Friday, October 20, 2017

The Jazz Yard Academy

On October 20,2017 Judith called in on behalf of the Jazz Yard Academy to discuss what the academy represents for young people. She explained that the Jazz Yard Academy is a place where young people go that are trying to stay on the right track and not fall victims to crime and gang violence.

According to the Jazz Yard Academy site, "The academy’s offers free lessons to children from Bonteheuwel and neighbouring areas. Under the guidance of experienced musicians, these youngsters find a new meaning to life. It is encouraging to see the way music brings a smile to their faces, … how excited they are about every new lesson!"

In the interview,Judith emphasized the fact that children don't need any prior music knowledge to be apart of the organization.Judith says that learners don't need to be discouraged by not being able to read music or  that they don't have prior music experience because the instructors are there to teach them what they need to know. She also noted that the program doesn't require the learners to pay anything. They are not responsible for their music, instruments,or performance attire.

Contact Joey Fourie for more information 
084 880 7012

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Award winning Die reuk van appels in Cape Town premier at Fugard Studio Theatre

Award winning Die reuk van appels in Cape Town premier at Fugard Studio Theatre

Rudi Sadler teamed up with Johan Van Der Merwe to create Theatrerocket Productrions. Since reading the novel Die reuk van appels, Johan dreamt about producing it for stage.
Die reuk van appels is a 1993 debut novel of South African author Mark Behr.

It will be presented by Theatrerocket Productions and adapted to the stage by Johann Smith, which started 07 October until 11 November, performed in Afrkaans with English subtitles. It stars Gideon Lombard and is directed by Lara Bye. It all started with Rudi and his partner Johan, who are both from Pretoria, going to theatre a lot. They both serve on some of the theatre judging panels, that is how they met about a year and a half ago. They both have a love and passion for theatre and have the urge to start creating theatre. When they got together they both had the same dream of creating theatre instead of watching it.

They started talking and drew up a list of the top productions that they would like to see on stage and that is how the company was created. There are challenges in creating something for stage for people to watch and satisfy them, there is hard work that goes into it. "Starting from scratch without any financial backing is hard but very rewarding in the end", says Rudi.
Awards are great for recognition but for them it's about the impact it has on people. The production premiered at the Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees this year, with Gideon Lombard winning the Best Actor Award at the 2017, Kanna Awards for his role as Marnus. At the recent Aardklop Festival, Lombard was also nominated for the Best Actor Award and Lara Bye was nominated for Best Director.

The whole play is translated to English at the theatre and will be put on screen for the non Afrikaner people to enjoy as well. The feedback from all press and media as been astonishing and received great reviews from highly regarded critics such as, Diane De Beer and Robin Sassen. Die reuk van appels is the coming of age of Marnus Erasmus, 11-year-old son of a South African Defence Force general. It captures the Afrikaner mentality in the late 1970's and early 1980's and the brutal consequences of apartheid and militarization of South African Life.

Sadler and van der Merwe are honored to have two of the country's most respected theatre makers, director Lara Bye and actor Gideon Lombard, to bring the story to life on stage.
It takes a team of creative people to take something as powerful as the novel and bring it to life on stage.

Tickets for the preview on Tuesday cost R130; Wednesday R155 and Thursday to Saturday tickets cost R165. Bookings may be made through Computicket on 0861 915 8000, online at or at any Shoprite Checkers outlet. Booking can also be made at the Fugard Theatre box office on 021 461 4554. There is a generous 15% discount for friends of the Fugard members. Harrignton Street car park is located at the croner of Caledon and Harrighton streets and is available for the use of theatre patrons.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

ill Ritchie, fundraising consultant, spoke on behalf of the Think Good.

Jill Richie

Jill Ritchie, fundraising consultant, spoke on behalf of the Think Good.

Inyathelo is an non profitable organisation, that exists to serve the sector, to support, train and guide.They have an amazing space in Woodstock. Anybody involved in the sector can come and use the space. They've got a wonderful library, they can organise advice, they can use the hot desks and use the facilities at very good prices to serve other non profitable organisations.

Inyathelo is nearly hosting the Think Good, which Jill is a member of. Think Good is a group of 45 consultants and Jill happen to be a fundraising consultant. They consult only to the non profit sector, on non profit accounting, non profit legal matters and anything else that non profits might require. #ThinkGood is a gift to the sector for Mandela Day even though we are in October. They have a free conference with four different tracks running at anytime and people from the non profit sector can come along at no charge.

#ThinkGood has had presentations on different ways on creating documents for the potential donors, presentations on collaborations and working together and Jill done a presentation on innovative and creative thinking in the non profit sector. Their sector has 165 000 registered NGO's, then you can had the universities, schools, the face pace enter-ties. There's a huge competition for donated money in our country and they are just helping everybody to cope.

Personally Jill feels that it is too easy to set an organisation up and there are too many. The real issue is that there's so many things that government should do but don't, either because they don't care or there are not enough people paying taxes into the fiskal. NGO's serves the needs, because they do what government doesn't do.This is the sector that picks up and serves those in need.

Some organisations depends on donations, but more non profit organisations should generate some sort of income.

