Friday, March 19, 2010

On 2day's show: The Michael Moerena Music Tribute as well as the opening of the annual Out Of The Box Festival

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Hirsute\HUR-soot adjective;
1. Covered with hair; set with bristles; shaggy; hairy.

Fashion in 15th-century Europe was characterized by a series of extremes and extravagances. As Europe continued to become more prosperous, the urban middle class, including skilled workers, began to wear more complex clothes that followed the fashions set by the elite, ranging from voluminous gowns—called houppelandes—with sweeping, floor-length sleeves to draped, jeweled, and feathered hats, hoods, and other headdresses.

How to Be Active Before Work
If you're not excited about exercising after work because you feel tired and lunchtimes are already too busy, a great plan can be to start exercising before work. Exercising in the early morning can give you an energetic boost and lift your mood before the day begins; it certainly clears out the sleepy cobwebs! This article explains how to get started on being active before work.

The excited and passionate Charles Banjatwa from the Artscape. He joined me this morning to chat about 'The Moerane Musical Tribute' which takes place at Artscape Theatre from March 19-20 at 8pm as well as March 21 at 3pm. Its choral music meets jazz and marimba definitely something for everyone. Now for those who don’t, Michael Moerane is a brother to former President Thabo Mbeki’s mother, was the first black music graduate to be produced in South Africa in the 1940’s. Emerging at a time marked by racial segregation, the then apartheid authorities would not acknowledge Moerane’s talent and charisma as a conductor in music, inter alia orchestra, as this genre mainly comprised whites only. Through personal sacrifice and persistence, Moerane eventually graduated and wrote choral music that was later recorded in America and Europe, and as a result the draconian government eventually surrendered to sensibility. To find out contact 021 410 84 00

Lastly I was joined by artistic director of the annual Out Of The Box Festival, Jaqueline Dommisse. A Festival of puppetry and visual performance. To find out more visit

Hope is like a bird that senses the dawn and carefully starts to sing while it is still dark - Anonymous
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Join the Durbanville Craft Market 3rd April 2010 and support local animal cruelty organisations this Easter ............................


Potable \POH-tuh-buhl\ ,
1. Fit to drink; suitable for drinking; drinkable.
1. A potable liquid; a beverage, especially an alcoholic beverage.

Forensic scientists may soon use bacteria to identify criminals. According to researchers, every person has a unique "community" of germs that flourishes on his hands, even if he is meticulous about hand-washing. By collecting samples of the bacteria left on an item and comparing them to samples taken from people's hands, they can identify with a fair degree of accuracy who touched the item. Furthermore, identical twins, who have matching DNA, are colonized by different types of bacteria, meaning this technique may better differentiate between individuals than human DNA tests

Anni Theron, PRO of the Durbanville Craft Market joined me this morning to discuss the Durbanville Market’s Easter Bunny Animal Charity Fair taking place this year on the 3rd April 2010 from 08h30 - 14h00. Registered animal welfare organizations may apply for a free stall space to further their cause. This year we also have a lucky draw for one lucky animal stall. TEARS will be running a "MY PET AND ME" competition where customers can submit their photographs at the market, AACL will be raffling out hampers, DARG will have kittens and bunnies, the RAT FAN CLUB will have their rats at the market and quite a few interesting other charities will be joining. To find out more contact Anni on +27 (83) 331 86 58 or +27 (72)173 10 40

Thane Yost
The will to win is worthless if you do not have the will to prepare
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Friday, March 12, 2010

Local pride Tanswill Nero joined me today as well as cast members of South African pop theatre play 'done london' check it out

it's about entertainment, arts and culture

1a. Easily nauseated or sickened.
b. Nauseated.
2. Easily shocked or disgusted.
3. Excessively fastidious or scrupulous.
EG. We humans have a tendency to be squeamish at the sight of blood or injury.

The year and a day rule was an English legal principle holding that a death could not be deemed murder—or any other form of homicide—if it occurred more than a year and one day after the act that was allegedly its cause. Though it became enshrined in common law, the rule was finally abolished in 1996. Now, if an act can be proved to have caused a death, it can constitute murder regardless of how much time has passed. ALSO DID YOU KNOW According to a new government report, more 12-year-olds in the US get high by sniffing inhalants than by using marijuana, cocaine, or hallucinogens combined?

