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What is real hip hop, if it is not reflective of me? Get this and more from Cape Town's collective, Soundz of the South

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By Denisia Adams
Machination mack-uh-NAY-shuhn; noun;
1. The act of plotting.
2. A crafty scheme; a cunning design or plot intended to accomplish some usually evil end.

South African Trivia Question
What female South African multi-talented RNB singer/song-writer is known for her songs titled “Are u the one?” , “For Life” and current Girls Girls Boys Boys?
Answer: Jerusha Naidoo
Jerusha made history as the first Indian woman to break into the mainstream music industry in South Africa. Her stage career started with Cape Town based R&B girl group “Essential”. Her solo career kicked off following an appearance on the hit reality TV series Coca-Cola Popstars. She was immediately signed by Craig McGahey of Mama Dance Music and has co-billed with the likes of Ja-Rule, Freshly Ground, Danny K, Jae, Verd, Afro Z, Bianca Le Grange,Red Angel and many other top-notch artists.

Contrary to common belief, barefoot running may actually be better for your feet than running in shoes. According to researchers, barefoot runners have a decidedly different strike than those who wear shoes, hitting the ground with the balls of the feet first rather than the heel. This creates a situation where there is virtually no impact collision. The study also showed that barefoot runners have a springier step and use their calf and foot muscles more efficiently.

How to Forgive, Forget and Let Go
Step 1
The first and most important step is allowing yourself permission to forgive. When we focus more on the consequences of not forgiving ourselves, we shift the focus to ourselves and how we can move beyond the past hurt and blame. The situation becomes less about the person who wronged you and more about how you are able to heal and develop a sense of peace.
Step 2
Forgiving someone else first involves recognizing that forgiving is not giving that person absolution for a previous wrong. Forgiveness is often confused with absolution since the terms are used almost interchangeably in most religions. What if the person who wronged you is not living? What if the person is someone who caused you extreme embarrassement during school 20 or 30 years ago? These people are not available to you to discuss the situation, nor do they have to be. Letting go of emotional pain does not mean that nothing happened; it means that you no longer want to be controlled by it.
Step 3
Recognize that forgiveness is not denial. Whatever caused the pain was a real incident. Denying that it happened and calling it forgiveness means that it is too painful to work through the emotions. There is no timeline on forgiveness. Some steps take longer to get through, and it is acceptable to work through some of it and set it aside for a period of time. Part of forgiveness is understanding that whether or not someone takes responsibility for it (and may even demonstrate remorse), does not control whether or not you intend to continue investing emotional pain and distress each time you revisit what happened.
Step 4
Understand that not everyone who forgives reconciles with the person who caused the pain. There are relationships that are toxic and even physically dangerous. While it is possible to forgive the past and move beyond it, it may also mean that the person who was involved no longer can play an active role in your life. If a person or situation is not safe, it may be best not to reconcile the relationship and then work on forgiveness at a time when you are emotionally healthy and physically safe.
Step 5
Make a conscious decision to forgive someone. Even if they never apologize for what happened, determine within yourself that it is fine to proceed without this apology. Apologies should not be about permission to us to forgive someone. Apologies should be offered as an effort of true remorse and acknowledgement that taking personal responsibility for the situation is important. Even without that apology, make up your mind to forgive, forget, and eventually let go.

Indigenous from a conscious building SOS aka Soundz of the South. Soundz of the South (SOS) is a cultural resistance movement, aimed to build a counter culture to the one prevalent in our disadvantage community. Every last Friday of the month SOS host a Hip Hop and Poetry Slam Session. This Friday 29 January 2010 it’s taking place at Lookout Hill in Khayelitsha and it starts at 17h30 till 21h30.
To find out more about SOS join their facebook group or contact Indigenous on 073 2121 444 or email
“We want youths to build their self image instead of being self-destructive.”

Helen Keller
The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.
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Today we enticed the Cape Town youth to partake in foreign exchange programmes. One such programme exist with Rotary International globally

keeping you intouch and in tune with your community (Cape Town that is)
By Denisia Adams

Evince /ih-VIN(T)S\ , transitive verb;
1. To show in a clear manner; to manifest; to make evident; to bring to light.

Although the two-finger V for Victory sign is synonymous with Winston Churchill, it actually was the idea of a Belgian refugee in London, Victor De Laveleye. ALSO DID YOU KNOW When killed in battle, Japanese officers were promoted to the next highest rank.

