Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Twoman Crew

Twoman Crew, Both studying film and video technology at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) originally from Eastern Cape, both these students never thought they were going to do film and video technology as a career.

Zikhona Khusi and Thandokazi

 Zikhona Mnyani and Thandokazi Tyindyolo, are two dedicating young ladies who trying to make their dreams come true, as to become business partners in film and photography that met at school. 
The name came from having a deep conversation with a friend about how to do things even though they were just two people doing this.

Today they have taken the dream further than just a dream, they are making it a reality. Thandokazi also known as Tida deals with the creativity of producing and directing, while Zikhona also known as Zee does the post production and camera work. They started this business because if you are a black woman in this industry you are struggling to make it so, “it is difficult to get jobs so we decided to just break the cycle and create jobs” said the girls. In 2015 they were just simple roommates with a big plan until they graduated and saw the real world. That’s when they came up with the name Twoman crew, they are now situated in Cape Town. “Timing is key” they said, so in a few years’ time they are building a big brand where more people can come and engage with their business.

Tida and Zee gave their last words to inspire other people, “no matter what you got just start right now”.
 Instagram: @two man_crew
Facebook: twoman crew
 Website: twomancrew.co.za

Presenter: Khusi Veto
Producer: khusi Veto

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Set 4 Dance

Set 4 Dance

Set 4 Dance is a dance studio located in the Portland Indoor Centre, in Portland, Mitchells Plain. Judy manages the studio and Tamarin Pastor is one of the coaches who has been at the studio since it started.

Step 4 Dance started out in a backyard in the sand and there was only one dance crew of about 10 members. It started with free style dancing and then they were eventually approached by Tamarin’s husband, also a dancer, and now a head coach, and he introduced hip hop as a dance style.

People from all areas around the cape flats are members at the studio but the members are mostly children from the age of five years old. Children are always motivated to come back and dance, because for them it is one of the ways to escape violence in their communities and not have too much time to think about the ongoing gangsterism.

The children are not only taught dancing but they are also taught discipline, they are taught Maths, dance also enables the children develop as people, dancing teaches them focus and on how to interact with people. Set 4 Dance involves parents as well because they become part of their young children’s’ lives.

The aim for Set 4 Dance is to change one child’s life and even though they started out with 10 children there now have 35 children. Set 4 Dance even has a parents crew.

Each crew has their own fundraising initiatives, which is one of the ways they source some income.
There are competition practices during the week and then classes on Saturdays from 11am to 13:00pm for children above 5yr olds. Everyone is taught different dance styles, from old school to hip hop dance styles.

If people want to assist them financially, Set 4 Dance are in need of their own premises because they are currently renting the Portland Indoor Centre studio. In future, Judy is looking to start a start a youth programme.
The community as a whole are very supportive because each time they have shows; many people attend the shows.

Set 4 Dance has a group of 21 children that would like to go to Croatia next year and compete in the dance competition that is taking place in May of 2019. Funds go up to R30 000 for each child, so sponsorships are needed and would be much appreciated.

Contact details: 0813735496-Judy
0710433746- Ignatius
Facebook: Set 4 dance

Presenter: Khusi Veto
Producers: Rochelle Fisher and Zoe Setti

Manu Worldstar (rapper)

Manu Worldstar is the nick name of the original Congolese Emmanuel Mutendj, the nickname came from himself known as (Worldstar). Emmanuel is born in South Africa Johannesburg also known as the City of Gold, but will never forget where he originated from.
Emmanuel Mutendj

Manu Worldstar is a childhood name he got as a kid where it all started, he discovered his talent at the age of 10 years old when he often attended choir rehearsals with mother, even though he wasn’t part of the choir that was where he felt free to sing.   
The 23-year-old artist/rapper/singer/song Emmanuel has a new single released called “Nalingi”, which is doing very good. There are bilingual languages within the song so people from all over Africa can listen to it and remember that we are one no matter where we situated. Emmanuel is a versatile artist who does a bit of everything so his music is in different categories. His debut mixtape had some major impact in the SA Hip-Hop music scene as where his debut made "Mixtape of The Week" slot.

