Friday, October 20, 2017

The Jazz Yard Academy

On October 20,2017 Judith called in on behalf of the Jazz Yard Academy to discuss what the academy represents for young people. She explained that the Jazz Yard Academy is a place where young people go that are trying to stay on the right track and not fall victims to crime and gang violence.

According to the Jazz Yard Academy site, "The academy’s offers free lessons to children from Bonteheuwel and neighbouring areas. Under the guidance of experienced musicians, these youngsters find a new meaning to life. It is encouraging to see the way music brings a smile to their faces, … how excited they are about every new lesson!"

In the interview,Judith emphasized the fact that children don't need any prior music knowledge to be apart of the organization.Judith says that learners don't need to be discouraged by not being able to read music or  that they don't have prior music experience because the instructors are there to teach them what they need to know. She also noted that the program doesn't require the learners to pay anything. They are not responsible for their music, instruments,or performance attire.

Contact Joey Fourie for more information 
084 880 7012

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Award winning Die reuk van appels in Cape Town premier at Fugard Studio Theatre

Award winning Die reuk van appels in Cape Town premier at Fugard Studio Theatre

Rudi Sadler teamed up with Johan Van Der Merwe to create Theatrerocket Productrions. Since reading the novel Die reuk van appels, Johan dreamt about producing it for stage.
Die reuk van appels is a 1993 debut novel of South African author Mark Behr.

It will be presented by Theatrerocket Productions and adapted to the stage by Johann Smith, which started 07 October until 11 November, performed in Afrkaans with English subtitles. It stars Gideon Lombard and is directed by Lara Bye. It all started with Rudi and his partner Johan, who are both from Pretoria, going to theatre a lot. They both serve on some of the theatre judging panels, that is how they met about a year and a half ago. They both have a love and passion for theatre and have the urge to start creating theatre. When they got together they both had the same dream of creating theatre instead of watching it.

They started talking and drew up a list of the top productions that they would like to see on stage and that is how the company was created. There are challenges in creating something for stage for people to watch and satisfy them, there is hard work that goes into it. "Starting from scratch without any financial backing is hard but very rewarding in the end", says Rudi.
Awards are great for recognition but for them it's about the impact it has on people. The production premiered at the Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees this year, with Gideon Lombard winning the Best Actor Award at the 2017, Kanna Awards for his role as Marnus. At the recent Aardklop Festival, Lombard was also nominated for the Best Actor Award and Lara Bye was nominated for Best Director.

The whole play is translated to English at the theatre and will be put on screen for the non Afrikaner people to enjoy as well. The feedback from all press and media as been astonishing and received great reviews from highly regarded critics such as, Diane De Beer and Robin Sassen. Die reuk van appels is the coming of age of Marnus Erasmus, 11-year-old son of a South African Defence Force general. It captures the Afrikaner mentality in the late 1970's and early 1980's and the brutal consequences of apartheid and militarization of South African Life.

Sadler and van der Merwe are honored to have two of the country's most respected theatre makers, director Lara Bye and actor Gideon Lombard, to bring the story to life on stage.
It takes a team of creative people to take something as powerful as the novel and bring it to life on stage.

Tickets for the preview on Tuesday cost R130; Wednesday R155 and Thursday to Saturday tickets cost R165. Bookings may be made through Computicket on 0861 915 8000, online at or at any Shoprite Checkers outlet. Booking can also be made at the Fugard Theatre box office on 021 461 4554. There is a generous 15% discount for friends of the Fugard members. Harrignton Street car park is located at the croner of Caledon and Harrighton streets and is available for the use of theatre patrons.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

ill Ritchie, fundraising consultant, spoke on behalf of the Think Good.

Jill Richie

Jill Ritchie, fundraising consultant, spoke on behalf of the Think Good.

Inyathelo is an non profitable organisation, that exists to serve the sector, to support, train and guide.They have an amazing space in Woodstock. Anybody involved in the sector can come and use the space. They've got a wonderful library, they can organise advice, they can use the hot desks and use the facilities at very good prices to serve other non profitable organisations.

Inyathelo is nearly hosting the Think Good, which Jill is a member of. Think Good is a group of 45 consultants and Jill happen to be a fundraising consultant. They consult only to the non profit sector, on non profit accounting, non profit legal matters and anything else that non profits might require. #ThinkGood is a gift to the sector for Mandela Day even though we are in October. They have a free conference with four different tracks running at anytime and people from the non profit sector can come along at no charge.

#ThinkGood has had presentations on different ways on creating documents for the potential donors, presentations on collaborations and working together and Jill done a presentation on innovative and creative thinking in the non profit sector. Their sector has 165 000 registered NGO's, then you can had the universities, schools, the face pace enter-ties. There's a huge competition for donated money in our country and they are just helping everybody to cope.

