Thursday, August 17, 2017

Helderberg Youth Performing Arts Trust

Our guest today spoke with us about her dance programs in Helderberg and Strand called Helderberg Youth Performing Arts Trust (HYPAT). They recently travelled to the National Youth Festival where they competed and brought back 2 silver medals, two gold medals, and 2 double gold medals.

The dance programs include ballet, modern dance, as well as a few other genres. Our guest, who goes by BB, grew up herself in an artistic family. She danced ballet throughout her life and now teaches classical ballet to the kids in her program. 

There are currently 8 girls in the Helderberg dance program and 30 students in strand. The oldest dancer is currently 19 years old and has been with the programme since age 12. After each show, new dancers join the program, so that there is a constant flow of new participants.

In terms of dance in South Africa, BB says that she is impressed with ballet and modern dance. There are shows all over the Cape Town that she believes are lovely displays of dance. For anyone out there who wants to jump into the world of dance, her advice is to “stick it out” for the first two years because dancing is hard work.   

To get in contact with the dance programmes, use the information below:


Presenter: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto
Producer: Sophie Breck

Bonga Ngqobane Brings Cycling to Khayelitsha

Here on the Morning Cruise, we often talk with artists, musicians, organisations, and entrepreneurs, and today we spoke with an athlete. Bonga Ngqobane is a cyclist who grew up in Khayelitsha and has now created a cycling academy back in Khayelitsha. The academy also offers tutoring and classes in leadership and entrepreneurship.

Bonga was first introduced to cycling when he saw a group of bikers go past his primary school in Khayelitsha when he was young. He said he was drawn to the sport at first simply because he loved the idea of having a bike. Now Bonga is bringing biking back to his own community. The academy currently has between 30 and 40 kids. Some see biking as a future career, while others use cycling as just a hobby. In both cases, Bonga’s academy provides a “healthy environment where active minds can grow”.

Because cycling equipment is quite an expensive sport, the academy relies on donors and sponsors to help provide bikes. They currently have 26 bikes, which means that the kids who do not yet have bikes dive into the tutoring and leadership programs. The idea is to foster those active and growing minds and encourage commitment.

In the future, Bonga is looking to build a bike park in Khayelisha so that kids could have a safe place to ride. And for any new riders, Bonga’s advice is to be unafraid to fall… this seems intimidating, but the best way to learn is to be willing to push through the fear of imperfection.

For more information check out Bonga’s website and social media:
Facebook: Bonga Ngqobane
Twitter: @bongacycling

Presenter: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto

Producer: Sophie Breck

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Afrka Way: Brand from Khayelitsha

This morning we spoke with three guests from Site C Khayelitsha who created their own brand called Afrka Way. The three creators are lifelong friends from childhood and are proud to represent their hometown.

Their brand, Afrka Way, makes all kinds of clothing. They wanted the word, Africa in their name so that anyone wearing a piece of clothing from their brand would feel Africa within them when they wear it. Because the brand began within the last year, funding is still low. Despite low funds, our guests say that they continue with their brand for the love of it.

On the side, two of our guests create music as well. They work individually because they each have their own style and sound. We witnessed them ride a live beat in studio and also learned that they write poetry.

Afrka Way will showcase their brand at the Extravaganza event on the 4th of November. In the meantime, you can follow the brand on social media:
Facebook: Afrka Way SA

Instagram and twitter: @afrkawaySA  

Presenter: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto
Producer: Sophie Breck