Thursday, February 01, 2018

Technology Takes Over Marketing

Description:Founder of Boo-Yah, Carmen Marie, is called in to tell us more about the ways in which she aims to bring technology into the corporate world. Boo-Yah! is an African inspired Educational and Advisory Marketing Services Company that focuses on providing training and getting people ready for the Technological Age with a wide range of courses on Marketing, Technology and Innovation.

She describes how people start changing once they start to use technology and these courses are aimed at equipping people with the skill set needed to adapt. She adds that she was blown away by the immense amount of knowledge and skills that are available, as well as the benefits of being technologically aware. We also discussed the significance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the age of technology and how most people make use of it without even realising it. She explains that through the use of applications such as Facebook and Google. The concept behind this is that the application itself tracks how it is used, prioritizes frequently used sites and utilizes this information to provide the "best user experience". She expresses excitement as she explains that while most see AI as a threat, she expects it to "take us to a whole new level", adding that while people see it as "one of the top 12 threats" she would argue it would be "an anti-dote to 11 of those threats".

Boo-Yah!, has partnered with The Connected Marketer TM, a digital marketing advisory services company from the UK to offer masterclasses in SA. These places including Cape Town, Durban, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia, adding that they are planning a seminar.
"Modern marketing is evolving beyond the point where technology can be ignored and it is proving to be a skill every person requires to be effective and secure a future in business. The course is less about teaching how technology works and more about teaching how it is used."
She adds that in order to learn how to use technology to its full capacity, people need to be given the opportunity and tools to experiment and learn how it works. With the consistent upgrading and evolution of the digital marketing and media industry, combined with consumers that are becoming more and more technologically advanced, it is clear that we "need to give people the techniques and not techno-phobia".

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Written by: Tauhierah Salie