Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hope Africa Collective: Hair Salon and Trade Skills Programmes

A crew of guests joined us from Hope Africa Collective today in the studio to speak about their Hair Salon programme and Trade Skills programme. Hope Africa Collective is an organization that focuses directly on the economic empowerment of individuals from our surrounding communities. Their various programs equip students with both handy skills and the skills needed to run their own business.

The Hair Salon Programme trains women in hair styling. The goal is to turn a common practical skill into a future career and business path. The program does not have an age limit and today we were lucky to hear from the youngest member of the program. She is just 19 years of age and is already thriving in the program.

The Trade Skills program trains men in safety, power tool use, maths, measuring methods, and construction phases. Once their training is completed, the men build the women in the Hair salon program their own salons, which are fully equipped for their needs. After finishing the salon construction, men in the Trade Skills program help maintain the building and then receive support from Hope Africa Collective as they transition to jobs outside of the programme.

Our guests from Hope Africa Collective emphasized the importance of supporting local businesses. Palesa Moeketsi, the Business Literacy Leader, emphasized that these small businesses are the “backbone of the country,” so we should support our local businesses rather than commercial services.  

Presenter: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto
Producer: Sophie Breck

Indoni Dance Academy and Upcoming Dance Performance "Ikhaya"

In our second interview of the day we dove into the world of dance with our guests from Indoni Dance Academy. Sbonakaliso is the artistic director and choreographer for the academy as well as a mentor to all of her students. She is an award-winning choreographer who grew up street dancing and then learned to dance other genres in Johannesburg when she acted in the movie, Sarafina.

Khanyisa, a student at Indoni Dance Company, began dancing in grade 8, but didn’t fall in love with the art until after grade 12. Little did we know, Khanyisa is also a lovely singer and we were lucky enough to hear her sing a small segment in the studio. Check out the video below to watch her sing in the studio.


Mbovu has been “jiving since childhood” and in addition to dance also helps behind the scenes with development for Indoni Dance Academy. He shows any listener that pursuing the arts can be a career, not just a passion.

Indoni Dance Academy is now pushing to become "a house for everybody". The future vision for the academy includes providing jobs for dancers, singers, interns, and even the elderly in the hopes of addressing the high unemployment rates in South Africa. 

Tickets are quickly selling out for the upcoming Dance Performance, iKhaya, so purchase your tickets now to witness the Indoni Dancers perform Sbonakaliso’s choreography.

Event details:
What: Dance Performance called, “iKhaya” 
Where: Artscape
When: Aug 2,3,4 @19h00 & Aug 5 @15h00
Cost: R50-R100

Poster Credit: Dancers of Indoni Dance Academy – photo by  Robin Elam- Rye – Betalife Productions.

Presenter: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto
Producer: Sophie Breck

Market Day Sunday 30 July

We began the day on The Morning Cruise by talking with Mbalentle, Odwa, and Zano who are hosting an event called Market Day this Sunday 30 July, where locals can sell their wares. The aim of Market Day is to enable local vendors to network with each other in order to develop township brands. In addition to all the stalls where locals will be selling their wares, Market Day will have food for customers as well as screens where vendors and customers alike can watch the soccer match also happening on Sunday.

The first Market Day showcased 24 stalls and was quite a success. Mbalentle’s vision is that future Market Days will grow in size and that more and more local vendors will flock to the market in Philippi rather than travel further to the City Center to advertise and sell their goods. She encourages anyone who is young and creative to come to Market Day.

Listen to the whole interview below for a deeper look at Market Day and check out their flyer for the event details.

Contact Mbalentle, Odwa, and Zano on their Facebook pages:
Zano Finity Mramba
Mbalentle Somagu
Odwa Arron Mbembe

Presenter: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto
Producer: Sophie Breck

Friday, July 21, 2017

Mbulelo Hohlo: Writer, Director, Actor, and Poet

Mbulelo Hohlo came to Bush Radio to talk about his upcoming theatre production called Take Me Back. He is both the writer and director of the production and will be acting as well. His creativity doesn’t stop there though, Mbulelo also writes and performs poetry.

Mbulelo speaks to all the artists, writers, musicians, and performers out there and encourages them to keep pushing, to keep writing and performing. Even when it gets difficult, his message to striving performers and writers is that “you are still standing there because there is somewhere you want to be,” so continue with your craft.

We witnessed Mbulelo perform a poem live in the studio, which you can hear below in the recording. He performed the poem in Xosa and said that each language gives a different feeling to the poem. If he translated the poem to another language, the poem would change from a performance to a reading.  

Mbulelo’s lasting message is that “your craft is worth more than you think, so let’s respect our craft and let’s do our best with it.”

Production details:
Written and directed by: Mbulelo Hohlo
Performance director: Yongama Siwangaza
Cast: Mbuluo Hohlo, Zizipho Gege, Yongama Siwangaza
Date: 22 July 2017
Location: Nkqubela Community Hall

You can follow Mbululo Hohlo on his facebook: Mbulelo King V-Star Hohlo 
You can also find him on these Facebook pages: Curtain Call African Speak, Umbono Wethongo

Presenter: Mkhuseli Khusi Veto
Producer: Sophie Breck