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Home based tuitions with scholars by Krisstal from Mitchells Plain

We interviewed Kristal Kruser on Bush Radio 89.5fm on the show called Morning Cruise. She is making a difference in her community in Mitchells Plain.

Kristal Kruser has created this initiative for the entire community of Mitchells Plain to partake in this project. She is offering up her time by tutoring school kids from grade 1-10, by going to the client’s house. They recently entered a challenge that they took 6th place in out of a 100 constancies.

 They help learners with completing their homework and assessments to see which areas the learners are actually struggling with. They also involving parents by informing them which areas the kids need help, because they are the ones spending most of the time with these kids, so this is also a help. 

The biggest problem they have is with numbering and alphabet that kids are struggling with. The reason being for most of these type of problems leaners do not understand completely, the interaction between leaners and teachers are not like they used to be, and teachers are overcrowded with paper work. This is why parents should get involved.

They are a team of five tutors and an administrator who is backing her at all times. The tutoring sessions are happening on Monday and Wednesday where about ten kids per session, but Kristal Kruser has greater plans for this initiative, they are aiming to get sixty learners per session to participate in the program. They are trying to encourage kids to build their self-esteem and follow their dream to explore and succeed in a life time career. “So I can only encourage all parents to interact with their kids’ education life, check their books, help them with homework and, ask the necessary questions”.
For more information, contact Kristal 061 913 8445 or via Facebook at limitless tuitions or email kristal@limitlessduition.co.za 

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OPEN BOOK FESTIVAL: We spoke with Open Book Festival Coordinator Frankie Murrey on the 24th August 2018

Read on how to be prepared to be engaged, inspired and entertain…
We spoke with Open Book Festival Coordinator Frankie Murrey on the 24th August 2018

The book festival is an upcoming expedition that will be host from the 5th – 9th September and has up to 140 events to choose from.

The festival is not for the privileged, but for everyone who loves to read. This is the chance for you to meet your favourite author and writers. You can get up close and personal with your favourite author and have conversations that really matter. You can ask anything up to why the writer chose to write a certain way, this way the reader and author can interact with each other.

This year more events will be based on gender issues and a few book seminars will be about feminism. Younger visitors will feel welcomed at the Festival with a range of exciting activities including story time at Central Library, Origami Demo Sessions and a workshop for teenagers to Create Your Own Character. 

The open book festival will have plenty of entertainment for those who can’t just read a book as is, but love to explore other ways on how to make reading interesting, for example poetry and comic book section. They will have a few extraordinary poets who will perform live. Also to join the festival is Nicole Y. Dennis-Benn the author of ‘Here come the Sun’.
The festival is to enlighten people to read and for new readers to join Open Book Festival.

You can follow open book on their Facebook page open book festival, twitter @openbookfest and Instagram at open bookfest.

To get your ticket you can go onto their website openbookfestival.co.za or webtickets.co.za. or you can go to the book launch at the box office. The open book festival will be held at the District 6 Homecome Centre and at the A4 Arts Foundation and The Book Lounge from 10:00 to 21:00 each day.

For more information, you can send us a message on Twitter @bushradio Facebook @morningcruise89.5fm and you can send us a WhatsApp on 0618621065

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South Africa Is moving forward Awear (@UWC). Morning Cruise spoke to Siyavuya Gwanya, Sesethu Siloti and Zihle Mciteka.

On Tuesday the 28th of August 2018, the Morning Cruise hosted three students from the University of the Western Cape today. 

The students who came through to the studio for the interview to promote their project/event, as well as encourage people to come witness South Africa’s fresh, raw talent that will be exhibited on the day.
Khusi, Zihle, Siyavuya and Sesethu

The event, which is a fashion festival will be taking place the 1st of September 2018, at the University’s main building in Belleville.
The students from the University, who are all currently studying at the university organised the fashion festival, the first ever of its kind to ever be hosted by the University. They could not hold in their excitement and passion for the project as they spoke about it.

The project is in collaboration with the South African Congress of Trade Unions (SACTU).
The most exciting note was how the students organising and participating in the festival are all from various fields of study at the university. We are truly amazed at how these young persons, have come together to showcase their talent as well as to promote South African clothing, accessories and designs, not forgetting young business minds.
Zihle, Siyavuya, Sesethu, Khusi

The idea of the festival came to be, in light of the campaign by Sactu to support South African Clothing and South African Clothing manufacturers who are closing down a lot of their factories due to the losses they make when their products do not sell. This in turn causes a lot of job losses.
The students said that aim of the Fashion Festival is to encourage South Africans to choose and support the South African textile or clothing industry.    
All the money raised from the Festival will be donated to the university’s Ikamvalethu fund, a fund that was put in place to assist students from disadvantaged backgrounds financially. 

