Friday, August 16, 2019

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Megan Alexander, Kristin Trisha and Samantha Mupariwa the cast of a play called The Grass is Always…

On the 16th July 2019 in Studio we had Megan Alexander, Kristin Trisha and Samantha Mupariwa the cast of a play called The Grass is Always… The cast of this play first met on a play they did called Transform and I’m Trance. They first saw each other at the Rehearsal’s for the play transformed.

Kristin Trisha started performing in 2008, that is when she decided she knows what she wants to do and she started in Community Theatre doing more of musical theatre. After that she decided to study, she has now obtained her Honours Degree.
Kristin is originally from East London, she also performed in theatres like Alexander Play House and Arts Theatre. Kristin said, “I always knew what I wanted, people fascinated me and it’s such a beautiful tool for expression”.
Megan Alexander, Kristin Trisha, Khusi Veto and Samantha Mupariwa 

Samantha Mupariwa said ever since she was a young child she always wanted to entertain and she loved entertaining people. When she was in primary school her dad enrolled her into extra drama classes, and for high school, she went to Art School in Pretoria to perceive her performing career she ended up studying it. Samantha, throughout her discovery of performing arts, was blessed to have parents who supported her even though they also wanted her to pursue other careers like law or science, but she was persistent on what she wanted and made sure that they saw her vision. Her parents are now her biggest fans, she grew up in Cape Town and then moved to Pretoria.
Megan Alexander said that her career choice of Performing Arts was not easy at first, her parents did not approve of her career choice. That is why she studied Psychology then after 5 or 6 years she decided to tell her parents that she wants to do Performing Arts and that’s how she started her career in it. Megan was born in Cape Town come from a place called Valhalla Park.

The three actors said that some of the difficulties regarding the career of Performing Arts is money and getting your name out there. They said that the performing arts needs more attention and support in South Africa just like Sport. Kristin says as an actor you must always read the fine print on a contract, sign a contract before being involved in any production, and get yourself an agent.
They said that people do not realise some of these stories they perform on stage come from real life stories. So, the actor or actress have to learn how to tell that story. The first professional play by Kristina was the musical (King and I) were she was playing the character of a Wife. Samantha’s first professional performance was her end of the year school project called Uber and the Truth commission it was this performance when she realised now she is an actress, because the character was challenging and had been done before by professional performers but for the Paid Professional Performance was from a play called Transformed.

Megan Alexander does not have much of Theatre experience but Transformed was her first professional performance, she also did a film for a leading role film called Detour in 2015. Megan said that performing for film is easier because you can mess up and fix the mistake by having multiple takes but theatre is more exciting because it’s a live performance so its 50/50 with film. Samantha said that in theatre there is no “cut, do it again”, so you have to give your 100% performance, on stage, there is always a new thing to learn with every single performance, and it’s exciting.
Megan Alexander, Kristin Trisha, Khusi Veto and Samantha Mupariwa 
On the 23rd – 27th July Megan Alexander, Kristin Trisha and Samantha Mupariwa performed on a play called The Grass Is Always…, the other performers/actors on the play are Tayla Sargent and Phemelo Mhlanga. The play is Written and Directed by Regina R. Malan. They said that the story is a dark comedy.
“What you can expect are Two upper crust houses in Cape Town Suburb. Two stuck up women with Constantia Mom accents trying to outdo each other. They are two friends caught in the middle of this petty squabble. You might be thinking what could possibly go wrong. Well, everything could go wrong. All you have to do is sit back, enjoy the overpriced snacks and see if the grass is always…well, you know. It’s fun, fresh and a brand new dark comedy written by Regina R. Malan, focusing on the theme ENVY”, said the actors.

The play is an Hour they have worked with the director on a play called transformed the advantage working with Regina they bounce off ideas with each other. This play took them a Month to prepare. They said that it is a Personal Experience and it is more intimate than going to watch a movie in theatre when you see pain you can feel it its real.

