Tuesday, May 10, 2011

MC's Omniscient Tuesday on career guidance

Today Dr Judy Jay from the Voice Clinic gave us sound career advice and its all in the voice.

Some of the facts Dr Judy Jay mentioned in the interview is that there are three aspects to communication, words, tone and body language. Words count for 7%, Tone is 38 % and Body language is 55%.
Effective communication is all in the tone since the voice is the window to the soul. What is tone? Tone is the way you communicate or project your emotions. If you mumble you project low self-esteem for example being too loud on the otherhand projects arrogance. Being mindful when speaking is key.

Everyday tips include:
  • Thinking negative thoughts will put out negative words;
  • Realise breathing starts from the diaphram. Take a deep breath let the words be carried on that breath, pretend you gona hit the wall opposite you with that breath;
  • Open your mouth when speaking;
  • Pratice saying the word OUCH
  • Be conscious of your 'pauses' in between
We also discussed stress management and here are a few things to bare in mind:
  • You have an option to be negative or positive the control lies with you;
  • You can't avoid stress but you can manage it;
  • Stress does not lie in the situation but rather in your perception;
  • Instead of cursing seek the positive, put yourself in a positive mind-frame,
  • Its not what happens to in life that's important but how you deal with it
Lastly I was joined by Mr Mike Klink an entrepreneur who focuses on Entrepreneurial, Career and Small

Business skills development in his private business capacity and coach people within the structures of career strategies and for job interviews. He runs free workshops at the Central Library in Cape Town CBD every Saturday morning and occassional Friday. Mike Klink believes that brushing up on your skills or continuing your learning whether through free workshops is crucial especially in having confidence in yourself in your capabilities. To find out more contact Mike on mikeklink039@gmail.com or 073 95 666 21


Common Ingredients of Anger:

Unfairness – We believe that we have been treated unfairly. We tell ourselves that we deserve more, and we buy into this story that someone has wronged us.
Lost - We feel that we have lost something that we have identified ourselves with. Feelings, pride, money, car, job.
Blame – We blame other people or external situations for having caused our loss, for taking advantage of us unfairly. The blame often only resides in our heads and is a product of our imagination. We fail to see things from other people’s perspectives. We become deeply selfish.
Pain - We experience pain, mental distress, and anxiety. The pain causes physical responses in our body, which disturbs our natural energy flow and state of wellbeing.
Focus - We focus on the thing we don’t want, and energize it by complaining about it passionately, and repeating it to as many people who will listen. This creates a downward spiral of anger. “What we focus on expands”, this is true regardless of the emotion.

When negative feelings arise, we have two choices,
1. To follow the habitual pattern we’ve learned since we were young, to react and allow the negativity to consume us.
2. Or, to interrupt the pattern we have been conditioned to follow, and in doing so build new neural pathways that allows for alternative possibilities.

There are essentially three ways to interrupt a behavioral pattern:
• Visual - Change your thoughts.
• Verbal – Change your language.
• Kinesthetic – Change your physical position.

For more on how to overcome anger click on the link: http://thinksimplenow.com/happiness/15-simple-ways-to-overcome-anger/