Emmanuel said he “is putting his face on the map of Africa in the next five years”. Manu is also trying to make music last, so he is working on his album for a, so check out Manu’s music and follow him, here are his handles.
Facebook: Manu WorldStar
 Instagram: @manu_worldstar
Twitter: @manu_worldstar

Presenter :  Khusi Veto
Producer : Khusi Veto

Get Up Movement

Get Up Movement

Get Up Movement is a movement from Port Elizabeth, made up of Yonela Mkile, Lujaman aka the chosen one, Deekay and Yonela Wakwa Mkile. Before Deekay started his musical career he was playing football and he even played for the province.

Yonela Mkile was born in Nomzamo in Queenstown so herself, Lujaman and Deekay are all from the Eastern Cape but they live in Cape Town, in Masiphumelele, Kenilworth and Khayelistha to be exact.

Deekay, Khusi,Yonela and Lujaman

Yonela makes Afro soul mixed with jazz music. She comes from a musical family, so she can’t remember when she first started singing. She met a person by the name of Steady who was part of a group called Hard Road, and they made jazz music, which is what inspired her to fuse jazz with afro soul music.  She started recording started last year when she met Real Tau and he helps push her musical career further and motivates her. Deekay makes mostly trap music mixed with hip hop.

Lujaman makes music called Sfana’kaloku also known as real talk music. It was a language spoken in the mines, and it’s a mixture of different languages. Real talk music touches on social issues happening in communities.

Deekay, Khusi,Yonela and Lujaman

They are available on social media:
Lujaman: Lujaman Masele on Facebook 
Twitter: @lujaman041.
Facebook: Deekay the chosen One
Yonela:  Yonela Mamngxongo Manhanha Mkile on Facebook.
Presenter: Khusi Veto
Producers: Rochelle Fisher and Zoe Setti

Kobus the

Kobus Pieterse is a gardener at Babylonstoren in (Cape Winelands District Municipality) for three years, also doing professional gardening for 25 to 30 years. He has been interested in gardening ever since his childhood years, when he helped his father in their garden at home. He lives in a historical cottage in the beautiful Lanquedoc village where gardening is part of the village culture.

The farm man wants the entire world to celebrate (21st October 2018) Garden day for the third time this year, the movement was started by a group of enthusiastic gardeners who want people to enjoy and celebrate their gardens together.

Kobus is using his gardening skills to “connect with nature, by growing plants, enhancing health and bringing people together to keep South Africans united”. On Saturday the 13th October 2018 in Neighbourhood Good’s Market (Woodstock) Kobus and a team of other gardeners are trying to bring everyone with a garden to interact with each other by inviting each other over by sharing your garden (herbs or company) to enjoy nature with one another. Kobus wants South Africans to explore the goodness of what nature have available for us. The idea of Garden day for Kobus is to invite friends over and wear a flower as a crown to symbolise Garden day on Saturday the 13th October 2018 in Neighbourhood Good’s Market (Woodstock), they even guiding people in his community to make a crown with the garden materials. There is even a app that you can download to help you plant anything step by step.
 So we hope you can share your pictures on their social media pages

Twitter: @gardendaysa
Instagram: @gardendaysa
Facebook: @gardendaysa
Hashtag: #gardenday

Presenter : Khusi Veto
Producer : Khusi Veto

Eli Gold-The Designer

Eli Gold The Designer

Eli Gold is a young creative person who considers himself to be more than just a fashion designer. Gold is also an interior designer, he does wall installations and is also a fashion designer.

Eli Gold is from Rwanda. He started designing 8 years ago. His name Eli means ‘God is above everything’. He moved from Rwanda and started designing in Cape Town. He is currently working on a collection which that is inspired by his home country.

One of the designs that he has is called ‘Flying Flower’ and it is inspired by the story of how the caterpillar turns into a butterfly. This collection is also inspired by his own personal life journey.

Gold does everything by himself from all the designing to the physical fabric dying. His family also has a bit of design and fashion history with his grandfather being a tailor.
Zoe, Khusi, Eli and Rochelle

His fashion style is unisex so it appeals to both genders. The clothing items can be layered for the winter season due to the light material that is perfect for the summer. His work is available to purchase in some stores and markets around Cape Town and at the moment he is trying to establish his own working space.
Gold relies mostly on online purchases, and the few stalls around Cape Town. People also reach out to purchase items from him through his social media platforms.

There is a symbol of the shield on all his clothing items and this shield is supposed to represent brotherhood. ‘Masa Mara’ is the name of his website and it is a Rwandan proverb, which means ‘they came empty handed’.
Gold has received many invites from overseas to fashion weeks for him to showcase his work but he was unable to attend one of them so he was only able to send the clothes overseas.

