Friday, June 29, 2018

French rapper Nik DaFrik has awoken Afrika with his music

Nik DaFrik embraces the local vibe that Cape Town offers, and has realised that Africa has awoken a music beast inside him. he believes that he has found his ground, his rhythm and his soul in his music to pursue his dreams.

Nik has released end of 2017 his first EP (produced by D’versCT), it is a quality product (available on all relevant platforms). He features no less than 12 guests. Three of his videos played on TV channels throughout Africa, “Something’s Gotta Give”, “Irie”,  and “Boom Bada

Since the EP, Nik has released 3 singles, one of them featuring DJ Eazy. Nik has also
collaborated with artists from Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe and more is coming. Nik is very active with events in and around Cape Town.

Nik has the potential to become the biggest French rapper established in Africa, he is inviting the
crowd to open themselves to his African-French feel.

Presenters and Producers: Michaela Muller, Khusi Veto

Written by: Michaela Muller

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Rabs Vhafuwi

Rabs Vhafuwi is a music producer from Venda who is a successful house music producer. He is the winner of LIMA 2017's Best Dance Single, "Let's Go to China,"  and his most popular song is "Count Your Blessings" with over 1.3 Youtube views. His latest tracks feature Zak Leigh, Portia Monique, and Busiswa, to name a few. His latest album titled 9 Provinces debuted this year.

Rabs said his journey began DJing while he was in university. He said at times he would be dissatisfied with his deck and wish that sounds sounded different. This is when he decided to try and produce his own sounds. Rabs said his creative process begins when he has a song in his head. He then hums it while recording on his phone. Later, in the studio he tries to recreate it. Sometimes he said he knows what kind of voice he wants to incorporate immediately and other times he listens to the beat with multiple other voices.

Rabs also is an owner and distributor for online music, as well as physical copies. He said he enjoys being on the sales side of music, because he has a background in producing management.

Rabs Vhafuwi will be performing in Cape Town tonight at 9 in the News Cafe. To stay up to date with his tours and appearances, follow him on instagram at rabsvhafuwi and on Facebook at Rabs Vhafuwi FanPage.


Kaapsemedia is a production house which started in 2016 and focuses on the media side of things as in short films, music videos interviews, dance clips and anything you need visually they've got you covered. 

Their D.O.P is Mr Ryan Ray, who operates the camera. He captures the frame and directs as well "I'm the main guy" he adds. Mr Winston is their director of Kaapsemedia '"all the jobs comes through me" and they sit down draft up a proposal and discuss it with the team. Mr Leroy Samuels role in Kaapsemedia is not only choreographing but he also getting all the visuals and visions that they need to bring forward "if you bring us an idea, we'll sit down and brainstorm and get our product". 

The journey began when they first enrolled at Media Village based in Retreat Cape Town at Every Nations Church. From thee they came to an agreement that as students, they would start up a production house. This got them to a place where they could create music videos for themselves and set them on a path to finding themselves. It led them to a place where they could shoot short films on their own "it took us to another level" said Ryan.

Their first short  film released was "Spray" while they were still students back in 2016 and they have their latest one being released now called "Stick" which could be checked out on Kaapsemedia on their Youtube channel. For 2018 thus far they've only produced and shot things that came from their ideas. With the dance clips, music videos and films with people that they know personally. They freshly collaborated with a clothing line from Durban called " A N" clothing and now they are collaborating with a female artist from Durban called Nelz, who was nominated for best female nominations in the hip hop category. As a fresh start they are merging between Cape Town and Durban right now. Nelz will be flying down in 2 weeks and this will be Kaapsemedia's first music video. It's going to be a VIBE, so watch the space!

"It's not about the visuals or the editing or being beautiful in front of the camera, it's about the experience and that's the one thing I can strive when we get into the space of being creative. It's beyond just getting the video done. That 6-7 hours that you are on set is indescribable" says Mr Samuels.

They've got a good team standing behind them to create the best that has yet to be seen.

Contact details

IG: Kaapsemedia
Facebook: Kaapsemedia

Presenters and Producers: Emma Derr, Khusi Veto and Michaela Muller

Written by: Michaela Muller

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Silvertown Educentre

Silvertown Educentre serves children in the community age 2-6. The principal, Florence Reynolds, said that the centre is looking to build up its playground.

The Educentre was founded in 1970. There are currently 150 kids registered and 12 teachers with 45 kids in each unit. There is a waiting list, but as soon as a child is born the parents can add their name.

Reynolds said that this year was positive in terms of funding, but there is a new project she wants to accomplish. The playground has not been renovated in almost 50 years, and the educentre is seeking funding to fix it up. She said that she wanted to new equipment to be both safe and comfortable for the children to use.