Courtesy of
How to Become Content With What You Have
In this world of greed and keeping up with your friends, it can be hard to be happy with what you have. So, take a closer look and discover just how lucky you really are...
Be thankful for the basics. Food, shelter, family, friends, a job are all that's truly needed. You may have all of these things, but still feel deprived, because you're missing that Ipod, latest cell phone, mansion.
Look at what you do have. Realize there are many people who lack basic needs. Make a list of all the things past and present in your life to reassure that you are truly blessed.
Read the newspapers. The plight of others will give proper perspective to the wealth in your life.
Volunteer! Go to an animal shelter, homeless shelter, conservation park or hospital. Give your money, time or goods to others in need. A new outlook will slowly emerge as you realize you were never missing anything after all.

Capetonian songwriter, producer, lead guitarist; Tanswill Nero. Tanswill joined me in studio to discuss his solo career as well as his sample album called ‘Life of Love’. Tanswill started writing songs and music at the age of sixteen. He was part of a local group/band Afrocentric as well entered a prestigious song writing competition hosted my South Africa’s Huis Genoot. Tanswill got to showcase his skills as well have SA’s RNB sensation Loyiso Bala be lead vocals to his song.

Lastly I was joined by Roxanne Blaise and Ruben Engel cast members of a proudly South African Theatre production, ‘done London’. The ‘pop theatre’ production ‘done London’ is directed by Francesco Nassimbeni and writing by Roxanne Blaise and Steven Pillemer. The play is a romantic comedy about a young group of South Africans who are living in London on a working visa and find out when there that life is not always greener on the other side as well as just their everyday life there. It’s being showcased at the Intimate Theatre tonight at 8pm until Saturday 13th March (excluding Monday 8th March). Tickets – R70; Students – R50; Block booking of 10 or more – R50. For more info contact Roxanne 082 33 99 131

French Proverb
No one became poor by giving alms.
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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

on today's show: John Mullins, to further discuss his published article, “Find value in your career” and so much more

a live show hosted by Denisia Adams
Keeping the everyday Capetonian in the know between 9am – 12pm

1. Assistance in time of distress; relief.
2. One that affords assistance or relief.
E.g. The shelter provided succor to the family in need

On average, people can hold their breath for about one minute. The world record is 21 minutes 29 seconds, by David Merlini. ALSO DID YOU KNOW 1977 Apple II becomes the first mass-produced home computer. Star Wars debuts.

Courtesy of
How to Be Good
Philosophers have been debating what is good and what is not for centuries. Many people find that it's more complicated than just being kind, and several complex religions have arisen with the attempt to understand the difference between good and evil. While every person's journey is different, being good has a lot to do with discovering yourself and your role in the world. Here's how to be a good person on your own terms.
Be proactive. It's tempting to infer that as long as you avoid doing the things you know are bad (stealing, badmouthing, lying, etc.) then that means you're a good person, but there's more to it than that. By avoiding bad behavior, you've made a big step towards becoming a good person, but you've only just begun. In order to be good, you actually have to do good things rather than just avoid doing bad things.
***To get more of these steps click on link 

Career adviser, John Mullins. He joined us to further discuss his published article, “Find value in your career”. Here’s a recap on the vital ways to find value in your career:
• Understand yourself fully. (Your Values and Behaviour Preferences).
• Does your job allow you to express these every day?
• Do you find you are willing to go beyond what the job requires? If so, is it because you feel compelled, or forced?
• Ultimately you are valuable. A job only gives you space to show that. Without you, the job is nothing.
To find out more visit John’s websites,, or Or contact him on his email address,

I also discussed an article @news24 about porn on TV. Whether it should be allowed and become a fixed channel or not. Check out the article:
Here are some of the comments made by Bush Radio listeners:
“porn should only be for normal minded adults and out of reach for youngrters some people are hiding behind our new laws where by they think anything goes”

“Hi, i have a gun & im not a murdder & will never b & now that there's gonna b porn on tv i dont think its gonna make me a rapist.Sick minds do sick things.Craig”

“It's the attitude that evil is everywhere so it must be ok why the world is as is-santa”

Malcolm Forbes
Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.
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Friday, March 05, 2010

Today on ART-C Friday we showcased a proudly South African theatre production called, London Road check it out

It’s all about entertainment, arts & culture
(show hosted by Denisia Adams)

sass (informal)n.
Impertinent, disrespectful speech; back talk.
EG. "Don't give me any of your sass, just go upstairs and clean your room!" yelled my mother.

Australian researchers say that young people who use marijuana for six years or more are twice as likely to have psychotic episodes, hallucinations, or delusions as people who have never used the drug. Though the findings confirm a link between marijuana use and psychosis, the directionality of the relationship remains unclear, as study participants who reported having hallucinations early in life were more likely to have used cannabis longer and to use it more frequently.

