Thursday, May 31, 2018

GPS to successful learning with Dr Mcghie and Ms DuPreez

Ms Du Preez & Dr Mcghie

A student's GPS  to successful learning

Through Doctor Mcghie's studies over several years she saw the need in having this book at High School's and as a First Year requirement. Her soul purpose what the first year's need to enable them. The book took 6 months to write and finish. During the mid 80's Dr Mcghie and Ms Du Preez met and started a long life friendship.  Since the two of them have an amazing back story they still managed to produce a book worth reading.

This book provides guidelines and advice to learners, parents, families, teachers and the broader community, so that learners can be assisted to successfully complete grade 12 as well as their first year of study at successfully complete grade 12 as well as the first year of study at university/ college.

It also covers the common asked questions and information that will guide learners and their parents on what to expect and what they should know and do before they decide to apply for admission to a university 

Facebook Page : Accessing Post-school Studies / #APSS
Email               :

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Afro Deep with DJ LEHO

DJ Liho

DJ LIHO all the way from Langa.
The stage name DJ LIHO was derived from his original name Maliho,he took the middle part of his name because it is a unique although a lot of his friends joked about this name sounding chinese, DJ LIHO stuck.

He started his Disk Jockey career in 2008, where he was inspired by one of his late cousin's Simphiwe. His musical background starts in Port Elizabeth, later in his life he came to Cape Town and being here has changed his music a lot. He started playing commercial house and he always excluded himself fro m the genre that would normally be played.

Today, he served us with a music genre called Afro-Deep and Afro-Tech.

He mentions his played at a lot of places, to name a few Rands; Qwa-Ace mainly a lot of places that are known in Cape Town.

064 755 0632
FACEBOOK   : Maliho "DJ LIHO" Malloy
INSTAGRAM : Djliho_1
TWITTER       : Djliho_1


@bboytoufeeq, @bboywinter932,@jasmine_mazwi, @bboykashief29, @bboydeezy, @khusi
The name TOUGH NATION derived from the tough places they grew up in, and they think of themselves as a nation, there fore as a crew coming from different nations the name TOUGH NATION was born!!! Toufeeq Baatjies came up with this name as he explains it is not only about the community they came from but also the struggles they individually face, and that would make them Tough, Nation.

Breakdancing comes from the street, these talented men love what they do there fore breakdancing comes easily to them. This will be Tough Nation's tenth year as a Bboy Group. They were in the same primary school when one of their friend told them about a workshop happening at the Community and they took the initiative to try it out at a young age. Shout out to Angelo Van Wyk for giving their first class because since then they have not stopped practicing and dancing.

speaking about a battle, and learning about b boy, you firstly need to know the basics before taking on the hard work, musicality plays a big role in attempting probably the most difficult dance genre there is. The nick of this dance is to be as creative as possible,  and when you do copy a style or move from someone else, you have to make it your own.
"You can bite a move, but make it your own." - Toufeeq Baatjies

Tough Nation has traveled may places, as a group and individually. Toufeeq and Kashief recently did a tour in Germany for 5 months with Africa Africa, and in December Tough Nation will be leaving to Spain for 8 months. Toufeeq has been to France 3 times, to Vegas, Egypt, Algeria and recently won the 2 on 2 battle of Shut Up Just Dance on 26th May 2018.

Support plays a big role when you decide to make dance your first priority. Each of them had the struggle of having n o support to getting the hugest support and respect from family and friends over the years.

When these guys get injuries it does not stop them from performing or battling, they advice to eat healthy, stay fit and warm-up. Each of them have back-up plans not like they n eed it b ut just incase anything bad happens.

Because this is Tough Nations Tenth Year as a crew, they'd love to host their own event this time and not just have people invite them to their events. when asked about the most memorable moment as a crew they answered, every show is a memorable show, because of the crowd and the feedback of people.

TOUGH NATION: Kashief, Toufeeq, Drew& Charlton
FACEBOOK   : Tough Nation Page
YOUTUBE     : Type in Tough Nation or their personal names
INSTAGRAM : @bboykashief29, @bboydeezy, @bboytoufeeq, @bboywinter932

"Sky is the limit, anything is possible if you just believe."- @bboydeezy
"Always  be yourself, and never thinnk what other people think about you." - @bboykashief
"when people say hy's mal, hy dans op sy kop, just keep going."- @bboytoufeeq

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Morning Cruise wants a Princess Project Party Theme

Jasmine Mazwi, Shanice Appels and Mkhuseli Veto
Shanice Appels started the non -profit organisation at the age of 16  years old.
Basically to dress up underprivledge girls, and girls in homes just to make them smile.