Michaela, Emma, Khusi, and Florence Reynolds

"Tires are very important because they play a big part in their life," Reynolds said. "It becomes their taxi or their car." This is just one example of how to make the playground more comfortable.

Reynolds said that the centre is also seeking funding for the upcoming couple years to stay sustainable as a business. They are also looking for donations for outdoor equipment, such as hula hoops, skipping ropes, and balls. A service the centre needs is to be painted, which could be a great service activity for Mandela Day.

Many people volunteer, especially students completing their practicals. Reynolds said that the centre used to have many international interns, but the numbers have declined recently due to transportation issues such as the taxi conflict.

Reynolds said that she hoped they returned soon because "you could see what they were bringing in the center and the way they cared for them."

Reynolds then talked about the licensing process for an educentre. They must have certain equipment for a certain amount of kids. They also follow processes to protect children. With small children, they teachers perform spot checks for bruises. If the child cannot explain the bruise, the centre contacts a social worker. If the child is older and alerts the teacher of harm, the teacher will again contact the proper authorities.

Reynolds loves the centre, and it has in many ways been her home. She sent her own child to the center in 1974. "I went into inform them that I would'nt be able to pay fees until I got a job., and that very day they asked me if I wanted to work for them," she said.

To contact the centre, call 0216377198. In order to contact Florence Reynolds directly, email

Presented by: Emma Derr, Khusi Veto, and Michaela Muller

Written by: Emma Derr


Adrian Van Rooi Brant is the director of a social legal company based in Belhar. The main core of the business is working with children and families of divorced and single parents and separation.

They also do community development projects where Roosendal High School are one of their new pilot projects where they focus on grade 12 learners of disadvantage areas. This year they will be having a beauty pageant with an educational twist. Between semi finals and the finals coming up on 7 July 2018,  they have to master certain skills. They are required to attend excursions which are all about self-esteem development and helps them prepare for post matric.

Adrian Van Brant, Brandon Van de Vyfer, and a group of Roosendal High School students.

They are a multi professional group. Adrian is a qualified social worker for 17 years, and a S print lawyer. They've got advocates on the team and psychologist on the team.

Mr Brandon Van de Vyfer: " I'm from B styled SA founder. How I got involved in this project, is when Adrian contacted me and said that he wants to do with the kids and wants go the route of a beauty pageant. Beacuse of me being in a styling and fashion industry, I hoped at the opportunity because one of my passions is helping the community" .

Adrian and Brandon are business partners and have come together to work with the Roosendal High School kids and have grown to love them. There will be a Mr and Mrs beauty pageant and a KKPP winner on the 7 July and they will be waling the road with them towards tertiary education and whatever opportunities come up

Presenters: Michaela Muller, Khusi Veto and Emma Derr

Written by: Michaela Muller

Friday, June 22, 2018

South African under 16 Water Polo - Hannah Schubert

Hannah Schubert, Khusi Veto& Jasmine Mazwi

Hannah Schubert only grade 10 is a South African Water Polo swimmer but this is only one of the many talents she possesses.

"I started playing waterpolo in gr4 at the age of 9 , I always enjoyed being in the water and I loved swimming so when I heard about waterpolo I was very eager to see what is was about and very soon after joining the sport I actually fell in love and realized that it was something that I wanted to continue doing as a long term sport and possibly turn into a career. I also have had really amazing opportunities to be able to be coached by the best coaches from a very young age which really helped me a lot in terms of my individual abilities and in playing as a team which is very important in terms of waterpolo because it’s not a sport where you can be selfish, it’s predominantly based on how you are able to play and interact with other played as a team. "

Hannah started participating with the sport water polo since 9 years old, in Primary School and has not lost the passion for it. As Water Polo is a summer sport she's competes with her school Reddam house Constantia's team during the summer season and because she represents South Africa with her water polo she has to compete during the whole year .

This young inspiring woman does not conform to society. She has been playing piano since grade 1, Hannah participates in netball during the winter season and does all this while balancing her school work. She believes in going for your goals, keeping busy with takes even if it might be stressful all you need is time management.

