Thursday, February 28, 2019

Jamaaludien "Jet" Williams on his way to France

Rocklands footballer Jamaaludien “Jet” Williams has qualified to attend the Paris World Games with Simsport Eagles at the home of current World Cup winners, France, in the city of Paris, from July 6 to July 15 this year.
He and his parents ,Achmat and Najomoenisa Williams, joined us in studio today, 28th February, to fill us in on his great achievement. Jamaaludien, 17, was notified on the day of trials that he made it for the soccer tournament.

On the day of trials Jamaaludien and his dad, Achmat, had car trouble and it seemed everything was working against him, he said. “With hard work and dedication I made it to the trials and qualified.”

Ironically, Jamaaludien did not like soccer in the beginning at all. It was when his friend Kyle Godfrey brought a ball to him to play with that he became fond of the sport. He did research on soccer, looking at all aspects such as how its played and who the best players are.

Mr Williams said: “He was always very good in his academics. He loves the game and is very passionate about it.”

Jamaaludien started playing soccer at 12 and joined Cedar United at 13.

He also won the greatest sportsman of the year and most dedicated player of the year awards at Cedar High School in December last year.

“I did not expect this award. I am very grateful for it,” he said.

Jamaaludien plays an attacking role on the soccer field. He either plays right wing or right midfield.

His mother, Najomoenisa Williams said he surprises them all the time with his ability to achieve more. “If he wants something, he goes for it, he grabs the opportunity. I know what he is capable of so I push him to do the best he can, always. We support our son in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

His favourite soccer player is Lionel Messi and he tries to copy his style of play.

His coach and mentor, Fagan Muller, is also his role model.

“Mr Muller has pushed me to do my best and I’m so thankful to him for teaching me the skills,” says Jamaaludien.

To get Jamaaludien to France, the Williams family needs to raise R36 000.

As part of the fund-raising activities to help Jet, Rise Up Youth is hosting a “Jet Tour De France” fund-raiser on Friday March 29 at Cedar High School hall at 7pm. Tickets cost R30.

For more information or if you want to help, contact Najomoenisa at 083 343 2132.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Omar Badsha - (South African documentary photographer, artist, political and historian)

On the 26th of February, we were joined in studio by Mr. Omar Badsha, a self-taught, award winning artist and photographer. Badsha played an active role in the South African liberation struggle, as a cultural and political activist and trade union leader. Among all his great achievements, in 2000, he established South African History Online (SAHO), a non-profit online history and heritage project which has become one of Africa’s largest history websites.

Mr. Omar says being a part of Bush Radio when it started and being part of its legacy is something he holds dear to his heart and also that it shows the perseverance and resilience of the station. “With 6.2million visitors on the SAHO site, you constantly have to update your infrastructure, security and hosting…”, were the words of the ex-political figure, where his vision is to contribute to the change in SA, promote new history and contribute to knowledge production.

Ensuring that the apartheid bias was addressed, when rewriting the history from the side of people who were in the struggle is being preserved by Mr. Omar and SAHO, he intends to include all races in collecting history stories from all walks of life that falls part of South African history.  

Also, when asked how the media has changed over the years, Mr. Omar said, “it’s changed tremendously, you can’t even begin to explain to young people that when you wanted to communicate with other people there was censorship. Today, in the new South Africa, we are very lucky that our Constitution and institutions allow us freedom of expression.” Mr. Omar explains that last year, when their site was down for a few days, they were actually hacked! To put the cherry on top, this wasn’t the first time that this has happened. With the website being shutdown, the SAHO team were lucky to have backed up their entire archive, and within a week they recovered everything.

Mr. Omar and SAHO will be hosting a fundraiser for their website, while also having a campaign where they are asking people if they could donate r10 a month, to contribute to the site and keep it running while also not being dependent on big foundations, corporations, government and advertising for money.

In his last words before closing the interview, he said that young people must exercise their vote, but voting isn’t enough, one should continue to build grassroot organizations and keep local authority of those organizations accountable for what happens and doesn’t happen in our society. 

To get in contact with Mr Omar or with South African History Online: 

Tel: +27 (0)21 447 4365 or +27 (0)21 447 3434 (alternative)
Office hours: 8h00 - 16h00

Physical Address: 349 Albert Road, Woodstock 7925, Cape Town, South Africa

 Email: General queries,

To listen to the interview, click on the link below:

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Cape Town Netball Federation

Igshaan Brenner, Janine du Toit and Marlene Williams, members of the Cape Town Netball Federation, joined us in studio on the 22nd of February, to talk about the sport that is netball.

The Cape Town Netball Federation has sub-divisions. For instance, as Marlene explains, there are 12 teams in the Mitchell's Plain division. Khayalitsha also has their own division within the federation, as well as Dunoon. Our presenter, Khusi Veto, was shocked and surprised when he heard that males also take part in playing netball which is called "rebel netball". Marlene further explained that each division is structured, where each team has to be registered and follow as well as abide to a constitution of rules and regulations set by the sub-division.

Janine boasts about the 10 districts ans divisions they have around Cape Town where at the end of the year they have an inter-club competitions where all the top teams of the different divisions compete in. She further explains that if there are any people wanting to start their own club, to get all documents would take a week, a team of at least 7 players, and a strong outlook on having fun.

