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Today on the Morning Cruise it was about entertainment arts&culture. Check it out!

Good Friday to you. Check out some of the features showcased on Bush Radio's magazine show, The Morning Cruise hosted by me Denisia Adams.

Today’s Inspiration of the day
55 Ways to be Healthier and Happier Now
posted by
Michelle Schoffro Cook
1. Do something nice for someone.
2. Affirm that you are a wonderful, beautiful person.
3. Breathe in the invigorating scent of natural peppermint oil.
4. Brush and floss your teeth.
6. Choose comfortable shoes over heels that throw off your spinal alignment. Men: choose comfortable shoes over tight, blister-causing shoes.
7. Clean out that clutter that’s been sapping your energy.
8. Clean your home with baking soda and vinegar instead of harmful commercial cleaners.
10. Add sprouts to a sandwich or wrap
11. Drink a fresh vegetable juice.
12. Drink a large glass of water with fresh lemon squeezed into it.
13. Drink a smoothie made from almond milk, unsweetened green powder, and berries.
14. Eat a large green salad (without the chemical-, sugar-, and bad-fat-laden bottled dressing)
15. Eat an apple.
16. Eat dinner at the dinner table instead of in front of the TV or on the go.
17. Eat fresh or frozen berries (allow them to thaw first!) instead of sugary dessert.
18. Enjoy some sunlight.
19. Forgive yourself.
This morning we showcased ‘SATISFACTION’ which is a production taking place at Cape Town’s . SATISFACTION is directed by awarding winning Chad Saaiman featuring smash boy band hits from the 1950s to 2000s. The music will take you back in time, and include hit such as “Wake me up before you go-go”, “Flying without wings”, “She’s the one”, “Home” as well as eternal favourites including “My girl”, “Love me do”, “Signed, sealed, delivered” and more.

Do not change who you are, change how you are, hang in there. ~S.Whyte
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Art-C Friday showcased boy band tribute SATISFACTION check out live recording

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"She likes it", "but he loves me".16days of activism 25Nov-10Dec. MC showcased what organisations doing during this time

Almost one-quarter of young women who are overweight actually perceive themselves as being normal weight, while a sizable minority (16%) of women at normal body weight actually fret that they're too fat, according to a new study. Although the study looked mostly at low-income women attending public-health clinics in Texas, the findings do mirror other studies in different populations, including a recent Harris Interactive/HealthDay poll. That survey found that 30% of adults in the "overweight" class believed they were actually normal size, while 70% of those classified as obese felt they were simply overweight. Among the heaviest group, the morbidly obese, 39% considered themselves merely overweight. The problem, according to study lead author Mahbubur Rahman, is that for some women, being overweight has become the norm.

Juanne Waites, social worker from NICRO (National Institute fro Crime Prevention and Reintergration of Offenders). Since the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children (international campaign) is taking place from 25 November we discussed what NICRO will be doing during this time.
Juanne spoke about their (NICRO) programme that has been running since 2010 that focuses on the offenders of abuse against women and in their case it works primarily with men. Statistics show that women are more at risk of becoming victims of abuse than men. According to the MRC 2005 states that every 6hours a women is killed by her intimate partner and according to the department of justice 1997 states that 1 in 4 women are victims of homicide involving the partner.

The programme tries to dispel the myths around ‘love’ and relationships and trying to correct the thinking process that in most cases are cultivated from as young as five years old. It seeks to educate the community but hold them accountable for their actions, educating all that relationships should not have violence and there are different ways of dealing with situations.

On the 4th December 2010 NICRO will be having open exhibition of their services to the public at the Rockland’s sport field in Mitchell’s Plain. There’ll be great entertainment and so much more. For details you can contact NICRO’s office number in Mitchell’s Plain 021 397 6060.
It’s time to break the silence not only the victims but the perpetrators more so. It’s time for honest communication and time for healing.