How to Program Your Mind for Success
Step 1
The key lies here! Our subconscious mind creates our life. How we live is a reflection of how we think! To program the subconscious mind, it's important to first realize that there is nothing we can't do. After all everything around us is made of energy. We are energy, money is energy, etc. And guess what? Energy attracts like energy! You are not limited in any way or form. We are all human beings capable of creating our lives with ease.
So how does one go about to program the subconscious mind? Simple. Change your thinking.
Step 2
Our subconscious mind is where all of our leftover daily thoughts are placed. It's filled with the jealousy, anger, doubt and fear that we consciously can't recognize. On the other hand, our conscious mind is simply the active mind that we are aware of. To transition our subconscious mind into a more positive state, we must alter our conscious thoughts permanently. A great way to start is through a simple daily meditation.
Step 3
First, it's important that we write down our thoughts; through writing we are already confirming our beliefs to the subconscious mind! Get a notebook and write down all your desires, goals, and random thoughts for 5 minutes. Don't even think them through. Just write down everything that quickly comes to mind as a list. Afterwards, cross out all the negative things you wrote down. Repeat this process everyday on a new page!
Step 4
Next, find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Close your eyes and clear your mind. Visualize any of positive things you listed in the notebook in your life at that very moment, as if you have already attained what you want! Do this for 20-30 minutes a day. Visualize yourself in a state of pure bliss. After this short meditation, open your eyes, and hold on to that feeling. It sounds simple, but this daily exercise is extremely powerful. It is the core of programming your subconscious mind to change your own reality. I promise that if you stick to this, your life will change in a very positive way. It did for me!

Diane Rigotti from Rotary International in Cape Town. She joined us to invite the youth aged between 16 -22 years old to partake in the Youth Exchange programme. There are short and long term exchanges to any where in the world. The conditions are you have to be schooling or studying. The trip however will be sponsored by the participants parents/guardians but Rotary International has programmes in place to at least give the underprivileged a chance. To find out more visit or email

Tony Dorsett
To succeed... you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.
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Is South African media homophobic? When was the last time you heard of Mr Gay SA being promoted? Have your say and find out more

By Denisia Adams
v. enunciated, enunciating, enunciates
1. To pronounce; articulate.
2. To state or set forth precisely or systematically: enunciate a doctrine.
3. To announce; proclaim.

Clumsy Museumgoer Damages Picasso Painting
A woman attending an art class at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art lost her balance and fell into a century-old Picasso painting, creating a 6-inch-long (15-centimeter-long) vertical tear in the large canvas. The painting, called The Actor, dates to Picasso's Rose Period, when he shifted from the cool tones of his Blue Period to warmer, more romantic hues. According to the museum, the damage did not affect the "focal point of the composition" and the painting will be repaired in time for a major Picasso retrospective featuring some 250 of the artist's works.