His words of inspiration are that people should keep supporting the young African designer and creative.

He is available on:
Facebook: Masa Mara
Instagram: @Masa­_ Mara.

Presenter: Khusi Veto
Producers: Rochelle Fisher and Zoe Setti

Monday, October 29, 2018

The multi-Talented Bonga Kwana

Nokubonga Kwana aslo known as (Bonga Kwana) is a 20-year old young singer, songwriter, part-time poet and full time black queer  (queer means not conforming to anything specific). Bonga grew up in Cape Town but her home is kuCentane in the Eastern Cape. She's a story teller; a conveyer of messages and emotion with a passion and love for the arts. She tells her personal stories as a queer black woman, through music and (sometimes) poetry. She started singing at the age of 16 when she joined the school choir and has never stopped singing since.

Rochelle, Bonga, Khusi and Zoe

The self-taught student writes music and poems that reflects on her personal life. She has a note pad where she just jots down all her notes and ideas for her songs. At the moment she is trying to put together an EP and a music video for her recent single released on the 20th September 2018 called Nzwakazi. Nwakazi means a lady, but the song is about a woman who falls in love with another woman and even when they are being criticized by the world, they are going to love each other until the end. Her biggest inspiration bad or good ,is her own experiences that she writes down not knowing sometimes how to structure it but she gets it down.
Rochelle, Bonga ,Khusi and Zoe

She grew up in a religious household so her coming out as a queer individual in 2016 made a change in her relationship with her parents. To her being queer means she’s not conforming to anything specific. Not so long ago she was diagnosed with major depressive disorder that inspired her to write a powerful poem titled “mental illness does not have a face”. Her last words to people out there are, “People should take care of themselves.”

Facebook: Bonga Kwana  
Instagram: bonga_kwana

Presenter: Khusi Veto
Producers: Rochelle Fisher and Zoe Setti 

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Orphans are Heroes a book by Sell Mangwana

Orphans are Super Heroes
Sello Mangwana, was born and raised in Nyanga East. He is an author, an artist who sings kwaito, he is also the chairman of a soccer team in his community.

‘Orphans are Super Heroes’ is his first book although he is not an orphan himself He was inspired to write this book when he decided to do something for orphans on his birthday. He was also inspired by his spiritual father, a pastor who also goes by the name Major 1, who wrote many books.

Orphans Are Super Heroes

The aim of writing books is to motivate others who are striving to achieve their gaols. His parents didn’t really understand or take him seriously when he wanted to write a book. For Sello writing this book was not very challenging because as a musician, writing lyrics for songs and writing a book go hand in hand.

Sello also gives motivational speeches especially at orphanages.
 As a child, every boys’ dream is to be a super hero like superman, who is a hero but an orphan as well. Superman was a hero for so many, so being an orphan does not mean that dreams cannot be reached. For Sello, life is all about where you’re going and it should not matter where you come from.
He has adopted an orphanage in Nyanga, because he wanted to give back to the children in that community. Sello also believes that the future is now and the youth are the leaders of the present.

Sello has mentoring classes every Saturday and he tries is best to help at least four children from the classes in terms of connecting them to the right people for the goals they have and want to achieve.

At the moment, he is busy writing his second book and even thinking of writing an autobiography once he has released his second book.
His motivational words to anyone on the same career path as him is to never give on your dreams.

Rochelle, Sello, Zoe and Khusi

If anyone wants to get a copy of his book from him they can call or WhatsApp him 079 022 2870.

Presenter: Khusi Veto
Producers: Rochelle Fisher and Zoe Setti

Meet the designer who embrace our culture

The young lady goes by the name of Ayanda Hans who was inspired by the isiXhosa Culture with the main element being the traditional attire, with detailed painting because she loves painting.

Rochelle, Zoe, Ayanda and Khusi

She started designing in 2016 while working as a sales lady, she designed for herself to see the reaction of different people by turning vintage clothes into modern clothes. It is not an easy trade to follow due to all the influence around, so to keep making the designs real and making it alive she has to know how to link her business ideas. She also has to hustle for her own printing because she is doing her own funding, though there are people willing to help and support like family and friends.

Ayanda has a store in Kayalitsha that will launch in December 2018, so people can know who Imveli Designs is. When things go well in 2019 she will expand her business. Her motivation is other fashion designers who are not confident as she is, by using her challenges to help her get through. Ayanda is invited to Barcelona (Spain) for a fashion show but needs R35 000 to get her through.   

