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By Denisia Adams

To enlarge beyond bounds or the truth.
Eg. The principal has a tendency to hyperbolize when discussing her school's educational achievements.

(Shona word) shangara
(1)relax and be happy
(2)Traditional dance

What MC extraordinaire is known for his hit, “Part-Time Lover”, was born in Zambia but raised in Zimbabwe?
Answer: Zubz – full name Ndabaningi Mabuye

160 billion emails are sent daily, 97% of them are spam. ALSO DID YOU KNOW A clementine is the smallest of the mandarin oranges, or Citrus reticulata. The fruit is a slightly flattened sphere, about 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter. The glossy, deep orange peel is loose on the fruit, making it exceptionally easy to peel. Unlike its cousin the tangerine, the Clementine has no seeds. In fact, a clementine with seeds is evidence that bees have been at work cross-pollinating

How to Make Your Heart and Mind Work Together
1. Avoid confusing the purpose of the heart and mind. The main reason we suffer from this illness of indecision, is that we’ve mistaken the purpose of heart and mind. The heart is like a compass - its purpose is to guide the direction our lives should take. Our heart takes a bird's eye view on our life and says “this is where you’re at and this is the direction you need to go.” Our mind, on the other hand, isn’t made for making purpose-driven decisions. The nature of the mind is that it conceptualizes, organizes and compares information. It does this as best it can and says “here are the facts, here are both sides of the story.” If we compare our mind and heart to a courtroom, our mind would be the defendant and the plaintiff (both stories) and our heart would be justice or the judge (the right direction). The reason we’re so troubled by this conflict of "Head vs. Heart" is that the mind is not only playing the prosecutor and the defense, but has take over the role of the judge as well. The mind should never be the judge. The mind's job is to compare and contrast. To sort things out and say “this is what I’ve got, do what you want with it.” But more often than not, our mind isn’t doing that. Our mind is making our choices.
2. Tame the mind. Before we can get the mind to take a break when we don’t need to be incessantly thinking, we have to make friends with it first. If we try to tell our mind to go away, or that we don’t need it, we’ll just encourage it all the more. Instead of a retreat we’ll get a resurgence. We don’t want that. So if we want to end the conflict of head and heart, we’ve got to figure out a way to marry this disparate pair. Remember at the start, we suggested that the answer to this problem is simple? Well, it is. But it won’t be easy at first, because we’ve been doing it all wrong for so long. What we have to do is only use our mind to go with ourselves. The Latin root for sin means “to go against.” So we have to learn to be without sin. We have to learn to constantly rely on our decisions to be “with ourselves.”
3. Think about each of your decisions. When deciding what phone to get or who to marry or how long to spend at the dinner table, think about each of these things:
o Gain information: What is the implied benefit of the decision? Will it be something you'll ever regret? Although your mind may be telling you that the temporary benefit of a bad decision will be a wise one, in your heart you may still know that it's not the best thing to do. Seek information about it and evaluate in your mind.
o Identify problems: What might go wrong? Will you feel good after making the decision?
o Explore options: Think about what's best for you, and most of the time doing what your heart tells you to do is the best choice.
o Implement a plan and make a choice. Learn from your mistakes and try, try again.
o By listening to your heart, you can train your mind to think like it and eventually get them to work in harmony.
4. Keep practicing to fall into this new habit. Have you ever wondered how to tell whether a decision is right? It seems so difficult, doesn’t it? But it becomes so easy when you think “Is this choice going with me, or against me?” You’ll find that the right choice is immediately evident. If you can learn to practice this every time you make a choice, you’ll start to regain your personal power. You’ll create a marriage of your heart and mind. Maybe then their child (you) won’t have permanent emotional damage from the divorce it’s been suffering from for so long. Make the choice today. Just try it out. Go with yourself.

Lee Bester from ShowBuzz Promotions. Currently they are in search of Michael Jackson impersonators between the ages of 20 – 55 years old in Cape Town South Africa. Successful participants will be required to travel for nine months doing various shows in Barcelona Spain. The last audition takes place tomorrow and to find out more contact 076 981 56 40

Jimme Earl Perry an American Actor/Musician who was telling us about the International World Aids Day Concert that will be held in Cape Town on Tuesday the 1st of December 2009. The concert will feature South African music legends Ladysmith Black Mambazo amongst many other artists from not only South Africa but the world. Some of the artists at the concert are actually people living with HIV/AIDS. The concert will take place at the Artscape Theatre at 7:30pm.

André Dubus
Shyness has a strange element of narcissism, a belief that how we look, how we perform, is truly important to other people.

Francois de La Rochefoucauld
"To listen closely and reply well is the highest perfection we are able to attain in the art of conversation."

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From the Backyard dwellers to the Mitchells Plain school of skill right here on Community Buzz Thursday- Morning Cruise

By Denisia Adams

1. inappropriate.
2. a. Displaying a lack of judgment, sense, or reason; foolish: an inept remark.
    b. Bungling or clumsy; incompetent: inept handling of the account.
(Shona word) Mambokadzi
means: A Queen

The Table Mountain National Park stretches all the way from?
A - Cape Point to Signal Hill
B – Table Mountain to Lions Heads
C – The National Park doesn’t exist
Answer: A - Cape Point to Signal Hill

The first traffic light system to use red and green lights were patented by William Ghiglieri of San Francisco, California in 1917 (patented no 1,224,632). His design could be operated manually or in automatic. ALSO DID YOU KNOW Rama is a prince in Hindu mythology and is the hero of the Hindu epic Ramayana. The character is revered as an exemplary Hindu and is a popular figure in the religion. He is remembered for his dedication to fulfilling his dharma, the spiritual obligation of his life.