How to Have a Great Conversation
Listen. This is the most important part of any conversation. Pay attention to what is being said. Make acknowledging noises or movements to indicate that you are still listening. A conversation will go nowhere if you are too busy thinking of anything else, including what you plan to say next. If you listen well, the other person's statements will suggest questions for you to ask. Allow the other person to do most of the talking. They will often not realize that it was they who did most of the talking, and you get the credit for being a good conversationalist - which of course, you are!
Find out what the other person is interested in. Do some research in advance when you know you will have an opportunity to talk with a specific person, but don't sound like a stalker. Complimenting them is a great place to start. Everyone likes sincere compliments, and that can be a great ice-breaker.
Make a good first impression. Smile, ask questions that require more than a yes/no answer, and really listen. Maintain eye contact and keep as friendly and polite as possible.
Ask questions. What do they like to do? What sort of things have they done in their lives? What is happening to them now? What did they do today or last weekend? Identify things about them that you might be interested in hearing about, and politely ask questions, but again, don't sound like a stalker. Remember, there was a reason that you wanted to talk to them, so obviously there was something about them that you found interesting. However, try to space out your questions or they'll feel like you're interrogating them which is very bad and closes off friendships.
Forget yourself. Dale Carnegie once said, "It's much easier to become interested in others than it is to convince them to be interested in you." If you are too busy thinking about yourself, what you look like, or what the other person might be thinking, you will never be able to relax. Introduce yourself, shake hands, then forget yourself and focus on them instead.
Practice active listening skills. Part of listening is letting the other person know that you are listening. Make eye contact. Nod. Say "Yes," "I see," "That's interesting," or something similar to give them clues that you are paying attention and not thinking about something else - such as what you are going to say next.
Ask clarifying questions. If the topic seems to be one they are interested in, ask them to clarify what they think or feel about it. If they are talking about an occupation or activity you do not understand, take the opportunity to learn from them. Everyone loves having a chance to teach another willing and interested person about their hobby or subject of expertise.
Paraphrase back what you have heard, using your own words. This seems like an easy skill to learn, but takes some practice to master. Conversation happens in turns, each person taking a turn to listen and a turn to speak or to respond. It shows respect for the other person when you use your "speaking turn" to show you have been listening and not just to say something new. They then have a chance to correct your understanding, affirm it, or embellish on it.
Consider your response before disagreeing. If the point was not important, ignore it rather than risk appearing argumentative. If you consider it important then politely point out your difference of opinion. Do not disagree merely to set yourself apart, but remember these points:
o It is the differences in people--and their conversation--that make them interesting.
o Agreeing with everything can kill a conversation just as easily as disagreeing with everything.
o A person is interesting when they are different from you; a person is obnoxious when they can not agree with anything you say, or if they use the point to make themselves appear superior.
o Try to omit the word "but" from your conversation when disagreeing as this word often puts people on the defensive. Instead, try substituting the word "and", it has less of an antagonistic effect.
Consider playing devil's advocate - which requires care. If your conversation partner makes a point, you can keep the conversation going by bringing up the opposite point of view (introduce it with something like "I agree, and..."). If you overuse this technique, however, you could end up appearing disagreeable or even hostile.
Do not panic over lulls. This is a point where you could easily inject your thoughts into the discussion. If the topic seems to have run out, use the pause to think for a moment and identify another conversation topic or question to ask them. Did something they said remind you of something else you have heard, something that happened to you, or bring up a question or topic in your mind? Mention it and you'll transition smoothly into further conversation!
Know when the conversation is over. Even the best conversations will eventually run out of steam or be ended by an interruption. Smile if you're leaving, and tell them you can't wait to talk to them again soon. Ending on a positive note will leave a good impression and likely bring them back later for more!

Coenie Kukkuk, director of media legal of the South African Mr Gay pageant as well as a member of SA GLAAD (South African Alliance Against Defamation). I invited Coenie Kukkuk to discuss the whole controversy of Mr Gay South Africa not getting coverage as suppose to Miss World etc. This has now caused the South African media to be accused of being homophobic baring in mind that South Africa was one of the first countries to implement that there may not be discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. What was discussed in the interview is that in general whenever there are gay events taking place in South Africa it never gets coverage and allegedly editors and reporters’ reasons are it’s not of public interest. Kukkuk says, “The only coverage we do get is if there is controversy, controversy in the sense that there’s an outrageous drag queen…” The interview then went into the crux really of a situation of this magnitude, human rights.

Kukkuk continued to inform us about the situation in Uganda where there is an anti-homosexuality bill before their legislative assembly. It not only sends gay individuals to prison for life there is a death sentence if gays engage in any sexual activity with anyone HIV positive, underage or disabled. Kukkuk believes that if South Africa doesn’t act on this since South Africa is in fact a role model to other countries when it comes to gay rights, our constitution is at risk.

Kukkuk continued to enlighten but stating that when the president of PAYCO (Pan Africanist Youth Congress of Azania) Pitso Mphasha said, “We are saying to hell with the South African Constitution for giving rights to gays and lesbians….”, he’s actually saying to hell with everyone, rights of children, rights to religion, the list goes on. Gays are usually the minority yet in someway or the other we all form part of a minority which means for instance that if gay rights are at peril, any human right in SA may be in danger.

Lastly Kukkuk mentioned a charge has been laid at the South African human rights commission in Mpumalanga for hate speech against PAC youth league’s comments toward gays and lesbians. Kukkuk was in fact contacted today by the South African human rights commission to confirm they have received the complaint and the situation is being investigated.


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Myrtle Reed, American writer
If we all tired to make other people’s paths easy, our own feet would have a smooth even place to walk on.
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Barleycorn Music Festival is back for 2010 as well as the highest grossing theatre production, "pictures of you". Find out more

By Denisia Adams
1. Being of striking appropriateness and relevance; very applicable; apt.

Gone with the Wind, at 3 hours and 56 minutes, was the longest film to have won a Best Picture Oscar; it was also the first film in color to win Best Picture. ALSO DID YOU KNOW Meryl Streep had more Best Actress nominations than any other actress; 13 in total, leading to 2 awards. Katharine Hepburn received 12 nominations and won 4 Academy Awards.