"On top of being selected for the SA U16A team for waterpolo , I am also very committed to netball as my supposed winter sport and while having the privilege of playing waterpolo at both provincial and nation levels , I have also been lucky enough to represent the Western Cape for netball for the last three years. This has really been a huge honour for me to be able to represent my province on two platforms. At the age of 12 so when I was in gr6 , I was selected to play in the U13A Western Province team where we won gold at IPTs in Joberg and the following year I was once again selected for the U13A team and we won IPTs once again and this tournament was held in Cape Town - then my first year of high school , I was selected for the U14A team for IPTs that we’re held in Durban and once again we won gold and then last year in my gr9 year I was selected for the U15A team for IPTs that took place in PE and after a rather grueling final the game ended in a draw (5-5) so it immediately went into a penalty shoot out where we ended up winning the game so we bagged the gold for the fourth year in a row. "

Facebook    -  Hannah Schubert
Instagram   -   hannahschubert_
Whatsapp   -   071 382 4516

Presented and Produced by Jasmine Mazwi and Khusi Veto
---Jasmine Mazwi

Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Little Giants Band

The Little Giants is a jazz band based out of the Cape Flats that was established in 1999. Duncan Johnson is the band's saxophonist and bass player.

His love of music began in Church. He began playing the drums but has since discovered his preferred instrument, the saxophone. One memory he recalled of his early music interest was playing a song to his grandmother, which left her in tears because his grandfather had also been a saxophonist. Duncan played that same song live in the Bush Radio studio.

Duncan Johnson

Aside from his role in The Little Giants, Duncan also plays solo gigs and stated that the other members do the same. When asked what his favourite song is to cover, he chose Alicia Key's "If I Ain't Got You." However, he also composes his own music. When not composing or performing, he teaches music, both at schools and privately. He revealed that the reason he enjoys making music is "to make the world a better place."

The Little Giants, a band consisting of about 18-20 musical instruments, released its first and only album in 2006. On Sunday the 24th of June, they are performing at South Peninsula High School, on the corner of Old Kendal Road and Azalea Street in Diep River from 4 PM to 6:30 PM. Tickets cost  R80 per person, and the proceeds of the event will fund an effort to send Little Giants to the 2018 Standard Bank International Grahamstown Jazz Festival.

To contact Little Giants call, SMS or send a WhatsApp message to 078 162 5151, or email You can also find the band on Facebook Duncan's social media is @PetchSax.

- Allyssa Peters

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Dankie Gakes

Naiam Van Rooi & Jasmine Mazwi
Naiam Van Rooi is a multi-talented young man, who comes from a small town called Ocean View. His been in the Hip hop music industry since a very young age starting as a DJ then generating into a well known MC a very good producer and one of the biggest motivational people residing from Ocean View.

DJ Gakkie, and Dankie Gakes are just some of the aliases Naiam uses on a daily basis.

Dankie Gakes came to Morning Cruise to play a half hour set and set the studio on fire, if you missed out be sure to contact him on these platforms

Facebook- Dankie Gakes
               - 783 HIP HOP MOVEMENT
               - BROEDERBOND
Instagram - @dankiegakes
Twitter      - @dankiegakes

14 year old Women cycling through The Morning Cruise

Jasmine Mazwi, Donna-Lee Martin, Chursty Simon& Khusi Veto
14 year old women with a wild passion for cycling only started this sport a year ago and already part of the Western Province Cycling Team. So young with so much ambition  they believe that cycling or any sport makes it easier to go to school everyday,.

Only Grade 9 at Ocean View High School, they joined their schools cycling team and focusing solely on cycling and education. On the 16th June 2018 they competed in a Youth Day cycling event and both of these beautiful young women got first place. With their next competition taking place in Oudtshoorn this weekend these 2 girls thrive on keeping their minds and bodies healthy.

When asked about getting tired during a race and wanting to give up, both explained how winning the race is the only thing on their mind that keeps them going.

Despite residing from a crime and gangster related community, these two girls still dream big and motivate many other young people her age to aspire their dreams.


Presented and Produced by Jasmine Mazwi and Khusi Veto
---Jasmine Mazwi

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Bevin Samuels joins The Morning Cruise

Emma Derr, Bevin Samuels& Jasmine Mazwi
Bevin Samuels only 21 years old has a huge passion for music.  Originally from Port Elizabeth and and matriculating in 2015 he decided to pursue his music during his gap year. he took the initiative to compete on Idols. Bevin made it to the top 10 of Idols and still has the same passion and drive as before, regarding his music.

His mother supports him 100% in his decision of a gap year, because this small step he made in his life, was in actual fact a giant leap in his career. Idols taught him many life lessons but mainly to remain true to himself, and that is the message he is trying to give through his music. He writes his own music, and the different genre's he does comes from the gut therefore Bevin is an asset to the music industry as his style of music is versatile.

Bevin is working on an Experimental Project and will be releasing a music video soon in Port Elizabeth which he says will be so much fun because it is the community he grew up in!

Facebook - Bevin Samels Official
Instagram- @bevinsamuels_official
Twitter- @bevinsamuels_official

Presented and produced by Jasmine Mazwi and Emma Derr
---Jasmine Mazwi

New Restaurant Lupa Osteria

Lupa Osteria, a new Italian restaurant, is thriving on the waterfront.