How to Stop Feeling Like Your Life Isn't Good Enough
1. In recent times, it seems there are only three measures of success: Money, looks, and fame. If you don't have one or all of them, you just don't measure up. But you're an ordinary person, and it's hard to feel self-worth, self-respect, and self-esteem when you go to an everyday job in an everyday world. Perhaps you need to overcome feelings of regret and sorrow. Well, you can overcome your feelings... How do you find a sense of significance in a world that seems so very Cultivate a grateful heart. Gratitude is the one thing that most people who feel a low sense of self-worth lack. If you can look outside your own world, and see how good you really have it, you will feel much more like your life is a worthwhile thing. If you don't have a terminal illness, have had something to eat today, have a bed to sleep in tonight... materially speaking you have it better than 70% of all the people in the whole world. If you're reading this on your own computer, you're better off than about 90% of everyone.
2. Know when enough is enough. Take the advice of Mary Poppins. She says, "Enough is as good as a feast." Think about that for a moment. You can only eat so much, no matter how good the food is, or how much there is. It doesn't matter if your meal is served in a fancy restaurant at $1000 a plate, or in your own kitchen at $2.79 a plate. When you're full, you're full, and if you try to eat more, you will very likely get sick. When you have enough, it's exactly the same as having sat down to a tremendous feast and eaten your fill. Mary Poppins is right. Well, she is practically perfect in every way, after all.
3. Learn to value deeper virtues. The media seem to be overflowing with images of the young, rich, and beautiful, and unless you fit that mold, you feel less worthy of good things in your life. But those things are so fleeting - youth and beauty fade with years, and in a short while, those celebutantes won't be so pretty (or at least it won't be cheap for them to be so pretty). Fortunes can be lost. But love is eternal. Honor lasts. Truth abides. Beauty comes in all forms: a butterfly is beautiful. So is a waterfall, and the ocean, and the sky on a starry night. Learn to appreciate natural beauty, good character, honesty, your family.
4. Be nice. Believe it or not, this can be the first step to feeling your own power. Feeling a little ... ordinary... can make you feel like it isn't worthwhile to care about the feelings of others. You don't realize just how much power you have. Your lousy mood is contagious. It casts a pall over everyone you encounter, from your family to your friends to your co-workers. Instead of being abrupt and surly, try giving each person a smile. Take a moment to make eye contact. People enjoy talking about themselves or those closest to them. So give them an opportunity to do so. Try to remember names, and ask about their loved ones. You don't know what's happening in their lives - you might be the one and only person to treat them like a human being today. You may not realize how just one kind word, even from a stranger, can refresh someone's spirit. Try it and see. It may be very nice to be important. But it's much more important to be nice. In some circles, this is called 'projecting loving kindness' and it takes practice.
5. Realize that being part of your family is important. You may not have family, in this case you must cherish the relationships with friends. If you have children, a spouse, siblings, parents who depend on you, everything you do for them is a good deed, a mitzvah,[1] as they say. When you help your mom find her milk, which she put in the cupboard instead of the fridge, even if she doesn't remember it 10 minutes later, you're doing something so valuable and important for her. Let your life with your family and friends rejuvenate you with the feeling that you are with people who love you no matter what.
6. Be humble. Of course if you go around bragging about how amazing you are, people are going to try to knock you down. Plus, people who talk themselves up to others are usually covering up an internal feeling of inadequacy. Just look at celebs - no sooner are they hot than the rumors start and the sniping begins. It's called "Schadenfreude"[2] - getting shallow satisfaction from the misfortune of those seemingly more fortunate than you. No matter how much you want to feel important, it won't help you unless you can appreciate it when it happens for the right reasons. By exercising humility, and refraining from all the brag and swagger, you free people to praise you when it's appropriate instead of hogging attention when it isn't.
7. Help others. There is nothing that will make you feel like you are valued, needed, and essential like volunteering to help and serve others who are less fortunate than you. This really goes along with the "humility" thing well - stepping up to help the elderly, coach at an after school children's center, feed the homeless, help build a home for someone (Habitat for Humanity), collect toys for orphanages at Christmas time - these things allow you to be of service to others, and nothing will make you feel better. There are times when you may wish to give the gift of your help in secret, telling no one of your good deeds, and there is great value in this. There are other times when you may want to share what you are doing as a way to encourage others to get involved, too - and the value of this is incalculable, as your gift can grow and grow. You will know when the time is right for either approach.
8. Feel the satisfaction of creating gratitude in another's life and let it stay within your heart. The first time a little child brings you a hand-drawn card and throws her arms around you to thank you for helping her family, it's practically guaranteed you'll feel tears of joy flow from your eyes and a big lump in your throat. And that's when you know your life is not just "good enough" - it's awesome.

Donia Stemmet from the Mitchell’s Plain School of Skills. It’s a school for children with a learning disability. In order for any child to be accepted at the school the child would have failed consecutively in grades one to three as well as be referred to the school by government. The child would have to be 14 years old as well. Kids are taught on different levels of literacy according to the last place they got stuck or time they stopped learning. They’re taught basic calculations in mathematics done in both english and Afrikaans, life orientation which includes natural& social sciene, life skills art and music. In the technical department kids are taught welding, clothing, metal work, hairdressing, motor mechanics, upholstery, life care, music and art. For more details contact the school on +27 21 392 1213

Mable Abrahams from the Bonteheuwel Back-dwellers Association. Mabell talked about the situation of back-dwellers in Cape Town and how they are going around educating other back-dwellers about their Human Rights and making them aware of the unequal treatment they face. We also talked about the newly founded Cape Metropolitan Back-Dwellers Association and she told us about the first meeting they held in Langa at the premises that the City Council had freely gave them after intense negotiations.

The Reverend Jesse Jackson, American civil rights leader
Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up.
Nelson Mandela
It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.

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It's the start of the 16 days of activism check out what the Morning Cruise got up to in our Gender Hub Wednesday show

By Denisia Adams

Appropriate or fitting; relevant.
Eg. Friends sometimes find that they are germane, or closely related, to each other.

To sway completely off topic

Why was Rhodes Memorial built?
Answer: Built in remembrance of Cecil John Rhodes who contributed greatly to the formation of the sub continent, lies on the northern flank of Table Mountain, at the base of Devil’s Peak. Built on the site where Rhodes was said to sit and restlessly contemplate his future, the memorial was designed by Sir Francis Macey and Sir Herbert Baker, and built with money raised by the citizens of Cape Town.

A car accident in 1983 left Rom Houben, a Belgian man, in what doctors believed was a vegetative state. In truth, Houben was conscious but paralyzed. Though he tried to shout, he was unable to make a sound. It sounds like a nightmare, but it was this man’s reality for 23 years. Only in 2006, when doctors used state-of-the-art imaging equipment to examine Houben, did they discover that his brain was active. Now able to communicate via a special keyboard, he is writing a book about his experiences.

How to Find Yourself
Finding yourself is an enlightening experience. You become self-sufficient. You can do things for others without any expectations of return. You are no longer a needy child and you become utterly grateful for all those things people have done for you in the past. Finding yourself is a time of developing a philosophy or belief system that can carry you through the rest of your life.
Start with a clean slate. Develop your own moral conduct and practice sticking to it. Remove vice from your life. Smoking, over-eating, and over-drinking will prevent you from functioning at your peak. Remember, you can't drive your life forward if you are always gazing through your rear-view mirror!
Now that you have a clean slate and you realize some people still think you stink: Forget about what everyone else thinks! You cannot please everyone. While you might not want to disappoint the people close to you, they should want you to be happy. As long as you continue to exist to fulfill other people's ideas of who you should be, you'll never know your true talents. "He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away." - Raymond Hull
'Find solitude'. Get away from the expectations, the conversations, the noise, the media, and the pressure. Take some time each day to go for a long walk and think. Plant yourself on a park bench and look. Take a long, thoughtful road trip. Whatever you do, move away from anything that distracts you from contemplating your life and where you want it to go. In solitude, you should feel independent and self-sufficient, not lonely, needy or afraid.
Ask yourself every question in the book, questions that are difficult, that dare to look at the big pictures, such as:
o If I had all the resources in the world - if I didn't need to make money - what would I be doing with my day to day life and why? Perhaps you'd be painting, or writing, or farming, or exploring the Amazon rain forest. Don't hold back.
o What do I want to look back on in my life and say that I never regretted? Would you regret never having traveled abroad? Would you regret never having asked that person out, even if it meant risking rejection? Would you regret not spending enough time with your family when you could? This question can be particularly difficult for some people.
Write down your answers. Beyond your time alone, it's easy for these thoughts to slip to the back of your mind and be forgotten. If you have them written down, then every time you reflect, you can review your notes and take it a step further, instead of answering the same questions all over again.
Act upon your newly discovered knowledge. Do the things that you want to do! Pick up those water-colors. Write a short story. Plan a trip to Mombasa, Mt Kenya, a walk at Nairobi Safari Walk. Have dinner with a family member. Start cracking jokes. Open up. Tell the truth. Whatever it is that you've decided you want to be or do, start being and doing it now.
Be ready for dead ends. Finding yourself is a journey, not a destination. A lot of it is trial and error. That's the price you pay in return for the satisfaction you receive: More often than not, you hit a bump in the road, and sometimes you fall flat on your face. Be prepared to understand and accept that this is a part of the process, and commit to getting right back up and starting over. It's not going to be easy - it never has been for anybody - but if you learn to see that as a chance to prove how much you want to find yourself, then you'll find fulfillment and security in your pursuit. When you are yourself, everyone will respect you more and treat you kindly. Best of all, you will always feel good about yourself.

Manene Tabane from Positive Men’s Movement of South Africa, Mr Tabane is the Secretary General of the movement and he joined us to discuss about the International Men’s Day that was held on the 19th of November. We also discussed about the 16 days of activism that started today and what the movement was doing to assist in this regard.

Commissioner Dr Yvette Abrahams from Commission for Gender Equality. Abrahams joined the Morning Cruise to discuss the first of the 16 days of activism seminar series taking place on 27th November 2009; Changing Social Norms Around Gender-based Violence: What is the Relationship between Social Norms and Material Conditions? It will be taking place at HSRC, 12th Floor, Plein Park Building (Opposite Revenue Office), Plein Street , Cape Town . Contact Vuyokazi Ngxubaza, Tel (021) 4668004, Fax (021) 461 0299, or, Cell: 082 0508453.

Raymond Hull
"He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away." 

“You can never have an impact on society if you have not changed yourself... Great peacemakers are all people of integrity, of honesty, but humility”.
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Jam packed show 2day: (1)Sony Fevapitch, (2)Education sector failing SA workplace, (3)International Education Week

‘keeping you in-the-know between 9am – 12pm’
By Denisia Adams

affable adj.
1. Easy and pleasant to speak to; approachable.
2. Gentle and gracious: an affable smile.
Eg. He has an affable manner that instantly puts an interviewer at ease, almost like talking with an old friend.
SHONA Word of the Day
Word used in respect to a man. In English you’d address a man you don’t know by saying, “Sir”, Changamire is used the same way.

Which of the following are not traditional South African foods?
A – Milktart B – Biltong C – sausage
Answer: C – sausage

At least 21 people from a group of politicians and journalists abducted in the southern Philippines have been found dead, and more members of the group remain missing. The violence, which is being called the most "gruesome massacre of civilians" in the country’s recent history, is believed to have been politically motivated. ALSO DID YOU KNOW In ancient pagan times, the last day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere was celebrated as the night that the Great Mother Goddess gives birth to the baby Sun God.

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
Much like people apples and oranges are part of the same family, but are so different that it's pointless to compare them. We are all different yet we have a tendency to compare ourselves to others. It's human nature, and while learning from others is an important part of critical decision making, if it is used to reinforce an unrealistic or negative self-image it can be an unhealthy habit to get into.
1. Recognize that comparing yourself to others is a bad habit.
Culture often projects flawless skin, big eyes, full lips, small nose, pure white teeth, smooth and shiny hair, curvy body, and designer clothes for women and they portray them as being happy. They portray tall men with flawless skin, six packs, and designer clothes with lots of women, and they define that that is what makes a man happy. Culture is extremely successful in being able to brainwash people into believing they should look a certain way, act a certain way, be a certain someone, when in reality every single one of us is different. What culture does is categorize people and they want you to believe that you have fewer rights to be happy because you do not fit an idealistic lifestyle. That's why lots of men and women resort to plastic surgery, hide away from society, and grow up thinking that there's something wrong with them. Comparing yourself to others, especially celebrities, is a fine way to throw your self-esteem down the drain as there will always be those who are 'better' than you, and those who are 'worse' than you. In the end you will most likely end up wishing you were different with thoughts of worthlessness. It takes you nowhere, wastes a lot of time, and puts you in a psychologically terrible place.
2. Realize that everybody is different, because we are.
People are born to be different; no two of us are the same. We have different mindsets, we interpret things differently, we have different experiences, we feel different emotions. Even identical twins are different from each other. We all will always have room for improvement; nobody is flawless, whether it is on the outside or on the inside. As much as some people may want to believe otherwise, nobody is perfect.It would be wise to stop letting people get to you, and be open-minded and aware of what you are doing to others. Something you can do is start thinking how different they are from you.
3. Stop being afraid to be yourself
Whatever size, color, religion, gender, race, or sexual orientation, don't be afraid to be yourself. Nobody but you has the right to dictate what you do, what you think, and what you believe in. There is only one you; nobody has more rights over another person to live. Everybody comes into the world the same way; we all age, feel, analyze, and eventually die, so nobody is more special than another. We are all different. If you've forgotten who you are, find yourself again.
4. Forgive and learn
Learn to recognize that holding a grudge only ties you down from what you really want out of life. Untie the knot and set yourself free. Better yet, analyze and learn what actually hurt you, and prevent it from happening again in the future.
5. Understand that not everything is possible
You might have heard the saying, 'nothing is impossible'. In reality that's only denialism and false hope. You can't fly, change the weather, time-travel, change the past, live forever, make someone else change unless they are willing to, fit in with everybody, or be somebody else. There are many more things that cannot happen in reality. Be yourself and appreciate where you are now.
6. Learn to deal with change and embrace it.
7. Whatever makes you happy, whatever floats your boat
If you feel you need self-improvement and have set yourself an attainable goal, go for it. If you believe that you really need change, do it now. Be sure that you're doing it because it will make you happier, rather than impressing somebody else. For example, stop swearing if it makes you feel better. Learn to meditate. Start helping others. Learn a new skill. Improve your reading speed. Learn how to write poetically, work towards a better grade, be nicer to someone, try to be more outgoing, train yourself to run faster, learn how to wear makeup better, find clothes that will fit your frame, be a better wikiHow contributor, work harder towards that promotion, learn to better manage your time, change your habit of being a perfectionist, etc. Do it because you feel good about it, not because you feel bad about yourself. This is your life.

England defeated South Africa by seven wickets in the second One Day International at Centurion, making it the Proteas’ sixth successive defeat against the English. The visitors restricted the powerful Proteas batting line up to 250/9, knocking off the required 251 runs with four overs to spare.After winning the toss England elected to field and outplayed South Africa in all departments. The Proteas' innings had few partnerships to speak off. And it could have been worse as England skipper Andrew Strauss dropped two catches.Strauss and Kevin Pietersen departed early to leave the side wobbling at 41/2. But, Paul Collingwood and Jonathan Trott gradually took the game away from South Africa.The two put on 162

A long list of injuries has forced the Springbok management team to delay naming the side for Saturday's test match against Ireland until Thursday. Eight players have minor injuries. That and bad weather in Dublin also caused today's training session to be cancelled.Zane Kirchner, Adi Jacobs, Fourie du Preez, Bakkies Botha and Adriaan Strauss joined Schalk Burger, Bismarck du Plessis and C.J van der Linde are all on the injury list. But no replacements from South Africa are on the cards.Meanwhile, a war of words is already raging ahead of Saturday's test between the best of the southern hemisphere and the Six nations champions. The Irish have also labelled the Springboks as thugs following the brutal British and Irish Lions tour to South Africa and the Schalk Burger eye-gouging incident.There is a lot at stake on Saturday - the winner is likely to be crowned the International Rugby Board's Team of the year. Smit revealed in his autobiography that Lions players refused to drink with the Boks after the first two Tests earlier this year. He said a senior Irish player had been behind the snub. There was also the incident with Schalk Burger eye-gouging Irish wing Luke Fitzgerald during the last Lions Test. De Villiers said it was not bad blood, but possibly that the Lions did not like South African beer.

All is not lost for football fans that don’t have 2010 World Cup tickets. There will be a FIFA Fan Festival in each of the 12 host cities where 31 days of non-stop action will be freely available. The concept was first introduced in Germany in 2006. Meanwhile, South African coin enthusiasts will have a fresh new addition for their collections. SA Mint has produced a commemorative Soccer City FIFA 2010 World Cup coin at Soccer City. These pure gold and silver coins form part of a celebratory series featuring three host cities. The 2010 coin series features South Africa's national symbols and set of 2010 mascot Zakumi will probably be the rarest in the world. They will only be sold through the South African Gold Coin Exchange.

At 10.35am Munyaradzi spoke to legendery Eddie ‘Magents’ Motale who joined us to speak about the Sony Fevapitch coming to Cape Town. It's a world class five-a-side football tournament and the last Provincial Finals in the 2009 competition will take place in Cape Town on 1 and 2 December at the V&A Waterfront. This event will precede the National Finals to be held at the same venue on 4 and 5 December, coincidiam with the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ draw taking place on 4 December.

On the final day of the Provincial Finals there will be a Media Challenge with top Cape Town based newspapers and radio stations taking each other on. The winning Media team gets to compete against the Sony All Stars team comprising ex Bafana Bafana players including Steve Crowley, Mark Fish, Eddie Motale, Doc Khumalo, Bashin Mhlangu, Marc Batchelor and Mark Williams on the final day of the National Finals (5 December).

We then spoke to Regional Manager of Edexcel, Ian Yoell who joined us to speak about how the Education sector is failing the South African workplace. Companies have however raised serious concerns about the quality of graduates they take on each year, according to a survey conducted by Edexcel. “Feedback from interviews in over 25 countries has consistently drawn our attention to one key point – that there is a significant disconnect between education systems and the needs of 21st century employers, both public and private. The match between what employers, individuals and governments seek and what respective education and training systems provide appears ill-fitting in many countries,” states Ian Yoell, Regional Director of Edexcel. Ian Yoell emphasized particularly on the behaviours of applicants that fail to meet requirements. So how does Edexcel assist firstly Edexcel is the UK’s largest awarding body offering the joint currencies of academic and vocational qualifications in the UK and across 112 countries worldwide. Although Edexcel is not based in Africa as yet it does however have partner centers. To find out more visit

Lastly we spoke to Consul General Dr Alberta Mayberry. Mayberry joined us to talk about International Education Week. IEW is something the US Government started a decade ago to recognize the value of education outside of one’s own land. American students benefit when they study overseas, and non-Americans can get a wonderful education in the US. To find out more about overseas studies if you live in South Africa email

(Mine) Anonymous
You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him.

(Munya) Chinese Quote
A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
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Friday, November 20, 2009

Today myself and Munya were joined by Greg Streak an artist from Durban who joined us to talk about the UCA gallery exhibition called, "No|thing"

By Denisia Adams
means: A coming into being; birth. Synonym beginning.
Eg. Doolittle's nascent singing career seemed to come to a halt last Wednesday.
GUKURAHUNDI (Shona word) ,
means: The first rain that washes away the dirt.

Where is dj Oskido originally from?
A – Free State B – Zimbabwe C – Gauteng
Answer: B – Zimbabwe

Criminologists and sociologists use the term "dark figure of crime" to describe the number of crimes that go unreported or undiscovered. Researchers agree that official crime statistics have certain limitations: they can be influenced by police discretion and manpower as well as changes in legislation, technology, the economy, and social values. In addition, some crimes are simply not reported to police. ALSO DID YOU KNOW The straw was probably invented by Egyptian brewers to taste in-process beer without removing the fermenting ingredients which floated on the top of the container.

How to stop social anxiety
We live in a hyper competitive world. If you are shy of public speaking, or let social anxiety hold you back, it will be very hard for you to survive and thrive in this competitive world. How could you stop social anxiety and forge ahead? Do the following.
Step 1
First, face the reality.
The reality is it's perfectly normal to have social anxiety. But don't let your fear become an excuse for inaction. Recognize that getting over the social anxiety is critical to your success, either in job or in your personal life.
Step 2
Second, take action to stop social anxiety.
You can start by finding a role model to imitate. Watch what your role models do, and adopt their techniques as your courage builds.
To practice, join clubs such as Toastmasters so you can have a chance to practice, share and learn experience with people who are in similar situations, and get guidance from experienced instructors.
Step 3
Third, just do it.
Start with low expectations, and start small. For example, you can start with speaking in front of a small number of people, or in front of people you are familiar with. Once you fee more comfortable, move on to interact with strangers, for example, introduce yourself to someone on the bus, at the grocery store, at the bar, etc. Remember, even you reach out, you might not succeed, but if you don't reach out, you fail.

Greg Streak one of the artist in the NoIthing taking place at the 46 Lower Main Rd, Observatory in Cape town. The exhibition consist of five artist Bronwyn Lace, Greg Streak, Ricky Burnett, Righard Kapp and Trasi Henen using array of art mediums exploring the “nothing”. As Greg mention the “nothing” is everything inbetween, it’s not the objects that takes up the space it’s the spaces inbetween. We as human beings are always looking for those spaces to hold on to.
Venue: UCA Gallery, 46 Lower Main Rd, Observatory. Tel: (021) 447 4132.

Gallery Hours: Mon - Fri: 10:00am - 5:00pm; Sat: 9:00am - 1:00pm
Duration: 18 Nov - 12 Dec 2009

Chuck T. Falcon
Remember sadness is always temporary. This, too, shall pass.
AND Munya says:
“If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.”
That’s it for the Morning Cruise, where we cruise through your weekday here on BushRadio 89.5fm live on your stereo between 9am – 12pm with me Denisia Adams. Take Care ... make the best of your day and Keep the Faith. Stay Real!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Find out how a community member is making fitness outlets accessible for all as well meet my co-host all the way from Zimbabwe

By Denisia Adams
Today I was joined by my co-host who’ll be keeping me company for the next couple of days and he goes by the of Munyaradzi Gova aka Munya. He’s from the wonderful Zimbabwe and he’ll be educating us on his native language Shona as well as giving us a comprehensive sports report and everthing else.

chopfallen [chop-faw-luhn]
means: Brought low in spirit
Kurora (Shona word)
Means: The traditional process before marriage where by the groom has to give money/cattle to the brides family.

Belville was originally a resting place and what was it called?

A – Sleepville B – Twelfth Mile C – the statement is false
Answer: B – Twelfth Mile

The chance of being born on Leap Day is about 684 out of a million, or 1 in 1461. Less than 5 million people have their birthday on Leap Day. ALSO DID YOU KNOW Dentophobia is a fear of dental care, by extension, people who provide dental care, such as dentists. This condition is also known as dental fear, or dental anxiety.

How to Make Your Life a Little Bit Easier
As someone who gets stressed out rather easily, reducing the stressors might help to make your life just a little bit easier, and maybe a little less stressful. Most of them are basic things that we all over look, but really if we took just a second to do these things, we'd be a lot better off. If you have a job, keep it. The job market is tough. It's hard for everyone to find jobs these days. If you're lucky enough to get a job, even if you don't like the job, stick it out. Try your hardest not to job hop. No matter what age you are, it never looks good. Even if your job isn't all that wonderful, remember that you are getting paid. Even if your paycheck isn't as much as you'd like it to be, some money is better than no money.
1. Save your money. By saving money, you don't have to be cheap or save on every little thing. Little trips to Walgreens or Target add up. Frequenting the vending machines or going into the gas station add up. Eating out twice a week adds up. Buy groceries instead of eating out. Use your debit card to pay for gas so you don't have to go in. Even if you're going clothes shopping, think about things that you really need and that you will really wear.
2. Those weekly errands. Most of us have errands that need to be done at least once a week. You need to go to the bank, get gas, etc. Actually make time for running those errands. Don't wait until your gas light comes on, and don't wait until you have 5 checks to deposit. Try to hit the gas station and the bank the same day every week.
3. Keep your room clean. Some people are just messy, they like things that way but you'd be surprised how much less stressed you feel when your room is clean. Give everything a place. A place for your keys, your shoes, your cell phone, etc. Instead of just plopping stuff down and seeing where it lands, it will make your day easier if you know exactly where your keys are and so on. It should only take about 5 minutes to make your bed, a few seconds to pick up any dirty clothes, a minute or so to put away clean clothes, and just a little bit of time to round up any trash. This also goes for any other room in the house, but pick up after yourself. If everyone does just a little bit, it'll be a lot easier to keep everything together. It's not that hard to put your dirty dishes in the sink or to clean the shower when you're finished. The same goes for your vehicle as well.
4. Assuming you go to school or have a job or both, keep a planner. By keeping track of everything you do, it's one less thing you have to keep up their in your brain. By keeping a planner, try to eliminate procrastination. Easier said then done, but will make your life a little easier if you stay on top of things.
5. Always use your time wisely. If you're at school, don't just sit and stare at the computer or talk to your friends, get something done. If you're at work, don't just stand around and talk, get something done. Even if you only have 15 minutes to work on something, that's 15 minutes you're closer to being finished.
6. Set bed times. Excuse me...but what?! Yea, that's right -- set bed times. Sometimes we all get so wrapped up in our minds that we lack sleep. My best advice is, go to sleep before it's tomorrow. Meaning, going to sleep before 12 am. A lot of people, students especially, get home late from work, kick off their shoes, and head straight for the sack but that doesn't really give your mind time to relax. Even if you're just watching old reruns or listening to music, just take to yourself. Try to avoid "catching up" on sleep. Try to wake up at the same time every day. The more you do it, the more used to it you will get but just make sure you are getting a good amount of sleep. Always set your alarm before you go to sleep.
7. Always remember the motto: "If you're early, you're on time. If you're on time, you're late. If you're late, you're left." Always plan ahead to be early.
8. Give up some commitments. You can't please everyone and you can't do everything. If you have a friend or a neighbor, who every time you talk to them, asks you to do something then stop. Avoid people who make you feel guilty about not being able to help them out. You don't have to be everyone's hero. And these commitments also include things like Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace. You are not obligated to inform the world of your whereabouts 24/7. These sites can be a major waste of time.
9. Find time to do things you like to do, just for yourself. Maybe for you, it's going to the gym. Maybe for you, it's hitting the tanning bed. Maybe it's planning a round of golf. Maybe it's working on a website. Maybe you like to read, or you have a TV series you like. Whatever IT is, make time for it. You may feel too tired to go to the gym or to hang out with your friends, but once you do it, you'll feel better.
10. CELL PHONES. Ah yes, we all have one. In fact, for most of us our lives with probably fall apart without it. Keep the thing cleaned out. Keep your contacts list up to date, keep your inbox from getting full, ect. And for sanity's sake, abandon it sometimes. Even if it's just for a few hours, leave your phone in your car or in your room while you focus on doing other things. The world won't end because you don't respond to a text message. You may not think so, but all those constant alerts to get your attention can get a little stressful.
11. Never be afraid to quit. I whole heartedly agree that "Winners never quit, and quitters never win" but sometimes you just have to. If something in your life isn't making you happy, and is causing you stress, then just quit. If you have 2 jobs and you just can't do it, pick one and quit the other. If there is drama in your life, just choose to walk away from it. You may think, "OH it's not that easy" but really, it is. All higher powers aside, you control your life. 10% is what happens to you, 90% is how you deal with it. Make the decisions that are right for you, even if no one else is behind you.
12. Stay up to date with things. Check the weather, call your family, watch the news, stay in the loop with the real world, not just YOUR world.
13. Keep yourself healthy. We all have bad habits but simple things like washing your hands can make you're life easier and healthier.

Munya’s world of Sport
Today we discussed about the football match Algeria versus Egypt when Algeria won by a goal to nil and qualified to be a part of world cup 2010 in South Africa. We also spoke about the battle between the Irish and the French when the French eventually won the match and seeing them through to the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Your program also talked about the impressive play by Sri Lanka when Jayawardene had scored 263 and Prassana had scored 134. The program also spoke about Rugby how Brian Habana could face a one week ban if he been found guilty for intentionally injuring an opponent.

We also spoke to Thomas Lewis from the Lentegeur Family Health and Fitness Community Organisation. Thomas Lewis has been in the fitness industry for 32years for as long as he could remember he has always been involved in sport etc. He goes on to say that making fitness facilities available to underprivileged communities are important in getting everyone involved in caring about their health-being healthy no longer as be a privileged commodity.

(me!) Benjamin Franklin
He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.
(Munya) Desmond Tutu
Do a bit of good because it is these little bits good put together that overwhelm the world.
That’s it for the Morning Cruise, where we cruise through your weekday here on BushRadio 89.5fm live on your stereo between 9am – 12pm with me Denisia Adams. Take Care ... make the best of your day and Keep the Faith. Stay Real!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today was a highly unfortunate day for the Morning Cruise .... Yes, sad but true but the usual features still remained. See more

Keeping you in-the-know between 9am – 12pm
By Denisia Adams

To turn aside, especially from the main subject in writing or speaking; to wander off a subject.
Eg. "Michael started his story about a rabbit, but soon digressed into a tale about a pig."

What is one of Port Elizabeth’s greatest treasures?
A – the mountains B – traffic or C - clean beaches and warm water
Answer: C - clean beaches and warm water

Look, but don't touch! The blue-ringed octopus is only the size of a golf ball but it's poison is powerful enough to kill an adult human in a matter of minutes. ALSO DID YOU KNOW Adult frogs are carnivorous and will eat just about anything smaller than themselves, including insects, worms and even other frogs. Some frogs are tiny but the largest, the Goliath frog, is the size of a baby deer!

How to Relieve Stress After a Hard Day of Work
A hard day of work can be exhausting and leave you irritable. Sometimes you may find yourself unable to unwind and accidently taking things from work out on your family, friends, or roommates at home. Relieving the stress from a hard day of work isn't always easy, but it is necessary in order for you to feel emotionally and mentally healthy. Try these tricks for relieving stress after a hard work day in order to wind down and relax like you deserve.
Step 1
As soon as you get in the door at home, take your shoes off and get comfortable. Put on some lounge clothes that make you feel relaxed. Put away your work clothes and think of how your putting away the hard day you've had. Get as comfortable as possible by putting on your favorite socks, t-shirt, or even pajamas. Getting your body comfortable after a long day of work will get your mind relaxed and help you to relieve the stress of the day.
Step 2
Take a warm shower or bath. If you need to unwind from a hard day of work, try calming yourself in a warm shower and letting the water run over your body. Think of the water as cleansing away your stress. You may prefer to take a bath instead, if you have time for this. A bath can relax your body and mind. Try soaking in a scented bubble bath or add bath salts to calm your senses. Scents, such as lavender, that are pleasing can calm your body and mind completely.
Step 3
Exercise your body. Sometimes the best way to relieve stress is to go for a run or even a long walk. You may feel tired, but exercising is a great way to get relaxed after a hard day of work. Not only do you get to work out your aggression, but you also get to work tense muscles that need attention from stress. Exercising after a hard day at work is a great way to get out frustrations before getting involved in your nightly home routine. This way, you'll be less irritable when you encounter family at home and be able to enjoy your night.
Step 4
Sit in front of the television and veg out for a little while. Those most of us don't always have time to relax right when we get home from work, it is important to have a little ‘me' time in order to de-stress. Try to set aside at least 20 minutes to sit down and relax before tackling home chores, homework with children, or cooking. You could even spend a little time with family sitting in front of the television or playing a quick board game to relax. It's important to relieve stress after a hard work day so that you can let go of anything you had to deal with during the day and switch your mind to vital family matters.
Step 5
Have a good cry. Sometimes the best way to relieve stress after a hard work day is to cry. Whether you're angry, frustrated, or irritated, having a good cry can take those emotions and cleanse them from your body. Many people cry when they are angry because it helps to relieve emotions that are tough to deal with. If you are unable to cry, or don't usually cry, think of something that makes you sad to help get the stress out. Work is tough on our bodies and minds and often times we just need to cry to release feelings of frustration. And it's perfectly normal to cry. If you do so in privacy, you never have to feel embarrassed so go somewhere you won't be seen or heard if your concerned about that.
Step 6
Listen to music, sing, and dance. Music can be very uplifting and a great way to relieve stress after a hard work day. Play some music in the car on the ride home from work. Turn the music up loud and sing your heart out. Singing can release aggression and irritability so that you feel better emotionally. Music can do amazing things for your mental wellness and using it to relieve stress is no different. You could even play music when you get home and dance around with your children to get into a silly mood that will get rid of stress after a hard work day, instantly!

ALSO FEATURED (or what we didn’t):
Today was a highly unfortunate day for the Morning Cruise due to the fact that people who seemed interested in partaking in the Sexual Abuse topic (organisations etc) had backed out. Yes, sad but true. Instead we played old interviews one of which addressed sibling rivalry the other on how stress can be fattening.

Let him that would move the world first move himself.
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Friday, November 13, 2009

Cape Town Mariachi live in studio today, check out the video as well director of the visually compelling, Afro Gothic - QUACK!

By Denisia Adams
(verb) To displease or disturb; vex.
Eg. My roommate's off-putting habits began to roil me
What is the oldest night club in Cape Town?
A – Club vibe B – Galaxy C – The living room
Answer: B – Galaxy (
The first film animation was "Humorous Phases of Funny Faces" made in 1906 by American J. Stuart Blacton. ALSO DID YOU KNOW The longest movie in the world according to Guinness World Records is The Cure for Insomnia, directed by John Henry Timmis IV. Released in 1987, the running time is 5220 minutes (87 hours).
How to Sleep Better (
1. Get on schedule. Varying your sleeping times by more than an hour can severely disrupt your sleep quality by "advancing the sleep phase". For example, let's say you normally wake up at 7 a.m. on weekdays to get to work, so you get to bed around 11 p.m. because that's when you start to feel sleepy (and it's also a good time to ensure 8 hours of sleep). If, on the weekend, you sleep in until 9 a.m., you probably won't be able to fall asleep that night until 1 a.m. again. In other words, your body thrives on running on a routine; erratic sleeping sessions will interfere with your internal "biological clock". For some people, and depending on work and routine, a very short rest in the afternoon (the Spanish call it the siesta) could help alleviate drowsiness some people experience during the day. But make sure not to oversleep.
2. Try self-hypnosis to help you quickly get back to sleep when you need to counteract the effects of jet lag, get used to a time change, or accustom yourself to a new work schedule.
3. Be mindful of what you have eaten or drank before bed. Your stomach should not be too full, but not too empty. Wait at least three hours after dinner before going to sleep. Digestion doesn't work well while asleep, and a full stomach may interrupt sleep. Do not eat heavy foods for the few hours prior to sleep. Similarly, you should avoid going to bed on an empty stomach, as a completely empty stomach may equally interfere with your sleeping patterns.[1] Switch to decaf coffee and avoid tea, cocoa and cola drinks. Caffeine can keep you awake even if you drank it earlier in the day, as the effects of caffeine last for about 8 hours. Avoid tobacco products in the evenings as well. Try to avoid drinking water or other fluids one hour before you go to sleep, but make sure you drink at least 2 litres of water during the day. A well hydrated body will not wake you up thirsty in the middle of the night. While alcohol will make you feel sleepy, it will reduce sleep quality. If you find that your stomach is grumbling for food and is keeping you awake, have a light snack about an hour before bedtime. Stick to foods that contain high levels of tryptophan, such as milk, turkey, yogurt, ice cream, soy beans, tuna, and peanuts. Tryptophan helps the body produce serotonin in order to relax.[2]
4. Keep the room dark. Exposure to light during the time you're supposed to be sleeping can disrupt your body's internal cycles. This has been documented in studies surrounding circadian rhythms.[3] Turn your light off, or use a very dim night light. Pull curtains across, blinds down or shut the shutters, to prevent outdoor lights from shining on you. If you wake up and see any kind of bright light, you'll have a much harder time falling back asleep. Try to eliminate all sources of light, including from windows, LED clocks and cable boxes, by covering them with heavy paper or cloth covers, or blue tack.
5. Change your sleeping position. You may think that it's impossible to control what position you sleep in since you aren't fully aware of what you are doing, but it is possible and it can make a considerable difference. When you go to sleep, or if you wake up in the middle of the night, make a conscious effort to follow these guidelines until it becomes habitual:

o Keep your body in a "mid-line" position, where both your head and neck are kept roughly straight. Don't use a flat pillow that causes your head to tilt down toward the mattress. Likewise, don't stack your pillows so that your head is propped at an angle.

o Place a pillow between your legs if you sleep on your side. This will support your hips and make this position more comfortable.

Place a pillow under your legs, if you sleep on your back, to take stress off your lower back.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach. It's difficult to maintain the mid-line position, and it is more likely to cause aches and pains. If you must, bend one arm upwards and place it under your pillow. This will help alleviate stress on your back and neck by slightly propping up your body on one side.
6. Maintain your mattress. Turn the mattress over every few months. Replace it after 5-7 years of regular use. If you feel springs or ridges beneath the surface when you're lying on the bed, or you and your partner roll to the middle of the bed unintentionally, it's time to go mattress shopping. You may also find that the mattress is to blame if you find yourself sleeping better in another bed.
7. Exercise. If you have a sedentary job, a lack of physical exertion may be reducing the quality of your sleep. The human body uses sleep to repair and recover. If there isn't much from which to recover, your body's sleep cycle could be disrupted. A day of physical exertion (such as taking a run or a swim) or, better yet, regular exercise can make for deeper and more restful sleep. Don't exercise right before bed to help you get to sleep; it tires out your muscles and makes you even wider awake.
8. Make note of unusual circumstances. Many outside factors can contribute to overall sleeplessness, including stress, certain illnesses, or short-term post-traumatic stress. Have there been any recent events or changes that have been troubling or otherwise preoccupying you? This issue may be following you subconsciously and interfering with your sleep. If the issue itself cannot be addressed or resolved directly, consider employing relaxation techniques such as meditation.
9. Visit your doctor. If you are concerned that you may have a sleep disorder, tell your doctor. Some of the most common sleep disorders are insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), restless legs syndrome (RLS), narcolepsy, parasomnias, and heartburn (acid reflux). If you are indeed suffering from and are diagnosed with any of these conditions, your doctor will recommend treatment accordingly.
11. Music. Play soft, quiet, and calming music while you sleep. This helps you to relax and fall asleep faster. Avoid playing music such as Rock or Rap, because that music is too exciting for sleep.


Fuad Sawyer Cape Town’s very own Mariachi. Fuad with his tenor voice infuses his love for Mexican music and Afrikaans as well as Italian in his “sound”. His currently working on his album but people can expect his exciting Christmas CD coming soon. You can catch Fuad Sawyer this December 6th raising money for students, clearly a man passionate about music and community. The performance will take place at SABC, Studio P1 corner St James and Beach Road Sea Point at 15:00pm. To find out more about Fuad visit
I was then joined by Rob Murray artistic director of FTH:K and director of QUACK! What is Quack! you ask? It’s a visually compelling, Afro-Gothic fantasy of desperate hope and dodgy deeds, non-verbal performance. It’s the latest visual feast from FTH:K which opened at Grahamstown to rave reviews and which will run at the Intimate Theatre Tuesday – Saturday 10-21 November. “QUACK! comes at you like a sensory cyclone, unfolding in a series of mesmerising images. A man lies dying of fever in hospital, beset with visions. In his delirium, he escapes into a parallel universe, refashioning himself as a powerful healer. The story unfolds with character masks and a vivid scenic and sonic design.” To find out more contact +27 21 448 2838 or email
Randolph Ray
Kindness is tenderness. Kindness is love, but perhaps greater than love...Kindness is good will. Kindness says, "I want you to be happy.
That’s it for the Morning Cruise, where we cruise through your weekday here on BushRadio 89.5fm live on your stereo between 9am – 12pm with me Denisia Adams. Take Care ... make the best of your day and Keep the Faith. Stay Real!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today I was joined by Founder of the Academy For life Coop as well as Director of Staying Alive counselling and rehab- cognitive behavioural approach to recovery

By Denisia Adams

Irenic; eye-REN-ik
1. Tending to promote peace; conciliatory.

Where in SA can you find the town called Springs?
A – Western Cape B – Gauteng C – Botswana
Answer: B – Gauteng

India is the world's largest democracy with more than 600 million voters. ALSO DID YOU KNOW Basketball and rugby balls are made from synthetic material. Earlier, pigs' bladders were used as rugby balls.

Mild Depression Treatments
Mild depression can cause some of the same symptoms as those of full-fledged depression, but they are generally less extreme. The patient may feel sadness and some loss of interest in once-enjoyed activities, but will still continue on with everyday tasks. There also may be anxiety, obsessive tendencies or phobias. Treatments for mild depression are required to prevent the condition from getting worse and to help bring spirits back up.
1. A healthy diet can help with mild depression. Avoid foods that can cause or aggravate mood swings, such as excess sugar, caffeine or alcohol. These ingredients can cause an imbalance in which one reaches a high and then crashes, causing mild depression symptoms to worsen.
2. Getting enough sleep is an essential part of treating mild depression. Make sure to sleep a good eight hours or so each night. However, sleeping too much, such as more than 10 hours per night, could be a sign of worsening depression. Also, try to maintain the same sleep schedule each night. Varying your routine could disrupt sleep and worsen mild depression symptoms.
3. Find time to relax. Unwind after a hard day with a hot bath, a favorite hobby, or just relaxing in a comfortable chair. Bringing a few minutes of "vacation" to daily life can improve one's mood and help lessen mild depression. Meditation and deep breathing also can help create a sense of calm and relaxation.
4. B vitamins can help with mild depression and anxiety. Take a B complex vitamin daily to help balance the neurotransmitters in your brain. Other vitamins that may help lessen anxiety include magnesium, calcium and potassium. Consult with a doctor prior to taking vitamin supplements to treat mild depression.
5. Saint-John's-wort is an herb that some people take for the treatment of mild depression. It can work well and is not too expensive. Mood can improve in a matter of three to six weeks.
6. Exercise can help folks with full-blown depression by boosting the feel-good chemicals in the brain, so it can certainly aid those suffering from mild depression. Daily exercise is the best option. Try enjoyable activities--perhaps swimming, an outdoor sport, or walking with a friend. Exercising with a pal can also improve your mood.
7. If other treatments are not having enough of an effect, you may wish to see a therapist. A therapist can teach you how to think positively and might use therapeutic tools, such as hypnosis, to break the cycle of negative thoughts.

Founder and Head coach of The Academy for Life Primary Coop Pty, Priscilla Manshon. The academy has seven active trained and qualified woman life-skills coaches whose sole purpose is to equip people with the tools to make them successful, fulfilled and joyful. Their goal is not to create you but to bring out what each of us already have- great potential. The coaches venture into various communities in the Cape setting up workshops with up to date, universal laws, a bit of the quantum science, spirituality, Neuro Linguistics Program, Emotion Freedom Techniques(EFT). The Body Code by Dr Bradley Nelson, the Blissful Living Techniques all of which is adapted for individuals or groups. To find out more contact Patricia on 082 783 29 65.

Lastly I was joined by counsellor and director Junaid Khan from the Staying Alive counselling and rehab. Staying alive uses cognitive behavioural therapy approach to drug addiction recovery. “Our model of treatment programs identifies our thoughts and images that enter our mind, and then how we perceive it, and thereupon acting out on it. Some thoughts and images are healthy and positive and some thoughts are unhealthy, negative and lead us astray by going out and looking for the drug of our choice thereby driving the addict back to addictive behaviour.”. To find out more visit or contact 021) 393 4309 / 072 6786 259 or 082 755 1558

Theodore Isaac Rubin
Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom.

That’s it for the Morning Cruise, where we cruise through your weekday here on BushRadio 89.5fm live on your stereo between 9am – 12pm with me Denisia Adams. Take Care ... make the best of your day and Keep the Faith. Stay Real!!!!!!!!!!