Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Chef Timothy Pietersen

On the 23rd of April, chef Timothy joined us in studio to talk to us about his journey through food and cuisine. Chef Timothy who is 30 years old, was born and raised in Cape Town where he discovered his passion for cooking at the age of 11 years old.

Chef Timmy came from humble beginnings, he spent most of his time in his mother's kitchen where she was constantly cooking up new dishes. He started to help with chores around the kitchen and soon developed a love and passion for different techniques of cooking. Upon graduation from culinary school in 2008, Chef Timmy worked a wide variety of restaurants including going overseas to Abu Dhabi.

After coming back to South Africa he then joined Mala Mala Nature Reserve where he then caught his big break and became the new Head Chef. Chef Timmy now resides in Cape Town where he has been working for 3 months at the 5 star restaurant called The Lawns at Roadhouse. He now continues his love and passion for cooking and creating new dishes.

Sea food is his favourite type of food to indulge in, as he grew up in his early teens fishing with his neighbour, who taught him the different fish that are out there and how to cook them.

All in all, Timothy's future in the kitchen looks bright, with the hopes of starting his own business where he uses a food truck and serve Mexican food to the ''on the go'' type of person. So in the near future, if you see a food truck with ''Timo's Foodtruck'' on it, just know it is Cape Town's own Timothy Pietersen who will be spear-heading some tacos your way.

If you would like to get in contact with Timothy, you can do so via:

IG: chef_timo_1

FACEBOOK: Timothy Pietersen

Amelia Thys aka Miss Lia (singer songwriter)

On the 11th of April, we were joined in studio by singer songwriter rapper and all around soulful lyricist, Amelia Thys, who goes by the stage name Miss Lia. Born and bred in Steenberg, Capetown, Miss Lia has been working with Clint C as the producer of her music and has recently released a 3 track EP.

Her hit single "love yourself"she explained, is a song for the ladies by the ladies. Even though Amelia does not consider herself a rapper, but she definitely gets down and dirty with freestyles and rapping from time to time, showing her versatility in music.

Clint C, her producer, strives to make ever-lasting music and also show his versatility in making different kinds of music and not just boxing himself in to one genre. Both of the musicians thank each and everyone of their supporters and those who mentored them in the art of music.

Amelia wishes to leave a lasting impression on people in the sense of striving for your goals in life and to become an inspiration to people who are not motivated enough. "Collaboration is key" says Miss Lia, who wishes that in future, more local artists should come together and network, as well as making music together.

If you would to follow Amelia on social media, you can do so via:

 IG: Miss Lia Music
FB: Amelia Thys

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Melissa de Vries aka Melrock Lizzo

On the 22nd of March 2019, we were joined in studio by Melissa De Vries, also known as, Mel Jo Pel Tv Presenter, Actress and Dancer who hails from Blackheath and has always had a love for the entertainment industry.

As A dancer she entered all local competitions and eventually got an opportunity to rep SA at Hip hop international in Las Vegas where she met Legendary Popping Pete who then offered to train her in Popping. She then won ABC hosted by Heal the hood, consistently placed top 4 at events and won Sisters of dance hosted by Stones which is battles among females in South Africa.
On Presenting part of things she use to be a presenter on a live show called EKSE on Cape town tv then ventured in A Walk with Mel a show she started from scratch. She produces and presents the show and going for season 11.
As an Actress something she studied a while back she is currently playing a teacher on Arendsvlei a telenova on Kyknet & kie. She also featured in Krotoa, Cinderella if the show fits, and Bring it on 6. She believes that "if you believe in yourself and your gift you got from above and keep working things will fall into place for you".

Facebook Mel Jo Pel Instagram and Twitter @melrocklizzo