Director of Lupa, Marco Zagato, has a long background in franchise operations and worked in Sydney, Australia for 17 years. He teamed up with accountant Graham Muller, who said it was a lifelong dream of his to open a restaurant. 

Zagato is from an Italian family, but was born in Cape Town. His love for food was ignited as he grew up cooking with his parents. He said the Italian food scene in Cape Town is developing, and the site on the waterfront was too good to resist. So they opened Lupa Osteria just under two months ago.

Lupa Osteria cooks its pizzas, as well as many of its other dishes, in a wood-fire oven . They import many of their ingredients from Italy but are in the process of incorporating products local to Cape Town. Zagato said their menu could be described as “modern Italian” that keeps a traditional base with new, small changes.

Graham Muller, Emma Derr, Marco Zagato, and Jasmine Mazwi at Bush Radio.

Many people wonder about the name of the restaurant. It is named after Lupa, the immortal Roman wolf goddess. In Roman history, Lupa saved the twins Romulus and Remus, who eventually founded the city of Rome.

Zagato said the ambiance of Lupa is warm and homey, perfect for winter. The restaurant is family friendly, but it also has a bar. Muller said their wine menu was excellent. 

Follow Lupa Osteria on Facebook at lupawaterfront and Instagram lupa_osteria_waterfront. To make a reservation visit their website or through the application Eat Out.

They are also offering a competition for a 1000 rand Lupa voucher for anyone who can answer the question posted on our Facebook at Bush Radio. SMS your name, surname, the word TASTY, and the answer to the question to 32158. SMS cost 1 rand, and free SMS do not apply. Lines close today at 7 pm, and winners will be announced on Morning Cruise tomorrow June 20th

Presented by Jasmine Mazwi and Emma Derr.

--Emma Derr 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Monday Live with Big Joe

Big Joe, Jasmine Mazwi and DJChronic
Siya known to many as Big Joe started his musical journey as a youth in the choir. Music has been in his family therefore he had all the support of pursuing his music in 2002. His passion is telling his story and making people aware of Big Joe's life.

Music is his therapy so when it comes to making a song he believes him and his producer should always have a good understanding in order to produce a great song. Big Joe writes his own music, therefore the mix-tape Rands in the family explains most of the things his experience on a day to day basis.

He agrees that social media was a huge benefit when it concerns getting recognized as an upcoming artist and the distribution of his music.

Facebook: Big Joe Gush

Presented by Jasmine Mazwi

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Lizzy B Rising Female Vocalist

Lizzy B, a teacher by day and singer in her free time, is an upcoming South African Female Vocalist and MC.

Lizzy B, her real name being Elizabeth Anne Uys, supports herself by working as a teacher at Angel Downs with children ages 1 to 5, but her true passion is singing. 

She performed an A Capella version of Adele’s “One and Only” on air, which was simply incredible. With no need for background music, she had perfect pitch. Singing with emotion and confidence, Lizzy B showcased for us her lovely and pure voice.
Lizzy B, Khusi, and Emma at Bush Radio.

She said she considers hip hop her biggest musical influence, especially Eminem’s “Just the Way You Lie.” “He rap my life,” Lizzy B said. “He tells my story.” She began her journey with music when she was young, and in high school, she was able to perform solo shows. When we asked her about her rehearsal schedule, we were surprised by her response. “I don’t get why people rehearse. I don’t get nervous,” she said. 

Lizzy B is the oldest child in a family that she says has supported her music career. She grew up around Elsies River. Even though there is a gangster presence in the area, Lizzy B said she could alway forgot about the outside world while she was making and listening to music. “It’s like therapy,” she said. 

Her singles include “Broken Vows,” “No Peace,” and “Love for a Long Time.” 

Presented by Khusi and Emma.

--Emma Derr

Ocean View's Youth Day

Ocean View Secondary School is hosting a student lead and organised Youth Day event this Saturday.

The event will be held from 10am-4pm with full security. The second half of the event from 5pm-10pm is directed towards the high-schoolers and will be a 14 years and over. Pre-bought tickets are 30 rand, and tickets at the door are 40 rand. The theme is “glow in the dark,” so wear your white outfits!

Two grade 12 Ocean View students, Chemica and Kaylin, lead the effort to organise this event. Chemica is a RCL member and learned representative. Kaylin is prefect.  They joined forces to create a celebration of Youth Day because they wanted to provide a safe space for the community to come together. Through the first part of the event, Kaylin and Chemica said they wanted to focus on the small children and “giving them something to look up to.” 