Jill spoke about Noah the neighborhood old age home in Woodstock. They set up a shop, a trestle table on the pavement in 2009, where they were making R13 000 a month just from people donating second hand good and selling them. Now they are making R30 000 in a little shop they just bought on a corner in the same road and their goal is by 20-22 they want to sell and make enough goods. They also have some projects involving the elderly making candles and soap. They also want to have 50% of the money they need self generated.

She says that organisations need to do a little less begging and more innovative thinking to generate profits. There will always be a place for those in need and that is why there are charities exists.

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The Hustle continues with Byronne Essack, THE STORY OF HOPE

The Hustle continues with Byronne Essack, THE STORY OF HOPE

Byronne Essack is originally from Cape Town and moved to Johannesburg about 3 years ago. Coming to the foundation Thembalitsha, he attended School Of Hope matriculated there.
Going to Johannesberg, he gained experience and came back to the foundation, which he his working along side with and helped out with the orginisational work. " We are in a generation/society where we are all about giving back and our youth are empowered" say Byronne.

School Of Hope has been in existence for 18 years. They've been giving a second chance to the youth in training health care and being there for society. He states that being in JHB  it's been hectic to get a job, he calls he story the Story of Hope. Being in JHB he was unable to complete his studies because of the lack of funding. He took a close look at how people have been getting into jobs and from that he has looked at a new initiative that we as people are able to start.

When you go into a company, know that they are looking for game changers, not just people coming in with a CV. He explains that he played  with the big sharks, drowned and got back up to shore. We're in a very high unemployment rate and it is something we can work on by starting an initiative. Essack says that we need to look at ourselves intellectually and understand emotionally where you're at before going for an interview. You need to know that you're need to put your feelings aside, be mentally, intellectually and emotionally prepared and be ready for the corporate world.
The percentage of young unemployed people has risen from 2013-2017 by 51.93% in South Africa. He has been in situations where he has been told by people in his life that he is chasing titles and therefore he cannot get a job. When you get to understand who is in your life, one needs to establish oneself by saying, this is where I'm going and if your surroundings are not supporting that, you need to draw the line.

See what you can bring forward to a company, instead of just going for an interview. The reason Byronne his working closely with the School Of Hope and the Thembalitsha Foundation, is because they've given him ground to establish himself as an entrepreneur and not to leave it at matric and search for a job. At his awards evening he received two books, which was a photography and a videography/ graphic design book.

When he couldn't finish his studies, he sat for a month at home just reading through the texts books that he had received from school, and it was a business studies book that was included in that. Not long after that his first interview was a  success. The way that had happen was, he made an appointment, not waiting for dates that were available for the interviews. He happen to go a week before and left his CV at reception and said that the guy needs to meet him for a reason. The guy immediately contacted him, weirded out by the fact that Byronne expecting an appointment, but brought him to see what he has to proposed.

Byronne advised,  to do a background check on the company you want to work for. You're are not going for the job but offering the company what they do not have, even if it's not in the job description. He researched the company and looked for a mistake, and he found that their response time to their reviews was longer, between 5 hours and a week. If you can respond to your fans within a minute, you will broaden the fan-base and other companies would want to work with them. If he noticed the mistake, how many others have not. He laid down the proposal and he got the job.

Contact Details
021 447 0034

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Shiraaj Andrews, THE NEXT BIG THING

Shiraaj Andrews, THE NEXT BIG THING

Shiraaj Andrews, who also goes by the name Bruno Raaj is a singer/songwriter from Mitchell's Plain.
He started singing in 2009, before then he did not have any vocal abilities. He was rough at the time but as time progressed, his singing matured through experiences and meeting a lot of people in the industry. Shiraaj and his cousin started recording with cassettes, listening to Boys II Men and that's how he kept up to date with music and picked up his singing ability.

He happens to play guitar and a little bit of the piano. No one taught him how to play, he stole with the eye and ear and taught himself. His music doesn't relate to anyone specific, it can be local or international. If he can relate to what you're saying and bring the message across, then he'll go with it. If he should mention a few names that he admires it would be classics like, Luther Vandross, Brian McKnight, Boys II Men. He has a liking for African tunes and Khoisan tunes. Currently Bruno Raaj is into modern r&b pop for example, Frank Ocean and Chris Brown.

His first public performance was in Macassar at the Perre Skou, which is a horse show and back then he was with a boy band. That's where he started and learnt about harmonies, melodies and unity.  He also performed around Cape Town as well as the Baxter Theartre and Arts Cape. Shiraaj composes his own music and shared the stage with SA's top artists such as James Bhemjee, Karin Kortjie, Loukmaan Adams, Ashur Petersen.

His single, Heartbreaker, is based on his previous relationships. It was written in 2014 with no collaboration. He currently has three new songs, that are play-listed with GoodHope fm. He reckons that you have to be nervous when performing out in public even if it's just by 1%, then you know you're doing something right. "It makes you human and you also feed off differently from the crowd" says Shiraaj.

Contact Shiraaj Andrews

Facebook page: Brunoraaj Andrews
Facebook: shiraaj bruno raaj andrews
Instagram: shiraaj bruno raaj andrews

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Seraphims Young Women Organization

On October 13, 2017 Tswelelepele Morei from Seraphim's Young Women Organization, came to visit  Bush Radio 89.5 FM to discuss her organization.