Tickets are available at the admin building at the UWC main campus in Belleville, or you can contact the organisers through their social media page, @AwearsouthAfrica or contact; Karen at; 

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Amanda Faku on Bush Radio 89.5 FM Talking about her music

Amanda Faku, was born and bred in Port Elizabeth on the coast of the Eastern Cape. She currently lives there and she is doing her second year at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU).
Faku’s true passion lies in her music, but she considers studying to be an important part of her life, as a back-up plan. She feels that studying Accounting will help her in the long run to become independent and specially to understand numbers better. Faku says that it is important for her to work hard in whatever she wants to achieve.
Amanda Ami Faku

Faku’s achievements this year include meeting great producers. She feels that she now has access to a lot of things and in helping her music represent herself. She has described her genre of music as modern Afro-soul and modern RNB, with groovy sounds. Faku personally loves music with feeling and meaning, as well as instruments that tell a story,in her music, she sings about everything she goes through, personal stuff and just issues that people can relate to. When we asked her about seeing her name or her music on pirated CDs, Faku says that she would have a mixture of emotions. She feels that it is important to approach people that don’t have access to facilities where they can legally download her music. It is important for her, that there is a connection with the people
 A full album is still a work in progress, but her latest single is called Ndi Khethe Wena, which means, ‘I chose you’. This song is a true love story and its celebrating love. She just loves to make music for the people and she is so thankful to the producers of her music for making it sound amazing.

You can follow Amanda Faku on her various social media platforms. On twitter and Instagram, she is @ami_faku and on Facebook you can follow her Ami Faku Music.

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You can follow Bush Radio and Morning Cruise on our various social media accounts. On Facebook the handles are Bush Radio 89.5 Fm and Morning Cruise 89.5 FM, on twitter the handles are @bushradio and @morningcruise and on Instagram, we are @bushradio.

Monday, August 27, 2018

music moves Monday Live

RickyrVanDerHost, Jasmine Mazwi, Chadleigh Gowar, Craig Allen and Christian

CHADLEIGH GOWAR MUSIC consists of the lead Guitarist Chadleigh Gowar, Base Guitarist Craig Allen, Keyboard player Christian Martin and Drums Ricardo Van Der Host. Each one of these individuals bring uniqueness to their band with their vast background in music. With the main genre being Afro-deep they touch on many other genres and don't stick to one.

With their event coming up on 30th September 2018 in Parow they invite each and every person to join as this will be just as good as a festival for music. The tickets only cost R50 and the event starts at 5pm. There will be different guest performers and the band will be handing out their album at the end of this event.

081 435 0444


Chadleigh Gowar
Craig Allen
Christian Martins
Ricky Van der Horst

Jasmine Mazwi 

Friday, August 03, 2018


Rocking the Daisies returns for its 13th installment from Friday, 5 until Sunday, 7 October 2018. 
To celebrate thirteen incredible years of Daisies, the organisers are curating an immersive and exclusive one-of-a-kind boutique experience limited to 15 000 people, featuring more international artists than ever before. This year fans will need to pre-register in order to be able to purchase tickets and accommodation. 
This year camping passes will be sold separately, this is ideal for those who prefer sleeping in the comfort of their own bed. Campers who snatch up tickets early will be able to secure the best spots, closest to the main gate and the festival arena. This will create cleaner camping grounds, smooth-running bathroom lines and improve security in each camping space.
Just to name one, an American Grammy nominated rapper GoldLink will be performing at Rocking the Daisies 2018. Get your tickets now!
IG: @rockingthedaisies

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Thursday, August 02, 2018

Adaptive Surfing on route to National and World Championships

In his final school year he played for Boland u/18 provincial team for the third consecutive
year and my career reached its climax when he signed his first major contract to play for North West

Only two weeks after Dries Millard signed the contract, he was involved in a car accident that in an
instant took away a lifetime of hard work. To make the deal even more bitter sweet, the coach of the
national u/18 team visited him in hospital to announce that he was selected to represent South Africa,
the biggest honour in rugby, to wear green and gold. His world was shattered knowing that he would
never be able to play rugby or do athletics again, never to jog in the first light of day again.

Naturally he picked himself up and tried out new avenues, using the 18% bodily function I had left
trying to fulfill himself in sport once again. Surfing was always just a hobby for him. "The ocean was a place neutral of expectations, a place that challenged without any regard, a place that if you weren’t aware of exactly everything around you, might just claim you" he said.