Today’s Inspiration of the day
18 Ways to Deal With Your Mistakes
Not sure about you, but I make mistakes all of the time. Sometimes I make the same mistakes over and over, and sometimes I just make completely new mistakes.
Mistakes are part of life: work, friendships, romance, family, self-improvement, education, and more. Here are a few things I’ve learned from making mistakes for the past 30 years.
When you make a mistake:
1. Admit that you made a mistake. Think that’s cliché? Doesn’t matter. It’s necessary. Do it.
2. Don’t blame your mistake on someone else.
3. Don’t blame your mistake on the ten other times you made the mistake.
4. Don’t wish you never made the mistake.
5. Figure out where you went wrong. If you can’t figure it out yourself, ask someone.
6. Share your mistake with someone who is accepting and wise.
7. When that person gives you advice, don’t shrug it off.
8. Acknowledge that you are not perfect, and that is okay.
And then:
9. Next time, be willing to do it someone else’s way.
10. Next time, ask that person what to do.
11. Next time, don’t ask that person what to do.
12. Next time, read the directions.
13. Next time, ask for directions.
14. Next time, do something differently.
15. Next time, do everything differently.
16. Next time, have a little more patience.
17. Next time, do it for the right reasons.
18. Next time, accept help.
When was the last time you made a mistake? What was the very first thing that came to your mind?

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Today MC showcased and discussed a 'project sms to fight crime' in Cape Town

keeping Cape Town in the know
Capetonians earn 5 percent less than the national average salary while their counterparts in Pretoria earn 7 percent more than the national average, a recent national employee income survey has shown.A national income survey by JobCrystal, a recruiting agency for more than 140 000 jobseekers, found that the average income of a South African employee is R19 273 a month.Cape Town workers earn an average salary of R18 291 a month, ranking third after Joburg - where workers earn an average of R19 964 a month - and Pretoria, the top-earning city, where workers earn an average salary of R20 663. The major city with the lowest average income is Durban, at R17 020 SA TRIVIA QUESTION
What town in South Africa is known as the heart of the sunshine city. It lies midway between Port Elizabeth and East London on the Kowie River.
A – Port Alfred B – Elizabeth Port C – doesn’t exist
A – Port Alfred

Anne Marie Jordaan from the tableview ratepayers association and Michaels Jacobs from the Mitchell's Plain Community Police Forum.

Both Anne Marie and Michael Jacobs crimefighters in different ways and serving different (financial etc) Cape Town communities, joined me to discussed the idea of fighting crime with a simple sms. Anne Marie Jordaan is the brainchild of the idea and the idea came about when attending policing community forums. She had noticed how the police was looking for ways to really work together with the community. Anne Marie Jordaan says,"I thought of a system of compiling a database of those people who want to get involved in the community and the police would be in controll of the database and in the event of a crime situation occuring where police felt like they needed assistance from the community they would simply sms the relevant people in that particular area to get them to keep an eye out for a person or vehicle etc and they would simply call their sector police and let them do the work.

Michael Jacobs then agreed that the project would definitely work in the Mitchell's Plain area as well. It's also a great way for community members to remain anonymous when giving police tip-offs and being involved in crime fighting without physical having to patrol with the neighbourhood watch. Mitchell's Plain does have some residence making use of smses to the police however it is not a structured setup.Michael also gave us a positive update on how anonymous tip offs have been working in Mitchell's Plain. About a month ago drugs worth more than R100 000 was confiscated from a well known drug house from an anonymous tip off as well as about a month ago another anonymous tip-off saw arms cash together with explosives being used to make bombs in Tafelsig confiscated.

Project sms to fight crime has not as yet kicked off completely but Anne Marie says she has been inundated with emails of residence wanting to get involved.

Both Anne Marie Jordaan and Michael Jacobs have agreed to be in contact and continue to share ideas and if possible resourses to fight crime.

