree that media plays a huge role in fashion.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018


It started when 3 friends that were working in the same industry but in different departments had an idea to join forces. This is where, Mosting Entertainment formulated.

Mosting Entertainment is a brand and lifestyle endorsing free spirits, designers, artists, youth and beyond with a platform of leisure. Liberating generations through music, entertainment, clothing lines and so much more!

"This brand takes pride in social development and most certainly change, mainly aiming to create a
platform for all that screams growth, change, vision and execution." says Pumzy Pityana.

This entity also creates a wave of the new market to venues, redefining spaces to collaborate with
relevant generations, along with their brands to maintain revenue and elevation.

These ideas were inspired from different paths of life, indifference's and what is all shared
amongst each other, to create solidarity and initiatives leading to growth and success.

Presenters & Producers: Khusi Veto & Micurls Muller

Written By: Micurls Muller

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Helping Others Prosper Everywhere

Sebestian Haricombe is from Manenberg from an Organisation called (Hope) Helping Others Prosper Everywhere.

He has been Running a School Project for more than 5years Haricombe has also Managed to Raise R33 000 Through Self Funding and Donations from Local Businesses in Manenberg. He has gone around to big business in and around Cape Town to ask for donations to buy school shoes for the children that just cannot not afford them and was turned down by most of them.

The people in the community and even on the trains jumped in to help and has thus far been a success. The only problem Mr Haricombe now has is transport, but that does not stop him from doing his great works. He now sleeps over in the areas if it is from from where he hails.

He how ever needs R17 000 before the official hand over school shoes this month July 2018. To donated you can messaged Sebestian on 063 776 4969.

Our kids future is in your hands.

Presenters and Producers: Micurls Muller & Khusi Veto

Wriiten By: Micurls Muller


The Campaign call on everyone to dedicate their 67 minutes of goodwill activities towards cleaning up streams, wetlands, dams, canals and any freshwater source. Everyone is encouraged to participate in cleaning up our water ecosystems; on any day during Mandela Month.

Mr Sputnik Ratau says that the objective of the Clear Rivers Campaign is to undertake a collaborative effort and actively engage communities as well as promoting and creating ongoing awareness and education on protecting our water resources. Fostering volunteerism among communities is actively encouraged as part of a proactive approach to protecting our rivers, streams, wetlands and other water ecosystems, given the drought that still persist in large parts of the country.

The schedule for this month are as follow: 

Activity Name & Synopsis
Lead & Support
Media Houses
Clearing of Kuilsriver (Hindle Road)
Kuilsriver (Hindle Road)
Lead: DWS Institution Establishment
Support: DWS
Kuilsriver Friends
All media houses within the Metro area will be invited
Sputnik will do radio interviews
A media statement will be issued
Lead: DWS Regulation
Support: DWS
Local Municipality
Media houses around Cape Winelands will be invited
Sputnik will do radio interviews
A media statement will be issued
Molen River
Support: Local Municipality
Cape Nature
Media houses in George will be invited

Sputnik will do radio interviews
A media statement will be issued
Kleinberg River
Support: Municipality; WUA
Media houses in Tulbagh will be invited
SR will do interviews
A media statement will be issued
Klipdrift River
Lead: DWS
Support: BGCMA
Media houses in area will be invited
SR will do interviews
A media statement will be issued
Lead: DWS and Green Cities
Support: Municipality
A media statement will be issued

DWS together with the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), one of the world’s largest and most respected independent conservation organisations, with almost 6 million supporters and a global network active in over 100 countries.

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Friday, July 06, 2018


Beauty For Ashes assists Women Prisoners & Ex-Prisoners realise their true potential & dignity on return to community through the discipline of caring Relationships & programs of Renewal.
The organisation Beauty for Ashes (RF)NPC has a Service Level Agreement and in formal partnership with the Department of Correctional Services (DCS). Beauty for Ashes (RF) NPC aids prisoners leaving prison on parole by running two halfway houses in Observatory Cape Town. The first home was established in 2002.

There is help for each and everyone one out there. Be the change you want to see.

Presenters and Producers: Michaela Muller, Khusi Veto and Emma Derr

Written By: Michaela Muller

Thursday, July 05, 2018


Prominent nonprofit in Manenburg will be holding their second annual clothing drive for the homeless this Saturday, July 7 in Cape Town. Hoppers is a non-profit organization based out of one of the most crime-ridden townships in Cape Town, Manenburg. The two representatives of the organization, Shafiek and Yousouf, joined us in the studio this morning.

Hoppers at Bush Radio

Shafiek described that organization was born out of a desire to serve people who are homeless. He said that one day he saw a homeless person on the side of the road and pulled over, realized it was one of his relatives. When he shared this experience with his friends, they all realized that everyone has someone in their family who is homeless or poor.

So, Hoppers was founded. It focuses on empowering youth to reject a life of gangsterism and instead stay in school. Yusuf said although the youth are the most important demographic, they serve all ages of people. He said that because everyone is human, they deserve to have their basic human needs met.

The Beanie and Blanky Drive will put extra clothes and food into the hands of people who are truly in need. Shafiek and Yusuf personally deliver many of these resources. They both are extremely passionate about the organization and encourage everyone to come out and support. Even if you do not have anything to donate, you can come to the Grand Parade during the drive. The organization is also welcoming people to join them in sleeping overnight on the streets to understand better how the homeless live.


Laqueen hails all the way from Macassa,  is aspiring to be a singer and rapper.

She attends Macassa high and  is currently doing grade 11. When she finishes school her main back up plan is to study psychology. At the moment she's working on an album that will have up to 16 songs and ill be released by December.

 Her focus is more on rapping than singing. One of her influences for going in to the music industry was listening to Rihanna, which motivated her in steeping into the music life. She mainly writes about things happening in and around her school, to educate the rest of South Africa who do not know that part of the world.

She encourage everyone to strive in  what they are passionate about.

Presenters & producers: Michaela Muller, Emma Derr and Khusi Veto

Wriiten By: Michaela Muller

Tuesday, July 03, 2018


Sprung food is a new food outlet, that opened in Woodstock 169 Victoria Road Cape Town next to Debonairs. They are a much-loved food market business who after years of requests and demands, have decided to open a retail and wholesale outlet in the heart of Woodstock Cape Town. 

They serve preservative free foods that cater mainly for vegetarian and vegan tastes but also include ethically raised Halaal chicken dishes and SASSI green listed seafood. The hours are every Tuesday to Friday 12-3 which started June 19.

Anestacia Jansen with Stefan and his sister are involved in creating a warm, natural looking interior with plenty of seating space to enjoy your meal.They take pride in the quality of the food.
Their loved food market business ( Old Biscuit Mill, Root 44, Cape Point Vineyards, The Range, Earth Fair Tokai and Century City Night Market), who, after years of request and demands, have decided to open a retail and wholesale outlet in the heart of Woodstock.

Their blackboard menu currently consists of a range of delicious foods, complimented with a lunch or salad section. Hot and cold dishes are served for a healthy and tastier lunch.

Contact details

Stefan - +27 72 766 6817

Presenters and Producers: Emma Derr, Khusi Veto and Michaela Muller

Written By: Michaela Muller