How to Develop Common Sense
Being in public (at school/work/in the streets): Think properly, you are a human, not a superhero, and you will get hurt if you are careless about where you go. Always plan ahead, and you won't always be bailed out by your family or friends. You could end up in a seriously dangerous situation especially at night.
Always carry a moblie phone (if you have one), or even two. Since many people go to bars, concerts, etc, you may lose things easily. Use your common sense and always keep your phone in an inside pocket, or if you have to use a bag never hang it on the back or underneath ur chair, always keep it between your feet so it doesn't get stolen. And never flash your mobile, car keys, money in public!
Never go to a party and 'hitch a lift'. A strangers car is definitely a no go area! Also only get into yellow taxis and licensed veichles, many women have been raped by getting into Minicabs or Random cars.
Never give a provoking attitude, keep your mouth closed, and don't ignite any fights. You don't want to get beaten up.
"The goodwill of strangers" only exists about 1% of the time. Don't fall for anything.
At school or work: Remember the phrase: "never lend, never borrow". It is true: don't lend money or any belongings and expect to get them back. If your going to give someone money, it should be a token of kindness.
Keep your mouth closed and let your eyes listen: Don't constantly try to force your opinions on others. Everyone comes from a different background/race/religion. People will feel strongly about what your saying and may hurt you. Just always play it cool.
Don't try and do all you can for the 'popular or pretty' people. It's not worth it. It demeans you and you are more than likely to waste your time. You will have only yourself to blame if you let them cheat on major tests or even homework assignments and your grade/reputation will be badly affected.
Everyday life (and the streets): eat 3 meals a day, look on both sides of the road, never accept drinks from strangers, not to intentionally hurt others, give no information over the internet, never tell your deepest secrets to those whose trust you are unsure about, not drink excessive amounts of alcohol or take drugs.
Tell your parents or another responsible adult where you are going (this point is for teenagers especially). Going to a boy/girl's house (or a secluded area) that you don't really know very well without telling anyone is surely a recipe for disaster. If anything happens to you, you could lose your parent's and friend's respect (and maybe even lose your virginity to rape) so your dignity would definitely disappear too. If you really want to see this boy or girl, make sure it's in a public area, e.g. a cafe.

Martin Peterson a member of the Barleycorn Music Club in Cape Town as well as Jasper a guitarist/singer/songwriter who happens to be a featured musician at the Barleycorn Music Club. They joined us to speak about the Barleycorn Music Festival taking place at Rygersdal Sports Club Main Hall, Erin Road, Rondebosch on the 13th February 2010 2:00pm - 10:00pm. It’ll be a day of nothing but the best in local music with over enough kiddies activities. To find out more visit

We then were joined by Liezl de Kock a member of the FTH:K company as well as one of the performers of the highest grossing theatre production on the fringe at the 2009 National Arts Festival show called, “pictures of you”. “Using a sumptuous blend of character masks, magic realism, arresting imagery, puppetry and an imaginative soundscape, Pictures of You weaves together a surreal world across the thin line between dreaming and reality, between sanity and insanity. It is a love story that explores the pleasure, pain, mistakes and forgiveness that govern our responses to being in love.”

Afghan Proverb
Be patient with your enemies and forgiving of your friends.
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Assist where you can either the only Bonteheuwel swim&lifesaving club or Raaes Khan in finding a bone marrow donor

By Denisia Adams
1.Having an abnormally pale or wan complexion.
2.Lacking intensity of color or luminousness.
3.Lacking in vitality or interest.

Contrary to popular belief, cell phone radiation may actually be good for the brain. Researchers say that when they exposed mice genetically predisposed to develop Alzheimer's-like symptoms to the electromagnetic field generated by a standard phone, their cognitive ability was protected. Furthermore, when mice already showing signs of memory problems were exposed to the radiation, their memory deficits disappeared. The mice were exposed to the radiation for two one-hour periods each day for seven to nine months.