Today’s Inspiration of the day
5 ways your sense of smell can improve your wellbeing
By Kim Bell, Longevity Magazine
Can’t concentrate? Take a whiff of rosemary
You feel like your day is dragging, you’ve already had your daily quota of caffeine and then some, but you have that pesky 3pm meeting you need to be alert for. It’s time to pull out your secret weapon –rosemary essential oil. Psychologists at the University of Northumbria in the UK, tested this scent on memory, attention and mood and discovered that not only did rosemary make those tested feel more alert, but it enhanced long-term memory by 15 percent. If rosemary isn’t your scent of choice, peppermint works just as well. Researchers from the Wheeling Jesuit University in the US found that the scent of peppermint improved performance and speed when completing tasks.
Want to appear thinner? Change your perfume.
A study out of the Smell and Taste Treatment & Research Foundation found that the combination of floral and spice scents reduced the perception of a woman’s weight by an average of 2kg-5kg less than their actual weight. However, the combinations of citrus and floral, and sweat pea and lily of the valley didn’t shift perception of weight at all. The researchers feel that when you perceive yourself to be leaner than you actually are, you tend to be more socially active and confident, which in turn, promotes you to participate in healthy activities such as exercise.
Want to be more fit? Try peppermint
Lagging in endurance when it comes to exercise and activity? It’s time to breathe in some peppermint essence. Researchers from the Department of Psychology at Wheeling Jesuit University, US, found that the scent of peppermint increased running speed, handgrip strength and the number of pushups the participants were able to do. However, they were quick to point out; the smell doesn’t help improve accuracy or skill. That you need to do on your own.
Have a headache? Smell a green apple
The scent of fresh green apple is beneficial in helping alleviate headaches, including those mind-numbing migraines. Previous research has shown that this aroma has proven successful in helping alleviate anxiety and tension, which is why Hirsch, along with his counterpart Dr Chil Kang, chose green apples for their study. They discovered that those who like the smell had a significant reduction in the severity of their migraine and related symptoms, while those who don’t like the smell didn’t experience any change at all.
Either way – as sniffing this aroma can help you relax it is beneficial in helping to alleviate tension headaches, too. If you are susceptible to headaches, perhaps you should stop hanging around your smoker friends. The National Headache Foundation in Chicago, US, warns that cigarette and tobacco smoke are huge culprits for triggering headaches and even migraines in both smokers and non-smokers alike.
Take years off? Spritz some pink grapefruit
Your choice of fragrance can affect the perception of your age. Scientists from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey in the US, found that universally, men associate the smell of roses with an older, more mature woman, while the fresh scent of apples is considered a young woman’s choice. However, if you want to take years off your actual age, Dr Hirsch recommends you spritz with pink grapefruit. The Smell and Taste Institute’s research asked male volunteers to write down the ages of women wearing grapefruit scent. On average they were perceived to be six to 10 years younger than they actually were.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

They 'Slikour' than your average & always on 'ReKWEST'.Check out Slikour&Kwesta's videos recorded live 2day @Bush Radio

Catch Kwesta and Slikour TONIGHT @ Butterfly studios Bree Street Cape Town, ladies free before 10.30pm DON'T MISS IT!

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*posted soon interview with Kwesta and Slikour

Friday, November 12, 2010

Actor/singer Matthew Moolman 'Forever Turquoise' stepped into the Bush building

Today for ART-C FRIDAY where the Morning Cruise kept it all about entertainment, arts and culture we showcased actor/tv personality/singer Matthew Moolman's album launch who happens to love the colour turquoise too.

Matthews album launch takes place at On Broadway 44 Long street Cape Town, on the 16th November 2010 and it's not just any album launch it's his 21st birthday as well.

The album's called Rhythm and Harmony- his interpretation of his music and how he feels about his music.

Check out his video recorded live at Bush Radio 89.5fm.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Today we welcomed Africa community Project and Cape Town society for the blind

Today for Community Buzz Thursday we showcased:
The Africa community Project, an NGO providing early childhood and development services to children in the poor community of Belhar amongst other projects. ACP is planning to celebrate the Graduation Ceremony in the form of a family and community fun day at their centre as well as raising some funds to help sustain the organisation.

