Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Afrika Tikkun on Morning Cruise

We spoke to Shirley Tshwale, Marketing Co-ordinator from Afrika Tikkun, an organisation who has the primary objective is to provide holistic development in disadvantaged communities. They help youth from the “Cradle to Career” from the ages of 2-35. Their aim is to empower young people by granting them the opportunity to receive profitable education, good health care and support for their families.

Having been established in 1994 by the late Chief Rabbi Cyril Harris and Philanthropist/Businessman Dr Bertie Lubner. They have 5 centres namely based in Johannesberg, namely: Alexandre, Diepsloot, Orange Farm and Brown Park and one in Mfuleni in Cape Town. Shirley tells us about the many programmes on offer that ensure an all rounded person as the outcome. Among these are Early Childhood Development (ages 2-6), Child and Youth Development (ages 7-18), and Career Development for those older, which assists children in developing themselves in to active citizens.

Additionally, they have programmes such as Family Support Services, Primary Health Care, The Empowerment Programme, and Nutrition and Food Security Programme. She describes the biggest problem being unemployment among the biggest problems faced by youth and the country. But highlights that the organisation doesn’t “tell children what to do but help them find what they WANT to do”.

She add how grateful she is by reflecting in the inspirational stories of the kids in their recently published magazine: MY Afrika Magazine. She also expressed excitement about a new programme that involves Former World Champion of Boxing Thulani “Suga Boy” Malinga to launch a programme that integrates boxing and sport into development.

Their website is www.AfrikaTikkun.org.  or Contact them on 087 150 2066 
Presenter/Producers: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto and Tauhierah Salie

Written by Tauhierah Salie

Tuesday, January 09, 2018


Aqeefah Matroos and Sethu Ngqva join us on behalf of AV Africa, an NPO that connect the youth to opportunities through volunteering which equips them with the necessary skills to become successful. AVA has played an active role in advocating for the large scale use of volunteering as a means to address our growing unemployment in youth.

The organisation was started by Lisa Gerson in 2012 and is Based in Wynberg and runs a program called (Year Beyond) that recruits youth to do volunteer  work in both high school and primary schools to help children with Maths and English. It also assists learners with Homework Support in various other subjects that volunteers are knowledgeable in such as business studies, physical fitness, science, accounting etc.

Aqeefah highlights that the programme is not aimed at restricting the children but rather to make them comfortable enough to find and be themselves. She joyfully recalls the loving interaction she and her colleagues experience with the children and says it is an indescribable feeling when seeing the children succeed. Sethu Ngqiva, who started off the programme as a volunteer in 2016, describes how much it helped her grow and develop a passion for the children she reaches.

Over 90% of the youth who have passed through their programmes have managed to secure further opportunities for work or full time study and are firmly on the path towards sustainable careers.

To get involved you should be between 18-25 years of age, possess a Matric Certificate and have  50% for Mathematics and 50%  Language. The organisation aims to unlock the potential of youth and equip volunteers with the confidence, skills, experience and networks they need to actively engage in building a better South Africa.

To get into contact with them simply go to their website on:
www.avafrica.org.za or 
www.actionvolunteersafrica.org.za       ; go to the Year Beyond Programme to  download an application and apply

Produced by: Khusi Veto and Tauhierah Salie
Written by: Tauhierah Salie