How to Lose Weight Without Relying on Exercise
By Kristen Fischer
eHow Contributing Writer
Think exercise alone is enough to shed the pounds? Think again. Exercise is a key facet of a healthy lifestyle and it helps you burn off calories-but it also can stimulate hunger, which can contribute to weight gain.
In general, for weight loss, exercise is pretty useless," exercise researcher Eric Ravussin tells "Time" magazine.
People need to spend between 60 and 90 minutes exercising each day if they hope to use physical activity to lose weight, according to the American College of Sports and Medicine. But it's what happens after the workout that can negate the results of all your sweaty labor.
eHow has some key tips on how to make lose weight and make sure you don't undo all your good work in the gym.
1. Step 1
Skip the High-Calorie Rewards
Getting through a tough workout is a huge feat-but many people are bulking up with high-calorie foods after their workouts as a reward. Putting on more calories than you burn in your post-workout meal will negate your results. And eating large meals after you sweat it out isn't so great either, according to the article.
Dr. Karen Earle, medical director of diabetes services at California Pacific Medical Center, is amazed by how many calories are in some foods, especially those coined as healthy. "Gatorade, for example, has a ton of calories, and sometimes people are drinking it while they exercise and then it's just a wash."
"Is exercise good? Absolutely. But not because it burns calories," says Dr. Robert Lustig, a pediatric endocrinologist at UCSF Children's Hospital. "Diet is about weight. Exercise is about health."
Step 2
Choose Smarter Refueling Foods
When you're starving after a workout, turning to smarter foods will help you refuel without packing on extra pounds. Many people reward themselves with muffins after a workout, except those can be packed with calories, as can Gatorade, which provides that sugary-taste fix.
After a workout, your muscles require material to recuperate. Choose a light meal within two hours after working out, and make sure to have something balanced with protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats too. Foods with potassium such as bananas, potatoes or raisins can help replace the potassium that is lost by sweating during a workout.
Step 3
Don't Stop Working Out
Exercise still has a number of positive effects, especially for heart health, cognitive function and overall mental health . According to a study published in the June issue of "Neurology," older people who exercise at least once a week are 30 percent more likely to maintain cognitive function than those who do not exercise as much.
So, the results are there-you just have to apply exercise with smart eating habits . Eat lower calorie meals and you can see better results more quickly.
To lose weight, aim for about 200 minutes per week of moderate intensity exercise and be consistent with your eating, according to Timothy Church, a professor at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Step 4
Keep Moving
It's hard to tell whether outright sweating and rigorous exercise triumphs more leisurely activities such as golfing and gardening. The U.K.'s Peninsula Medical School study showed that kids moving intensely all day were more tired after school, while children that engaged in moderate activity all day were more likely to be active after school hours.
Tufts University research compiled a summary of published studies that were undertaken between 1969 and 2005 and found that an hour of exercise per day yields an average fat loss of just six pounds over the course of several months. And because most people only exercise 30 minutes a day, that's just 3 lbs. It's no reason to skip the gym but it does show that the gym isn't the only option.
"Exercise is great medicine for general health and a great add-on to dieting, so feel free to kill yourself in the gym if it makes you feel good. But it isn't essential, and by itself doesn't do much. All the evidence suggests that exercise is less important than what goes in your mouth, and when," says Dr. Susan Roberts, a professor of Nutrition and Psychiatry at Tufts University.
Step 5
Eat a Healthy Diet
Even what you think may be healthy can be loaded with calories and fat, so read labels. An "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" article says that integrating exercising into the treatment of obesity produced "inconsistent" results.
"The increased energy expenditure obtained by training may be compensated by a decrease in non-training physical activities," the article states.
So, what works? It's a good idea to research healthy, mindful eating and talk about your diet with a professional to see what works best for you.

The members of the NPO, Bonteheuwel Swim and Lifesaving Club. Firstly one of the founder members, Carl Davids gave us the background of the club. The club is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year which is a milestone simply because the members of the club do not profit financially by giving their time to coach and Bonteheuwel is one the poorer communities in Cape Town yet the little the club receives has taken them through. The clubs purpose is to expose the youth to a different life one that doesn’t result in crime. Many kids in poor communities are not exposed to activities like swimming or lifesaving classes, this is a privilege.