Emma, Chemica, Kaylin, and Khusi at Bush Radio,

Much work went into putting together the event between the live performances and other acts, but Kaylin and Chemica said it was well worth it. Chemica said that she thought it was important to commemorate this important day with a safe space instead of a party. “We went through a time when it [the Ocean View community] wasn’t a safe zone,” Chemica said. She said as part of the event, she wanted to promote a space where neighbors can love one another. “And it’s getting there. It feels more united at the moment,” she said. 

Kaylin and Chemica being interviewed at Bush Radio.

The event is also a fundraiser for the Ocean View Secondary School. The money will go towards fixing parts of the school. “We would like some grass, man,” laughed Chemica. Kaylin said she would also love to see the funds going to buying more books and making the toilets more hygienic. The two young ladies were also joined in studio by DJ Galli, who will play at the event, Paul Franco, Chair of the Civic Association and Neighborhood Watch, and two of their mentors and teachers.

Come out and support.

Presented by Khusi Veto and Emma Derr.

--Emma Derr

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Emile Kalekuzi: the youngest professional boxer to make it in SA

Emile Kalekuzi, the youngest South African boxer to make it as a professional, joined the Morning Cruise today to tell us about his journey to the top. 

He began to box when he was 9 years old. Growing up in the ghetto, Kalekuzi said in his experience, with so much violence in the streets, it is often difficult to stay out of involvement in crime. But he saw boxing as a way to take out his aggressions in a controlled environment. He has always been a “clean” fighter, meaning he follows the rules in the ring. 

Emma Derr, Emile, and Jasmine at Bush Radio.

Boxing hasn’t been his only passion. Kalekuzi first pursued music but since boxing runs in his blood, he was willing to sacrifice his music. His father was a boxer and played a large part in his training. None of Kalekuzi’s siblings had an interest in boxing, so he wanted to continue his father’s legacy. He works hard, as all successful athletes must, and works out three times a day. He said one of his strengths in the ring is not just his strong punch, but also his mental stability. “I always win because I’m always smiling,” Kalekuzi said.

He said he also focuses on mental strategy. “Boxing works like you’re playing chess,” he said. Kalekuzi said the key was to always be thinking ahead of your opponent. This obviously has proved successful. During his amateur journey, he fought 45 fights that included 27 knockouts and 9 losses. In his professional career, he has fought 12 fights with 9 knockouts and 0 losses.

Kalekuzi will be competing in the World Boxing Council Youth tournament in September.  

Presented by Jasmine Mazwi and Emma Derr.

--Emma Derr

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Denis Goldberg Legacy Foundation's Youth Day

The Denis Goldberg Legacy Foundation is holding a Youth Day this Saturday in the Hout Bay community. 

The organization expects at least 100 youth to attend but encourages the whole community to come out for the youth. There will be a soccer tournament, tug of war, sack racing, three-legged racing, an environmental quiz, and environmental awareness talks. The chairperson of the organizing committee, Sidney Phillips, said that gaged community interests and wanted to hold an event that provided something valuable for everyone in the family. 

He said that he has become involved in the community because he sees a “fatherless youth” growing up in Hout Bay. Through events such as youth day, Phillips said the Denis Goldberg Trust wishes to provide guidance and support to youth who are growing up in local poverty. 

“I’ve seen how soccer has taken the wrong turn and requires much finances,” Phillips said. “But we want this event not to be about money but people.” 

Phillips and his counterparts on the committee, Janet and Geralda, said that they have all seen funding becoming harder and harder. Many people do make out of pocket donations, and these make a difference. You can contact the Capitec Bank to make donations. The account number is #1372437841 and the branch code is #470010. 

Presented and produced by Jasmine Mazwi, Khusi Veto, and Emma Derr.

--Emma Derr 

Bokmakiere Upcoming Youth Day

The Bokmakiere community reacts to gang-related deaths and hosts upcoming Youth Day on June 16th

There have been several deaths among young people related to the gang violence in the Bokmakiere area, which is in Athlone. People like Jamie Lakay want to make show the local youth that they have access to other life paths. Lakay is the youngest in a group leading community outreach projects for Bokmakierie.

Lakay said this work was important to her because she wants to clean up the area. “There’s so much more to life than hanging out in the streets after school. There’s so much out there,” Lakay said. The youth day aims to show the youth that this is true. 

Jasmine, Emma, Jamie, and Khusi at Bush Radio.

The day will be held on the field next to Bokmakierie Primary School. The group has organized previous fundraisers through the community centre Breaking Barriers, as well as previous youth day events commemorating the 1976 student demonstrations in Soweto. The theme for this year is “You Choose Life.” There will be dancing, exhibitions, food stalls, netball, soccer, games, live entertainment, and music. The event begins at 9, and there is no entry fee. 

