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South Africans will now get the chance to showcase their skills in the awesome production of Dream Girls

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tattered adj. (
1. Torn into shreds; ragged.
2. Having ragged clothes; dressed in tatters.
3. a. Shabby or dilapidated.
   b. Disordered or disrupted.

How to Enjoy Your Life
By Nicole LaMarco
We all complain about our lives from time to time. An unexpected expense comes up or we get laid off from our jobs. So many things can happen to us in even just one day. Unfortunately, complaining is a waste of time. It is a grown up version of whining, and yes, we too have tantrums. The key to enjoying life is in how we react to the events and mishaps in our daily lives.
1. Step 1
Refocus your energy to enjoy your life and feel happy. Right now you might be saying that bad things simply tend to happen to you. Well, you are right, but you are not alone. Try to refocus your energy by being more positive in even the smallest things in your life.
  • For example, let's say you get to work on time tomorrow. It does not matter if you never get to work on time, or if you always get to work on time. Be proud of yourself for accomplishing that task. Be happy!
2. Step 2
Practice being in the moment to enjoy your life. Happiness is all about choice and time. A huge part of the ability to enjoy your life is being in the moment and really soaking it up. When you feel happy or excited about a moment, don't stifle those feelings in any way. Our lives happen moment by moment. Allow yourself to be happy. It is ultimately up to you.
3. Step 3
Be grateful to enjoy your life and be happy. Really enjoying your life begins with being grateful for everything you already have and not wishing you had more. Look around yourself and think about everything that you are grateful for.

Hazel Feldman SA producer of the now on our shores theatre production known as DreamGirls. The production will take place between March and June. The show will be will look for South African actors to play the entire cast and they are currently auditioning. The auditioning process is known as the discovery auditions where they hoping to find along with the experienced, the untouched raw talent. The women are required to sing, act and be able to move and the males have to able to dance. The Dreamgirls cast comprises of 29 performers who are strong singers and dancers. The four female and four male principal roles require exceptionally strong lead vocals. Cape Town auditions take place on Sunday, 28 February 2010 (ladies from 09h30 to 13h00, gentlemen from 14h00 – 17h00) in Room 301, Artscape Theatre.

Unknown – don’t let what you can’t do get in the way of what you can do
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.............. The Morning Cruise on Bush Radio 89.5fm is clearing the air - correcting the wrongs ..............

I am writing to apologise for a misunderstanding. The misunderstanding is that I steal info from other blogs. More specifically my tip of the day is stolen. Firstly let me explain that the tip of the day is infact not compiled by myself I source the info from two interesting sites namely, and However I am at fault for innocently neglecting to post the websites on my blog. It was unprofessional of me, I acknowledge that.

My blog simply post the info I put out on the airwaves. The Morning Cruise is a show on a community radio station in Cape Town Bush Radio 89.5fm (NGO). The radio station broadcasts to the man on the street, people unable to watch TV or buy local press, people desperatedly in need of education and a platform to have their voices heard.

Back to the subject at hand. I once again apologise to readers who have been offended by the incident. I only wished to promote these sites which I happen to do every weekday on air.

Thanx for the comments and your interest.

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Something for the parents on MC: Teens and Pornography as well as how underage drinking plays role in sexual violation of teens

By Denisia Adams

chary adj. char•i•er, char•i•est
1. Very cautious; wary: was chary of the risks involved.
2. Not giving or expending freely; sparing: was chary of compliments.