The microphone was then passed to Paul Ryan one of the coaches at the club. Mr Ryan believes the club teaches kids to have goals and shows them there is more to life than the streets. He went on to say that through lifesaving many kids have started careers locally and internationally. The club has taken many a youngsters off the streets and today they are pro lifesavers who can be seen at Cape Town’s prestigious beaches like Camps Bay etc. Mr Ryan also invited community members to the Houston Ryan Gala on the 30 January 2010. It’s a memorial gala to his late son a swimmer from the club who was murdered some years back. However the sole purpose of the swimming gala is to reach out to the community and bring awareness especially to the parents of the dangers of drugs and crime and how easy it is for the youth to be lured into a life of crime. The event kicks-off at eight the morning and to enter as a swimmer whether pro or not is only ten rand per person as well as for spectators. All the ten rands will be put back into the community as an investment to grow more.
Next Abdullah Esac a community worker joined in and explained why he has come on board. He is assisting the events coordinator and where ever he can because he witnessed first hand the passion and love the members/coaches of the Bonteheuwel swim and lifesaving club has for the youth of the community. Mr Esac also mentioned the gala dinner the club will be hosting on the 30 Jan 2010 as well. The club is appealing to businesses, corporates in fact anyone who can pay R120 rand a table if corporates are willing to exceed that amount it’ll be appreciated. To find out more contact Carl Davids on 076 598 0166 or Latief Fridie on 021 555 1920/ 079 50 60 307.

Lastly I was joined by Sumaya Khan a mother fighting and doing everything in her power to get a bone marrow donor for her son Ra-ees Khan who was diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) at the age of three years old he’s currently almost twelve years old. There is a big need for donors since there is no donor match in South Africa yet when seeking abroad one possible donor was found. The family was advised by their doctor to fork out two hundred thousand rand and this will see to the cost for the testing, collection and transport of the cells. The family has created the Raees Khan Fund to raise funds for the operations.

There’ll be a bone marrow drive on the 30 January 2010 endorsed by the Sunflower Fund at the Vista Nova School in Rondebosch.
The drive will raise awareness of the dire need for donors in South Africa. Currently there are very few donors of mixed race that are registered hence the family finding difficulty to gain a donor match. In order to get involved one is required to sms Marrow + your name and surname and if you have an email address to 33 903. Thereafter contact the Sunflower Fund’s toll free number on 0800 12 1082 and let them know you attending the Ra-ees Khan bone marrow drive. You’ll also receive a questionnaire before becoming a donor. There is a fee for registration of R300 if one is unable to pay simply visit for more details. You can contact Sumaya Khan on (+27) 084 901 89 23 or email

David R. Hawkins
Everything you see happening is the consequence of that which you are
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MC was joined by the research manager at Magnetic Communications discussing a survey on SA students wanting job stability

Keeping you in the know between 9am-12pm
By Denisia Adams

Sprightly and lighthearted in disposition, character, or quality.

In which year had South Africa been readmitted into international cricket?
A – 1991   B – 1800’s   C – 2000
Answer: A – 1991
South African cricket was isolated from the rest of the world for 21 years - from 1970 to 1991 - because of the apartheid policies of the former government. Isolation came at a time when the country could fairly claim to be the top test-playing nation in the world after the Springboks had pummelled the powerful Australians 4-0 with ease.

Our eyes are always the same size from birth. ALSO DID YOU KNOW Not all our taste buds are on our tongue; about 10% are on the palette and the cheeks.

How to Be Good At What You Do
Everyone wants to be good at what they do for work. Many people find themselves in careers that they have no interest in and they struggle to find success. If you have to spend 40 or more hours a week doing something, you might as well do something you enjoy and can be good at.
1. Step 1
Take a personality test at to see where your strengths and weaknesses are. Use the results to find a career that matches your personality.
2. Step 2
Follow your passion. Working on something you are passionate about does not feel like work. When you want to do your job because you genuinely care about the results you will naturally be good at what you do. Enjoy your work. Find pleasure in doing a good job. Take pride in being successful and doing things well.
3. Step 3
Learn everything there is to know. Once you have your career in place you should know everything there is to know about your business or industry. The more you know, the more success you will have.
4. Step 4
Work hard. This should go without saying but there are so many lazy people out there that don't want to get their hands dirty. Don't be afraid to take the hard jobs, they will push you to the next level.
5. Step 5
Network in your field. Go to events and conferences and meet other people that do what you do. By networking with others you will learn from their experiences and grow your knowledge. You can also connect with people online using social media and online forums.

Vanessa Adderson research mananger at Magnet Communications. Magnet Communications, Inc. is a leading provider of secure, Web-based business banking solutions for financial institutions of all sizes - from money center and super-regional financial institutions to community banks and thrifts. Magnet's industry-leading products, services and support enable financial institutions to become the valued source for their business customers' financial needs. The company's strategic focus is on helping financial institutions.