Lakay said she became involved with the program because she met two little girls who inspired her to do more for her community. “A lot of the kids, because of the area they come from, they don’t have access to things like computers. They don’t have sports facilities,” Lakay said. 

Please join the Bokmakiere community for Youth day this Saturday! You can find them on Facebook at Bokmakiere Athlon.

Presented and produced by Jasmine Mazwi, Khusi Veto, and Emma Derr.

--Emma Derr

Meals on Wheels

Stephanie Jones and Lorraine Finkelstein call Hout Bay and the surrounding communities to support the elderly with food donations. 

Jones is the centre manager of Meals on Wheels, which is a service that delivers nutritious meals to Hout Bay’s aging population. This demographic often cannot cook for themselves or go out to the grocery store due to medical or financial issues. 

“The elderly are precious people that we should look after,” Jones said. 

Emma Derr, Stephanie, Khusi, Lorraine, and Jasmine at Bush Radio.

She said that although we live in a “throwaway society,” the elderly deserve an immense amount of care and respect. Unfortunately, many older people do not have the help of their families and need outside support. This is where Meals on Wheels comes in.

The organization began in 1966. Volunteers cook the meals, load them into vehicles, and then deliver them to the doorsteps of individuals usually 60 and older. Meals on Wheels asks for a 15 rand donation per meal from the individuals, but Jones said that usually they cannot afford it. 

She said that sponsors are the ones that save the day. Many locals sponsor one elderly person per month, which costs around 200 rand. They also receive government funding. Meals on Wheels is seeking young volunteers. Finkelstein, who is a board member of the organization, has been volunteering since November and said that she would love to see younger people involved in taking care of their elders. 

If you cannot donate time, donate food! Here is a list of materials: vegetables, fruit, bulgur wheat, rice, spices, bread and baking flour, baking soda, corn starch, cutlery, plates, sideplates, soup bowls, dish clothes, and stationary. 

Jones said the organization’s goal is to eventually live in a hunger free Africa. You can contact Meals on Wheels at their landline: 021 764 2443. 

Presented and produced by Jasmine Mazwi, Khusi Veto, and Emma Derr.

 --Emma Derr

Monday, June 11, 2018

The Pedestrians cross roads with Morning Cruise

Keanu Fischer, Bradley Prince, Jasmine Mazwi, Matthew Fischer & Khusi Veto
A dynamic, multi-talented group of young men from different places in Cape Town forms the band called THE PEDESTRIANS

The Pedestrians, have been playing together for 2years, and when asked why the name pedestrians , when they started playing at the Summer Market at this time the were nameless. They looked around and saw people crossing the street and saw the pedestrian crossing sign and since then they decided to call themselves The Pedestrians. 

With them being a band and coming from different backgrounds they had common ground on knowing and producing good music.  The challenge for The Pedestrians is rehearsal since they scattered around Cape Town, but when they do get rehearsal time it could carry on till late at night because of their good dynamic.

The  creativity behind the music making process is easy since most of them play an instrument the melody comes easily, and when they find the beat and melody the words are much easier to fit in.

Matthew - Strandfontein  -  Drummer
Keanu     - Belhar             - Lead Vocalist and guitarist
Bradly     - Ruiterwacht    - Guitarist
Simon     - Woodstock      - Bass Guitarist
Barry       - Bellville         - Keyboard

The popular band has become synonymous with youth, fun and talent and is known for making waves in the mother city.

They are known for performing pop cover versions, but the time has arrived for the band to put out more original content and produce more songs for radio, while exploring the opportunities for youth in the music industry. 
EMAIL            -
                         - 083  294 2022

Presented and Produced by Jasmine Mazwi and Khusi Veto
---Jasmine Mazwi

Friday, June 08, 2018

Jazzart according to Sifiso Kweyama!

Today, our first and only interview was with Sifiso Kweyama, the director of the Jazzart Dance Theatre. The theatre was founded in 1973, and Kweyama said it focuses on the combination of Western and African dance styles, as well as social justice.

“Dancing is the only universal language,” Kweyama said. 

The program is partially government funded, and the money is used to support the training of rising stars who cannot afford dance school. The students train vigorously for three years in ballet, commercial, and traditional dance, as well as chorography, improvisation, and stagecraft. 

Jasmine Mazwi, Sifiso Kweyama, Emma Derr, and Khusi Veto at Bush Radio.

Kweyama said that dancing is grueling, difficult work. To dance both safely and elegantly takes a while to learn. Kweyama said that sometimes a minute of choreography takes a week to plan and learn. Kweyama said the classes are led by the leading dance teachers in South Africa.