About 42,000 tennis balls are used in the plus-minus 650 matches in the Wimbledon Championship. ALSO DID YOU KNOW In 1898, one of the first programs to be broadcasted on radio was a yacht race that took place in British waters

How to Cure Face Skin Irritation
Irritation of facial skin, particularly in women, is not at all uncommon. Between cosmetic products, excessive washing and exfoliating, stress and sun, wind and weather exposure, you are actually pretty unusual if you do not have facial skin irritation at least occasionally. Fortunately, there are many ways to deal with this issue.
1. Step 1
Exfoliate on a schedule. You should not exfoliate your face more than once every three days. It can cause dry skin, peeling and redness. However, with exfoliation being touted as the newest cure for age signs, many people succumb to the temptation to exfoliate daily. Keep track of how often you exfoliate and make sure you give your face at least two days break between treatments.
2. Step 2
Wash off all your makeup every evening. Leaving cosmetics on overnight is the fastest path to a breakout. Use warm water and gentle cleanser to remove all makeup before bed.
3. Step 3
Use sunscreen. The sun feels great, but it will dry out your skin and can cause redness and irritation. Protecting yourself with an SPF 15 or higher will help prevent sun irritation on a daily basis.
4. Step 4
Treat yourself to a milk facial. If your skin is always inflamed, then a milk and water facial (1/2 cup of each) can sooth your skin and reduce age lines naturally. You can give yourself one each day, or once or twice a week as a special treat. Be sure to wash your face off with warm water when you are done.
5. Step 5
Bathe your face with baking soda water. Use a soft cloth and a mixture of a cup of water and an eighth a cup of baking soda. Do not scrub your face, but pat it gently onto your face. Many people soak a washcloth in the mixture and lay it on their face like a mask for ten to twenty minutes. Be sure to wash it off with warm water when you are done.

Clinical psychologist and sex therapist Claire Rockcliff Fiddler. She joined us to discuss Teens and pornography specially on how parents can address the situation.

I then spoke to Miranda Friedman- Director of WMACA. We then discussed how underage drinking causes or plays a role in sexual violation of teenagers. Check of the press release:
Teenage alcohol abuse is a huge problem in South Africa
Each year more and more young people become statistics as underage drinking is increasingly becoming an acceptable part of daily life. The physical and psychological effects of drinking on young people are devastating. “Of particular concern to Women and Men Against Child Abuse (WMACA) is the number of teenagers that seek help at crisis centres, clinics and police with symptoms of sexual violence, physical abuse, STD's and pregnancy and where these have occurred in situations where they themselves have been drinking,” says Miranda Friedmann, director of WMACA.
Many of the times, acts of sexual violence occur when the young victim is out partying with boys their own age or older men who view them as soft targets. The opportunity usually arises when they are separated from their friends or when they leave the party and make their way home.

“We are extremely worried about the high levels of teenage drinking at the end of exams,” says Friedmann. Binge drinking to relieve exam stress is not confined to matric learners and tertiary education students but also to learners from as early as Grade 10 onwards. This has been observed at some of WMACA’s Kidz Clinics where there is a trend for `ukugeza ama ball pen, translated as `washing pens’ where school children get drunk on the last day of exams. “This seems to be the main form of entertainment despite many other recreational options that are available. Friedmann continues: “This form of stress relieving stretches from Sandton, Melville and the other Northern and Eastern suburbs of Johannesburg to Soweto and Orange Farm. Teenage drinking may be the result of poor role models or parents who spend their Christmas bonuses on alcohol. It is also closely associated with parental neglect.

One of the cases that was reported to WMACA’s East Rand Kidz Clinic occurred during December 2009 when a 15-year old girl went to visit her sister and fiancĂ©. They then joined the fiancĂ© at his home where he had a braai with his cousin and friends. The girl ended up having a lot to drink, got drunk at the braai, and then went to find a bed to lie down. She was followed by a 35-year old cousin who raped her. The victim fell pregnant; a case was opened and she has subsequently decided to undergo an abortion. The case is both with the police and our clinic.
Another example took place at the WMACA Kidz Clinic in Orange Farm. Two young girls decided to go partying after exams, lying to their mothers that they were each staying overnight at each other’s homes. However they went from party to party, consuming various amounts and types of alcohol, and at one of these parties they were separated and unfortunately one of the girls got raped.

WMACA, in no way, puts any BLAME on these young girls that were sexually abused but we do want to stress that the consumption of alcohol makes them easy targets and largely defenceless against sexual predators.
In South Africa statistics show that 25% of teenagers drink because they are bored and a further 25% said drinking gets them “high” whilst 40% of teens drink because they are sad.