Personally Jill feels that it is too easy to set an organisation up and there are too many. The real issue is that there's so many things that government should do but don't, either because they don't care or there are not enough people paying taxes into the fiskal. NGO's serves the needs, because they do what government doesn't do.This is the sector that picks up and serves those in need.

Some organisations depends on donations, but more non profit organisations should generate some sort of income.

Jill spoke about Noah the neighborhood old age home in Woodstock. They set up a shop, a trestle table on the pavement in 2009, where they were making R13 000 a month just from people donating second hand good and selling them. Now they are making R30 000 in a little shop they just bought on a corner in the same road and their goal is by 20-22 they want to sell and make enough goods. They also have some projects involving the elderly making candles and soap. They also want to have 50% of the money they need self generated.

She says that organisations need to do a little less begging and more innovative thinking to generate profits. There will always be a place for those in need and that is why there are charities exists.

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The Hustle continues with Byronne Essack, THE STORY OF HOPE

The Hustle continues with Byronne Essack, THE STORY OF HOPE

Byronne Essack is originally from Cape Town and moved to Johannesburg about 3 years ago. Coming to the foundation Thembalitsha, he attended School Of Hope matriculated there.
Going to Johannesberg, he gained experience and came back to the foundation, which he his working along side with and helped out with the orginisational work. " We are in a generation/society where we are all about giving back and our youth are empowered" say Byronne.

School Of Hope has been in existence for 18 years. They've been giving a second chance to the youth in training health care and being there for society. He states that being in JHB  it's been hectic to get a job, he calls he story the Story of Hope. Being in JHB he was unable to complete his studies because of the lack of funding. He took a close look at how people have been getting into jobs and from that he has looked at a new initiative that we as people are able to start.

When you go into a company, know that they are looking for game changers, not just people coming in with a CV. He explains that he played  with the big sharks, drowned and got back up to shore. We're in a very high unemployment rate and it is something we can work on by starting an initiative. Essack says that we need to look at ourselves intellectually and understand emotionally where you're at before going for an interview. You need to know that you're need to put your feelings aside, be mentally, intellectually and emotionally prepared and be ready for the corporate world.
The percentage of young unemployed people has risen from 2013-2017 by 51.93% in South Africa. He has been in situations where he has been told by people in his life that he is chasing titles and therefore he cannot get a job. When you get to understand who is in your life, one needs to establish oneself by saying, this is where I'm going and if your surroundings are not supporting that, you need to draw the line.

See what you can bring forward to a company, instead of just going for an interview. The reason Byronne his working closely with the School Of Hope and the Thembalitsha Foundation, is because they've given him ground to establish himself as an entrepreneur and not to leave it at matric and search for a job. At his awards evening he received two books, which was a photography and a videography/ graphic design book.

When he couldn't finish his studies, he sat for a month at home just reading through the texts books that he had received from school, and it was a business studies book that was included in that. Not long after that his first interview was a  success. The way that had happen was, he made an appointment, not waiting for dates that were available for the interviews. He happen to go a week before and left his CV at reception and said that the guy needs to meet him for a reason. The guy immediately contacted him, weirded out by the fact that Byronne expecting an appointment, but brought him to see what he has to proposed.

Byronne advised,  to do a background check on the company you want to work for. You're are not going for the job but offering the company what they do not have, even if it's not in the job description. He researched the company and looked for a mistake, and he found that their response time to their reviews was longer, between 5 hours and a week. If you can respond to your fans within a minute, you will broaden the fan-base and other companies would want to work with them. If he noticed the mistake, how many others have not. He laid down the proposal and he got the job.

Contact Details
021 447 0034

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Shiraaj Andrews, THE NEXT BIG THING

Shiraaj Andrews, THE NEXT BIG THING

Shiraaj Andrews, who also goes by the name Bruno Raaj is a singer/songwriter from Mitchell's Plain.
He started singing in 2009, before then he did not have any vocal abilities. He was rough at the time but as time progressed, his singing matured through experiences and meeting a lot of people in the industry. Shiraaj and his cousin started recording with cassettes, listening to Boys II Men and that's how he kept up to date with music and picked up his singing ability.

He happens to play guitar and a little bit of the piano. No one taught him how to play, he stole with the eye and ear and taught himself. His music doesn't relate to anyone specific, it can be local or international. If he can relate to what you're saying and bring the message across, then he'll go with it. If he should mention a few names that he admires it would be classics like, Luther Vandross, Brian McKnight, Boys II Men. He has a liking for African tunes and Khoisan tunes. Currently Bruno Raaj is into modern r&b pop for example, Frank Ocean and Chris Brown.