You can also follow the actors on their Social Network platforms:
Kristina Trisha - @KristinTrisha
Tayla Sargent – @tayy_25
Samantha Mupariwa – @Sammymup
Phemelo Mhlanga – @phemelo.mhlanga.9
Megan Alexander – @dreamer_cpt

With their Last Words: Do not let your Parents vase you, Believe in yourself and your own worth and build on yourself it’s never too late to work on it. Stay being stubborn girl stay by your Word and set Boundaries.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Woodstock Police Precinct engaging with the Community about Crime Prevention

Warrant Officer Malila is responsible for the Communication and partnership policing in Woodstock Policing Precinct (Woodstock Communication Officer). Accompanied by Muller Designated police Officer (Designated Liquor Officer). They are having a public meeting on 17th July 2019, Wednesday evening at 7pm.
Warrant officer Malila said, “policing is not a one-sided thing policing does not start with us (Police), policing start with you that is why Woodstock Police Precinct is reaching out to the Community”. Warrant Officer Malila said that partnership policing the Woodstock Police Precinct they take it very seriously they also had various community engagements and various community structures they can assist the SAPS on the fight against crime.

Muller & Malila
 Currently, the Woodstock Police Precinct has a good relationship with all their community structure, the public meetings the Woodstock police precinct have these meetings quarterly. In this type of public meeting they go back to the community to inform them of their previous successes, how the station is operating they also give the community an opportunity to give feedback on whether they are satisfied with the service they are getting from the Woodstock police precinct.
The service delivery is on top of their agenda at the Woodstock policing precinct. The station commander and the management of Woodstock police precinct do not compromise service delivery. Meetings like these are one of the forms to engage with the community to talk about crime and give out their view on how the police officers are conducting themselves in the precinct and whether they satisfied or are there any areas the SAPS can work on fixing.
After this meeting, the Woodstock police precinct would then go back to its members where they have internal imbizo where they give feedback regarding the community meetings. The Woodstock police precinct have methods on educating the communities regarding how to educate its members on how policing works. For example, the new type of policing introduction of the sector policing was introduced to bridge the gap between police and the community.
Muller & Malila
The Woodstock Policing is divided into four sectors, to bring policing to the community, meaning there is a specific Van allocated to a specific area and there is a specific Cell phone number for that area. The cell number is written on the Vans. There is also a police officer allocated or responsible for the sectors, called a Sector Manager. He or She is your direct liaison between the community and the Police. There are also Community structures to assist the police that includes your Neighbourhood Watch, the city improvement district, street committees and block watchers; those are some of the structures police use to be effective in the area.
When it comes to businesses in the area of Woodstock, the Woodstock Police precinct has started a network with all the businesses in the area. By forming business watchers, the networks it’s to beef up communication with them with things like social media platforms, if the businesses closes at the end of the year or on weekends this is to set up a patrol register for the visible policing.  The Woodstock Police precinct also wants to introduce the same concept for the residential houses for example for people who go for vacation and the house will be empty for weeks, so they can come to the police station the SAPS can set up a patrol schedule in those areas. With things like events the Woodstock Police precinct plead to event organisers or club owners to communicate with the police regarding the event so that police can have extra police officers in order for the event to be secured for that certain area to do crime prevention.

Muller Designated police Officer (Designated Liquor Officer) says there procedure’s on giving out liquor licence permission one of them would be Police, Municipality, the liquor authority the police on  that process can make recommendation or say they don’t approve the application but the final decision is made by the liquor authority/ liquor tribunal. The Woodstock Police Precinct do the regular liquor inspection in all the places that is covered by the Woodstock Police Precinct. 

For more information you can call 082 499 3871

Address152 Victoria Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7915

Friday, June 14, 2019

Belgravia High (Athlone Young Poets)

Description:There is power in the written word and there is still a place for poetry among the youth. This is the sentiment of the Athlone Young Poets, a group of Grade 11 and Grade 12 pupils from Belgravia High School, who had their work published in a London-based anthology, called "Her Stories In Verse". The Athlone Young Poets was started by Toni Stuart, a poet, performer and spoken word teacher, as a pilot programme last year (when they were in Grade 10 and Grade 11). The programme was designed and developed by Ms Stuart over the past four years and is the result of the work and teaching experience she did as part of her Master’s degree studies. Describing what the programme entails, Ms Stuart said: “Poetry is being used as a tool through which the pupils explore and engage with the rich history of people, events and places in Athlone. Through exploring and telling these stories, they come to experience how history informs and influences their lives today, and gain a deeper understanding of the histories that have shaped us. The aim is that in doing so, these young people can decide for themselves who they are and want to be.” As part of last year’s programme, two Belgravia High pupils,Taylor Brandt, Grade 10, and Ammaarah Kahaar, Grade 12, also took part in an international exchange with Sydney Russell School in Dagenham, London, where they attended and performed at the launch of herstories in verse in December last year. The exchange formed part of the Barbican’s Change Makers programme. Speaking of her experience, Ammaarah said: “It was so overwhelming. I learnt so many lessons and learnt so much more about myself. I’ve also learnt that there are more ways to express yourself other than just writing – the same message can be shared through dance. Also, writing is a form of therapy – even if you don’t have anyone to share it with. I sometimes write just to get something off my chest.” Liam Volkwyn, Grade 11, said he used to overthink things, until he joined the group. “What I learnt is how to expand my mind. I understand things better. Now, instead of overthinking, I trust my instinct. I even attend open mics now,” he said. Zintle Nokonya, also Grade 11, said she too has learnt to trust herself more. “I have learnt different ways to express my feelings. I now trust my body, mind and hand to lead me to what I want to say. I think a lot more young people must be exposed to this. It’s our responsibility to create awareness about this form of expressing yourself,” Zintle said. Tara Pickard, Grade 11, said writing is about your own experiences and thoughts, and there is still a lot of room for poetry among young people. “We want this programme to continue. It brought us closer to one another,” Tara added. Adrianne Svenson, Grade 11, said she joined the programme because she needed a creative outlet, while Fadwa Fataar believes there is more value to something written on paper, as opposed to sharing your thoughts on social media.