Winston Churchill

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
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Cross Addiction-Secondary addiction-emotionally driven. So many people don't realise how dangerous cross addiction really is, find out more


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By Denisia Adams
Mondegreen \MON-di-green\ , noun;
1. A word or phrase resulting from a misinterpretation of a word or phrase that has been heard.

Though the modern unicorn is usually depicted as a majestic white horse with one long horn growing from its forehead, traditional imagery also includes a billy goat beard, lion's tail, and cloven hooves. It was highly sought after in the middle ages for its horn, which was believed to neutralize poison, and for its milk, which was thought to be an aphrodisiac. Unicorns appear in the mythology of many ancient cultures

How to Stop Making Excuses
Have you ever made excuses for sitting around waiting for things to change and getting nowhere? With all the benefits of getting into condition, seeking desired education, training, a job, or a career change, why would you still hesitate?
List all your excuses for why you have not, or cannot, accomplish a particular goal. Once you have all of these excuses written down in front of you, you can go through each one, and find ways to get around each one. There is always a way, but as long as those excuses sit in your head without being addressed, they will remain obstacles.
Be your own leader. Get moving... be like a manager and promoter for your plans.
Check into your opportunities. Don't accept any reasons to procrastinate (like the weather or your environment). If you find yourself acting like the world is against you, almost as if the world is trying to stop you from getting ahead, you may be a pessimist.
o Be a positive thinker: Be Optimistic.
o Improve yourself and strengthen your character: Strengthen Character.

o Decide to live in the moment: Live Urgently.
3 Stop procrastinating using self talk. The way that you view a task and describe it to yourself has a big impact on how you'll approach it, or whether you'll do it at all. The good news is that if you can become aware of these mental dialogues, notice the patterns, and turn them into productive statements, then you are empowered to overcome many unwelcome feelings and behaviors.
4 Write personal long term goals. Also, set short term goals you need to do to get them done. Be Responsible, accountable (help yourself and your employer to do better), and adaptable to your situation. The most important thing when setting long term goals, however, is to be as detailed as possible. Many people find it helpful to visualize themselves accomplishing and living the goal, almost like a movie playing in their minds. Some people even use self-hypnosis to help with achieving goals.
5 Set priorities. Use your time, talents, and resources with the people, activities, or things that are meaningful to you. Stop wasting any of those on (unnecessary) things or people that are not helping your life -- or that keep you from moving forward into what you want to be or do. Take a big task, and break it down to the smallest number of steps you can, and tackle each step one by one, like a to-do list.
6 Stop Hesitating. If you find yourself analyzing, maybe even agonizing over some decision or task, there are some underlying fears that need to be addressed. For example, maybe you imagine the worst case scenario. Or maybe you're simply scared of failure.
7 Check off things on your list as you do them: including doing needed work or chores, etc. Perhaps keep a "goals" journal. Feel the sense of accomplishment from getting started. Sometimes when you feel unmotivated, it helps to look back and see all the things you have already accomplished, no matter how small their are.

Michelle Jafter from the National Youth Development Agency. Michelle is responsible for career guidance, counselling and business information. She joined me today to discuss the options there are for failed matriculants, for students with financial difficulties etc.

Lastly I was joined by Herman Lategan. Herman does marketing for Harmony Addition clinic ( being a recovery addict he is passionate about the education of substance abuse and therefore I’ve labelled him as a drug activist. On today show we discussed a highly important topic and one that’s been neglected, cross addiction. These are the secondary addictions recovering addicts latch onto be it eating, sex, smoking even Facebooking. The reason why this is dangerous is simply because this has the strong ability to make a recovering addict relapse or create an addict. These secondary addictions are emotionally driven i.e “I need to smoke because I’m stressed”.

Anna Quindlen

If your success is not on your own terms, if it looks good to the world but does not feel good in your heart, it is not success at all.
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