"The money we get is too little...", was the words of Janine when asked if the are getting money. They would appreciate their own facility as the Cape Town Netball Federation. Successfully taking children off the streets can only happen if things go both ways where funding for equipment, facilities and funding for touring is concerned.

Contact details:
Cape Town WP Netball Federation-FACEBOOK

Marlene Williams, Development Officer- 076 680 7980

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Jeremiah & Shaneva (singing sensations)

On the 19th of February 2019, the spontaneous yet down to earth duo of Jeremiah Sweets and Shaneva Hendricks, joined us in studio and graced us with a few live performances that definitely blew us away.

The duo, namely Shaneva is from Elsies River, while Jeremiah is from Ravensmead yet still find time to practice. While doing a cover of one of Neville D's songs, the duo posted in online and it somehow made its way to him, and the next thing they knew, they were in his studio doing their version of his song. "I just uploaded it because I had data", was the words of Shaneva who never expected over 130000 views across South Africa. "We have a segment every week we do on Facebook, where people don't know how much hard work and effort it is", was the words of young Jeremiah who also says they don't mind putting in the work to get where they want to be.

The duo have the backing and support of their families and they also express how valuable the motivation from parents and other family members are on this tough journey they are taking to make a success of their music. Jeremiah is fluent in playing the guitar and piano and says that those two instruments are his main sources of income at the moment. The duo both said that corporate gigs pay the best, pays on time and even sometimes pay in advance.

They ended off the interview with their own rendition of the famous song, Valerie, from Amy Winehouse.  To follow the dynamic duo on social media, their handles are:

Jeremiah and Shaneva (FACEBOOK)
Jeremiah and Shaneva music (YOUTUBE)
@Jeremiah_&_Shaneva (INSTAGRAM)

And here are the links to their performance in studio with us at Bush Radio 8 9.5fm:

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Future Prospects Monday Live Band (4th February 2019)

On the 4th of February 2019, we were joined in studio by a young band taking Cape Town by storm, named Future Prospects.

Playing the sweet sounds of Bruno Mars hit, "just the way you are", the group then introduced themselves as Grant Marshall on vocals, Craig on bass, Lance on keys, Benjamin Lewis on piano and Keanan Lewis on drums, accompanied by Grant Marshall who is also on saxophone.

Craig, as their manager, gave some insight on their contact details if people wish to follow them on Future Prospects SA, also cjgproductions on Facebook and to book them you can email The group started as a school band at Wynberg High, and when asked how many years each member has spend honing their craft, non of the members as spend less than 3 years on their preferred instrument.

Benjamin Lewis, the youngest of the group, played us a rendition of his own, of the hit single ''undecided"  from Chris Brown and he definitely killed the performance.

"The more we can perform, the more we can grow together", are the words from Craig who hopes to take things one step at the time. "If you have a goal, run with it", were the words of encouragement from the young and talented Benjamin Lewis.

To close the interview, they closed it off with performing two acoustic versions of "funktown", and "find one hundred ways".

Monday, February 18, 2019

T.Y from the V.I on his project, "Humble Beginnings"

On the 1st of February, we were joined in studio by CPT's own, Tyrone Abrahams, better known as TY, who is quickly becoming one of Cape town's hottest prospects where music in concerned.

 The Cape Town traffic couldn't keep TY from attending our interview here on Bush Radio 89.5fm, even though it sounded like he was out of breathe when running up our stairs to be on time! "Trust and believe, humble beginnings is on its way", were the first words uttered by the infamous TY, before even being asked about it. TY's musical journey has taken him nearly 5 years in counting to blow up and make a commercial breakthrough in the music game and says the reason for the project being called "Humble Beginnings", is because he came from nothing, and turned his struggle and things he went through into positive vibes that shine through his music.

On his first song, "you cant wys", he expresses how he wants to step up, how his next and how he wants to enter the game. "on my second song, called I Know, that's TY 2.0, as I like to call it, that's something different, where you hear the truth", TY said. He also continues by saying the third song we played, is "Ty for the jol", which basically means a song he particular made that could be played in a club or an event for jamming(dancing) to.

"You going to get waarheid, you going to get turn ups", is what the versatile rapper from Strandfontein Village said, when being asked what can be expected by fans from the Humble Beginnings tape.

His outrageous rhyme-scheme came into play when he did a young freestyle for us over various instrumental beats, such as "0-100" of Drake, and T.I's "why you wanna". Lines such as
"The flow is always slick but I'm never slipping, with my grassies on I got a school girl tripping", and "You rappers are funny you talking this goetes 'bout rapping at bony, the only time I said you ill is when you ate that polony, whats you tryna show me are things I've seen before, I know how they onderskat but when I'm done they 'gon hit the floor", show his ability to change flows, use slang and use things that were/are news that made headlines.

#HUMBLEBEGINNINGS, is where you can find any and all music from  TY on all social media platforms. "Stick to you, you cant do anyone else but you", were the words of encouragement he had to close off the interview for up and coming artists.

to follow TY, his handles are: