Wednesday, July 25, 2012

In Studio Today: St George's Home for Girls

St George's Home for Girls

 Graeme Cairns joins the Morning Cruise to discuss St George's 150th anniversary in August!

St Georges Home is registered to accommodate 40 girls. The girls are divided into 4 families of ten. Each family has a qualified childcare worker (house mother). We also have one relief childcare worker. The overall care is provided for by a social worker

One of our main focuses is to re-integrate the children with their families as soon as possible. By providing specialised care and education and teaching life skills to the girls within a secure environment, caregivers empower them with the necessary skills and knowledge to become confident individuals. The girls are fully integrated into the local community. They attend schools in the surrounding areas, worship at a church of their choice and are actively involved in extra-mural activities.

The Mission

To provide a quality home

To create a nurturing environment that will cater for the emotional, spiritual, physical, social and educational needs of the girls

To provide social services and quality programmes with a view of possible reunification with the family.

The Vision

To be a safe and loving home for girls in need of care

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Learn More About St George's:

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Get Involved!

Saint George's Home for Girls presents various opportunities for the community to get involved. Whether you volunteer your time to tutor the girl's or make donations such as non perishable food and good used clothing for girls, your support is most welcome and highly appreciated. If you'd like to help out contact:

Tel: 021 797 0262

Fax: 021 762 9934

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In Studio Today: Trenton and Free Radical

Trenton and Free Radical

Join the Morning Cruise to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela on Madiba day, with the popular track Mr Mandela. Trenton explains that artists need to take responsibility for their careers, he adds that this can be achieved by "building a community of support". The group agree that success in the industry is determined by sustainability, to achieve this one needs a small group of dedicated fans.

Trenton and Free Radical's concise advice to aspiring artists

1. Write songs

 2. Perform.

With his feet firmly planted in African soil, Trenton Birch has a global musical sensibility. Having done his time in London developing the distinct sound and conscious lyrics of his reggae-infused Afro-beat band, Trenton and Free Radical, his return to Cape Town is a major score for the South African live music scene.

Free Radical delivers honest beats—although there are diverse influences, including hip-hop and electro, the result is sufficiently distinctive and edgy to evoke a sense of being unique, avoiding tired genre labels. Theirs is a contemporary African sound with universal appeal, and the muscle to unite divergent tastes. It’s revolutionary music geared to ignite dance-floors while exploding our thinking.
"There’s a revolution afoot. A tidal wave of changing attitudes; around the way people think about their world, their responsibility towards each other, the planet, and the type of music that’s being churned out. TOMORROW'S DAY! "

Trenton and Free Radical, a musical partnership between Birch and writing collaborator Marco MSG, is evidence of this revolution. Their sound—seductive, acoustic, urban—elegantly marries catchy tunes with meaningful lyrics. Their songs have the energy and impact of anthems; their words pack meaning and their rhythms are ones you can’t help bopping to

Learn More about Trenton and Free Radical:

Monday, July 23, 2012

In Studio Today: Auriol Hays

Auriol Hays


The Morning Cruise

I am a professional singer/songwriter/blogger/writer...who has a funny daughter who paints and mocks me, 3 cats, great friends and a entirely insane extended family. Oh, and then there's the hamster...

Auriol Hays joins the morning Cruise to discuss her latest music video 'a better man' and the release of her album, "which chronicles the evolution of a relationship" on itunes next week. She adds that another project close to her heart is the Help 2 Read initiative.Help2read is a registered non-profit organisation working through a volunteer workforce in primary schools in South Africa


To motivate the literate adult population to pass on their skills to the next generation, helping children to learn to love books and become confident readers.

Company Overview

help2read is a child literacy organisation, which operates in the Western Cape and Gauteng Provinces, South Africa. Our vision is that all South African children leave primary school literate and enjoy reading.
We do this by recruiting and training reading volunteer helpers who spend one-on-one time with learners on a weekly basis.Almost 80% of South African learners have not developed basic ...reading skills by the time they reach Grade 5. help2read works with these learners to improve their reading skills.


More volunteers!

Books and games for 5 - 12 year old children

Financial donations
Books can be dropped at:

help2read, 6 Alma Road, Rosebank, 7700

Office Hours: 8:30am - 4:30pm


Help us to make a difference!

Please read more on our website.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In Studio Today: The Jesse Jordan Band

The Jesse Jordan Band

With over 10 years behind them, 3 albums and 4 music videos later, The Jesse Jordan Band is far from slowing down. With the 4th Album in progress, Jesse, alongside Hein, Logan & JP is raising the bar as they define their new sound of Rock

Jesse Jordan plays the acoustic guitar and fronts the Jesse Jordan Band. He started singing at a very early age but learnt to play guitar in high school.Jesse’s been playing gigs professionally since age 16 and has grown as both a songwriter and a performer.

 Hein Schultz also a graphic artist & animator, started playing rhythm guitar in JJB for a while then developed and progressed to a lead guitarist and now is a very important element in the Jesse Jordan Band sound.

Logan Scott has worked as a freelance bass player since he was in high school and has toured and played every major festival in South Africa. Known for his rock solid groove, Logan brings the perfect foundation to the Jesse Jordan Band as the link between the harmonic, melodic and rhythmic element.

JP Crouch, husband & father of 3, has worked in almost every musical genre ranging from Gospel, jazz, RnB, pop and theatre to major stage productions. Over the last 3 years JP has firmly established himself as the BEAT of the Jesse Jordan Band.


Recorded during the Winter of 2011, the Jesse Jordan Band worked with multi-award winning producer and recording engineer Jurgen Von Wechmar, Owner of Sunset Recording Studios, and produced what they feel is their best work to date.