Losing her mother at a young age, inspired Shanice to help fellow girls because her mother made the prettiest dresses.She works with different girls and she  knows the impact of growing up without a mother therefore it inspires her to make these girls feel special because they do not receive this at home.

Started with 10 girls from Lillieblom in Crawford and 10 girls in Wynberg and then it grew into workshops where Shanice works with girls from Mannenberg, Heideveld, Tafelsig and Macassar. Mainly doing Women Empowerment for the girls, and Shanice does not do this alone she has her sister and a team helping her.

Concerning the Princess Party, Shanive is trying to promote self-love and self-worth.
"Even if you have rolls en jou hare is nie  stuil nie, jy is nog altyd 'n princess."- Shanice Appels

When asked if this project is working or if she is still experimenting, Shanice answered it could be rather difficult especially because she is so young and the topics they cover could be sensitive, therefore she hopes in the future people will be more accepting.

Shanice works with donations, such as dresses or tutus, tiaras and amke up, where they feed the kids party packets. Because kids wants to be kids, this is just a day to have fun and be spoiled.

The aim is make girls as aware as possible of what happens in reality althouh this is called the Princess Projetc. They teach the girls meaning of "ougat" (coloured connotation for being sexy before your time) also "Jintoe" (coloured connotation referring to girls as sluts) "moffie" (Coloured connotation when reffering to gay men) also serious topics such as, rape and abuse.

FACEBOOK   : Shanice Appels
EMAIL            :

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Morning Cruise learns how to #knowyourworth

Jasmine Mazwi, Arlene Petersen, Nina, Leska Beaukes, Mkhuseli Khusi Veto
Speaking to representatives of #knowyourworth namely, Arlene, Nina and Leska Beaukes  speaking to us about the 5km Fun Run taking place on the 2nd June 2018, at Rondebosch Common(Sawkins Road Entrance)  commencing at 7:30am race starts at 8:00am.

This event is in aid of charity, St Michaels Girls home, what ever money they'll be making on the day they will be donating to  the girls home in aid of their grocery list. each person is liable to pay for this event,  Student R30, Kid R20 and adult R50 which is the basic way of raising their funds towards the 5km Fun Run. this event has a number of partnerships namely Champs Musical, Jive, Springkaan Jumping Castle, Jump Start, Virgin Active. DJ Shadow and many more will be giving a percentage to charity as well.

They decided they need to get active, there fore running for charity they can generate more funds for the fundraiser. This year will be the kick off of #knowyourworth's ,5 km Fun Run. Arlene explains how she is still a student and lives by the concept "You cannot teach a hungry child." and because the funds that they raising are going towards charity, the people who are participating's prize will helping a child with education.

#knowyourworth is an non-profit organisation that caters for everyone and not just girls, in different communities, namely Grassy Park, Lavender Hill, Mannenberg and  Mitchell's Plain. They connected in many places with different representatives in each community.

Facebook page : #knowyourworth
Email               :
number            : 063 264 6173

Producers & Presenters
Jasmine Mazwi & Mkhuseli Khusi Veto

Monday, May 28, 2018

Morning Cruise says Faith, Music and Love

Faith Smal says MUSIC IS THE WORLD, and she is only doing music for a year.

Music is a way she expresses herself, if something bothers her she writes about it and that is how it started. Faith explains that her guitar is the reason why her music sounds soulful, but she knows it can to extend to other genre's but she relates more to soulful, live music.

Faith taught herself how to play guitar at the age of 14 years old, and says she would really like to play the piano too. As she was asked if this would be a hard task for her she explains any instrument will be hard to try but you just have to be persistent and practice everyday.

When Faith was asked how often she works on her music, she replied everyday when she gets a chance or whenever she feels to jam. She says the way to stay on top of your game is to: keep making connections, try to be in studio as much as possible, keep practicing, keep improving yourself, keep changing your music up but also keep your sound going.

The most influential people to Faith is Amy Winehouse and Corrine Rae Bailey.

The essence of making good music, is going with your gut, anything that brings emotion, and if you feel it then someone will feel it too. When Faith makes a song, she first uses a melody to describe if the song is happy or sad then  the lyrics comes after to paint the picture.

Most of her songs she writes is about love, because she feels the world needs a little bit more love!  Music can only get you to another level of success if you have support.