Ms Stuart explained that the programme is set up for her to work with the same group of young people for three years. Unfortunately, the programme could not continue this year, because of a lack of funding for transport. In order to get it up and running again, Ms Stuart set up a Patreon Page, at www. where people can make a monthly pledge to support the programme. If you would like to assist in another form, contact Ms Stuart at 072 657 0290 or email

Monday, June 03, 2019

Community Volunteer Anthea Trout

On the 23rd of May, we had Anthea Trout in studio to talk about some of the good work she has been doing.

Community volunteer Anthea Trout, her family and friends, handed out party packs to the children of Bonteheuwel and Bishop Lavis for Easter not too long ago. Ms Trout said that thanks to public donations, they distributed 500 packs in Bonteheuwel and 100 in Bishop Lavis. The children also had fun painting posters and banners and having their faces painted. The volunteers make hot dogs and put together party packs for the communities’ children once a month. They also play games with them and expose them to educational toys. “I have always wanted to give back and this is way that I can. If I can bring joy to them they can give joy back. Seeing the smiles on the faces makes it all worth it. They are happy for the smallest things and they appreciate the time we spend with them,” she said. In November last year, Ms Trout received a community-builder award from the non-profit, Propagation of Women’s Empowerment Resources (Power), for her community work. Many of the children they helped came from poor, single-parent homes, she said. “I want the children to know that I came from Bonteheuwel, and although they have many challenges they can get an education and make their lives better,” she said.

if you would like to get hold of Anthea;
call or whatsapp / 083 698 1776

email address /
To make donations, call Anthea Trout on 083 698 1776.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Ezra Poole Wicket-Keeping Academy

On the 24th of May, we were joined in studio by Ezra Poole from the Ezra Poole Wicket-Keeping Academy.

Ezra Poole is a certified level three cricket coach. As a player, he has racked up 69 games for the North West Dragons. He also represented the South Africa Colts and South Africa Universities sides. As a coach, he has experience in a numerous of coaching courses and has specialised the craft of wicket-keeping which has improved his credentials as a coach.

To expand his authority and knowledge as a wicket-keeping coach, he extended his coaching qualifications by completing level 1, 2, 3 and refresher coaching courses for Boland Cricket. He is currently a CSA consultant. Due to his unique skills and knowledge, Ezra has worked with wicketkeepers at international level, franchise level and as well as amateur level from U/13 upwards. He is currently the Convenor of Selectors for Western Province Cricket.

He tells a funny story of how he actually got into wicketkeeping. One of his team mates did not pitch up for one of their games, and because no one else wanted to be wicketkeeper, he took it upon himself to stand in as wicketkeeper and the rest is history. The Cape Town based, Kensington cricket guru, said he chose cricket over soccer because at the time it was less running and jokingly said it was the best decision he could have made as he has made a career out of it.

When asked if he thought cricket is dying in the western cape, he simply said "cricket is actually in a healthy state in Western Cape." Majority of his work is done at Newlands field, and as it is winter, they will need to find an indoor facility to train.

If you would like to get hold of ezra, you can do so via:
website :
facebook : ezra poole / ezra poole wicketkeeping academy

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Kiwondo's Sushi Company (Tasty Tuesday)

If you do not know what Tasty Tuesday is all about, it is a segment we have on Bush Radio via our Morning Cruise show, where we showcase local food businesses and what they have to offer by giving them a platform to advertise and market their business wether they are selling food from the back of a car, or their own studio space.