Vanessa joined us to discuss a recent surveyed conducted by Magnet Communications with students. What was found is the common denominator amongst students is that they want job stability before further studies or travelling this was the most prominent. However this was only one of the many questions asked to a diversity of students, question such as salary expectancy etc. Now according to Vanessa what Magnetic Communications will then do with this information is communicate this to various companies. Thereafter hopefully companies will then get back to them and make use of the information because it is said that many companies don’t know what is out there or what they themselves are looking for. This is a great way to secure the up and coming in this ever changing working world.

How a man plays a game shows something of his character, how he loses shows all of it.
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Friday, January 15, 2010

MC will be continuing it’s topic on the 2009 Matric pass rate or decline thereof next week between 9am-12pm. Don’t miss it.

Keeping it all about entertainment, arts and culture
By Denisia Adams
Today’s show was very music oriented playing the best in RnB (early 90’s), hip hop and the best in house. Hay lets all cross fingers for District 9, it’s been nominated for an award at the Golden Globes this year.
Not to worry the Morning Cruise will be continuing it’s topic on the 2009 Matric pass rate or decline thereof next week between 9am-12pm. Don’t miss it.

Draconian dray-KOHN-ee-uhn
1. Pertaining to Draco, a lawgiver of Athens, 621 B.C.
2. Excessively harsh; severe.

1902 The teddy bear is created by a Russian immigrant to the USA, after seeing a newspaper cartoon depicting President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt.
1920 First ice cream on a stick is sold by Harry Burt at his Good Humour Bar.
2009 Barbie dolls turns 50.

How to Get Everything You Want in Life
Identify What You Want to Accomplish In order to get started in the right direction you have to know what you're aiming for. To do this, you need to write down everything you want to do. Make a list of things you need to accomplish. It may help to start with the things you need to get more control over, such as finances, organization, etc. List every goal you can think of whether it's large or small. You can even include menial tasks in your list, such as "do all my laundry." The important thing is to write it ALL down.
Identify Obstacles Make a second column after the first one. In this column, write down everything that's preventing you from accomplishing that task. Be completely honest. If it's not enough money, write it. If it's not enough time, write it. If there is nothing preventing you from getting something done, write that down. Identifying any obstacles that are preventing you from accomplishing anything is one of the most important elements here. This will serve two purposes - it will highlight all the things you can do that you've just been lazy about (such as laundry), and it will give you an idea on what you need to overcome to get those items crossed off your list. What's important to realize at this point is that the underlying cause is, ultimately, that inaction is the number one thing preventing you from doing all these things. This leads you to the next column.
Formulate a Plan Make a third column and write down a plan of action now that you know what's preventing you from accomplishing everything you want. The reality is that you have to take action, and without having a plan, you'll just keep spinning your wheels and nothing will get done. If one of your obstacles is not enough money, maybe you can write down ideas on how to make more money, how to spend less money, or how to get a handle on your finances. If there is nothing preventing you from doing something, write down that you need to JUST DO IT! If your goal is "Learn to ride a motorcycle", and not having a motorcycle is what's preventing you, write down "find a friend with a motorcycle" or "save money for a motorcycle". Write down anything that comes to mind.

Burundi Proverb
Where there is love there is no darkness.
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Could it be the negligence of the parents that caused the decline in the 2009 Matric pass rate? Thats what MC focused on in today's show

Keeping you in touch and in tune with your community
By Denisia Adams

1. A weak-willed, timid, or ineffectual person.

When was the very first soccer match played in South Africa?
A – 1st January 1616 B – 23 August 1990 C – 23 August 1862
Answer: C – 23 August 1862
Their earliest documented football match in South Africa was held in Cape Town, although Pietermaritzburg also claims to be the cradle of the game in the country. Football was brought to South Africa in the same way it was spread elsewhere in the world, through the British military and through travelers from the colonial power.
The Cape Argus newspaper advertised the first match, played on August 23, 1862, between soldiers of the British garrison and employees of the colonial administration, including a youthful John X Merriman, who later went on to become prime minister of the Cape Colony. It was played at Green Point stadium. Market Square in Pietermaritzburg staged matches between civilians and military personnel soon after, although historians suggests these were more mass free-for-all, and Port Elizabeth followed soon after.

When Alexander Graham Bell passed away in 1922, every telephone served by the Bell system in the USA and Canada was silent for one minute. ALSO DID YOU KNOW There are more than 600 million telephone lines today, yet almost half the world's population has never made a phone call.