As one of the founding pioneers of Adaptive Surfing worldwide and the only ISA accredited surf
coach with a disability since 2011, Dries Millard found a great pleasure in sharing his plans to represent South Africa at the 4th Adaptive Surfing world Championships in December 2018.
The South African national championships will be held 5 August at Addington Beach in Durban. As he is based in Saldanha Bay on the West Coast, he has set his plans on driving along the coast to surf and spread awareness along the way as part of his training and preparations for world championships.

Being in the unique position of having a disability and doing a high action sport, he runs a non profit
company that hosts adaptive surf events for disabled. Making public appearances is part of how he
help grow and develop adaptive surfing as a sport. He plans to spread as much awareness along the
way and will also be visiting schools in the areas where he'll be staying on route to Durban and back.
His brother, Albert Millard, who is an ISA surf coach as well will accompany him along with Charles
‘Skalakie’ Olsen who assisted him on the 2015 adaptive surfing roadshow.

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The 2018 Schools’ Arts Festival

Over 100 Western Cape schools to take part in the Schools’ Arts Festival More than 100 Western Cape schools and a total of about 3000 primary and high school learners will be taking part in this year’s Artscape Schools’ Arts Festival to be held from 13 – 28 August 2018 at the Artscape Theatre.

“The Arts have a central role to play in nation building as learners and their parents from different cultural backgrounds come together to experience a common goal. Therefore the Schools’ Arts Festival gives learners the opportunity to showcase their talent on a professional stage, in the form of music, verse or dance”, says Thokozile Ntshinga, Advisor to the CEO: Transformational Projects. “Furthermore, the festival also stimulates a love for theatre and the performing arts, while creating an individual sense of self-esteem, pride and achievement,” said Ntshinga.

The 2018 Schools’ Arts Festival was initiated and coordinated by Artscape’s School Liaison Unit with funding by the HCI Foundation.

From over 100 participating schools, 20 will be selected on merit and sponsored with transport to the
Artscape Theatre. At the end of the festival, each school of the selected 20 will receive a participatory
framed certificate and trophy, to be presented by the adjudicators at a gala to be held on 30 August 2018.

The benefits of participating in the Competition are numerous and on-going. As part of Artscape’s Inclusive Arts Unit’s ongoing vision to develop a love for the performing arts and contributing to nation building, this is a wonderful opportunity for all participants. Approximately 15 schools share the same stage each evening, contributing to an exciting and diverse theatre experience, from classical choirs to contemporary dance. The festival culminates in a glittering gala performance by selected schools, attended by various dignitaries and showcases the talent which exists in our schools. This Festival will also enable the learners to obtain theatre discipline and etiquette.

This year’s festival will be adjudicated by Charles Banjatwa, Sifiso Kweyama and Tarnia Van Zitters.
Tickets (R40 per person) are available through Artscape Dial-a-Seat (021 421 7839) and Computicket.

For media enquiries, contact Themba Mzondi on 078 113 5216 or email themba@sceproductions.co.za

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He started writing music while he was at medical school. But it was the turmoil of leaving his dream of being a doctor behind that led him to commit to his music as his new purpose. Two days after leaving China, he recorded his first song by himself, based on YouTube tutorials in his room in Botswana. 

It was titled Alien (https://soundcloud.com/oreighn/foreighn-alien-prod-by-young-taylor). The song begins, “I am starting to feel like I’m from another planet. Yeah, like an alien I landed. God just blessed me, from day one I was outstanding, screaming ‘Foreighn Boy, your future boy I just planned it.’” This is the song that birthed his stage name - Foreighn.

“I’m Foreighn, because it’s in my identity, it’s who I am as a person. Wherever I go, people haven’t accepted me as their own. I’m always that foreign kid. That’s what foreigners are – aliens. We’re aliens wherever we go. Even here on planet earth, human beings are aliens, just passing by. With everything I was going through, my background and circumstances, I just felt like an alien, I didn’t belong to any particular place, but everywhere”.

His track, Msft (https://soundcloud.com/oreighn/foreighn-msft-prod-travzki) is what he describes as a “confessional statement…I tried my best to be as vocal about my inexplicable differences as possible. I know I’m not the only one who has felt what I have with regards to being deemed a ‘cultural label.’ Welcome to my world.”

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Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Rocklands School takes on recycling project

On Thursday July 19 the Rocklands school launched a partnership with Regenerate, which gave them bins for plastic, coloured and white paper, which they will collect, weigh and pay a stipend for.

Regenerate provides transport, logistics and recycling services. Deputy principal Chulaine Afrika said the school had been recycling for more than 30 years.

“It was always done at a relatively small scale but the idea has always been to educate and generate funds to start a food garden and supply feeding schemes,” she said.