How to Be a Good Person
originated by:Krystle, Anonymous, Nicole Willson, Blizzerand (see all)
Identify what it is that being a good person means to you personally.
o Who do you look up to?
o What qualities do you admire in them?
o Now, in what ways could you better embody those qualities you admire? Think of how to apply those qualities in your work, creative pursuits, personal relationships, diet and lifestyle.
Accept everyone around you as your brothers and your sisters.
Don't criticize anyone because of their gender, age, race, or culture. Instead, seek to understand and appreciate differences.
Stop comparing others with yourself.
Celebrate others' victories and good qualities, even when you do not feel as blessed as they.
Love yourself. Practice unconditional self-acceptance.
Pray and meditate to help cultivate the qualities you seek to embody.
Cultivate both compassion and good karma through volunteer service.

Simon Cooper, producer for KBT productions and owner of the Kalk Bay Theatre. Mr Cooper joined me this morning to entice listeners to check out the proudly South African theatre production called London Road. “London Road is a simple and intimate reflection on growing old, loneliness, fragmented families and the healing power of a friendship,” says director Lara Bye. “It is a glimpse into the private lives of two very different women living in a block of flats in London Road in Sea Point.” The premiere will be taking place at the Kalk Bay Theatre the 11 March 2010. To find out more contact 073 220 54 30

- Anonymous
If you would live your life with ease; do what you ought, not what you please.
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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Today on Community Buzz Thursday I interviewed a passionate and fearless Rita Jacobs from the All-Women Seawinds Neighbourhood Watch

keeping Cape Town in tune and touch with their community
Prolix , adjective;
1. Extending to a great length; unnecessarily long; wordy.
2. Tending to speak or write at excessive length.
EG. My paper so prolix because it's 54 pages long!

A common weed killer known as atrazine causes chemical castration in frogs and can even turn some into females. Researchers found that long-term exposure to low levels of atrazine emasculated three-quarters of male laboratory frogs, while ninety percent of the study subjects exhibited low testosterone levels, decreased breeding gland size, feminized laryngeal development, suppressed mating behavior, reduced sperm production, and decreased fertility. Furthermore, the remaining 10 percent actually turned into females that were able to copulate with males and produce eggs. Because the parents were both genetically male, all the larvae produced by those eggs were also male.

Be Calm in a Stressful Situation
This page was last modified 01:05, 4 March 2010 by Difu Wu. Based on work by Nick Taylor, Alan J, Tom Viren, Cem, Josh Hannah, Ben Rubenstein, Sondra C, Manuel_Montenegro_THANKS!, Jen, Brett, J. Oliver, Krystle, Eric Wester, Travis Derouin, Maluniu, Craig Burrows MBE, Mel, Elyne, BR, Drew, Lois Wade, Jack Herrick, cody and Difu Wu, wikiHow user(s) Versageek, Waited, Flickety, Glutted, Halcyon~Spirit, Goodpurpose, DeadlyLullaby, Cooljimmy, Donkeybones, Rippersole, Taw987, Livviswish, Martinlewis, KommaH and Davjohn and Anonymous.