Venue: Belhar Community Centre, 12 Reed Street, Belhar. Just off Adam Tas Road.
Date: 11 December 2010
Time: 14H00 till late
For more details to help the organisation in any where contact, James Jonas (Project ManagerACP) 0219531718/ 0829302547

Lastly Sedick Jordan from the Cape Town Society for the blind joined me in studio to discuss and invite all to be part of the international disability month of awareness in the Cape Metro area.

There'll be a jam-packed programme of games, sports and music. NGO's and inter-Departmental will be marketing there services as well as exhiting there atrs and crafts. The disable community will also participate in a march in Mitchell's Plain.

The success of the international disability month of awarness will strengthen networking between all persons with disabilities and to highlight discrimination, unemployment and all social ills.

From the 15th November 2010 - 20th November 2010 programmes are setup in Mitchell's Plain.
For more details email Sedick on or contact +27 21 448 4302

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Men – make your health your top priority! Before it's too late

Men – make your health your top priority
By Graham Anderson, the Principal Officer of Profmed
Maintaining the human body is like driving a car. The more it is used, the more attention it needs to keep it in good running order. Men over the age of 40 should start taking care of their health with routine tests to screen for diseases that are manageable if they are caught early.

Unfortunately, as men grow older, maintaining good health isn’t only about eating well and staying fit. There are a number of diseases that can affect even the healthiest among us, so it’s a good idea to have annual check-ups so that they can be diagnosed and treated in the earliest stages. Often, lifestyle factors can be adjusted to manage the disease without the need for medical intervention, but even if surgery or treatment is necessary, the sooner it commences, the more effective it is likely to be.

The prostate test
If you are over the age of 40, you should have an annual digital rectal prostate examination and a blood test for your levels of Prostate-Specific Antigens. These two tests indicate whether further testing for prostate cancer should be performed. Prostate cancer can cause difficulties in urinating or with intercourse, but can also be completely asymptomatic, therefore it’s important to have the tests done every year to ensure that the correct course of treatment can be decided upon as early as possible.

Testing for late onset diabetes
Diabetes is known as the silent killer, because symptoms may not show for many years, by which time significant complications – like cardiovascular disease – may already have occurred. Although the disease is mostly genetic, lifestyle factors like excess weight, inactivity, high blood pressure and poor diet can hasten its development and severity. Because of this, it is a good idea for men over 40 to get tested for diabetes early, so that lifestyle factors can be adjusted before too much damage is done.

Cholesterol testing
Cholesterol is a waxy substance that the body needs for its normal functioning. However, high cholesterol is a risk factor for other illnesses like coronary heart disease, angina, stroke and peripheral artery disease, so it is very important that it is checked regularly. Lifestyle factors like weight and diet can affect cholesterol levels, so if tests are carried out regularly, it is possible to make adjustments to prevent further problems from occurring. This simple blood test should be carried out yearly by men over 40.

The influenza vaccine
You may think to yourself “it’s just the flu”, but in recent years, it has been increasingly highlighted that the very real risks that come with a bout of influenza – which kills between 200 000 and 500 000 people every year. Aside from the fact that you’ll feel very ill for about a week, there is the possibility of developing pneumonia or other complications. All of this contributes to it making sense for everyone to get a flu vaccine once a year. Profmed covers the cost of the vaccination, but not a doctor’s consultation as the injection can be given for free in pharmacies.

Although this may seem like a battery of tests for you to have to undergo, many of them form part of the annual check-ups that you should be having with your specialist or GP anyway. And it’s important to remember that no matter how time-consuming it may be to take good care of your health, prevention is always better than cure.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Gugulethu comes alive tonight!!

Yesterday for Community Buzz Thursday I showcased the Anti Xenophobia cultural event. The event is organised by the Food and Allied workers union(, Gugulethu arts hub and PASSOP(

There'll be hip hop, poetry, drama, jazz, marimbas and so much more and what's more it FREE/GRATIS/MAHALA-if I knew how to say it in other languages I would've.

The event takes place at the Vuyisile Mini Centre in NY1 6pm - 10pm.
Then Equal Education (EE) launches there third school library at Masiyile High School in Khayelitsha.