This week for Tasty Tuesday:
Kiwondo's Sushi is a sushi catering agency based in cape town. Their company was created in 2015 by Elie Kiwondo. They provide modern and classic on site sushi catering services and other services related to sushi.

Even though they are a sushi-inspired company, they are soon to dabble in more dishes but still incorporate the seafood side of things. With so many sacrifices they had to endure to get their sushi business off the ground, it has been all worth it for the duo. ''Everyday is a challenge, people want more and they want different from the usual to make them happy,'' are the words of Elie who speaks about how tough the food industry is and how challenging it is to keep customers coming back for more.

With 2019 in its 5th month already, Elie wishes to partner and collaborate with other catering agencies. They also wish to grow their clients so that they would have more of a consistency where income is concerned. Getting rid of all distractions are one of the many keys to success that Aneeb and Elie always follow.
if you would like to get hold of Kiwondo's:
twitter }
instagram }

Thursday, May 02, 2019

Tamryn Pereira (student and chef at The International Hotel School)

All the way from Delft, Tamryn Lynn Pereira, an aspiring chef, joined us in studio to talk about her journey through food and came to whip up a storm for us on our segment called Tasty Tuesdays.

Going into her second year of cooking and being a chef, she draws her inspirations from her mother who is very good in pastries and has been her motivation since a young age. With Tamryn graduating in 2020, more specifically June 2020, she hints at studying further in the culinary arts department. Her specialty is Pasta, Steak and deserts. As stressful as the job is, she says its a satisfying feeling seeing that the food she serves people make them happy and that they are satisfied with their meals.

Being a perfectionist and also very critical about her food and how its made, she hopes to one day run her own restaurant and oversee a kitchen of the best chefs she can find. Tamryn hopes people stay away from fast food as it is unhealthy and that people should seek more healthy and vegetarian servings. With jobs in Dubai and on crew ships on the table, Tamryn is in no rush, as she wants to learn more dishes that could benefit her in the future where jobs and having her own restaurant is concerned.

When Tamryn is not at work, she practices cooking at home for her friends and family. Speaking about work, Tamryn applies her trade at the Onomo-Inn on the the square, in Cape Town.With the interview coming to the end, Tammy thanked her best friends and her parents for being her support system on her journey so far.

If you would like to get hold of Tamryn, contact her on:

facebook: Tammy Lynn Pereira
instagram: Tammy_Pereira

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Chef Timothy Pietersen

On the 23rd of April, chef Timothy joined us in studio to talk to us about his journey through food and cuisine. Chef Timothy who is 30 years old, was born and raised in Cape Town where he discovered his passion for cooking at the age of 11 years old.

Chef Timmy came from humble beginnings, he spent most of his time in his mother's kitchen where she was constantly cooking up new dishes. He started to help with chores around the kitchen and soon developed a love and passion for different techniques of cooking. Upon graduation from culinary school in 2008, Chef Timmy worked a wide variety of restaurants including going overseas to Abu Dhabi.

After coming back to South Africa he then joined Mala Mala Nature Reserve where he then caught his big break and became the new Head Chef. Chef Timmy now resides in Cape Town where he has been working for 3 months at the 5 star restaurant called The Lawns at Roadhouse. He now continues his love and passion for cooking and creating new dishes.

Sea food is his favourite type of food to indulge in, as he grew up in his early teens fishing with his neighbour, who taught him the different fish that are out there and how to cook them.

All in all, Timothy's future in the kitchen looks bright, with the hopes of starting his own business where he uses a food truck and serve Mexican food to the ''on the go'' type of person. So in the near future, if you see a food truck with ''Timo's Foodtruck'' on it, just know it is Cape Town's own Timothy Pietersen who will be spear-heading some tacos your way.

If you would like to get in contact with Timothy, you can do so via:

IG: chef_timo_1

FACEBOOK: Timothy Pietersen

Amelia Thys aka Miss Lia (singer songwriter)

On the 11th of April, we were joined in studio by singer songwriter rapper and all around soulful lyricist, Amelia Thys, who goes by the stage name Miss Lia. Born and bred in Steenberg, Capetown, Miss Lia has been working with Clint C as the producer of her music and has recently released a 3 track EP.

Her hit single "love yourself"she explained, is a song for the ladies by the ladies. Even though Amelia does not consider herself a rapper, but she definitely gets down and dirty with freestyles and rapping from time to time, showing her versatility in music.