Facebook : Imveli Designs https://www.facebook.com/Imveli-Designs-1090754120980758/
Instagram : Imveli/designs https://www.instagram.com/imveli_designs/?hl=en
Website : imvelidesigns.business.site https://imvelidesigns.business.site/

Presenter :  Khusi Veto
Producer : Zoe Setti and Rochelle Fisher

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

What everyone should know about Nonhlanhla Mkhwanazi

Nonhlanhla is a female musician from Joe Slovo also known as Nonnie. She has studied an Office Admin short course and has received her certificate as a qualified Secretary.

Nonhlanhla Mkhwanazi 

A simple African girl half Zulu from Joburg but staying in Joe Slovo with her aunt. Back in Joburg it is different from Cape Town because not many Zulus are found here and she don’t speak the same language. “I took a break from my music when I just arrived in Cape Town and got back in 2017 when I realised this is my passion I can’t stay away, South Africa will get to hear my voice depending on the individual themselves”. She is now being featured on hip hop and kwaito songs and at this moment her music is based on classic deep house.

Nonhlanhla an Khusi Veto

Nonhlanhla worked with someone in KZN by the name of lemarz last year, Cape Town is the right place to be at because, Afro Pop, Afro Jazz and Afro R&B is popular here. She does not perform live music as yet because she has a daily nine to five job. She is planning to go to a jazz club where she can get 
used to performing in front of many people because she is the shy type. She is also planning on joining a programme where they promote upcoming artists. She feels her music is safe because she already registered it, so far she has five songs and an upcoming project hopefully done by the end of the year.  

Facebook : Nonhlanhla Mkhwanazi_Nonnie 
Instagram :Nonhlanhla8562 

Presenter: Khusi Veto
Producers: Rochelle and Zoe 


RayNay are a duo who make English and Afrikaans rap music. Raynold and Nathan are their full names. They are identical twins from De Aar in the Northern Cape. They grew up with their aunts and they were very identical not only in their looks but they also used to dress the same.  Before they officially started their music careers they used to call themselves Black Diamonds, because they had also started a dance crew.

Rochelle,Raynold,Khusi,Nathan and Zoe

The name RayNay came about when they were in grade 8 since 2007. Growing up in De Aar, they grew up in the mountains to entertain themselves. For them it was very different from Cape Town where there is the ocean and many other activities for children. They do go back home in De Aar to visit because they work in Bellville, Cape Town now.

Their musical influences come from the Northern Cape, there is no slang in their Afrikaans music and most of their music is based on their lives and telling their stories.

‘Daddy is life vir jou’ is a song based on one of the brothers’ child. In the song, he is confessing that he loves his child. He said that it was emotionally tough to do the song while they were in studio, because he is confessing his love for his child.

They tend to fight and argue about music and what changes to make but eventually work their differences out.  They do not stick to one genre because they do all types of songs and they even have a few house songs.
RayNay records most of their music at Cosher Recording Studio. One of their songs called ‘Vermaak’ refers to when someone’s partner changes especially when they eventually get into a relationship.

As individuals, there are days when they go through personal things, so they force each other and motivate each other to go to studio and record their music. 

They are currently not signed to a recording label, they are independent artists. 
In 5 years they might go back to the Northern Cape to start their own recording company.

 "Ouens van die 6"(meaning guys of De Aar) is the EP they are currently working on at the moment. They are giving their songs out free online.
They have a CD dropping in November 2018, 6 songs in English and 6 songs Afrikaans. They also have two Sound Cloud pages one for English and one for Afrikaans songs.

Rochelle,Raynold,Khusi,Nathan and Zoe

‘Dink jy nog’ is another song they have, and this song is their experience with girls from the Northern Cape.

Their social media handles are https://soundcloud.com/rnd-twinz-raynay/rndtwinz-drinks-on-us-master and they are also on Facebook as RayNay Mpali.

Presenter: Khusi Veto
Producers: Rochelle Fisher and Zoe Setti

Monday, October 22, 2018

Kabelo Khanye the Dreamer

The 26 year-old Kabelo is a dreamer who always wanted to play and be creative. So he uses his creativity to interact with other people who are also creative. “Music is the focus where we can bring together different talents or passions like music; dances; or fashion, so we combine everything putting it in one product trying to make it raw and true while having fun at the same time” he said. 

