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Aqeefah Matroos and Sethu Ngqva join us on behalf of AV Africa, an NPO that connect the youth to opportunities through volunteering which equips them with the necessary skills to become successful. AVA has played an active role in advocating for the large scale use of volunteering as a means to address our growing unemployment in youth.

The organisation was started by Lisa Gerson in 2012 and is Based in Wynberg and runs a program called (Year Beyond) that recruits youth to do volunteer  work in both high school and primary schools to help children with Maths and English. It also assists learners with Homework Support in various other subjects that volunteers are knowledgeable in such as business studies, physical fitness, science, accounting etc.

Aqeefah highlights that the programme is not aimed at restricting the children but rather to make them comfortable enough to find and be themselves. She joyfully recalls the loving interaction she and her colleagues experience with the children and says it is an indescribable feeling when seeing the children succeed. Sethu Ngqiva, who started off the programme as a volunteer in 2016, describes how much it helped her grow and develop a passion for the children she reaches.

Over 90% of the youth who have passed through their programmes have managed to secure further opportunities for work or full time study and are firmly on the path towards sustainable careers.

To get involved you should be between 18-25 years of age, possess a Matric Certificate and have  50% for Mathematics and 50%  Language. The organisation aims to unlock the potential of youth and equip volunteers with the confidence, skills, experience and networks they need to actively engage in building a better South Africa.

To get into contact with them simply go to their website on:
www.avafrica.org.za or 
www.actionvolunteersafrica.org.za       ; go to the Year Beyond Programme to  download an application and apply

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Written by: Tauhierah Salie

Thursday, December 21, 2017



Abstract 703 from the ones and two's resides from Ottery Cape Town.  The young and talented artist who specializes in freestyle rapping, songwriting, composing and singing has worked with many up coming artist's around Cape Town.

He likes listening to a lot of local artist and that is where he gets most of his inspirations from but if he should go for a certain sound, it would be in the likes of Drake who is one of his biggest inspirations and Bryson Tiller. He explains that his music is not only hip hop, it's more r&b influenced and that is what his going for.

Brendon Manus was 14 years of age when he started rapping as a part of his hobby. He use to write a lot and poetry is where he started his music journey. His teachers convinced him to perform live in front of the school, after that performance realized that this is meant for him and it is the path that he should be taking.

Abstract only started doing this full time since the beginning of last year and he has come far from not being known, to people calling his name when his out in the open. He collaborated with Jean Citto, Ashur Peterson, Leeron Malgas, Deandre JK, Rihanna Ray, all of who is local artist. For December is going to be dropping singles that feature mostly local artist. "As an artist you need to establish yourself as a brand in people's mind and when people hear your music, they should already know that that is you" says Abstract. As time goes on he will adapt to what is trending. He says that his music and sound will change as the trend is going.

After having a freestyle session with Cape Town Rapper YoungstCpt and MaloonThe Boom, Abstract has been growing in the industry ever since. He currently has 3 songs play listed on a few local radio stations, being GoodHope fm, Bayfm in Port Elizabeth including Bush Radio 89.5fm.

He is one of the youngest talents in Cape Town has to offer and has already made a name for himself with his musical journey. You can get his music on Spotify, AudioMack, Google Play, iTunes and Deezer.

Social Media:
IG: @abstract703
Facebook: @abstract703
Twitter: @abstract703

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Written By: Michaela Muller

Tuesday, December 19, 2017



Aroplain is a Nigerian international Afro pop singer now based in South Africa. The Imo State born artist is the first singer from Imo State to penetrate through the hard music markets of South Africa. He is a songwriter and also an upcoming entrepreneur. Signed under his own label G.O.A Entertainment Group.

Hometown is his upcoming debut album with about 90 percent of the songs recorded in S.A featuring various artists from Ghana, Nigeria and S.A . Aroplain released his first hit single ‘Blow money fast’ from the album in late 2016 and in same year of 2016 he shot the official music video for the hit song .The music video was officially released on AroplainVEVO this year. The artist is distributed by Limd worldwide.

His video was launched with a release party at Cocoon Lounge Sandton where Aroplain also performed live with his band. Aroplain also furthered his campaign to Vanity Pretoria to launch Blow Money Fast. 'BLOW MONEY FAST'  video production by BearInMind Productions Pty Ltd. Aroplain’s Second Single #YesGirl feat Ghanaian International Hip-hop Rapper Yinks and Nyz D. Yes Girl Music Video Was Shot Successfully In South Africa Also By BearInMind Media Pty Ltd. The Song is currently available in worldwide stores, video live on VEVO on Youtube @AroplainVEVO.