Instagram: @faithsmal
facebook: Faithy Smal

Friday, May 25, 2018

DJ NGAMLA cooks up a GQOM storm on Morning Cruise

Dylan  Ward kn own to many as DJ NGAMLA is a Dj, Producer

DJ Ngamla says the reason why he plays GQOM: "it speaks to me. it makes me lose my morals.
as he continues he says if you listen closely to gqom, you will feel it from within and therefore he loves gqom music. He'll be playing at Backyard Sundays, with the likes of Destruction Boyz and many more.

Gqom DJ/Producer

Bookings : 081 031 3863


add me on Woza Ngamla

Thursday, May 24, 2018

D-Feat once educates Morning Cruise with Graffiti

D-feat Once, explains graffiti as the use of spray paint to make art, the youngest art form and the biggest growing art form. He further adds he calls it a culture part of the Hip Hop elements

D-feat Once discovered his passion for art in High School as a break dancer. Because there are different rules and laws when it comes to graffiti D-feat once explains how to get a permit, he says you basically apply for a permit it will take 2 weeks to be approved then  you'll receive your permit.

Graffiti is all about you and what you feel, so just express yourself. the steps to follow is to hang out with people that do it and get inspired. Graffiti is about spreading consciousness, man y artists stands for different reasons, people make money and others want to be famous.

D-feat Once was in Hong Kong last year with a project with school kids and a festival. He hand paints clothing, make products and recycle products, as well as the street art tours.

He doesn't believe in selling your art, he has his own studio.Hie is the project manager of a showcase in Stellenbosch taking place in August 2018.

Facebook: D-feat Once

Shaquille Southgate says SHUT UP JUST DANCE!

Shaquille Southgate, is the senior administrator, events manager, sound technician of Heal The Hood.
Heal the Hood is a non-profit organisation, utilizing the elements of Hip Hop to bring about change in the Cape Flats. They Utilize the different elements of rap, graffiti and dance just to let kids express themselves in a positive manner. They use the original meaning of Hip Hop which is Peace, love and unity and having fun and they do so by teaching the kids that they can make a change and a difference in the world by utilizing these art forms. This will be Heal the Hood's 20th year since it started, with or without funding they still persevered.

Speaking about the event taking place at Jolly Carp in Retreat on Saturday 26th May from  6pm  till 11pm. Shut Up just Dance is an annual event , that has always been linked with the Black Noise Anniversary. The name Shut up just Dance derived from the old days when people settled there disputes on the dance floor, very clever right? they basically saying "Keep Quiet and settle it on the dancefloor."

Shut up just Dance will be a run up to the African Hip Hop Indaba, it will be focusing more on the solo aspects of the dance battles. Showcasing then different dances such as:

  •  in the under 16 division will be all styles (krump bgirl and bboy categories)
  • Over 16, all styles krump popping, as well as 2 on 2 bboy
The prizes will be as following:
  • Junior division winners win R250 per category
  • Senior  R500 per category
  • 2 on 2 bboy R1000
The event will be showcasing some of their childrens projects their art, and a perfomance by the kids as well.

Tickets pre-sold R50 
at the door  R80

Facebook: Heal The Hood Project
Whatsapp: 0718363517

"Leave the ego at the door, and shut up Just Dance!" - Shaquile Southgate

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Reggae music, Breakdance and Morning Cruise with Jo Baka

Jasmine Mazwi, Jo Bakka & Khusi Veto
Lyndon Cloete known to most as Jo Baka, is a reggae artist and SA Breakdance Pioneer.
He lives in a place called Delft in Cape Town, and is still giving back to his community.

Starting off the interview with a track called Streetwise -  Jo Baka feat Manifest, he explains how his been doing music for 2 years now and the inspiration for reggae came from his dancing days because music was always there. The stories his telling through his music is all the social ills, experiences and thought. he believes that Reggae  music is one of the genres that does not get that much exposure as other genres.

Together with Mzansi Reggae Artist Association are trying to bring reggae to the masses, to put it out as mainstream music. He believes reggae should be more highlighted and uplifted especially in Cape Town South Africa, because of our history.

Lyndon Cloete known in the dancing scene as @bboylyndon has been break dancing for nearly 28 years. He started break dancing since the age of 12 back in he early 90's. He toured most of the world, representing South Africa and big and minor competitions home and abroad. The dance journey has been a nice experience but his still going forward not competing as much but  still pursuing his role.