The Masiyile High School library collection is made up of over 3300 fiction, non-fiction and reference books (3 books per learner) which cater for every level and interest. Many of the books have been chosen by the learners themselves, thanks to financial donations from a number of generous donors.

Currently, only 8% of public schools in South Africa have functioning school libraries, most of which are in former model-C schools. Widely acclaimed research has demonstrated that the provision of functioning school libraries is significantly linked to improved learner performance. The findings of that research are included in EE’s own research report titled We Can’t Afford Not To (attached). This research partly forms the basis for Equal Education’s current Campaign for School Libraries (1School, 1Library, 1Librarian).

For more information please contact Karabo on 072 425

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

For breast cancer awareness month we focused on breast cancer and medical aid

Free drugs for addicts a 'model plan'
Switzerland's innovative policy of providing drug addicts with free methadone and clean needles has greatly reduced deaths while cutting crime rates and should serve as a global model, health experts said.
Swiss authorities authorised experiments such as syringe exchange programs and safe injection rooms offering a shower, bed and hygienic conditions under medical supervision, said Dreifuss, who led the campaign to reform narcotic drug policy.
Dr Ambros Uchtenhagen, who helped pioneer heroin substitution and chairs the Research Institute for Public Health and Addiction at Zurich University.
"The number of drug injectors with HIV has been reduced by over 50% in 10 years. Overdose mortality among injectors has been reduced by over 50% in the decade," he said. "Delinquency related to drugs has been reduced enormously.",59165.asp
Name the street in Soweto that houses two Nobel Peace Prize winners?
A – Vilakazi street, Orlando West
B – Nelson Mandela and ArchBishop Desmond Tutu street
C – Long street
Answer: A – Vilakazi street, Orlando West

October is Breast Cancer awareness month and for Gender Hub Wednesday today we focused on Breast cancer and medical aid. I was joined by Samantha Galliet breast cancer survivor and activist from Campaign 4 Cancer . Campaign for cancer invites all who wants to share their stories to email:

Today’s Inspiration of the day
Just Let It Go!
If life has no joy and no reward other than pain and constant struggle, then that is a whole lot to deal with. To survive which is something you are not sure you even want to do you must go on. We cannot see into the future, but we sure can loathe the present and agonize about the past. Such heavy feelings would make our future seem bleak indeed. But despite appearances, no situation is hopeless.

Let go your responsibilities, let go your burdens, and let go your cares. Do whatever it is you want to do, the things you really feel like doing because you can do no wrong. There are no consequences because whatever happens was meant to happen and would have happened no matter what. You cannot affect it and you need not be affected by it. It is a script already written and we are only puppets in a play tied to strings of motivation that we mistake for free will. But it is not real. It is an illusion.

How happy go lucky would you be if you knew you were dreaming life? You are dreaming life! We all are, but just do not know it! If you are carrying the weight of reality right now... let it go. Lighten up. If you have the weight of the world on your shoulders... let it go. Live unencumbered. 200 years ago, today was as nothing to you, just as 200 years from now is as nothing to you today. Today is as nothing to you both 200 years ago and 200 years from now. Just let it go.

Forget your troubles. Relax. Open your mind and open your hands and you will be grabbing hold of nothing. Everyone seems to think they need something. Release your need for anything and you will be enlightened. There will be nothing to hold you down. You will fly. You will soar to the heights of freedom and liberation. Just let it go and you will go beyond. Beyond concern or care.

A coward gets scared and quits. A hero gets scared, but still goes on. - Anonymous
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Today for Community Buzz we showcased Help The Rural Child charity

Water intoxication, or hyperhydration, is a potentially life-threatening condition caused by excessive ingestion of water. Too much water disturbs the body's electrolyte balance, which in turn interferes with brain function and can lead to seizures, coma, and even death. Water intoxication is common in psychiatric patients as well as infants living in poverty whose parents "stretch" powdered formula by watering it down.
South Africa is the top ranked gold producing country. How much of the world's platinum reserves do we have.