Social Media Links
www.twitter.com/Aroplain @Aroplain
www.instagram.com/Aroplain @Aroplain

Cell / WHATSAPP: +27658815730 OR +27812725936
Email: Imostate1@gmail.com
Alternative Contact
Aroplain’s Consultants Numbers
Boss Brain Entertainment
Cell: +27834189705 or +27818199431

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Monday, December 18, 2017



Robyn Davids goes her stage name RAE.CHIL. She got the name from her grandmother who was named Rachel but they called her Rae, hence where the nickname comes from. Her family says she looks like her grandmother, who RAE was unfortunate to meet. Her grandmother also liked to sing, and that is where her beautiful talent comes from.

RAE.CHIL as a young kid always wanted to do music. Robyn only took on music this year. She explains that she had a child in high school and with all the responsibility she had to put everything on a hold for a while. She also finished her studies in Architecture, which she is currently doing at her 9-5 job. She has a single called 'Book of Lies', she is currently working on 2 more of my own songs. 'Book of Lies' came orginatedf when she met Dylan Joshua Mckeith, whose the owner of McK Records sat down with her and Dalton who wrote the lyrics for her and they recorded the song, which was done in a space of 2 months. She says she's been through alot of heart breaks and wanted a her song that empowers women.

Internationally her music influence is Rihanna, reason being that she does not care. Her genre is contemporary hip hop because she loves and always falls back on old school r&b. She has done a lot of cover songs and her personal favorite by Post Malone- Rockstar. Robyn is originally from Oudshoorn. She performed  at the Stellenbosch Lights Festival 2 weeks ago and says she did not feeling nervous as she likes performing in front of an audience.

RAE.CHIL plans for 2018 is to enter the idols competition because she does not what to ask herself what if like they say "you got to risk it to get the biscuit. She also seeks to record her album, which she is mostly excited for. She encourages all young people to go for what they want, so that they do not question themselves when they get old of why they did not go for their dream career

Contact Details:
Facebook: RAE.CHIL
Instagram: RAE.CHIL official
Twitter: RAE.CHIL

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Balenciaga Banks

Balenciaga Banks Doing Great And Bigger Things

Balenciaga Banks was born in Rocklands Mitchell's Plain Cape Town, South Africa on June 24th 1991. Balenciaga predominantly works as a musician/producer.

He also has a certificate in Digital Music Production & Marketing. His also worked & done production for many of Cape Towns top artist such as, Miss Celaneous, Ayo Calley from Vuzu hustle, Colin Sheer, D-nice & has also opened for South African heavyweight A.K.A.

Bank$ describes his sound as "Pan National" for its universal appeal & message that's easily relate-able in this modern age. He is a performing and recording artist as well as a producer from RFK Entertainment. 'Lost My Mind" is his first recording single that he released. He is a team people, which a lot of people have notice and he wants to build on that. Potentially he hopes to have a lot of teams players and work around that, Cape Town in general. Music has been in his family for ages. His father was an artist and use to do music with Molly Baron from The Rockets group. His father use to tease him about the song "Ama Kokerot "  and since then his soccer coach use to call him cockroach.

His been in a Jazz band since the age of 7 and through out his high school life. After that he went to study marketing and from there studied music. He started a band in Portland High and they are doing a thing where they go around schools to do a march and initiated that back in 2007. Ever since that his been gradually following music. For him personally its an escape from everything that happens in time. He describes music to be his brother, sister and girlfriend at the same time. His mom has been his biggest supported since 2010. Since 2010 they've been building the brand and the music that they've been trying to portray to people and he thinks this it's about time to exploit his music. When he should have his first SAMA speech, he'll have his mom has his plus one.

Musically since his been growing up and because he likes r&b, his biggest influences has been R-Kelly being one of the most honest artist and Usher as well. He also grew up listening to people like Ja Rule, he showed Banks that hype music can be soft and highly commercial. For local artist that he grew up with would be DKZ who is one of the front runners to him because they were universal in their sound, no matter the language barrier that anyone had. DKZ's music makes you want to dance as well as Brenda Fassie. His grandmother use to play Anita Baker, so it was basically a lot of artist which he grasp inspiration from individually on the good traits that they had and he tries and put it into his music. 

His sound is for all ages. "You Are" which is yet to be released featuring his friend ACE whose also a hip hop artist from wynberg and works closely with RFK Entertainment and Balenciaga Banks. Balenciaga Banks currently lives & works in Cape Town, South Africa.

Contact Details: 
Facebook: @Biggie Balenciaga Banks
Instagram @balenciagabanks

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Friday, December 08, 2017

The mysterious Amy Brown breaks out of her shell

The mysterious Amy Brown breaks out of her shell

Amy Brown, from Strandfontein Cape Town describes her music as hip hop, soul, and jazz. She  been doing music seriously for less than a year but her entire life has revolved around music.

Fusion, modern and progressive is what she explains her sound to be. She is influence by a brilliant local guy called Jayson White musically and hip hop related. She likes Sting, Lauren Hill, which people she naturally affiliates her sound with, Erykah Badu, EJ Wil Lyric, someone she gives props to and Shameema from Codessa who encouraged her to be an emcee. Her mother says that her singing generically comes from her grandfather's side of the family. They have a large history of Christmas Choirs. Amy's singing started like every family would do, have her sing at her aunts event.

