Thursday, September 29, 2016


Food Industry is one of the job creators in South Africa especially here in Cape Town as we have many Restaurant which means its also a Competitive Industry.

Fruit Salad by Fruitilethu
Fruitilethu is a company that deals with Fruit salads, it was started by 4 young entrepreneurs at school to stop the stigma that people from the township don't eat healthy food. Their business started as a school project and from the success of it their lecturer encouraged them to continue with it. Although they are not from the same townships, that did not stop them from going after their dreams.   

From Left: Lwazi Bongani, Sisipho Jokazi, Asavela Gwele and Unathi Dila

The Fruitilethu company consists of 6 members. The name Fruitilethu was derived from Fruit and Gugulethu combined to show diversity. They are all young so they have weekly meetings to motivate each other.  

From Left: Mbasa Gqokoma (Presenter), Asavela Gwele, Lwazi Bongani, Unathi Dila and Sisipho Jokazi

They reach out to people through social networks because they feel that it is easier that way. Their biggest challenge at the moment is finding a balance between school and the business because school on it's own takes most of their time but in regards to food industry in the township there's none because they have to focus on their business

Presenter: Mbasa "Malusi" Gqokoma
Producer: Mkhuseli "Khusi" Veto

Rosa Choir and The Cape Cultural Collective - Mansoor Jafer and Terence Martzdorff

As we approaching the dying days for our Heritage Month 2016 under the theme “Human Treasures and Legends: our Living Heritage” our effort in asserting our unique African identity it doesn’t mean we should stop celebrating who we are. As A  mix of arts and cultural performances that speak to our rich heritage will be on show at The event, called Sankofa Tales and comprising music, dance and poetry, will take place at the Slave Church Museum, 40 Long Street on Friday 30 September 2016 at 7pm.

From  left: Terence Martzdorff (Rosa choir member) and Mansoor Jafer(Chairperson of  The Cape Cultural Collective) 

" The Cape Cultural Collective started 9 years ago, the first participants were the former Apartheid activists that wanted to make contribution to the society with the components of young poets in the 1920's. People joining together in the cross generation to produce a formation that focuses on arts and culture, music, poetry and dance. It started small in an Irish pub then they moved to a District Six Museum, that was the start of the Cape Cultural Collective" - Mansoor Jafer

From  left: Terence Martzdorff (Rosa choir member), Mansoor Jafer(Chairperson of  The Cape Cultural Collective) and Mbasa Gqokoma(Presenter)

Since then, The Cape Cultural Collective had monthly programmes and it is growing all the time. They had 4 poets that performed at Autumn Festival in Paris in Maât's Ginkgo et la jardinière, they also co-ordinated huge concerts for University of Western Cape (UWC) in 2010 before the World Cup they even started Rosa Choir. In 2016 started a  children's choir between the ages of 10 and 14 that come mainly from Langa and also around the Cape Town.
From  left: Terence Martzdorff (Rosa choir member), Mansoor Jafer(Chairperson of  The Cape Cultural Collective) and Mbasa Gqokoma(Presenter)

Presenter: Mbasa "Malusi" Gqokoma

Producer: Mkhuseli "Khusi" Veto