Seraphim's Young Women Organization empowers young women from their teenage years up until their 30s to be the best version of themselves. The organizations help women that come from bad situations like rape or teenage pregnancies and help transform them into even better individuals.According to Morei, it is important for young ladies to have positive role models to help  change their situations.She then uses an examples that refers to oceans. She comes from an area that does not have oceans which then as a result limited her knowledge about oceans because she wasn't exposed to them.However, when she moved to Cape Town which is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean her knowledge about oceans grew because she was now exposed to it.She gave this example to say that if people are not exposed to better they might not know that they can have better because it isn't visible.

The organization has two strategies to help young women turn their lives around.The first thing is through community service. Members of the organizations plan to go into several townships in Cape Town to help those women that are in need of their services mentally,physically,and emotionally.The second strategy they plan to use is modeling and photography.There is this thought that when you "look better you do better" which means that when people look their best and they are happy with themselves and it inspires them to do great things.

Tswelelepele Morei on Facebook for more info.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Professor Justus Apffelstaedt ( (breast cancer specialist)

On October 12,2017 Professor Justus Apffelstaedt came by the studio to speak about how important it is to become knowledgeable not only about cancer in general but specifically breast cancer this month.

According to Prof.Justus throughout the year women do not examine themselves as they should. Doctors have noticed an influx of cases in the month of October opposed to every other month because there is this idea that women should only check themselves in October.Prof.Justus says that women should self examine themselves regularly and specifically after their period and during or before their next period."Women will find many lumps in their breast during their lifetime",says Apffelsxtaedt but if it does not go away in between periods and it is best to get it checked out immediately.

Prof.Justus also added that doctors do not start to screen for under the age of 39 years old so 40 and above is when you can began getting mammograms.He included that although screenings starts at 40 and up breast cancer in women 39 and younger does exist so no one should think they are exempt because of their age.

The main cause of breast cancer is our lifestyles."It's lifestyle disease", says Apffelstaedt.We must watch what we watch and how much we eat of it.There are a lot of chemicals and preservatives in our foods that causes different cancers so have a plant based diet can be a preventative measure one could take.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Constance humbles herself through gardening creations

Constance humbles herself through gardening creations

Constance Stuurman is a gardener at Baylonstoren, also best known for her green fingers and her gift for making floral creations from humble farm finds.
She cares for plants and educates people about plants, conducting workshops. There are health benefits of gardening and recipes that you can make using ingredients from the garden, for example: Kombuchu.

She says that people spend more time working in than gardens than enjoying them and feel happiest in their gardens.
Garden Day, which is happening 15 October, will be celebrated with herself and her family to show the appreciation of what nature offers us.  As any national day, Garden Day is not intended to be 'owned' by anyone or organisation but rather by everyone, so that anyone and everyone can take part and make it on their own.The day itself is not about gardening but enjoying the space, inviting friends and families round to celebrate together.

Stuurman reckons that flowers feed compassion, chase away anxieties, worries and the blues and living with flowers can provide a boost of energy, happiest and enthusiasm at work. Stop to smell the roses, for nature is the thought to enhance meditation practices by focusing on the mind. For that people can too go to Therapeutic gardens, which consist of green spaces found mainly in hospitals, healthcare facilities and hospice residence, to improve health and well-being.
Constance urges everyone to start with one pot plant in the house and then working your way to having your own garden, using it for flowers and vegetables. For it will be a huge help in having things like herbs for health and food recipes and creating food for your family.

Contact Constance Stuurman

Download the app Gardening eith Babylonstoren. It's free on the garden day website . You can also vsist your nearest nursery or Garden Centre and get inspired. Visit life is a Garden website to locate your nearest Garden Centre or nursery

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Candy Clothing

Mugara Maguga is originally from Limpopo, but is studying graphic designing at Cape Peninsula University Of Technology in Cape Town.

It was not his first option, which would have been architecture but because he got rejected and skills in design, he went for graphic designing. He describes fashion as any stylish thing someone puts on, because when you put it on, you are telling a story about who you are as a person through what you wear. " It's not all about matching, it might be different colors and at the end of the day you know that's what you like" says Maguga. Through how people dress, you can tell the type of character they have.

He has always been into art and states that it's candy for your eyes. That is when he came up with the name of his brand Candy Clothing. It is simple to pronounce and the work that he will be doing is simple but complex at the same time. By the time he was in grade 7, he wanted to start his own clothing brand, but did not pursue it until this year 2017.
What inspired Mugara, was the time he on Mtv Base where he saw the founder of Galaxy Boy that had an Ad there, talking about his life story. The founder said that he was able to make his first million, without having to submit a cv and applying for a job and Maguga figured that if he could do that then it was possible to follow what he really wanted to do.

He was shocked by the response to Candy Clothing, saying that people believed more in it than what he did. To him it's just something he enjoys doing even if it doesn't pay out at the end of the day, he'll still enjoy doing it. T-shirts are the baseline of designing or having your own brand he says, but Mugara is over that stage and moved on to making jackets, wind breakers,hoodies, caps and in the next few months he is planning to launch shorts as well including tracksuits. He is lucky, as he has a roommate that is also in to fashion and two months his roommate bought a sewing machine and Mugara also learnt how to cut patterns and design most things in a months period. Together they were able to launch Candy Clothing and do all their products.

Most of his clothing is unisex, because of  both genders that wear anything these days. As a fashion designer his has five main brands that means a lot to him which are, Galaxy Boy, Bambata known as Petrol and Milk, and internationally it would be Silk Silk and Illusive London. Georgia Imani was his motivation. Trendy people are his target audience, as they go out a lot and his brand his all about going out and having a good time. People that are onto the trend, know the latest thing, understand fashion more and do their research.

In the next 5 years he wants to help other creatives back in his home town, where they don't have alot of scouts or people who will be able to help feed them knowlege about these skills. His goal is to openm a company that would sign young kids to be able to do creativity, whether it be media, music or fashion. To support them financially to buy the necessary equipment.

Contact Mugara Mugagu

Instagram: candy_clothing_sa
Facebook: candyclothingsa
or call on 0713719021

Thursday, October 05, 2017

National Sea Rescue Institute

    Megan from the National Sea and Rescue Institute (NSRI) came to visit the Morning Cruise to educate our listeners on swimming safety.
   The NSRI celebrates 50 years of saving lives. In 1966 a trawler was sinking off Still Bay but there was no one around who could rescue those aboard leading to one persons death. This experience is  what started the swim education initiative. The NSRI is also known for their help with saving those from the Robben Island Ferry. The organization focuses on downing prevention. "We want better signage on beaches and we believe we need to jointly find ways to teach people to swim/or at least to be able to float", says Megan. Megan mentioned a few safety tips that she believes that people should keep in mind for swimming which are: Only to swim when there are lifeguards present, do not drink and swim, never swim alone, swim between the flags, and lastly talk to your children about swim safety.

Interview with Lauren Segal

Author of Cancer: A love story 

On the Morning Cruise today we had Lauren who is a 4 time cancer survivor and author of the book called; Cancer: A love story. We asked her to share her journey with us. She told us about how she fought cancer and that the first time she was diagnosed with cancer she was 23 years old then at a later stage was then diagnosed with breast cancer. She shared how fearful she was especially when she had to go through Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy because these processes were going to change her appearance. In all that her family supported her through this period in her life.

How she ended up writing her book started with journal entries which were basically her feelings and thoughts as she was going through with her cancer journey. After being told how great her journals were as she shared them with some people, she then wrote a book about her cancer survival story and the reason for this book was to educate people who might be going through a similar situation as hers, that they may find courage and understand that it is ok to feel like a "coward" and to have great fear when it comes to the treatment of cancer. The title of her book comes across as controversial because how can cancer be a love story. What she was trying to display was the fact that although it was not easy, the love, support and care she received from her loved ones made things feel better and created a feeling of being hopeful.

Lauren will be having a book launch on the 10th of October at the book lounge at Roland street, Cape Town. Here she will be having conversations with other authors and also give a chance to anyone who attends the launch to interact with her and also ask any questions about the book or her personal journey.  Her book is now available at Exclusive Books, CNA and also available online.

Get in touch with Lauren:


Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Cancer Buddies

Rayghanah from Cancer Buddies : 04 October 2017  

Rayghanah Cassiem also known as Ray Ray of Sunshine or Ray of hope is a stage 4 Breast Cancer Survivor, which is called Metastasis cancer because the cancer spreads from the breast to the bone and is incurable and advance. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 12 years ago, she was only given 5 years to live by medical experts, and however, she is still alive and well. Ray is working with an Organization called People Living with Cancer. The organisation has a few projects one being Cancer Buddies and Cancer Vive. Ray is part of both these projects.  Cancer vive, which is the ladies in the motor cycle, they are recently from the rural areas to help people who can’t get access to these places and to people who don’t have social media, and this is about educating the less fortunate about Cancer.

She is also part of Cancer buddies which is another project for People Living with Cancer. She was introduced to Cancer Buddies through a support group, she is one of the founders of the project. Through this group she saw the positive attitudes among the group and decided they must start Cancer Buddies. Through these groups they are healed and they are able share their stories with people who are going through the same problem as them. Ray encourages people to check their bodies on a regular bases so that they can seek help as fast as possible. Through these project she became empowered to motivate others to live their lives to the fullest and encourage others to do the same. According to Ray, support from family and friends are important, but as Cancer Buddies they avail themselves to assist those who are not fortunate to have family or friends to depend on.
Cancer changes your life for the better, you become conscious of things that are happening around the world. Ray encourages people to use raw ginger to help in preventing nausea and she says that ginger is good for the body and says that adding ginger to her diet made the Chemo process a bit bearable. It is important to be conscious of what you eat, even if you don’t have cancer