His first public performance was in Macassar at the Perre Skou, which is a horse show and back then he was with a boy band. That's where he started and learnt about harmonies, melodies and unity.  He also performed around Cape Town as well as the Baxter Theartre and Arts Cape. Shiraaj composes his own music and shared the stage with SA's top artists such as James Bhemjee, Karin Kortjie, Loukmaan Adams, Ashur Petersen.

His single, Heartbreaker, is based on his previous relationships. It was written in 2014 with no collaboration. He currently has three new songs, that are play-listed with GoodHope fm. He reckons that you have to be nervous when performing out in public even if it's just by 1%, then you know you're doing something right. "It makes you human and you also feed off differently from the crowd" says Shiraaj.

Contact Shiraaj Andrews

Facebook page: Brunoraaj Andrews
Facebook: shiraaj bruno raaj andrews
Instagram: shiraaj bruno raaj andrews

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Seraphims Young Women Organization

On October 13, 2017 Tswelelepele Morei from Seraphim's Young Women Organization, came to visit  Bush Radio 89.5 FM to discuss her organization.

Seraphim's Young Women Organization empowers young women from their teenage years up until their 30s to be the best version of themselves. The organizations help women that come from bad situations like rape or teenage pregnancies and help transform them into even better individuals.According to Morei, it is important for young ladies to have positive role models to help  change their situations.She then uses an examples that refers to oceans. She comes from an area that does not have oceans which then as a result limited her knowledge about oceans because she wasn't exposed to them.However, when she moved to Cape Town which is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean her knowledge about oceans grew because she was now exposed to it.She gave this example to say that if people are not exposed to better they might not know that they can have better because it isn't visible.

The organization has two strategies to help young women turn their lives around.The first thing is through community service. Members of the organizations plan to go into several townships in Cape Town to help those women that are in need of their services mentally,physically,and emotionally.The second strategy they plan to use is modeling and photography.There is this thought that when you "look better you do better" which means that when people look their best and they are happy with themselves and it inspires them to do great things.

Tswelelepele Morei on Facebook for more info.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Professor Justus Apffelstaedt ( (breast cancer specialist)

On October 12,2017 Professor Justus Apffelstaedt came by the studio to speak about how important it is to become knowledgeable not only about cancer in general but specifically breast cancer this month.

According to Prof.Justus throughout the year women do not examine themselves as they should. Doctors have noticed an influx of cases in the month of October opposed to every other month because there is this idea that women should only check themselves in October.Prof.Justus says that women should self examine themselves regularly and specifically after their period and during or before their next period."Women will find many lumps in their breast during their lifetime",says Apffelsxtaedt but if it does not go away in between periods and it is best to get it checked out immediately.

Prof.Justus also added that doctors do not start to screen for under the age of 39 years old so 40 and above is when you can began getting mammograms.He included that although screenings starts at 40 and up breast cancer in women 39 and younger does exist so no one should think they are exempt because of their age.

The main cause of breast cancer is our lifestyles."It's lifestyle disease", says Apffelstaedt.We must watch what we watch and how much we eat of it.There are a lot of chemicals and preservatives in our foods that causes different cancers so have a plant based diet can be a preventative measure one could take.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Constance humbles herself through gardening creations

Constance humbles herself through gardening creations

Constance Stuurman is a gardener at Baylonstoren, also best known for her green fingers and her gift for making floral creations from humble farm finds.
She cares for plants and educates people about plants, conducting workshops. There are health benefits of gardening and recipes that you can make using ingredients from the garden, for example: Kombuchu.

She says that people spend more time working in than gardens than enjoying them and feel happiest in their gardens.
Garden Day, which is happening 15 October, will be celebrated with herself and her family to show the appreciation of what nature offers us.  As any national day, Garden Day is not intended to be 'owned' by anyone or organisation but rather by everyone, so that anyone and everyone can take part and make it on their own.The day itself is not about gardening but enjoying the space, inviting friends and families round to celebrate together.

Stuurman reckons that flowers feed compassion, chase away anxieties, worries and the blues and living with flowers can provide a boost of energy, happiest and enthusiasm at work. Stop to smell the roses, for nature is the thought to enhance meditation practices by focusing on the mind. For that people can too go to Therapeutic gardens, which consist of green spaces found mainly in hospitals, healthcare facilities and hospice residence, to improve health and well-being.
Constance urges everyone to start with one pot plant in the house and then working your way to having your own garden, using it for flowers and vegetables. For it will be a huge help in having things like herbs for health and food recipes and creating food for your family.

Contact Constance Stuurman

Download the app Gardening eith Babylonstoren. It's free on the garden day website . You can also vsist your nearest nursery or Garden Centre and get inspired. Visit life is a Garden website to locate your nearest Garden Centre or nursery

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