Clint C, her producer, strives to make ever-lasting music and also show his versatility in making different kinds of music and not just boxing himself in to one genre. Both of the musicians thank each and everyone of their supporters and those who mentored them in the art of music.

Amelia wishes to leave a lasting impression on people in the sense of striving for your goals in life and to become an inspiration to people who are not motivated enough. "Collaboration is key" says Miss Lia, who wishes that in future, more local artists should come together and network, as well as making music together.

If you would to follow Amelia on social media, you can do so via:

 IG: Miss Lia Music
FB: Amelia Thys

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Melissa de Vries aka Melrock Lizzo

On the 22nd of March 2019, we were joined in studio by Melissa De Vries, also known as, Mel Jo Pel Tv Presenter, Actress and Dancer who hails from Blackheath and has always had a love for the entertainment industry.

As A dancer she entered all local competitions and eventually got an opportunity to rep SA at Hip hop international in Las Vegas where she met Legendary Popping Pete who then offered to train her in Popping. She then won ABC hosted by Heal the hood, consistently placed top 4 at events and won Sisters of dance hosted by Stones which is battles among females in South Africa.
On Presenting part of things she use to be a presenter on a live show called EKSE on Cape town tv then ventured in A Walk with Mel a show she started from scratch. She produces and presents the show and going for season 11.
As an Actress something she studied a while back she is currently playing a teacher on Arendsvlei a telenova on Kyknet & kie. She also featured in Krotoa, Cinderella if the show fits, and Bring it on 6. She believes that "if you believe in yourself and your gift you got from above and keep working things will fall into place for you".

Facebook Mel Jo Pel Instagram and Twitter @melrocklizzo

Friday, March 08, 2019

Chelsea Goliath, poet from Mitchells Plain

On the 6th of March, we were joined in studio by Chelsea Goliath, a fast rising and viral entity where her poetry is concerned. Her spoken word or poetry as it is more well known as, took off when she posted her very first video on social media of her performing her spoken word called "Mitchells Plain".

The video went viral on Facebook as her inspirational words and and authentic passion came through as she spoke about the trials, tribulations and great things that come out of Mitchells Plain.

With Chelsea being a full-time student at UWC, her time management has to be on point if she wants to get around to her poetry as well. Luckily, she handles her time very well and even in her busy days, makes time to set up events for her spoken word and also posting to social media.

Since she was a child, Chelsea always had a love for words and the meaning behind it. As she grew up, she found poetry as her new home and after following a poetry group from America, she knew this is what she wanted to do. Chelsea seems to find inspiration almost everywhere. Her favourite place to source for her next big hit is using public transport. She says that just listening to people talking about various topics that get swept under the rug is a boost for her and her spoken word.

"I want to paint a picture with words. I don't want people to just hear what I am saying, but also to feel what I am saying...", were the words of Chelsea expressing how she wants to convey her spoken word. All she wants is to inspire one person, and let the Boomerang effect" take place and allow a chain reaction of letting each and everyone teach and educate others and spread the words she express.

The 21 year old Chelsea Goliath, wishes that more Cape Town based people embrace who they are, their cultures to be practised fully and not half full and also to be true to who you are and prosper.

To get in touch with Chelsea, you can do so via:

Chelsea Goliath (FACEBOOK)

Chelsea_Firelilly (INSTAGRAM)

To watch one -f her performances here on Bush Radio via youtube:


Thursday, March 07, 2019

Glody Nkanga Global Peace Ambassador for South Africa in Cape Town

Glody Nkanga originally from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in Lubumbashi in the south eastern part of Democratic Republic, arrived in south Africa when he was 5yrs old. Glody is an Ambassador for the Global Peace Chain, promoting peace in South Africa and all over the world. “Where ever peace is needed we are there to entitle and make sure that we are promoting it” – Said Glody.
Glody Nkanga  & Khusi Veto