As Jo Baka's background is music, Hip Hop is peace, love, unity and having fun and with these foundations it shaped and molded him to be the person he is today. Hip Hop being a positive force, i changed alot of people's lives. Hip Hop opened opportunities for him around the world and with travelling comes a various amount of different experiences. He has met different people, experienced their lifestyles and culture and he believes it shaped him.

He traveled to mostly Europe and Germany, and met up with some B boys and brought all the experience back to South Africa.

He explains about the hardships he went through while growing up, and how things have changed since then. He believes back then parents allowed children the freedom to be kids. And through these times he found Hip Hop and Black Consciousness.

YOUTUBE- bboy rasta
INSTAGRAM- @bboylyndon
SOUNDCLOUD: @bboylyndon

Morning Cruise meets Gatesville Senior Club

The Gatesville Senior club was created for the need for recreation for the seniors, and it was needed due to all the crime and conflict in their area the seniors need a safe space. The club was founded by Ruwayda Veerasamy, has been up and running for 2 years. the club is not for soup kitchens or knitting its for recreation for the seniors socializing,doing exercises and making sure their  needs are catered for. This is a mixed club, different religions different  cultures and everyone is welcome.

Surrey Estate, Gatesville, Rylands, Green Haven Park, Bridgetown, Belgravia, Silvertown are the different areas involved in Gatesville Seniors Club. Its based in Gatesville but it caters for everyone. The seniors give wisdom to the newer generations on how to live and grow with your family. Because family is  of utmost importance they basically teach you how to interact with your family.

One of the lessons they mentioned was they must fulfill their education to build their community but the bad thing is drugs. Drugs destroys decent homes, therefore they can educate themselves with the opportunities they were never given and build a strong bond with their families and their communities.

These seniors keep fit and healthy by doing different activities and maintaining a healthy balance diet. With the issue concerning abuse against senior citizens the Gatesville Senior Club addresses these issues  with the Minister of Social Services and Dan Plato, and they visit seniors affected by abuse and speak to them on how to deal with these issues. As they mentioned they have encountered 2 senior citizens abused by their children, Gatesville Seniors Club asked these  2 seniors to join their club and they had assistance from the Social Development. After they joined their lives changed automatically, their children got rehabilitated and they seniors do not have to worry they have their safe space.

This is the month of Communication,  and they are teaching their seniors how to use communication as a tool.  If you communicate you open more doors of understanding. They have many diffferent communication assistance health line, SASSA, Home Affairs, Arts and Culture and many more, because each month is different.

How to contact Gatesville Senior Club

Fowzia Veerasamy on 061 774 6547

Thursday, May 17, 2018

MATT CPT meets Morning Cruise

MAtt CPT aka Matther Sylvester

Starting off the interview with the young talented male rappers songs titled "illuminate",grew up in a place called Retreat, currently aged 21.

Matthew calls himself an "average old Joe" who was surrounded by poverty and gangster ism from a young age and basically all those elements play a huge role in his lyrics that he puts in his music. His musical background started when his dad was a DJ in all the old clubs in Cape Town and his fathr played a big role in choosing music as a passion for life.

Matt feels his not where he supposed to be with his music but his music gets played by a lot of his fans, especially the new EP he dropped titled "Identification" where his painting a picture of his life where his identifying himself as an artist in this industry. Since he released Illuminate the music video got 7k views and is still blowing up.

He grew into the the artist he sees himself as he gets to work with some amazing people, always setting up some great meetings wit h great people in the industry. He realized he had to put his own foot in the music industry door to get recognized.

Speaking about the Hip Hop scene in Cape Town, he mentions The Breakfast Rush and how Yuzriq Meyer is doing good by  uplifting Cape Townians in the AM which is making a big imapct as eve ryone is trying to get there fair share and Youngsta Cpt gave a platform for some artists in Cape Town, he was initially the voice to say "Hey Cape Town has talent." he adds in Cape Town we are getting there, with so much talent all we need to do is stand together and bring the industry here.

Mathhew is studying sound engineering at the moment because when he steps into the studio he wouild like to have an idea of what his producer and sound engineer is doing with his  music. He feels the sound engineering will benefit him in so much ways, to get something behind his name.

one of the people he would like to collab with is J.Cole , Matthew explains his a lyrical Genius.

FB    -   Matthew Sylvester
IG     -   @m.a.t.t_cpt

Getting Musically educated with Astryd Brown

Astryd Brown is a singer, songwriter and recording artist from Eldorado Park, Soweto.