A – 20% B – 100% C – 80%
Answer: 80%

Today we showcased Help The Rural Child charity. We were joined by Claire Mcguinness - fundraising and marketing consultant. To find out more visit
Currently they in need of people who have any good secondhand goods that can be sold at either one of their charity stores. These will directly be benefiting the rural organisations that they serve.

Inspiration of the day
Are You Feeling Unmotivated?Do Need A Breath of Fresh Air?
When you’re feeling unmotivated about your goals or any other endeavor, it can be difficult to keep the bigger picture in mind and remember what you’re working so hard for. When the initial excitement of your goals or project begins to wear off and you find yourself losing focus and determination, it can be helpful to engage in a comprehensive review – not just of your current goals, but all aspects of your life.
Start by using a blank sheet of paper to represent each area of your life, like financial, career, relationships, home, health and fitness, spiritual and so on. Write a general overview of your status in each area. Are you satisfied with the things you’ve accomplished in these areas of your life? Would you like to make further changes?
Then, based on that information, come up with some clear goals that you can set for each area of your life. They don’t have to be massive goals, just objectives you’d like to begin working toward gradually.
Once you’ve got some goals set, come up with a few simple action steps you can take in each area on a regular basis. These action steps might include things like reducing your consumption of junk food, exercising for 30 minutes daily, spending more quality time with your family, enrolling in night classes to get your degree, or starting a home business on the side to boost your income.
When you’ve completed this process for each part of your life, write all of those action steps on one sheet of paper, separated into sections. By the time you’re finished you should have a clear idea of exactly what you want to accomplish in each area of your life.
But you’re not done yet!
Now, take a look at the goals and action steps you’ve written down, and consider any possible obstacles you might face that would threaten your motivation. What types of problems usually come up that prevent you from doing the things you want to do? And how can you set up strategies to overcome them in the future?
For example, one obstacle you might face is procrastination brought on by a shortage of time. Rather than spending a few minutes at a time working on your goals, you tend to put it off until you have more time, which never happens. One possible strategy you could put in place is a written reminder that you must use the time you do have wisely, because small actions taken consistently will still help you reach your goals!
Once you have these strategies written down, be sure to keep them nearby and re-read them as often as necessary. If you do find that you’re losing steam again at a later time, simply start this entire process over again and allow it to usher in a welcome dose of clarity, focus and motivation.

How a man plays a game shows something of his character, how he loses shows all of it. - Anonymous
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

on todays show we showcased a forum hosted by HIV/Aids and media project

In an effort to help prevent accidents, reduce carbon emissions, and give people more free time, which they could then use to surf the web, Google has been developing cars that drive themselves. The company has been road-testing these vehicles on the streets of California for months. So far, the cars have traveled a total of 140,000 miles, and the only collision involved human error—a driver rear-ended one of the Google cars at a stop light. During these tests, a driver was always present and ready to take control of the vehicle in the event that something went wrong with the system.
Which is the youngest official language in the world?

A – slang B – Pedi C – Afrikaans
Answer: C – Afrikaans

Glenn de swardt from health4men and Melissa Meyer coordinator of the forum hosted by HIV/Aids and media project, “homos don’t make headlines”. The HIV/AIDS & the Media Project of the Anova Health Institute and Wits Journalism Programme, funded by USAID and PEPFAR through Johns Hopkins Health and Education in South Africa (JHHESA) present: Gripping new journalism research that investigates the lives of men who have sex with men in the face of a widespread HIV epidemic and explores how they come to terms with their sexuality and their status. The forum takes place tomorrow in Newlands Southern Sun, Cape Town.
*We'll be doing a follow up on the outcome of this forum. Stay tuned.