In Cape Town he is currently the only Global Peace Ambassador so far, Glody will be in the Global Peace Ambassador (GPA) summit taking place in April 2019 it’s an international summit that will be hosted in Johannesburg. Glody’s dream was inspired by his church where they don’t see colour it’s a unity church ever since he was a kid his pastor made him Realise that one day he will be President and glody took that to heart that’s when he got passionate on helping people.
Glody’s main focus on global peace is crime against woman and children because “our foundation as humans it’s based on woman and children as a youth we must start where the root is beginning to grow as Nelson Mandela said “the children are the future of the country” said glody. if you start impacting the youth at a young age with goals and successful path you steer youth in a right direction. Throughout his life he has looked up to world great leaders. The next project after the Global Peace Ambassador will be community based project glody said “If you believe in change you must start in your Community as soon as you start in one house hold you can move to the next one and soon you will see the whole community is transformed. Glody is turning 22yrs on the 16 March 2019 on this day he will be hosting his an event that he will be on turning 22yrs. Glody studied IT at Dameline College now he is waiting for his Global Citizen. On the side he is also a musician and an entrepreneur on his birthday the event will be fashion show and showcasing his music he produced. The money that will be made from his event will go to a charity organisation.
Anyone can be a Global Peace Ambassador from 18yrs and above.
Glody contact details: Glody Nkanga  
Instagram: King Glody
Twitter: Glody Nkanga  

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Cha Cha Dance Company

On the 26th of February, we were joined in studio with the flamboyant and down to earth Sasha who owns the Cha Cha Dance Company. Hailing from Grassy Park, Sasha started her dance school approximately 2 years ago. By using dance competitions and workshops, she generated enough capital to start the dance school.

Dancing since the age of 5, Sasha's life has revolved around being on the dance floor competing and she says that dancing is all she knows. As soon as she became a senior dancer, she started teaching others on her own when the instructors weren't present. Trained in Hip Hop, Contemporary, etc, Sasha wishes to teach more than those two dance forms in future. Being a UCT graduate in Dance, she has 3 other teachers and 20 students at her studio.

Sasha takes children from the age of four, and would push to get a 3 year old only if they are able to concentrate for a full class. They had it tough teaching the children about rhythm and remember steps. Sasha works a 9 to 5 but still has time to give back to the community by teaching the children.

A studio with a space for parents to sit and enjoy watching their children perform and practice their routines is what Sasha ideally would like in the near future. The Cha Cha dance company will be hosting their mid-year show, in collaboration with 2 other dance schools. Anyone who would like to get in  contact with Cha Cha Dance Company can do so via Facebook: Cha Cha Dance Company. They are also on Instagram: Cha Cha Connect. Lastly, you can also reach them on their email address, which is

Sasha hopes to get more disciplined students in at her studio to teach as it makes her job much easier. She also hopes to make Cape Town aware of how important dance is and for people to take it serious.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Jamaaludien "Jet" Williams on his way to France

Rocklands footballer Jamaaludien “Jet” Williams has qualified to attend the Paris World Games with Simsport Eagles at the home of current World Cup winners, France, in the city of Paris, from July 6 to July 15 this year.
He and his parents ,Achmat and Najomoenisa Williams, joined us in studio today, 28th February, to fill us in on his great achievement. Jamaaludien, 17, was notified on the day of trials that he made it for the soccer tournament.

On the day of trials Jamaaludien and his dad, Achmat, had car trouble and it seemed everything was working against him, he said. “With hard work and dedication I made it to the trials and qualified.”

Ironically, Jamaaludien did not like soccer in the beginning at all. It was when his friend Kyle Godfrey brought a ball to him to play with that he became fond of the sport. He did research on soccer, looking at all aspects such as how its played and who the best players are.

Mr Williams said: “He was always very good in his academics. He loves the game and is very passionate about it.”

Jamaaludien started playing soccer at 12 and joined Cedar United at 13.

He also won the greatest sportsman of the year and most dedicated player of the year awards at Cedar High School in December last year.

“I did not expect this award. I am very grateful for it,” he said.

Jamaaludien plays an attacking role on the soccer field. He either plays right wing or right midfield.

His mother, Najomoenisa Williams said he surprises them all the time with his ability to achieve more. “If he wants something, he goes for it, he grabs the opportunity. I know what he is capable of so I push him to do the best he can, always. We support our son in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

His favourite soccer player is Lionel Messi and he tries to copy his style of play.

His coach and mentor, Fagan Muller, is also his role model.

“Mr Muller has pushed me to do my best and I’m so thankful to him for teaching me the skills,” says Jamaaludien.

To get Jamaaludien to France, the Williams family needs to raise R36 000.

As part of the fund-raising activities to help Jet, Rise Up Youth is hosting a “Jet Tour De France” fund-raiser on Friday March 29 at Cedar High School hall at 7pm. Tickets cost R30.