Contact details 
Email address:
Cell number: 0786957910

 By Banele Hokwana

The Unplugged Session

Luke Delcarme is a multi-talented 20 year old and is currently studying at the University of the Western Cape. In his spare time he is an events organiser, photographer, dancer aswell as a golfer. He became the creator of a show called "The Unplugged Session"  because he saw an opportunity to raise funds towards his tuition fees and be an example that takes initiative.  This will be Luke's 6th show he organised by himself. He chose the name "Unplugged Session" because he wants the artists to come with or without their backtracks, "bringing their raw talent". The "Unplugged Session" will be showcasing all the different artists in and around the community, and there will also be guest performers from East London, Mossel Bay and Pretoria. The show aims to be small, intimate and professional. Artists firstly got selected by invite only and many of them were selected because Luke had worked with them before. The "Unplugged Session" will take place at Ocean View Secondary High School, tickets are R35 if bought beforehand, R40 at the door and tickets are still available. The show is available to everyone; doors will open at 19:00  and it will start at 19:30.
Luke brought one of his performer's with him, a talented 18 year old High School learner from Ocean View, Nicoleen Saal. She has been singing since she can remember and does mostly Gospel but touches on RnB music here and there. She says she never chose to become an artist because music is part of who she is, even though she is amazingly talented she does not want to make it her career. Nicoleen loves singing and says that when she performs infront of people she wants to inspire them to live life passionately and lovingly as possible. According to Nicoleen her family is very supportive as music runs in her family. She wants to encourage young people to get out and do what they love to do, no matter where they find themselves- they should do whatever their heart desires. Further into the interview, Nicoleen gave us a taste of her voice which gave everyone in studio goosebumps.
Contact Details
- @lukedelcarme on Instagram
-Luke Delcarme on Facebook
-Nicoleen Saal on Facebook

Tuesday, October 03, 2017


Dr Mpho Hlalele is a veterinarian at the Animal Anti Cruelty League and currently the manages both the Epping and Bellville branches. She was born in Lesotho and has been around animal from a young age and being involved in the animal industry was her obvious direction.
The Animal Anti Cruelty League is a national organization and the head offices are in Johannesburg. It started in 1956 and the Cape Town society opened in 1969 under the premises of Dr Mol, who was basically the founder of the Cape Town Society. In the year 1992 the organization moved to the Epping industrial area, where the organization is currently based.

According to the Dr Hlalele, the organization has grown in leaps and bounds from one vet trying to help the community, to a host of vets who helps hundreds of animals every day coming from disadvantaged communities, as well as helping people with no access to private medicine. She says that the work the organization is doing is quite a big job and the necessities are huge but due to the interest in the organization and the work they do, the Bellville Branch opened in the 90’s.
One of the organizations important departments is the inspectorates department, where there are three inspectors who basically acts like the animal police, and they are the ones who respond to complaints. These inspectors then follow up on these complaints and in certain cases confiscate the animals if they feel the need to. People also drop off pets if they feel like they don’t want them anymore or simply can’t afford to look after them.

The Animal Anti Cruelty league is invested in eliminating and preventing animal cruelty and they do this through education. The organization tries to educate pet owners to be responsible and when it comes to sterilizing and vaccinating animals, they want people to understand the needs of animals that need to be catered for. Public support is also very important and the organizations urges the public to report cases of cruelty, as they cannot be everywhere all the time.
AACL’s education programme aims to instill empathy and kindness towards animals and this programme is basically based on the fact that the youth is going to be the caregivers of tomorrow.

The youth is educated on the five freedoms, which is basically every freedom that a dog or cat needs. These freedoms are the essence of the education programme, and through the programme they aim to make sure that the youth understand the freedoms and rights of animals.  The organizations wants to instill in certain communities the joy that an animal can bring. There are often times where the youth sees a dog or a cat as an object living on the street, and the organization tries to change their perspectives.

Some of the basic rights that animals have is the right not to be hungry and thirsty as well as the freedom to access medical care when sick. In the animal industry, there are animal protection by laws which outlines the needs and rights of animals. These by laws is like the animal industries constitution and inspectors can use it to enforce certain rules and when people are unaware of what they are doing, organizations can use it to help them. By having these by laws, it shows people that they need to be accountable for what they are doing and that animals are like human being as they have feeling just like humans do.
One of the AACL’s biggest challenges is funding and they cannot do more than what they are already doing because they charge a subsidized fee to low income communities, meaning that they charge very little for the services that they provide.  Another one of the organizations challenges is that people are not aware that the organization exists, and therefore they are thankful for the platforms available that allows them to chat to people.

The adoption department is a huge department and runs at the Epping and Bellville branch. There are well over 200 dogs and cats looking for homes and these animals have basically been rescued and rehabilitated and are desperately seeking homes. The adoption process is quite easy and individuals who are interested, can have a look at the animals on the website. Once the preferred animal is selected, individuals can go into one of the branches and fill out form. Property inspections are also done and once the property have approved, the animal can then be selected. Primary health clinics are also available at both branches, animals can receive vaccinations. Mobile clinics are also set up to assist individuals who cannot go to the branches. There is also a hospital ward booth at the Epping and Bellville branch and these wards can house up to 100-150 animals. Animals in these wards receive treatment every day.

World Rabies was celebrated last week and according to Dr Hlalele the disease can be prevented by vaccination. Two shots are given to kittens and puppies and they are protected for life, then following with an annual injection.

World Animal Day is celebrated on October 4th and many love this day because it allows people to stop and think about the animals in the community and bringing up the fact that animals need to be cared for. This day is important as it brings about awareness and it allows people who hasn’t done a good deed, to do so.