“To me, dance symbolizes both peace and politics,” Kweyama said.  He explained that the outreach of the theatre is central to the its mission. The program can provide jobs and a future to marginalised populations. Kweyama said through dance, the company wishes to communicate cultural inclusiveness, empowerment, and peace. The goal is to tell a story. “Parliament doesn’t talk about dancing,” Kweyama said. He said he hopes that they start to pay attention because the program is making a positive impact in the community.

 Each students’ time with the Jazzart Dance Theatre culminates in a performance. There is an upcoming performance called “Archives” on Friday June 22 at 7:30pm and Saturday June 23 at 3:00 pm and 7:30 pm. Tickets are 100 rand, but if you buy two they are 150 rand. For scholars, tickets are only 50 rand. To buy a seat, dial 021-421-7695.

If you are interested in the program, new spaces will open up at the end of the winter. There will be auditions in September or October. The theatre also offers adult classes during the weekday. More information can be found on their Facebook page:

Presented and produced by Khusi Veto, Jasmine Mazwi, and Emma Derr.

--Emma Derr

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Toy Story: Nay Nay & Bompie

For our second interview on the show, we discussed an upcoming event held by the Toy Story car club called The Youth In Me Parkjam. Nadine Jardine, Nay Nay, and Nico Joseph, Bompie (in Jasmine’s opinion the “best nicknames ever), are cousins from Delft in the northern suburbs.

“Our main factor here is to give back to the community,” Bompie said. “We want to focus on making lifestyle changes and motivating the young generations of today.”

Emma Derr, Nico Joseph ("Bompie"), Jasmine Mazwi, Khusi Veto, and Nadine Jardine ("Nay Nay") at Bush Radio.

He said they wanted to shake off the sometimes negative stereotype of “car clubs” and promote a message of positivity. In line with this effort, Bompie and Nay Nay have organized a youth day at . It will have live music and DJs, although the headliners are to be announced on social media. Bompie said that he is excited to bring back rap into its original park setting. 

A potjie kos competition will also be held. Any extra food will be given to the homeless people in and around Delft. Nay Nay said she wanted to get involved because she witnessed the struggles of underprivileged orphans who need support. Toy Story has many charitable events throughout the year that aim to uplift the community.

The event will be held Saturday June 16that 10 AM at the Netball Courts on Voorbrug Main Road in Delft. Registration is 50 rand. To stay up to date with the Youth In Me Parkjam follow Toy Story on their Facebook page under Toystory. For more information or to register, contact D-Low at 084-377-6886.

Presented and produced by Jasmine Mazwi, Emma Derr, and Khusi Veto.

--Emma Derr

DZL: Andries & Wiaan

Our last interview featured the local singers Andries Potgieter and Wiaan Fourie, who are DZL! The group released a new single yesterday, Rhino in Our Blood, on iTunes. The song features late kwaito legend, Mandoza. 

Both men are well-known in the Afrikaans musical community as a country band, but with this single, have branched out to both in another genre but also in another musical community. 

They said the opportunity was so surreal they thought the call from Mandoza’s manager was a prank. The inspiration from the song and the reason behind joining forces with nature in mind is because both Mandoza and DZL share a passion for rhino conservation. 

Andres talked about how when a Rhino is shot, people lose their jobs and it has a deep impact on the community. “It creates a lot of despair and you really want to be involved, saving the community, saving the people, the owners, the rhino itself. That generates a lot of passion in me instantly.”

Follow DZL on its social media! You can find them on Instagram and Twitter at dzl_band, as well as Facebook as DZL. Presented and produced by Jasmine Mazwi, Khusi Veto, and Emma Derr.

--Emma Derr

Students for Law and Social Justice: Ashleigh Le Fleur

Joining us first on the morning cruise was law student Ashleigh, who is the president of SLSJ! The Students for Law and Social Justice (SLSJ) is a student organization of about 200 people from eleven universities across South Africa that wants to increase access for everyone to justice and transform legal education. 

Ashleigh, a Masters student from Belhar, said she chose law because she wanted to help the people from her community. She said law school has been a tiring but rewarding journey because she loves reading and loves the subject.

Jasmine Mazwi, Emma Derr, Ashleigh Le Fleur, and Khusi Veto at Bush Radio.

Ashleigh joined SLSJ because she was passionate for its cause and has been very involved in the #KnowYourConstitutionCampaign. She talked about how she believes everyone should be educated about their constitutional rights especially during a time in South Africa when human rights abuses are prevalent.

“We’re realized that a lot of people, specifically in underprivileged communities, they’ve got a very distanced approach to the constitution,” Ashleigh. said. “So they don’t understand exactly what chapter 2 is all about that the Bill of Rights is basically there for you as a citizen of South Africa.” 