Today’s Inspiration of the day
How to Take Action Consistently
by Steve Pavlina
With respect to goals, projects, and other to-do items, it’s easy to get stuck too long in the thinking and planning phase. You can sit around writing and rewriting your goals, delving into your subconscious mind, working through emotional blocks, summoning the power of Thor… whatever. But if you don’t eventually get into action, you’re wasting your time.
Here’s a simple technique I use. This has worked very well for me when I’ve applied it. It usually takes only 5-10 minutes.
Thought waves
It isn’t difficult to create a strong thought wave and then ride it. You do this all the time whenever a powerful thought takes hold of you. For example, when you become really angry, it can be harder to stop yourself than to ride that anger into action. Or when you get a song stuck in your head, you may have a hard time preventing yourself from singing it out loud. You can also create these thought waves consciously and deliberately. Then you can ride their energy to complete many tasks very quickly. You’ll enjoy it too.
How to create and ride thought waves
Sit quietly in a place where you won’t be distracted. Take a few deep breaths to clear your mind. Now identify whatever goal you’d like to work on. Maybe it’s something simple like organizing your workspace or writing a school paper. All you need is a clear, specific, measurable goal, but you don’t need a plan of action at this point.
Now just sit and think about what you want. Imagine this goal becoming real. Let yourself daydream, but try to stay conscious as you do it. Explore the goal in your mind. Think about it actually happening, but don’t physically try to do anything yourself yet.
Usually within 5-10 minutes, these positive thoughts build up so much energy in my body that I’m itching to do something.
Once you start feeling that positive tension in your body, stop and ask yourself this question:
What can I do right now to make this goal a reality?
As you ask this question, hold the expectation that the answer will be something simple that can be done in 30 minutes or less.
Whatever reasonable answer pops into your head, accept it and act on it immediately. Get that simple task done as quickly as you can. Sometimes you’ll flow effortlessly into another task.
When you feel "dog tired" at night, it may be because you growled all day. - Anonymous
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NEXT, NUR FELIX got acoustic

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See videos of last weeks local talent that stepped in studio


Check out what went down on today's Omniscient Tuesday show

Keeping Cape Town in the know
Women in binge drinking danger!
And the reasons are pretty obvious:
• Women tend to have a greater body fat percentage and because fat cannot absorb alcohol, it is concentrated at higher levels in the blood.
• Women have less of the stomach enzyme dehydrogenase that metabolises booze, so we absorb roughly 30% more alcohol than men of the same height and body weight.
• Women in general are smaller than men, further concentrating alcohol absorption.
• Women tend to eat less, compounding the impact of booze.
• Women experience hormonal changes during their menstrual cycle which intensifies the effects of alcohol.

Kimberley has the biggest man-made hole in the world. but where in South Africa can you find the deepest vertical man-made hole?

A – Free State B – Namibia C – the lost world

Answer: B - Southern Free State town of Jagersfontein has the deepest vertical man-made hole

How to Take Responsibility for Your Life
The most important aspect of taking responsibility for your life is to acknowledge that your life is your responsibility. No one can live your life for you. You are in charge. No matter how hard you try to blame others for the events of your life, each event is the result of choices you made and are making. Listen to the little voice in your head. And, observe yourself talking with coworkers, family members, and friends. Do you hear yourself taking responsibility or placing blame?
Listen to the voice in your head. Eliminate blame; eliminate excuses. If the blame track or the excuse track plays repeatedly in your mind, you are shifting responsibility for your decisions and life to others.
Second, listen to yourself when you speak. In your conversation, do you hear yourself blame others for things that don’t go exactly as you want? Do you find yourself pointing fingers at your coworkers or your upbringing, your parent’s influence, the amount of money that you make, or your spouse? Are you making excuses for goals unmet or tasks that missed their deadlines? If you can hear your blaming patterns, you can stop them.
Third, if an individual you respect supplies feedback that you make excuses and blame others for your woes, take the feedback seriously. Control your defensive reaction and explore examples and deepen your understanding with the coworker or friend. People who responsibly consider feedback attract much more feedback.

Interviews with Nobambo ‘Ntlola’ Msolo – Traditional Healer and Dr Manello Sekhoacha – special scientist of Traditional medicine at MRC (Medical Research Council). Today on the Morning Cruise we discussed traditional medicine, how it works, how it can be trusted and the role of a traditional healer.

Never discourage anyone...who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.
- Plato
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