Kabelo Khanye and Khusi Veto 

Kabelo is from Joburg, he left Joburg to so he can get out of his ‘comfort zone’. He came to Cape Town to study film at AFDA, The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance; he is doing film in script writing using his experience to challenge himself with what is happening all around him to convey a message to present to people in a different manner.

“As a gay artist coming out a year ago has been a good experience for me and my family” he said. The idea of the rainbow nation is the message to be united and to be one doesn’t matter what skin color, race or sex we are. “Before the end of next year is to continue to just do my thing and be messy Hold you down is my new album and video that has to do with breathing, beholding your own voice, there be will people pulling you into different direction so it is always liberating as an artist just to spend more time with your own voice’. Kabelo is open to all interpretation of reaction on social media.

Instagram: @kabelo.khanye https://www.instagram.com/kabelo.khanye/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-122355584

Presenter: Khusi Veto 
Producers: Zoe Setti and Rochelle Fisher 

Good Hope Seminary Junior School (Fundraising)

Ms Delsh—ź Delport and Ms Adrienne Millner of the Good Hope Seminary Junior School came into studio to speak about the Good Hope Fundraising event. The school is situated at Vredehoek Avenue with beautiful views of Lions Head and Blouberg.

The school has as many as 469 children from Grade R to Grade 7 
The school will be hosting an event called Summer Vibes. This event is in order to raise funds for the school. The Department of Education does assist with funds, by paying some of the schools educators’ salaries but then the school has to pay the rest of the educators.
The school is under Section 21 which means it is a fee paying school, so they rely on school fees to run the school.

Delshe Delport, Khusi Veto and Adrienne Millner

The event will be on Saturday, the 27th of October, 2018 at 21 Vredehoek Avenue. It will start at 10:00 and end at 14:00.There will be a marching band as well as a variety shows called the ‘Vibiest Talent Show’ which will showcase some of the talent from learners.

There will be popcorn, chicken and salad sold, there will be face painting, a tea garden, a tuck shop, photo booth, and a rodeo ball.

This fundraising event aims at raising more than R50 000. The funds will be used for sustenance in terms of the building and facilities for the teachers like smart boards, because they only have one smart board at the moment.

Some of the difficulties the school faces includes parents not paying school fees on time, and trying to make sure educators are paid well and valued at the school. Also many of the children that attend the school, come from far, many are affected by transport strikes, and even arrive late with private transport, and parents of the children are not close by, so can’t come in for school meetings.  

They don’t have too much social media presence but they are Good Hope Seminary Junior on Facebook.
Contact details: 021 465 6123.

Presenter: Khusi Veto

Producers: Rochelle Fisher and Zoe Setti

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Carlisle Marshall is a Hip hop, urban Choreographer and dancer.

Carlisle Marshall  is a Hip hop, urban Choreographer and dancer. he also participated in a Dance Competition in Croatia where he went fifth in the World for Solo Hip Hop. He opened his own Dance Studio in Mitchells Plain where he teaches from the age of 6yrs upwards. Carlisle says South Africa needs more Resources especially when it comes to dancing when he went to Croatia for the competition the Croatian government supports and sponsor dancing competition.

Rochelle, Carlisle, Zoe & Khusi
Carlisle Choreograph his own dance routines. When he teaches people he says he first start looking at your rhythm. Carlisle shoot dance videos to promote dancing and the kids from the Cape flats especially Mitchells plain.

Youtube: Carlisle Marshall
Facebook: UrbanLegacydancestudio


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Home based tuitions with scholars by Krisstal from Mitchells Plain

We interviewed Kristal Kruser on Bush Radio 89.5fm on the show called Morning Cruise. She is making a difference in her community in Mitchells Plain.

Kristal Kruser has created this initiative for the entire community of Mitchells Plain to partake in this project. She is offering up her time by tutoring school kids from grade 1-10, by going to the client’s house. They recently entered a challenge that they took 6th place in out of a 100 constancies.

 They help learners with completing their homework and assessments to see which areas the learners are actually struggling with. They also involving parents by informing them which areas the kids need help, because they are the ones spending most of the time with these kids, so this is also a help. 

The biggest problem they have is with numbering and alphabet that kids are struggling with. The reason being for most of these type of problems leaners do not understand completely, the interaction between leaners and teachers are not like they used to be, and teachers are overcrowded with paper work. This is why parents should get involved.