Kicking off the interview with one of her songs titled Four feat Yung Swiss she explains the song is really a club anthem, to turn up to and have fun too. The song is just basically saying why should you have one when you can have four,  all about having fun and breaking all boundaries.

Image result for astryd brown
Astryd Brown

Astryd was introduced to music at a really young age, just being at home with family listening to music which inspired her to sing from then. In High School she took her music more serious, where she learnt a lot from her friend who was a vocalist. They initially started making music together, started singing in malls and basically busking anywhere.

She has big musical influences namely from her childhood Aaliyah, Mariah Carey and Destiny's Child and for the new school influences it would be Tinashe, Beyonce and so many more but mainly RnB has inspired her to pursue music.

her music career blossomed after Yung Swiss's EP was released in the end of 2016. she was featured on 2 songs of his EP. One song titled "Addicted" was really really big she explains this is how she entered into the Hip Hop scene.And the Hip Hop scene recognized her for being on Yung Swiss's EP. She then dropped a song with Rouge the Rapper and people started noticing who this female is with this voice. Since "Four" was dropped, a bigger market has noticed Astryd.

Astryd biggest challenge as a song writer,  is having writers/artist block, where nothing comes to mind. and second to the biggest challenge is being un-inspired to do music. Astryd explans the main source of income for artists are gigs and performances,since her main focus is just making music, 100% music.

IG&Twitter       @Astryd_brown
Facebook           Astryd Brown Music
                          Playground Productions

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Talking Dance with Shameelah Kinnear

Shameelah Kinnear known as Shammy Sham Rock to the dance industry.

Sham describes what she does as “so Loose” overall its creative. It started with dance but it branched out too many things, opened up an opportunity in different avenues for Sham, with these different opportunities she gets to be involved with different people.

Shameelah worked in the tourism industry, describes the experience as amazing as she gets to meet new people every day. She worked in the Entertainment Industry, she’s a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. She choreographed a few dance pieces and worked in the Movie Industry.
Street style dancing is the first dance style Shameelah was introduced to, as she was training with a lot of b-boys when she started dancing. She was hugely influenced by the B-Boy B-girl funk styles from locking, popping, house, whacking, and trained with panstula dancers in Johannesburg.

Shameelah was fortunate to have trained with quite a number of influential dancers and in the street dance scene as well. She had a various number of coaches from the U.K, United States as well as South Africa. Shameelah says she’s very fortunate to have trained with people who know what they doing, where she gained the knowledge and information that she received from them to pass down.

Shameelah claims she was not naturally blessed with dancing capabilities, therefor she trained herself and disciplined herself to be able to do the things that she’s doing today. Journalism, and Philosophy Were Sham’s first choices after Grade 12, she wanted to be a writer for the Argus, which was her initial plan. In the same year after school, she auditioned for a dance production with no dance experience, the production was called the Temple of Hip Hop 2008, she has not stopped dancing since. She trained, auditioned and met the people she knows today and that are heavy hitters in the dance industry. As they have been a while in the dance scene, she was a new-B. She did things along the way, she interned at a magazine, in the same year she got her first movie role as a dancer.

Each time she tried drifting away from dancing, she ended up being pulled back because of dance career opportunities or training opportunities and it never stopped since 2007. Dancing is something she sees herself do every single day, her goals as a dancer is to sustain it until her 50s. ITs a big challenge as a dancer to sustain your dancing until you in your 50’s. Shameelah doesn’t see the future where she is not dancing, whether she’s teaching or whether she’s involved with community development through dance, she believes she’ll be dancing until her end days.
One of Sham’s mentor is 53 years old and he still dances, still judges and still competing also one of her biggest inspirations.

“Anyone can dance, but to touch people in a way where they want to dance, to make people feel lekker because you feel lekker, those are the things that inspire me to keep dancing.”

Dancing could be very challenging at times, but the inspiration is never ending especially in Cape Town, she adds there are very good, and talented dancers. Inspiration is everywhere in cape Town therefore she definitely thinks she won’t be running out of inspiration anytime soon.
Shameelah says her biggest challenge as a dancer is the sustaining of the dancers, cause before it was not this consistent for the dance scene but she thinks it is just a case of networking, getting out there and making people know your name, know your face. She adds as much as dancing is about the talent there is a business side as well to a dancer. Her challenge was trying to balance both the talent: going to gym, training and making sure her skill is as sharp as it should be, but also getting out there: going to castings and auditions. She adds the challenge should be to organize that and making sure she’s up to standard in every sense which is going out there meeting people and presenting herself as a dancer.