The clock is ticking. Everyone's counting on you. Which wire should you cut?
While most of us never have to deal with the life-or-death dilemmas of a bomb squad, everyday situations such as job interviews, public speaking, and family emergencies, can be every bit as stressful if we are not accustomed to dealing with them. Learning how to remain calm in times of stress will not only make things go more smoothly immediately, it can also, over time, help you lead a healthier, happier life. Here's how to keep your cool when the pressure mounts.
Identify the cause of your stress. Is your heart pounding because that idiot just cut you off on the freeway, or is it because of that presentation you have to give to your boss this afternoon? Think for a moment and try to figure out what’s really bothering you
Choose your response. Even if you’re powerless to change the source of your stress, you have the power to choose how you’ll respond to it. The appropriate response to stress should depend on what’s causing it: you can either shake off your stress (ignore it and let it go immediately) or face it head-on. In order to choose your response, ask yourself some questions.
o Does it matter? Yeah, it’s all small stuff, but some stuff is smaller than others. Consider how long the source of stress will affect you. That idiot driver will be gone in a moment if you just let him keep speeding down the road, but the death of a loved one may affect you for years.
o How much control do you have over the situation? You can’t control the rain that’s ruining your wedding, but you can control how well you do on your algebra exam tomorrow.
o Is the source of stress in the past, present, or future? You can’t change the past, but you can respond to the present and prepare for the future. Let your past troubles fade.
o Be mindful of and focus on the important things in your life. Your life is precious, so let not the extraneous things interfere with more important things in your life.
Shake it all off. If a situation is beyond your control, or if it just isn’t that important, stop worrying about it. Easier said than done? Just do it.
o Inhale deeply through your nose. In your mind, count to five seconds, and then exhale slowly through your mouth, for another five seconds. Repeat this breathing pattern until you feel comfortable with it.
o Think about something else. Get your mind off the stress by thinking about something that makes you happy, such as your kids or spouse (provided they’re not the cause of the current stress), or by concentrating about the things you have planned for the day.
o Visualize relaxing things, such as a deserted island or a country road. Close your eyes and try to picture even minor details about the imaginary place, and you can put yourself in that situation instead of the one you’re in.
o Get away from the cause of the stress. If you can physically escape the stress trigger, do so. Leave the room or pull off the road for a moment to put things in perspective.
o Get some exercise. Whether you go for a run, do calisthenics, do yoga, or lift weights, 10-20 minutes of physical exercise every day can relax you even when "nothing can".
o See also How to Get Rid of Anger and How to Stop Worrying and Start Living.
Face your stress source head-on when you're ready. Getting stressed is not going to resolve the situation. Sitting around worrying is a good way to procrastinate, but procrastinating will only prolong or intensify the stress. Facing your stress head-on is really just a way to shake off a bad situation that you cannot or should not ignore. If you can change the outcome of a situation that matters to you, the quickest way to overcome that fear or to empower yourself is to take action as quickly as possible. Once you’ve resolved the underlying problem, you can shake off the stress because it no longer matters. The steps below will help you. If you feel paralyzed, use the steps above to relax and temporarily distance yourself from the situation just long enough to be able to see it clearly.
Make a plan. Sometimes you can resolve a stressful situation right away with one action, but often you’ll need several steps, perhaps over a long period. Write out a plan with attainable goals and a time line for reaching those goals. Additionally, many stressful situations are avoidable. If you prepare ahead of time for important events and make contingency plans, you may not have to cope with as much stress later. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. See How to Be Proactive.
Take one step at a time. A complex problem can be overwhelming, even when you’ve got your plan mapped out, but remember: the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Just focus on one small goal at a time. See also How to Sustain Motivation when You're Struggling.
Be realistic. If you continue to experience stress because no matter how hard you try you can’t take the steps quickly enough, you probably haven’t set realistic goals. In a culture that values a can-do attitude, it can be hard to accept that sometimes you can’t do something, at least not within a given period of time. If that’s the case, revise your time line or lower your expectations. If you can’t do that, the situation qualifies as one which you can’t control. Learn from your experience, but let it go. And, if you find yourself constantly failing to meet someone else's unrealistic standards, read How to Stop Being a People Pleaser and How to Overcome Martyr Syndrome.

Rita Jacobs from the All-women Seawinds Neighbourhood Watch in Cape Town. Rita is one of seventeen members who are dedicated to make the streets of Seawinds safer for all members of the community. In fact the oldest member (women) is seventy-six years old. On the question of the difficulties their particular group experiences Rita responded by saying that the lack of members is a problem as well as aggressive individuals roaming the streets early hours. According to Rita they are a 24/7 neighbourhood watch, you could find them protecting their streets as early as four the morning. The neighbourhood watch initially consisted of +- 30 members but members slowly fell out some community members joined for malicious reasons. Shebeen (liquor store) owners and drug dealers joined only to be informed on the neighbourhood watch’s whereabouts to continue there illegal dealings. Rita Jacobs says she’s received anonymous calls filled with death threats, her house has been spray painted etc however she is fearless because she believes in what she does, “…as long as I know I’m dieing for the right thing, I’m prepared to do that”, Rita says.

Now, the All-Women Seawinds Neighbourhood Watch seek not money however if anyone could donate, torches even warm jackets for the women, a gas stove even just sugar and coffee for those cold nights/early morning don’t hesitate to contact Rita Jacobs on 082 755 3066.

- Jim Rohn
Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.
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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Today on MC I discussed the book TRANSGENDER LIFE STORIES FROM SOUTH AFRICA check it out

1. To act evasively in order to gain time, avoid argument, or postpone a decision:
2. To engage in discussions or negotiations, especially so as to achieve a compromise or gain time.
3. To yield to current circumstances or necessities; act to suit the time.
EG. They did not falter, they did not stall, they did not temporize.

Domestic cats purr at about 26 cycles per second, the same frequency as an idling diesel engine. ALSO DID YOU KNOW The world’s smallest dog is the Chihuahua, which means “tiny dog in the sky.”