They are a team of five tutors and an administrator who is backing her at all times. The tutoring sessions are happening on Monday and Wednesday where about ten kids per session, but Kristal Kruser has greater plans for this initiative, they are aiming to get sixty learners per session to participate in the program. They are trying to encourage kids to build their self-esteem and follow their dream to explore and succeed in a life time career. “So I can only encourage all parents to interact with their kids’ education life, check their books, help them with homework and, ask the necessary questions”.
For more information, contact Kristal 061 913 8445 or via Facebook at limitless tuitions or email kristal@limitlessduition.co.za 

Producer: Rochelle Fisher
Presenter: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto
Tel: +27 +21 448 5450
 Fax: +27 +21 448 5451
 E-mail: mother@bushradio.co.za.

OPEN BOOK FESTIVAL: We spoke with Open Book Festival Coordinator Frankie Murrey on the 24th August 2018

Read on how to be prepared to be engaged, inspired and entertain…
We spoke with Open Book Festival Coordinator Frankie Murrey on the 24th August 2018

The book festival is an upcoming expedition that will be host from the 5th – 9th September and has up to 140 events to choose from.

The festival is not for the privileged, but for everyone who loves to read. This is the chance for you to meet your favourite author and writers. You can get up close and personal with your favourite author and have conversations that really matter. You can ask anything up to why the writer chose to write a certain way, this way the reader and author can interact with each other.

This year more events will be based on gender issues and a few book seminars will be about feminism. Younger visitors will feel welcomed at the Festival with a range of exciting activities including story time at Central Library, Origami Demo Sessions and a workshop for teenagers to Create Your Own Character. 

The open book festival will have plenty of entertainment for those who can’t just read a book as is, but love to explore other ways on how to make reading interesting, for example poetry and comic book section. They will have a few extraordinary poets who will perform live. Also to join the festival is Nicole Y. Dennis-Benn the author of ‘Here come the Sun’.
The festival is to enlighten people to read and for new readers to join Open Book Festival.

You can follow open book on their Facebook page open book festival, twitter @openbookfest and Instagram at open bookfest.

To get your ticket you can go onto their website openbookfestival.co.za or webtickets.co.za. or you can go to the book launch at the box office. The open book festival will be held at the District 6 Homecome Centre and at the A4 Arts Foundation and The Book Lounge from 10:00 to 21:00 each day.

For more information, you can send us a message on Twitter @bushradio Facebook @morningcruise89.5fm and you can send us a WhatsApp on 0618621065

Producer: Melisa-lee Jansen
Presenter: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto

Mkhuseli Khusi Veto

South Africa Is moving forward Awear (@UWC). Morning Cruise spoke to Siyavuya Gwanya, Sesethu Siloti and Zihle Mciteka.

On Tuesday the 28th of August 2018, the Morning Cruise hosted three students from the University of the Western Cape today. 

The students who came through to the studio for the interview to promote their project/event, as well as encourage people to come witness South Africa’s fresh, raw talent that will be exhibited on the day.
Khusi, Zihle, Siyavuya and Sesethu

The event, which is a fashion festival will be taking place the 1st of September 2018, at the University’s main building in Belleville.
The students from the University, who are all currently studying at the university organised the fashion festival, the first ever of its kind to ever be hosted by the University. They could not hold in their excitement and passion for the project as they spoke about it.

The project is in collaboration with the South African Congress of Trade Unions (SACTU).
The most exciting note was how the students organising and participating in the festival are all from various fields of study at the university. We are truly amazed at how these young persons, have come together to showcase their talent as well as to promote South African clothing, accessories and designs, not forgetting young business minds.
Zihle, Siyavuya, Sesethu, Khusi

The idea of the festival came to be, in light of the campaign by Sactu to support South African Clothing and South African Clothing manufacturers who are closing down a lot of their factories due to the losses they make when their products do not sell. This in turn causes a lot of job losses.
The students said that aim of the Fashion Festival is to encourage South Africans to choose and support the South African textile or clothing industry.    
All the money raised from the Festival will be donated to the university’s Ikamvalethu fund, a fund that was put in place to assist students from disadvantaged backgrounds financially. 

Tickets are available at the admin building at the UWC main campus in Belleville, or you can contact the organisers through their social media page, @AwearsouthAfrica or contact; Karen at; 

Producer: Nomalanga Tshuma
Presenter: Mkuseli “Khusi” Veto

Social Media Handles:
Mkuseli” Khusi” Veto
Khusi Vuka UPhole