Recently, the SLSJ has also been very active in the Fees commission and represented a student perspectives about this important issue. SLSJ is also very involved in the pads campaign to support for free sanitary towels. 

During the 2018 campaign, Ashleigh encouraged everyone to participate and voice their opinions.  For more information email or call Ashleigh at 0763737822.

Presented and produced by Jasmine Mazwi, Emma Derr, and Khusi Veto.

--Emma Derr

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Burn Awareness Month with DR Ethel Andrews

Speaking to DR Ethel Andrews about May-August being Burn Awareness Month.
Image result for dr ethel andrews

The statistics in South Africa is quite alarming, if we look at the total of South Africans as a whole, and every year 3.2 % of the population will burn. To narrow it down it is 161 children burn and 6 of these children die per year. Everyone is impacted by burns, it does not discriminate any socio-economic class or religion. If we divide it into groups children are mostly burnt  by hot water and electricity and adults mainly because of fires ie: shack fires, car accidents or industrial accidents.

Fires can be prevented in many ways most importantly to be cognitive of your surroundings.

  1. Be vigilant and cognitive of the environment you are in.
  2. Do not leave heater unattended, and take out the plugs if not used.
  3. When using  a kettle, do not put it at the edge of a counter for children to reach
  4. When using pots and pans with handles, point it inwards not outwards where if touched it could fall.
  5. do not leave your matches or lighter laying around.

Home Remedies on burns

  • remove the clothing of affected area
  • put affected area in cold water for 20 minutes
  • Cover affected area with a wet towel
  • Get to the closest hospital for medical assistance
What should not be done in the case of a fire
  • Always put water on the burn not anything else, not ice, toothpaste, vaseline or butter just water ( the heat will be retained and you will continue to  burn.)

When burnt with fire, do not panic. Breath. Stop, drop and roll.

DR Ethel Andrews works closely with the South African Burn Society through Sikelela Impilo. 

010 5944742
079 367 6921
0861 888 843

Presented by Jasmine Mazwi at Bush Radio
---Jasmine Mazwi

Friday, June 01, 2018

Morning Cruise takes a Road trip with Doocks, Melody, Stage and Luja

Stage, Luja, Melody, Jasmine & Doocks

Kicking off today's interview with their newest single titled Roadtrip feat Melody, Mourrie and Solution which gave a good positive vibe to the morning. Doock's believes working with a team can get you great rewards and I know exactly what he meant when we played this song.

Athenkosi Pukuza aka Doocks is a multi-talented male, his a musician, music producer,  guitarist, song writer and vocalist. He fell in love with music in 2010 and he feels his music and as an artist he has grown and advanced a lot. He always has his team of creatives when it comes to producing a quality beat and creating an inspiring song. His team consists of Luja, the song-writer and song arranger, Melody, the lead vocalist,  Stage, oversees everything and masters it therefore Doocks believes they are a musical family.

Doocks believes his music stands out of the ordinary because it is original and his own sound.
his message for everyone is to stay in your lane, and always remain original.
 "Fake will always be different from original."- Athenkosi Pukuza

Facebook:      Morrie, Melody, Athenkosi Pukuza
Number  :      073 5047 927
Email     :

Presented by Jasmine Mazwi at Bush Radio
---Jasmine Mazwi

AJ FOUNDATION visits Morning Cruise

Cole Alexander, Cassidy Williams, Jasmine Mazwi & Jessie Julius
Cole Alexander Co-Founder of AJ Foundation
Cassidy Williams first Brand Ambassador for AJ Foundation
Jessie Julius is the Co-founder and Director of the AJ Foundation.

The AJ Foundation was established in May 2016, and very recently celebrated their 2nd year anniversary. The foundation focuses on youth development and community upliftment, where they saw a need in their community namely Mitchell's Plain and that is how the AJ Foundation started. They knew that sport is an universal language, and they implemented that by starting projects in the sporting industry. These representatives started the organisation with sports and education in mind. their idea was to provide opportunities for young people and try to find ways to access the much needed resources lacking in many impoverished communities, through means of education, sports and various other platforms.

they have various projects they busy with called food security,Santa Shoebox initiative, bursary fund and many more.

The AJ Foundation envisions to accomplish the vision through various partnerships with schools, community initiatives, government, sporting organisation, corporate social investment departments an d funding agencies.

They strongly believe young people should not be disquieted by their circumstances, therefore, they aim to liten and respond to the needs.

email    :
facebook: The AJ Foundation

Presented by Jasmine Mazwi at Bush Radio
---Jasmine Mazwi