Ms Afrika said they may eventually employ people to work in the garden, once they have enough funds.
She said they first used WasteWise, the City of Cape Town’s awareness and educational campaign regarding all aspects of waste management but would now use both Mpact Recycling, a national paper and plastics recycler and Regenerate. The school can raise more than R1 000 per load depending on the weight of what is being collected.

“We encourage the public and companies to drop off their recyclables and we will discard of it in the proper manner,” she said.

Pupils who have misbehaved, as a disciplinary measure, were tasked with stuffing two-litre bottles with chip packets.

“It takes quite some time and we’ve had situations where pupils are fighting over chip packets to fill their bottles. This is also a means to keep the school clean,” she said.

Ms Afrika said the ecobricks would be used to build a wall in their garden. Since May they have collected 200 ecobricks.

The school will host a “Pride Festival” on Thursday August 2, from 8am until 3pm, at which pupils will showcase their work, including music, design, drama and dance.

Teacher Fagan Muller, who is co-ordinating the festival, said it would bring parents closer to the school, and thereby help alleviate the problems of non-payment of school fees. He added that the festival would contribute to the school’s creative growth, as one of four art-focused schools in the Western Cape.

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Making A Change

Hanover Park resident has given up her free time to keep young boys and girls off the streets and help them pursue their passion for soccer.

In January this year, Loretta Arendze noticed how children in the court where she stays had to stop playing soccer every time they heard a gunshot due to ongoing gang violence in the area.

She then decided to start a soccer club called Making a Change, and now has about 100 girls and boys from all ages who compete in games on Sundays at a field in Blomvlei Road in Hanover Park.

Ms Arendze said she developed a passion for the game when she was a child as her brothers were fond of soccer and she often kicked ball with them.

She said this year her sons Meachalle, 19, and Chad 13, asked her to coach their team.

“I just got a calling from God and that is when I knew I had to do it. Sport is very good for children and they love to play soccer, it is all they can talk about and they want to be good at it. When I come out of church on a Sunday, they are already waiting for me. I just love the game and I attended all my boys’ soccer games,” she said. 


(Loretta Arendze on 084 883 5709).

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It's The Peninsula School Feeding Association's 50th Blisters for Bread walk this year. We would love to be interviewed if possible. The theme is "Walk / Give to end childhood hunger. With your assistance, we can achieve this. 

The Peninsula School Feeding Association (PSFA) is pleased to announce that entries are now open for our popular annual fundraising event, the Blisters for Bread Charity Family Fun Walk in association with Lucky Star. 

The event will take place at the Green Point Cricket Club on Sunday 26th August 2018 and will include two routes along the Sea Point Promenade, a 10km walk that starts at 7:30am and a 5km walk that starts at8am. The starting point is on Fritz Sonnenberg Road outside the Green Point Cricket Club and next to the Cape Town Stadium. The entry fee is only R60 which will enable PSFA to provide 20 children with two nutritious meals for a day. The event is limited to 13 000 participants and 100% of the entry fee will go towards school feeding. Every person who enters will receive a medal and an ice cold Coca-Cola. The t-shirts for walkers are black this year and will cost R100.
With the support and participation of the public, PSFA looks forward to accomplishing so much more. From the funds raised by entry fees alone, PSFA anticipates feeding 1 733 hungry school children for a calendar year. The 2018 walk is guaranteed to be as entertaining and exciting as previous years with live music, food stalls and prizes. This year the crowd when crossing the finish line, will be wooed by MTV Africa Music Award winner Kyle Deutsch, Heart FM presenters, top Cape Town dancers and much more.
This year 'Blisters' will celebrate a milestone in the history of the event - its 50th anniversary! The first Blisters for Bread fun walk was organised in 1968 by 146 boys from Savio College in Lansdowne. The youngsters set out for a walk of 19 miles (30,5 km) from Simon's Town to the school grounds in Lansdowne, each sponsored by firms or individuals. Heart transplant pioneer Prof Chris Barnard and Dr Philip Blaiberg, a heart transplant survivor, were among the sponsors to contribute to a total sum of R2644,62 raised in the first walk. The boys - mostly in school shoes - stopped for lunch in Muizenberg and made it home about five hours later. Patrick David Ives who participated in the first 'Blisters' remembered that there were no water stations like today but recalls getting a cup of soup at Muizenberg beach, while Terry Thornton raised R30 - 'quite a sum in those days'.
How to enter
Entries can be done online or the entry form can be downloaded at www.psfa.org.za.  Entry forms can also be collected at PSFA’s offices situated at 26 Purdey Road, Sheffield Business Park in Philippi, the Top Events offices situated at 6 Koeberg Road, Maitland or at selected Pick n Pay and Sportsmans Warehouse stores in the greater Cape Town area. The closing date for group entries is July 29, manual entriesAugust 5 and online entries August 19.

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