The youth in the community can get involved with the organization by actually going in to one of the organizations branches and meeting the animals. All the children in the community who owns pets can get together and see whose cat or dog needs a vaccination or needs to be sterilized.

The Animal Anti Cruelty League’s contact details are 021-534-6426 or and select the Cape Town branch.

Jean Citto aspires to do great things with his music career

Jean Citto age 24, is a singer/songwriter/musician and belongs to a company called Safire Productions.

Jean discovered his talent 7 years ago. He started studying Sound Engineering and through that he decided that he does not want to sit behind a desk, but to be in front of a mic, because he loves performing live and recording. He has found his passion in music.

His dad dabbles into guitar and base, but his family are not of a musical background. There's no one that plays music besides him. He takes music very seriously, "My family is amazing, they support me in everything that I do. They are always at my gigs and support me financially as well which is a big thing for your family to support you" says Jean. As usual all parents want their child to do well and build a solid future and music is not a profession that you can do that in. Jean's parents didn't want him to depart into that route. They wanted him to study something where he would get a god job and earn a good income, but at the end of the day it's about doing something that you love.

Back in 2014 Jean participated in Idols season 10 and that was the first stepping stone to becoming a musician as well as The Voice season 2 2016, where he learnt so much that he decided to take music up full time. He describes his sound as smooth, enjoyable, relate-able, emotional and something different. The song that he would belt out in his car, the bar or karaoke would be Mama by William Singe and Jonas Blue, which is his favorite.

As most people, one gets nervous when they're on stage. Jean reckons that he does not, as he loves the stage. It is his second home and don't feel the need to get nervous. He tries to become as versatile as possible in his music and his music relates to variety of artist. He could go from Justin Timberlake to Ed Sheeran,Jason Mraz, James Morrison and John Mayer, all out in different genres. Personally his favorite genre is Justin Timberlake, things that one could dance to. For himself, he likes ballads, singing about love songs, and he loves emotion.

To improve his song writing he tries to sit and write two to three songs everyday. "That is how you start off, you have to get in touch with who you are as a person and write whatever you feel and think about. You have to write songs about personal experience and that is happening in the world" says Citto. Recently he took part in a singer/songwriting competition at the Grand Arena, which he won and he wrote a song relating to self acceptance. Things that people choose to turn a blind eye on, something that Jean holds very dear using what happens around the world and expressing that, rather than everyday things.

Jean Citto is the headliner at an event called RAW, which is every two weeks held at On The Greens Kenilworth. It consists of the best of the best, from rappers, singers, comedians and dancers. He will be the headlining for RAW on 18 October, 8pm at Canvas Market in Paarden Ieland unit 17. His winning song is on YouTube called Won't you. You could find his voice audition and covers on songs on YouTube. At the end of the day, production his hard work. Doing what he loves, being on stage, performing for people, seeing their emotions and being a tool of the emotions that they feel, brings him joy.

Word of encouragement from Jean Citto: At the end of the day people need to realize that you have to follow your dreams. It doesn't just start with deciding that you want to be a musician. It takes hard work, sleepless nights and plenty sacrifices that you have to take into consideration. Follow your dreams as best as you can. Block every negativity and people who are negative and does not support what you do. Self acceptance plays a huge role. Be your own FAN!

His biggest fear is failure itself, that is why he puts so much effort and time into his music.

For bookings & Inquiries:

Richarrd C. Juries- 0794800653
Lauren Brown- 0828586375
A'eesha Peterson- 0723799604
Instagram: @jeancitto_live_
Facebook: @jeancittolive

Monday, October 02, 2017

Grand hustle production

Today on the morning cruise we had Grand hustle production a rapping crew situated in Ottery that in performances in Cape Town. They shoot, edit and record videos for house artists with the aim of bringing local talent from Cape town to the forefront.
its also cancer awareness month we had a discussion regarding the symptoms of cancer and what people can do to prevent cancer. Anyone can get cancer so please be alert at all times

By Anele Maxengana

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Project Playground

Our last guest of the Morning Cruise was Project Playground.Project Playground is an organization that is solely focused on creating a healthy environment for young children to grow up and become outstanding people. Project Playground exposes children to opportunities that they usually don't receive at home our at school.

 Project Playground is inviting everyone out to their event 'Children Art Festival in Gugulethu this Saturday 30th September 2017 from 10am to 6pm.


The next guests on the Morning Cruise are  twin brothers that we all know so well, Andrew and Brian Chaplin, who goes by the name of Loconville. Loconville is a South African duo that produce electro hip hop music. The duo came to the station to promote their brand new track called 'Done'.

During the interview the brothers were asked how they felt about working with one another being that they have been around around all their lives. There response was shocking because they admitting to liking working together. "What we do is fun and we have a good time doing it together", said Locnville.

The duo was also asked," when and how did their music career start?"
"We've been writing our music since we were kids and our mom was a big influence on that ...generally speaking we grew up around a lot of  music.We don't have anyone else in our family who are musicians or anything like that so it was just something we naturally took to."

The duo ended their interview by discussing  how they have come to learn the most important part of the music business with is the business side. They believe that the South African music industry is growing and this is great time for their career.

De-colonization of Museums

Our first guest on the Morning Cruise was Zenzile Khoisan.Khoisan is a museum extraordinaire to say the least. He considers himself an activist and a teacher of the need for the "decolonization" of museums in South Africa.

According to Khoisan "decolonization" of  museums is an on going issue. Khoisan believes that museums today are spaces that are suppose to represent the past meaning where "we" come from and the human journey. However,the museums that exist today focus on a "colonial type narrative". Meaning the museums do not represent Africa because they only tell parts of Africa's history. Khoisan also refers to the issue of the "colonial type narrative" to be an "injustice" for Africa.

Khoisan says that the museums represents Africa with  "no dignity".He then challenges the museums decisions to display the bones of those who walked on this land centuries ago. He believes that the foundation needs to be stripped down and made new to properly represent African history. Khoisan also suggest that once people realize that "we" are here because of our ancestors because we are descendants of them we'll see how important it is to decolonize the museums to tell our story.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Learn2Cycle takes Open Streets

Lebogang Mokwena,  who is originally from Johannesburg, but moved to Cape Town recently via New York City where she was a student for 2 years and part of Learn2Cycle (adults learning to cycle at Open Streets).

While being in New York City, she got involved with an NGO called the Bike New York, that does a free bicycle education program throughout the city and that is where she learnt how to ride bike at the age of 31.

No one has ever came up to her and said that it’s a kid’s toy, but given her levels of enthusiasm sometimes people would think it’s quite childlike, but she is really crazy about bicycles. ”In many developing countries around the world bicycles are the principle mode of transportation, because they are free and you use your own sweat and power to get you through” says Lebogang. This could result in people using less money on transportation and they can over huge distances. To her bicycles are about that level of freedom, autonomy and money saving, especially to her as a student.

Cycling has been working well for her and she uses it to go everywhere, for example, she’ll traveled with it from her home in Woodstock to Kommetjie. She reckons that anybody can get as far as they willing to push themselves to do.

There are certain benefits when it comes to using a bicycle. Physically, you get to do exercise without having to create space for whatever gym equipment. It can help you emotionally and psychologically, knowing that you have to focus and concentrate on not being hit by vehicles, you are not worried about anything else but being present moment that you are cycling.

For the environment, climate change, greenhouse gases, bicycles are healthy for the environment. People who commute by bike are friendly and an open community. There is something around the social communion particularly in South Africa, with so many racial and class desperacies, that a bicycle can really be a good medium for different types of people to connect in ways that they otherwise don’t and wouldn’t.

Her recent cycle experience was in May, which she and her husband cycled through Italy from Florence to Rome, compared to Cape Town and Rome, Italians are much more patient and respectful towards cyclist except in Florence. People in Cape Town don’t understand the hand signals of cyclist. If more motorists can get to know cycling language, it will make it easier for motorist and cyclist to have less tense interactions on the road.

Lebogang Mokwena has successfully introduced adult cycling lessons in Cape Town. Although structured around the Bike New York technique, the Learn2Cycle program is informed by her personal experience of learning how to cycle as an adult. Learn2Cycle is interested in getting black women in general who never got the opportunity, either because it’s a toy prioritize for boys or it’s a toy that’s really expensive that low income households cannot afford. It’s for adults that feels as if it’s too late to learn. The program dispels all the myths that you’re too old to be on the road and claim the public space that people are too scared to use.

So far she has gotten a great review and people from Durban and Johannesburg would like her to bring the program there. There’s a level of need that we all take for granted.

There will be an event on October 1 called Open Street. Learn2Cycle will be at the Grand Parade, teaching people how to cycle. There are two slots which is 10am-12pm,1pm-3pm and there are another 4 spaces for people to just drop in and learn how to cycle.

To get hold of Lebgang Mokewena contact:

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Liverpool Portlands fc – A Football based NPO from Mitchells Plain

Jason Oostendorp and Hein Matthys joined us in studio to discuss the history and current situations surrounding the footballing team from Mitchells Plain. Starting in 1978, the team Liverpool fc then amalgamated with Portlands fc to create the club Liverpool Portlands fc. Reaching the status even of playing against club giants Kaizer Chief in the 90’s.   

Jason then continued to give a brief history lesson on the team and the variety of age divisions in the Liverpool team. Losing their status over the years of competing against the big dogs in the superior leagues, he also added that they are currently building up their respect again within the community to reach past heights. “We don’t stop players from leaving, as long as they are still playing football because that is the way to go”, he added.

Hein Matthys said, “Currently we are working on a project, with Portlands Primary, for an astro turf (artificial grass pitch) of our own which costs around R9million.” Funding is the main issue that has been setting the project back and not allowing the team to move forward with plans of finishing the turf in the near future. Different aspects such as the levelling the ground, JOJO tanks that have to be installed and maintenance of the turf, all portray expensive problems that Hein and Jason are faced with. Engaging with many shareholders, Jason and Hein struggle to find funding and the proper doors open to them and the project.

Due to the drought, football in and Cape Town have been on a bit of a slow pace this year, but has not stopped the behind the scenes work from the exco (division within the team that runs their daily duties) of Liverpool and other members. Future plans for the team include getting services providers and different sponsors to seek funding for the turf, engaging with their fundraising committee to have more events as they have been having for the past 2 years, ensuring the involvement of the community as well.

If anyone is interested in contacting or sponsoring a fee to the NPO, browse online and enter Liverpool Portlands fc on Facebook, also kindly call Jason Oostendorp on 082 381 3541. Alternatively, you can contact their secretary on 083 260 8842.

Presenter: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto

Producers: Tyler Layman, Michaela Muller

Muso Masoabi (Contemporary Fine Artist)

Are you inspired through Art? Today we heard from Muso Musoabi in Studio, who is a Contemporary Fine Artist originally from Lesotho.
According to Musoabi artist systematically, do not live in the same state of mind as others do. As an artist, the listens to what you are not telling him and not what you are saying, to observe life from another point of view. They care about most things, that people do not care about.
"The ability to draw is not art" says Musoabi. Art consists of high level of interllectual. Every painting needs to have a meaning behind it. If you are looking at it from your perspective, it has to potray a meaning that as an impact or something you can relate to you. That is why people buy paitings right? Converting your emotions into the art work should be orchestrating.
Muso Masaobi & Mkhuseli Khusi Veto 

Art is a luxury. Most people who are set out to buy the art, does not have many problems when it comes to surviving, so he says. Plenty are opressed with issues, that they don't take the time to appreciate art. Namely: finance problems. Not having food could be converted into art, but many do not think in that way. Thinking rich helped Musoabi get through his troubles. Living in a shack is a form of art in his case. If he paints in this mind set, the rich can possibly relate.
Interllectual capacity, historically message sare sent through generations in technical drawings. Emotional Art, "relating to black people, who have more emotions" says Mswabi. These are the two parts of art which is separated into. He uses an example of when you  a doctor studies for his\her profession and you say you have pain, the doctor will know exactly what is wrong. Same goes for a Grandmother, she will know what it is and what to use. This shows that both are interllectual, one just in an emotinal condition.
There are also two sides of art; Commercial Art, selling painting for a living or on a daily bases and Investment Art, keeping the painting until it's value has increased. The highest painting is going for 2.3 billion rand by a guy in Qartar Republic. Musoabi sold his first painting for R150 in 2012 and five years later the value increasingly became more. It becomes investable.
No one introduced him to painting. He studied Natural Science and dropped out in the first year. "We are told that without education we are nothing" says Muso. He believes that everyone has a certain ability and that all you need to do is find what you are good at and what you believe in through sacrifices.

To find out more information contact: Muso Musoabi Art on facebook.
Presenter: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto
Producers: Tyler Layman, Michaela Muller

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Carel du Toit: Teaching Deaf Children to Speak

Imagine learning to speak a language that you have never heard before. Now imagine you cannot hear your own voice as you attempt to pronounce the words correctly… this is what deaf children at Carel du Toit are doing everyday at their school centre where they learn to speak spoken language.

The center currently has 190 students and because deafness can be detected at birth, Carel du Toit has children as young as 3 years old in their programme. From age 3 to grade 3, children at Carel du Toit learn to speak Xhosa, Afrikaans, or English. Although the focus is speech, the centre acts as a full school and provides classes in maths, science, and other standard school subjects. The programme hopes that by enabling children to speak, they will have more choices in their future regarding lifestyle, career, and school.

Some children come to the centre with cochlear implants, which are pieces of technology attached to the ear and head that allow a deaf child to hear. The devices are the most successful if a child begins wearing it at a young age because their brain develops at a rapid speech during infancy and soon thereafter. When teaching children with implants to hear, Carel du Toit creates a natural listening environment. Instead of speaking to the child face to face all the time, teachers will speak from behind the students so that they must listen rather than read lips.

In order to reach as many children as possible, Carel du Toit needs more funding. They currently get 18% of their funds from the government, but the rest relies heavily on donations. In addition to the center, there is also a Carel du Toit Trust where donations can be made. For more information, go to the website

Presenter: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto
Producer: Sophie Breck 

Friday, August 25, 2017

MTN8 Legends on the Morning Cruise

Have you ever been star-struck? Today in studio we were joined by two MTN8 soccer legends. They could barely fit through the studio door with the massive trophy that they were carrying. We spoke with Brent Carelse and Edries Burton who both played in the MTN8 finals. Our news team also met some of the players out on the field.

Brent Carelse is the 2017 legend and Edries Burton was a previous legend who also played for Santos, Bafana Bafana and had a short stint with AmaZulu FC. As MTN8 legends, they are travelling the country giving motivational talks and attempting to bring hope to the young soccer players out there.

Both players want to spread the message to young players that today you can grow up to become anything and everything that you want to be. In their own careers, both players were limited to playing on a small selection of teams. Now however, “homegrown” Cape Town players have just been signed. The pool of talent has become more competitive in the past few years, both legends said, so they encourage youngsters to “carry on, keep pushing, and never give up”.

This Sunday 27 August at 3pm, Cape Town City FC will face Bidvest Witts FC in Cape Town Stadium. MTN8 will be sponsoring prizes and providing data to fans who come to the game. Both Brent Carelse and Edries Burton said that fans have been their biggest motivation during their soccer careers, so they encourage all fans and friends alike to come out to Sunday’s match.

Presenter: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto

Producer: Sophie Breck