Over the past few years Shameelah has been focusing on The Business side of not just a dancer but as a dance professional to carry it over to the corporate side of dance. She agrees that it’s not an easy career path but it is definitely worth it, and states if you find something that is worth it, it comes naturally to you.

Shameelah has been to many different places namely 2012, she won the Sprite Uncontrollable Competition, she stayed in Manhattan New York, in 2014 she went to Las Vegas for a 10-day training trip all they did was dance-eat-sleep and last year she went to Germany with the Hip Hop Education South Africa team. She adds that Germany was probably her best trip travelling abroad, because it was about helping a community it was so much closer to her. And she is looking forward to travel once again with her dancing and wishes everyone to invest in travelling.

Shameelah is involved in
  • ·         Hip Hop Education South Africa
  • ·         Arts and Culture makes the world go round I partner with the Best College in Salt river, she teaches the kids dancing during the physical education portion of Life Orientation every Monday and Friday as part of their school work. She believes that everything that was relevant when she was growing up is not as relevant for the new generation therefore dance is a great tool to connect with the of their projects is the Scarf Run, collecting second hand scarfs and other items.
  • ·         Blanket Run on her own, distributing blankets to the homeless but as well as giving blankets to shelters.
  • ·         Teaching workshops in June at Paradiso close to the CPUT in Cape Town for a winter program.
  • She involved in so much things, and still wants to do more.

Her positive message is “Don’t listen to anyone who’s going to be negative, because there is going to be people that maybe wanted to dance before you but they could not because their reality was different. So Don’t listen to any “nay-sayers “and don’t listen to anyone that tells you can’t because we are proof that you can, and we are the template as fellow dancers. There is no reason why you shouldn’t!”

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter              - ShammyShamRock
Pages                                                          - ShammyShamRock Dance Artist
        -Goodhope Dance Company
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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Lea Heart local Artist from Bellville


Lea Heart is from the Mother City, like she says “United States of Bellville”… Lea always knew she was supposed to be a singer, from a young age had vocal training, did a few road shows and a courageous music teacher putting her on the stage encouraging her to show people her talent   as she adds to that she was quite a show off from the get go! Only a few years back she started doing original tracks all thanks’ to her producer and partner Jodi Ova aka JAXEE.

Lea is an independent artist that is not closed off to being signed, she believes she’s happy where she is and having control over what music she puts out into the world; what she decides to record and what she decides to be on. She’s open to being signed if the opportunity arises and she gets a good feeling about it.

When asked if she’s getting paid for her music she answered of cause but everything belongs to Jaxee Entertainment, keeping it in the family right now.

Her music has definitely advanced since she was young, she says you need to grow, her music and vocally has definitely grown. She says you need to learn as you go along You need to find your niche, your voice, and most importantly tone of voice you’d like to put out there because people will recognise you because of your voice.

Her new single Look at me, was described as beautiful. As she explains she just came into studio and the song was given to her. Jaxee, Jodi Ova her producer, explains the song was written for a popular artist and due to communication skills it did not happen. And because Lea did the Demo song, the song was fire. Lea Heart made this song her own.

Lea has a job, an amount of hours during the day that puts  food on the table, she says when she’s ready she will pursue her music career full time. Lea does not believe you need a back-up plan, because she will never have that doubt in her mind that she is not going to succeed. You have to believe that you will succeed therefore the step s you take will move you forward towards that point, because in this business you will have disappointments and no’s and you can turn those no’s in to yes’s and once you get to that point a whole new world is going to open up for you.

Lea Heart would love to collaborate with Neyo, because his amazing, he does hard work and he does close off himself to a certain genre.
Jasmine Mazwi, Lea Heart and Mkhuseli Khusi Veto 

For now Lea heart is just pushing singles creating awareness for her brand, will be performing at Rocking the Daisies.

Lea Hearts message to aspiring artists is don’t give up, sometimes you have to have a tunnel vision when it comes to where you want to be because all the distractions will derail you

How to get hold of Lea Heart


A  very big thank you to the beautiful Lea Heart @leaheartprivate and her talented producer @jaxeemusic for joining us on #morningcruise on #bushradio, debuting her new single titled "Look at me".

Presenters & Producers
Mkhuseli "Khusi" Veto & Jasmine Mazwi