For more information or if you want to help, contact Najomoenisa at 083 343 2132.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Omar Badsha - (South African documentary photographer, artist, political and historian)

On the 26th of February, we were joined in studio by Mr. Omar Badsha, a self-taught, award winning artist and photographer. Badsha played an active role in the South African liberation struggle, as a cultural and political activist and trade union leader. Among all his great achievements, in 2000, he established South African History Online (SAHO), a non-profit online history and heritage project which has become one of Africa’s largest history websites.

Mr. Omar says being a part of Bush Radio when it started and being part of its legacy is something he holds dear to his heart and also that it shows the perseverance and resilience of the station. “With 6.2million visitors on the SAHO site, you constantly have to update your infrastructure, security and hosting…”, were the words of the ex-political figure, where his vision is to contribute to the change in SA, promote new history and contribute to knowledge production.

Ensuring that the apartheid bias was addressed, when rewriting the history from the side of people who were in the struggle is being preserved by Mr. Omar and SAHO, he intends to include all races in collecting history stories from all walks of life that falls part of South African history.  

Also, when asked how the media has changed over the years, Mr. Omar said, “it’s changed tremendously, you can’t even begin to explain to young people that when you wanted to communicate with other people there was censorship. Today, in the new South Africa, we are very lucky that our Constitution and institutions allow us freedom of expression.” Mr. Omar explains that last year, when their site was down for a few days, they were actually hacked! To put the cherry on top, this wasn’t the first time that this has happened. With the website being shutdown, the SAHO team were lucky to have backed up their entire archive, and within a week they recovered everything.

Mr. Omar and SAHO will be hosting a fundraiser for their website, while also having a campaign where they are asking people if they could donate r10 a month, to contribute to the site and keep it running while also not being dependent on big foundations, corporations, government and advertising for money.

In his last words before closing the interview, he said that young people must exercise their vote, but voting isn’t enough, one should continue to build grassroot organizations and keep local authority of those organizations accountable for what happens and doesn’t happen in our society. 

To get in contact with Mr Omar or with South African History Online: 

Tel: +27 (0)21 447 4365 or +27 (0)21 447 3434 (alternative)
Office hours: 8h00 - 16h00

Physical Address: 349 Albert Road, Woodstock 7925, Cape Town, South Africa

 Email: General queries,

To listen to the interview, click on the link below:

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Cape Town Netball Federation

Igshaan Brenner, Janine du Toit and Marlene Williams, members of the Cape Town Netball Federation, joined us in studio on the 22nd of February, to talk about the sport that is netball.

The Cape Town Netball Federation has sub-divisions. For instance, as Marlene explains, there are 12 teams in the Mitchell's Plain division. Khayalitsha also has their own division within the federation, as well as Dunoon. Our presenter, Khusi Veto, was shocked and surprised when he heard that males also take part in playing netball which is called "rebel netball". Marlene further explained that each division is structured, where each team has to be registered and follow as well as abide to a constitution of rules and regulations set by the sub-division.

Janine boasts about the 10 districts ans divisions they have around Cape Town where at the end of the year they have an inter-club competitions where all the top teams of the different divisions compete in. She further explains that if there are any people wanting to start their own club, to get all documents would take a week, a team of at least 7 players, and a strong outlook on having fun.

"The money we get is too little...", was the words of Janine when asked if the are getting money. They would appreciate their own facility as the Cape Town Netball Federation. Successfully taking children off the streets can only happen if things go both ways where funding for equipment, facilities and funding for touring is concerned.

Contact details:
Cape Town WP Netball Federation-FACEBOOK

Marlene Williams, Development Officer- 076 680 7980

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Jeremiah & Shaneva (singing sensations)

On the 19th of February 2019, the spontaneous yet down to earth duo of Jeremiah Sweets and Shaneva Hendricks, joined us in studio and graced us with a few live performances that definitely blew us away.

The duo, namely Shaneva is from Elsies River, while Jeremiah is from Ravensmead yet still find time to practice. While doing a cover of one of Neville D's songs, the duo posted in online and it somehow made its way to him, and the next thing they knew, they were in his studio doing their version of his song. "I just uploaded it because I had data", was the words of Shaneva who never expected over 130000 views across South Africa. "We have a segment every week we do on Facebook, where people don't know how much hard work and effort it is", was the words of young Jeremiah who also says they don't mind putting in the work to get where they want to be.

The duo have the backing and support of their families and they also express how valuable the motivation from parents and other family members are on this tough journey they are taking to make a success of their music. Jeremiah is fluent in playing the guitar and piano and says that those two instruments are his main sources of income at the moment. The duo both said that corporate gigs pay the best, pays on time and even sometimes pay in advance.