It took her a very long time tro grow into herself musically, but her parents listen to very good music and if it wasn't for that, she would be singing trap. Her uncle taught her a few cords on the guitar. She had one week of music lessons which she is still traumatized by. We live in an information age, where everything you want to know and learn can be done through the internet. Stealing with the eyes and watching musicians play helped her learned guitar too. " I think I'm learning now that there's a fine line between something that happens organically and actually wanting to push something as a career and I find that the balance between those two things are really important right now" says Amy.

Her song 'Fine Love' is something that started when as a journal entry that she wrote to herself. She draws inspiration from her everyday life, from being from the capeflats, from engaging with people from different cultures and just being a South African. She's been performing in her father's living room and giving him free concerts but has not performed on a big stage yet but would like the platform for it.

She has another track called 'The Anthem'. Amy is very motivated by wanting to make her father proud and want him to have enough money so that he does not have to work. Her dream is to fill the stadium one day. She is hoping to release more visual content for 2018 and she is in the process of marinating things, giving people something to listen to and also to be proud of herself. The two people in her team that hse works closely with is Jayson White and Her sister Ruby.

'Klein Fortuin' are one of the tracks that got play listed on radio, then she also has 'Jed Eye Night' and 'Lindely Linchris Heins'  the only songs she has playing, which she is gratefully thankful for.

Contact Details:
Facebook: Amy Brown
Instagram: miss_amy_brown

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Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Mediator seniors' Club’s pre New Year eves dance

Mediator seniors' Club’s pre New Year eves dance
We had a quick talk yesterday about cherishing our grandmothers’, and funny enough, today we had an interview with Doreen Goliath from the Mediators Seniors’ Club from Portlands in Mitchells Plain.

Doreen mentioned that her grandchildren are treating her very well, and the two granddaughters are non-abusive, beautiful and loving children. My co-host Khusi asked Doreen to inform us a bit more about Media Senior. They were established in 1991, where about 50 members are involved in the club. Their special “meet up” day is normally on a Monday, where she has her hands full with taking care of their needs. She considers the club to be more like a family and intend on discussing health issues, problems with children and any matters under the sun worth mentioning. 

Doreen has one son, since two of her sons died. She also acknowledges the fact she has a small family, but considers the club members as her new, big family.
When Khusi asked about some of the problems elderly people face where grandchildren turn to abusing their grandparents, she replied with “substance abuse, my dear.” She further explains that these grandchildren likes to take from the grandparents and parents like stealing money and household appliances. Other elders that are not in the group, come to Doreen and the Mediators Club to speak about their problems. 

Doreen and her crew aren’t classified as “old people”. They do not knit or sow as she handsomely mentioned, but rather speak to one another, share with one another also love dancing. Doreen gives 3 dances per year, and this is one of the ways that they accumulate funds. They also go on lunches, picnics and other lovely activities. Doreen even asked Michaela, our co-host, to come and show them a thing or two.
Their pre-new year dance on the 30th of December is for the members to have fun. The venue will be at Portlands high school in Mitchells Plain. They are a club that does not get funding from anywhere, besides the events that they host. The members pay a sub-fee every month during the year, and have raffles right through the year. They are a self-sustaining club that intends on keeping this wonderful club going for many more years.

To contact Doreen in helping them raise funds or just lend a helping hand, you can phone her on 021 371 1993. Her cell number is 078 507 5234. And lastly, to get to the event, the road’s name you should take is Merrydale. Entry fee is R40 to attend, bring your own XYZ. Doreen wishes everyone has a prosperous festive season and bless everyone abundantly.

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Tinashe Thepper is seeking to pursue his music

Tinashe Thepper is seeking to pursue his music

Tinashe grew up in Kenilworth/Wynberg but now resides in Bluedowns. His stye in music is trap soul and has beeen doing music for 5 years now.

He just drop a mixed last week called 'New Kind Alert', which consists of 12 songs in different genres. "I'm coming for the thrown" he says, and that his is reason for the name of his mix tape. What you can expect to find on there is hip hop, r&b and afro pop like Nigerian type of songs. His friend Master Mind cpt is the producer his working with on his music. His music is available for download on Audio Mack and available for streaming on Soundcloud.

Musically he looks up to Wizkid, Drake and Kwesta. His music relates to them and not forgetting Bryson Tiller and Dappy who is a British artist. At the moment Tinashe is studying Sound Engineering and is in his second year. His been getting good feedback from his mix tape and even have shows lined up where he will be performing at. He will be attending a show tonight in Durbanville called 'Valley of Light'.

He wants everyone in Cpt to support the local out there trying to do what they do.

Contact Details:

Facebook: Tinashe Thepper
Instagram: Tinashe Thepper
Twitter: Tinashe Thepper

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Written by: Michaela Muller