Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Megan Alexander, Kristin Trisha and Samantha Mupariwa the cast of a play called The Grass is Always…

On the 16th July 2019 in Studio we had Megan Alexander, Kristin Trisha and Samantha Mupariwa the cast of a play called The Grass is Always… The cast of this play first met on a play they did called Transform and I’m Trance. They first saw each other at the Rehearsal’s for the play transformed.

Kristin Trisha started performing in 2008, that is when she decided she knows what she wants to do and she started in Community Theatre doing more of musical theatre. After that she decided to study, she has now obtained her Honours Degree.
Kristin is originally from East London, she also performed in theatres like Alexander Play House and Arts Theatre. Kristin said, “I always knew what I wanted, people fascinated me and it’s such a beautiful tool for expression”.
Megan Alexander, Kristin Trisha, Khusi Veto and Samantha Mupariwa 

Samantha Mupariwa said ever since she was a young child she always wanted to entertain and she loved entertaining people. When she was in primary school her dad enrolled her into extra drama classes, and for high school, she went to Art School in Pretoria to perceive her performing career she ended up studying it. Samantha, throughout her discovery of performing arts, was blessed to have parents who supported her even though they also wanted her to pursue other careers like law or science, but she was persistent on what she wanted and made sure that they saw her vision. Her parents are now her biggest fans, she grew up in Cape Town and then moved to Pretoria.
Megan Alexander said that her career choice of Performing Arts was not easy at first, her parents did not approve of her career choice. That is why she studied Psychology then after 5 or 6 years she decided to tell her parents that she wants to do Performing Arts and that’s how she started her career in it. Megan was born in Cape Town come from a place called Valhalla Park.

The three actors said that some of the difficulties regarding the career of Performing Arts is money and getting your name out there. They said that the performing arts needs more attention and support in South Africa just like Sport. Kristin says as an actor you must always read the fine print on a contract, sign a contract before being involved in any production, and get yourself an agent.
They said that people do not realise some of these stories they perform on stage come from real life stories. So, the actor or actress have to learn how to tell that story. The first professional play by Kristina was the musical (King and I) were she was playing the character of a Wife. Samantha’s first professional performance was her end of the year school project called Uber and the Truth commission it was this performance when she realised now she is an actress, because the character was challenging and had been done before by professional performers but for the Paid Professional Performance was from a play called Transformed.

Megan Alexander does not have much of Theatre experience but Transformed was her first professional performance, she also did a film for a leading role film called Detour in 2015. Megan said that performing for film is easier because you can mess up and fix the mistake by having multiple takes but theatre is more exciting because it’s a live performance so its 50/50 with film. Samantha said that in theatre there is no “cut, do it again”, so you have to give your 100% performance, on stage, there is always a new thing to learn with every single performance, and it’s exciting.
Megan Alexander, Kristin Trisha, Khusi Veto and Samantha Mupariwa 
On the 23rd – 27th July Megan Alexander, Kristin Trisha and Samantha Mupariwa performed on a play called The Grass Is Always…, the other performers/actors on the play are Tayla Sargent and Phemelo Mhlanga. The play is Written and Directed by Regina R. Malan. They said that the story is a dark comedy.
“What you can expect are Two upper crust houses in Cape Town Suburb. Two stuck up women with Constantia Mom accents trying to outdo each other. They are two friends caught in the middle of this petty squabble. You might be thinking what could possibly go wrong. Well, everything could go wrong. All you have to do is sit back, enjoy the overpriced snacks and see if the grass is always…well, you know. It’s fun, fresh and a brand new dark comedy written by Regina R. Malan, focusing on the theme ENVY”, said the actors.

The play is an Hour they have worked with the director on a play called transformed the advantage working with Regina they bounce off ideas with each other. This play took them a Month to prepare. They said that it is a Personal Experience and it is more intimate than going to watch a movie in theatre when you see pain you can feel it its real.

You can also follow the actors on their Social Network platforms:
Kristina Trisha - @KristinTrisha
Tayla Sargent – @tayy_25
Samantha Mupariwa – @Sammymup
Phemelo Mhlanga – @phemelo.mhlanga.9
Megan Alexander – @dreamer_cpt

With their Last Words: Do not let your Parents vase you, Believe in yourself and your own worth and build on yourself it’s never too late to work on it. Stay being stubborn girl stay by your Word and set Boundaries.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Woodstock Police Precinct engaging with the Community about Crime Prevention

Warrant Officer Malila is responsible for the Communication and partnership policing in Woodstock Policing Precinct (Woodstock Communication Officer). Accompanied by Muller Designated police Officer (Designated Liquor Officer). They are having a public meeting on 17th July 2019, Wednesday evening at 7pm.
Warrant officer Malila said, “policing is not a one-sided thing policing does not start with us (Police), policing start with you that is why Woodstock Police Precinct is reaching out to the Community”. Warrant Officer Malila said that partnership policing the Woodstock Police Precinct they take it very seriously they also had various community engagements and various community structures they can assist the SAPS on the fight against crime.

Muller & Malila
 Currently, the Woodstock Police Precinct has a good relationship with all their community structure, the public meetings the Woodstock police precinct have these meetings quarterly. In this type of public meeting they go back to the community to inform them of their previous successes, how the station is operating they also give the community an opportunity to give feedback on whether they are satisfied with the service they are getting from the Woodstock police precinct.
The service delivery is on top of their agenda at the Woodstock policing precinct. The station commander and the management of Woodstock police precinct do not compromise service delivery. Meetings like these are one of the forms to engage with the community to talk about crime and give out their view on how the police officers are conducting themselves in the precinct and whether they satisfied or are there any areas the SAPS can work on fixing.
After this meeting, the Woodstock police precinct would then go back to its members where they have internal imbizo where they give feedback regarding the community meetings. The Woodstock police precinct have methods on educating the communities regarding how to educate its members on how policing works. For example, the new type of policing introduction of the sector policing was introduced to bridge the gap between police and the community.
Muller & Malila
The Woodstock Policing is divided into four sectors, to bring policing to the community, meaning there is a specific Van allocated to a specific area and there is a specific Cell phone number for that area. The cell number is written on the Vans. There is also a police officer allocated or responsible for the sectors, called a Sector Manager. He or She is your direct liaison between the community and the Police. There are also Community structures to assist the police that includes your Neighbourhood Watch, the city improvement district, street committees and block watchers; those are some of the structures police use to be effective in the area.
When it comes to businesses in the area of Woodstock, the Woodstock Police precinct has started a network with all the businesses in the area. By forming business watchers, the networks it’s to beef up communication with them with things like social media platforms, if the businesses closes at the end of the year or on weekends this is to set up a patrol register for the visible policing.  The Woodstock Police precinct also wants to introduce the same concept for the residential houses for example for people who go for vacation and the house will be empty for weeks, so they can come to the police station the SAPS can set up a patrol schedule in those areas. With things like events the Woodstock Police precinct plead to event organisers or club owners to communicate with the police regarding the event so that police can have extra police officers in order for the event to be secured for that certain area to do crime prevention.

Muller Designated police Officer (Designated Liquor Officer) says there procedure’s on giving out liquor licence permission one of them would be Police, Municipality, the liquor authority the police on  that process can make recommendation or say they don’t approve the application but the final decision is made by the liquor authority/ liquor tribunal. The Woodstock Police Precinct do the regular liquor inspection in all the places that is covered by the Woodstock Police Precinct. 

For more information you can call 082 499 3871

Address152 Victoria Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7915