Given the opportunity by Robin & Christine Thompson, prominent music business professionals from Namibia, they seized the chance to produce an album that captured the perfect blend of Jesse’s amazing vocal range and acoustic guitar skills, Hein’s powerful guitar tone and catchy riffs, Logan’s solid bass lines that holds everything together and JP’s rhythmic, versatile and dynamic drumming.

With an awesome chemistry among these members, whether in the rehearsal room, recording studio or live stage, the Jesse Jordan Band brings a lot more to the party than meets the eye.

Learn More About The Jesse Jordan Band:


Catch The Jesse Jordan Band

Venue: Obs Cafe


Date: Friday 19 July


Tickets: R20-R30




Friday, July 13, 2012

In Studio Today: WeDfy & Psychotics Crew





WEDFY CRU (Athlone)

"We are a dynamic crew looking to further the Hiphop culture in Cape Town & South Africa"

Learn More about WEDFY:


PSYCHOTICS CREW (Mitchells Plain)



Step "Step Up Or Step Out" is a reality dance show that offers 10 homegrown dance crews the chance to show off Mzansi’s hottest street dance moves in a dance reality competition like no other.

Tune in to ETV Sundays at 6:05PM and Saturdays at 1:30PM

Tune in This Sunday and Vote!

Friday, July 06, 2012

In Studio Today: Laszlo Cicatrixx Van Leeuwen

In studio today: we meet Laszlo Cicatrixx Van Leeuwen and learn more about his career in the music industry and his current projects.

Lazslo describes himself as 'an urban-styled recording artist, producer and song writer, focused on bringing knowledge and understanding about through music and strive to motivate and inspire people to unite together as one, and to constantly ask questions rather than just digesting whatever media and society force feeds us from birth onward.'. He adds "I'm like a moth - often left in the dark, but always flying toward the light. Even if it kills me.".

Laszlo explains, "I am currently busy working on my solo debut album, which is set to be distributed digitally through Island Def Jam and features numerous nationally and internationally known artists, musicians and producers."

 Learn More About Laszlo Cicatrixx Van Leeuwen :

In Studio Today: HandBrakeTurn Crew

The Morning Cruise

HandBreakTurn crew, one of 16 of SA's best B-boy crews, will battle it out at the Red Bull BC One SA Cypher on July 7th at Club Fever in Landsdowne. The winner will travel to Morocco to compete in the regional qualifier. HandBreakTurn crew members, Dimitri Nell and Brandon Peterson, joined The Morning Cruise to discuss the event and exhibit their Bboy skills.

 Red Bull BC One:

is an annual international b-boy competition organized by the energy drink company Red Bull. It is an individual (or 'one on one')b-boy competition (as opposed to a crew competition). The main event is a knockout tournament featuring sixteen b-boys, chosen for exceptional skills in the dance and good character, competing in one-on-one battles decided by a panel of five judges. 2007 was the only year in which the sixteen competitors were chosen systematically, via worldwide regional knockout tournaments, along with the prior year's top finishers as well as wild card selections.

The event has been held in a different city and country every year. In 2004 it was held in Biel, Switzerland, 2005 in Berlin, Germany, 2006 in São Paulo, Brazil, 2007 in Johannesburg, South Africa, 2008 in Paris, France, 2009 in New York City, USA, 2010 in Tokyo, Japan, 2011 in Moscow, Russia. It is announced that the 2012 competition will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

In Studio Today: EJ von LYRIK

EJ von LYRIK has been writing and performing her own material since she started working on music as a career in 1997. Having a distinct interest in music production, she started producing her own instrumentals in 2001.

Her music is an eclectic mix of funk, rock, dancehall, hip hop and roots reggae. She is a strong advocate for human upliftment and inspiration through the medium of music and therefore her music carries positive messages in her lyrics.

EJ is currently based in Joburg and working on her third album. She explains that the album discusses the current socio-political issues faced by the community.

When asked if there is any advice she would like share with aspiring artists, she says

"Knowledge is Power!"

Firstly, she advises artists to learn all they can about the music industry in order to avoid exploitation, and secondly...

"Be Yourself!"

 Learn More about EJ von Lyrik


EJ Von Lyrik performs at City Hall Sessions on Friday 6 July:

City Hall Sessions brings the heat to Cape Town’s winter with its second line-up for 2012, starting on Thursday 5 July, with its final show on Saturday 7 July. The three day minifest of music will offer a range of voices and explore pieces from the jazz genre to contemporary African flavour.


In Studio Today: Tracey Daniels

Tracey Daniels discusses the challenges independent artists face in the music industry.

She explains that she joined a band at the age of 23 because music has been her passion since the age of 8, and she aims to inspire others and prove that despite having to face rejection "Nothing is Impossible!"

She advises aspiring artists to:

Do Research

Be Strategic

Seek Advice

Register at SAMRO

Learn more about Tracey Daniels


Wednesday, July 04, 2012

In Studio Today: Nadine Cloete

Film maker and social activist Nadine Cloete joins The Morning Cruise.

Nadine joins the Morning Cruise to discuss The Ashley Kriel Commemoration Evening which takes place on Monday the 9th of July at Bonteheuwel Civic Center.

"As you may know this year, 9 July 2012, marks the 25th Anniversary of Ashley Kriel’s death. Lets commemorate his and others ultimate sacrifice for our freedom ! This is a celebratory event with guest speakers and performers. The three high schools from Bonteheuwel will be participating. The emcee is from Modderdam High School, the youth speaker is from Arcadia High School and Bonteheuwel High School will be doing a play. BE THERE !!! "

Nadine adds that the proposed date for the screening of the Ashley Kriel documentary is October, at Ashley's Alma Mater Bonteheuwel High.

For further details see  Action Kommandant