South African Trivia QUESTION
The Old Gunpowder House is a National Monument in South Africa. Where is it situated?
A – Potchefstroom B – Cape Town C – Namibia
Answer: A – Potchefstroom

How to Always Be in a Good Mood
originated by:Anonymous, Sondra C, Horses4Ever, Flickety
Sometimes you are just having a really bad day, and you really just need to strangle someone. When bad things happen, it is easy to become pessimistic, and not able to appreciate life to it's fullest. Here are a few pointers to help yourself out of that rut.
Smile. Scientists can prove a direct connection between smiling and being happy. Plus, it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown.
Exercise. Exercising creates Endorphins, which stimulate creation of the chemical Dopamine, which makes you happy and it will help you stay in shape.
Chill. Take deep breaths; relax on a beanbag, whatever calms you down.
Don't Drink. Drinking alcohol causes you to create excess Dopamine (the chemical that makes you happy), and the day after, your body can't produce enough to compensate, making you more depressed then usual- not to mention hung over.
Do Something You Love. Spend everyday doing something that makes you smile, be it cooking, reading, or exercising. If all you can think of is watching the television, get out of the house and try something new!
Think About Something You Love. Thinking about sad or depressing things will bring you down. Cheer up with optimistic thoughts about something you have been excited about or something good that has happened.
Think of Others. There is nothing like forgetting yourself and looking for ways to help and serve others when you are feeling down. As bad as you are feeling, there is definitely someone in the world who is feeling worse. Even if you just go over to a friends' house and let them vent at you, it will be worth it. Moreover, if it is not, at least you made their day better.

Today on Gender Hub Wednesday we focused on a book called, “Transgender Life Stories from South Africa”. The book is edited by Ruth Morgan, Charl Marais and Joy Rosemary Wellbeloved, published under the auspices of GALA (Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action) +27 11 717 4239 and Gender DynamiX+27 21 6335287 , by Jacana Media and funded by Atlantic Philanthropies, was welcomed enthusiastically by the LGBTI community, Academics, Activists and Health Care Professionals.

I had the two co-editors Charl Marais and Joy Rosemary Wellbeloved live in studio discussing the book as well as their personal experiences. The book starts out with a Glossary which according to Joy Rosemary Wellbeloved is never done in books. The Glossary is made up of words that are considered offensive and then of course the preferred wording. For instance the word transsexual. Transsexual is considered an offensive word; the appropriate term would be transgender. Besides the glossary the book consist of twenty-six true life transgender stories from South Africa. Two participants in fact joined me in studio as well; Laura Meads and Charlie Takati.

Both Laura and Charlie says that the knowing that as an individual you are different and this case transgender begins at a very early age, as young five years old. For most transgender individuals they experience loads of difficulties even well into there adulthood. When they’re young they experience confusion not understanding what’s happening to their bodies, are they lesbian etc. It’s said that during puberty it’s usually the suicidal period for most transgender. Parents find it difficult to understand and to come to terms with, some never do. For Instance take Charlie Takati’s story he was banned from his family once he told them his a transgender male (born a female) and his family has yet to come to terms with. For Laurie Meads, she remembers an incident where she had decided to dress-up like a female and on her way out her father refused to let her leave and threw her up against a wall. There are even instances where some gays and lesbians don’t accept the transgender society according to my speakers this morning.

Transgender life stories from South Africa is a great way to educate one on transgender. The reason for twenty six stories as suppose to one is simply because everyone’s experience is different. The book can also provide much needed support to transgender individuals. The book is available at most book stores, so no excuse.

Sister Busche
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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

We spoke to Professor Simpson from UCT to discuss the involvement of the university in the campus accomodation and it's preparation plans

Keeping you in the know between 9am – 12pm

Mulct \MULKT\ , noun;
1.A fine or penalty.
transitive verb:
1.To punish for an offense or misdemeanor by imposing a fine or demanding a forfeit.

Professor Simpson from the University of Cape Town. He joined me this morning to discuss the introduction of the campus accommodation in the plight for more affordable accommodation during the world cup. The University of Cape Town, The University KZN and the University of Johannesburg together will transform 9000 beds although it is uncertain how many soccer fans will actually be using their facilities. The University of Cape Town will be doing slight renovations to the rooms set aside for guest. The guest will be treated to a fun park provided by the university as well have free access to the shuttles traveling to the CBD area. UCT is looking at cost ranging from R550p/n. For more info visit or

-Joshua J. Marine
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