They ended off the interview with their own rendition of the famous song, Valerie, from Amy Winehouse.  To follow the dynamic duo on social media, their handles are:

Jeremiah and Shaneva (FACEBOOK)
Jeremiah and Shaneva music (YOUTUBE)
@Jeremiah_&_Shaneva (INSTAGRAM)

And here are the links to their performance in studio with us at Bush Radio 8 9.5fm:

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Future Prospects Monday Live Band (4th February 2019)

On the 4th of February 2019, we were joined in studio by a young band taking Cape Town by storm, named Future Prospects.

Playing the sweet sounds of Bruno Mars hit, "just the way you are", the group then introduced themselves as Grant Marshall on vocals, Craig on bass, Lance on keys, Benjamin Lewis on piano and Keanan Lewis on drums, accompanied by Grant Marshall who is also on saxophone.

Craig, as their manager, gave some insight on their contact details if people wish to follow them on Future Prospects SA, also cjgproductions on Facebook and to book them you can email The group started as a school band at Wynberg High, and when asked how many years each member has spend honing their craft, non of the members as spend less than 3 years on their preferred instrument.

Benjamin Lewis, the youngest of the group, played us a rendition of his own, of the hit single ''undecided"  from Chris Brown and he definitely killed the performance.

"The more we can perform, the more we can grow together", are the words from Craig who hopes to take things one step at the time. "If you have a goal, run with it", were the words of encouragement from the young and talented Benjamin Lewis.

To close the interview, they closed it off with performing two acoustic versions of "funktown", and "find one hundred ways".

Monday, February 18, 2019

T.Y from the V.I on his project, "Humble Beginnings"

On the 1st of February, we were joined in studio by CPT's own, Tyrone Abrahams, better known as TY, who is quickly becoming one of Cape town's hottest prospects where music in concerned.

 The Cape Town traffic couldn't keep TY from attending our interview here on Bush Radio 89.5fm, even though it sounded like he was out of breathe when running up our stairs to be on time! "Trust and believe, humble beginnings is on its way", were the first words uttered by the infamous TY, before even being asked about it. TY's musical journey has taken him nearly 5 years in counting to blow up and make a commercial breakthrough in the music game and says the reason for the project being called "Humble Beginnings", is because he came from nothing, and turned his struggle and things he went through into positive vibes that shine through his music.

On his first song, "you cant wys", he expresses how he wants to step up, how his next and how he wants to enter the game. "on my second song, called I Know, that's TY 2.0, as I like to call it, that's something different, where you hear the truth", TY said. He also continues by saying the third song we played, is "Ty for the jol", which basically means a song he particular made that could be played in a club or an event for jamming(dancing) to.

"You going to get waarheid, you going to get turn ups", is what the versatile rapper from Strandfontein Village said, when being asked what can be expected by fans from the Humble Beginnings tape.

His outrageous rhyme-scheme came into play when he did a young freestyle for us over various instrumental beats, such as "0-100" of Drake, and T.I's "why you wanna". Lines such as
"The flow is always slick but I'm never slipping, with my grassies on I got a school girl tripping", and "You rappers are funny you talking this goetes 'bout rapping at bony, the only time I said you ill is when you ate that polony, whats you tryna show me are things I've seen before, I know how they onderskat but when I'm done they 'gon hit the floor", show his ability to change flows, use slang and use things that were/are news that made headlines.

#HUMBLEBEGINNINGS, is where you can find any and all music from  TY on all social media platforms. "Stick to you, you cant do anyone else but you", were the words of encouragement he had to close off the interview for up and coming artists.

to follow TY, his handles are:




Thursday, January 24, 2019

We do not know what the future holds, But Building blocks are on Your Vote #Register

Our team recently did a vox pop on whether people will be voting or not.

Concerned by the negative responses and with the final registration weekend coming up we asked the Provincial Electoral Officer for the Electoral Commission of South AfricaReverend Courtney Sampson to speak with us and give us some input.

We at Bush Radio would like to encourage everyone who is eligible to go out and register to vote and check their details on the voter’s roll.
You don’t have to know who you will vote for yet, but without being on the voter’s roll you can’t exercise your right to vote.

Democracy is not a spectator sport, you have to participate to make a change.

We will keep you up-to-date with #election2019 via our debates and other discussions in order to assist you in making your decision