How to Stop Whining and Feel Better About Yourself
Sometimes, life can really get you down. Whether it is because you're out of a job, or suffering some other personal misfortune, or just feeling bummed for no good reason, sometimes it's just hard to feel upbeat. However, this just compounds the issue. The sooner you can get out of this state, the more you can do something about your negative circumstances.
Step 1
Focus on the good in your life. I know it's hard, but it's worth counting your blessings and realizing how many people would be grateful to be in your position. The very fact that you can read this on a computer means that you have access to resources that the majority of the world's population can only dream about.
Step 2
Reach out to friends and family. Often sharing your troubles with a sympathetic audience can help lessen the burden.
Step 3
Empathize with others who have troubles in their own lives and try to help them. This includes not just your immediate circle, but others that you can help by joining or supporting public service organizations. Your own troubles will give you a good perspective on what others are going through, and you will feel better if you try to help others with their troubles rather than just focusing on your own.
Step 4
When worries bog you down, remind yourself that "worries are tomorrow's troubles borrowed for today's consumption". Nothing is gained by worrying. If anything, worrying paralyzes you and prevents you from doing what you need to do to tackle your problems. It's not easy to stop worrying, but constantly reminding yourself of this fact really does help put things in perspective.

A continuation on the topic of the week being the 2009 Matric pass rate in South Africa or the decline thereof. Today’s focus was around parenting. Besides teachers being blamed for the decline in Matric pass rate, parents are being targeted as well.

Firstly we had Estelle Mouton mother of a successful matriculant of 2009 named Shanice Mouton who joined us as well to take us through her experience and give us her views on the decline. Estelle on the other hand gave us her method of maintaining a determined and success hungry child.
Lastly we spoke to Eric Atmore from the Centre for Early Childhood Development. Who discussed how vital quality early childhood development programmes are for better schooling.

Keshavan Nair

With courage you will dare to take risks, have the strength to be compassionate, and the wisdom to be humble. Courage is the foundation of integrity.
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

“where the management is weak the school is going to perform very badly” the words of CDE Mugwena Maluleke from SADTU. Find out more

By Denisia Adams
Onus \OH-nuhs\
1.A burden; an obligation; a disagreeable necessity.
2.a: A stigma. b: Blame.
3.The burden of proof.

Who is not a South African sports hero:
A – Zanele Situ B – Brian Adams
C – Penny Heyns
Answer: B – Brian Adams

A - Zanele Situ - the first black South African to win a Paralympic gold medal
C - She made it big in 1996 at the Atlanta Olympic Games, when she won South Africa's first gold medals since the country's readmission to the Games after a ban that lasted 32 years.

About 1.8 billion people connect to the internet, 450 million of them speak English. ALSO DID YOU KNOW Since space is essentially empty it cannot carry sound. Therefore there is no sound in space, at least not the sort of sound that we are used to.

How to Stay Healthy in Small Ways
Drink water in the morning after getting up and right before bed. It's been a lot of work for your body to keep you going all day long, and it needs some water to get you through another way and prevent sickness.
When you are waiting for a bus or a ride to work or school every morning, try stretching. It gets your blood flowing and makes you feel more awake.
Take some nice breaths of air when outside. Not only does it smell fresh, but it feels like it rejuvinates you. Don't hyperventilate, though, as it will make you pass out. Breath steadily.
Eat breakfast. Everyone should ,but if you can't because of a crazy schedule, keep a jar of raisins or other dried fruit within quick reach so if you are in a hurry you can grab a handful and run.
Keep your shoulders back when you walk. It boosts your confidence, which in turn raises your self esteem.
When you're doing laundry, see how many times you can lift the detergent bottle. Try to set a goal to lift more than your usual number.
Channel surf when you're watching television and a commercial break comes on. It means you won't be tempted to go get an unhealthy snack. If you really do get hungry during a commercial break, keep something healthy like Wheat Thins or an apple.
Get in a healthy routine because once you're stuck in it, you will be able to determine what might not be the best thing for you. It may be a snack offered to you that is full of sugar and preservatives, or cutting corners with work.
Take more trips. In other words, if you have to bring the two garbage cans to the road make two trips to the curb, instead of one carrying both cans at the same time. A little more walking never hurt. Also, you can park farther away from the store Not only will you not have to fight for a space but parking so far away will result in more walking to and fro.
Keep yourself clean. Chipped nail polish has never looked good, no one likes body odor, and your ears should not be filled with wax.
Pace around when you talk on the phone so you are up and walking around. Also, it has been found that it helps you focus on your conversation.
Bend at your knees and not your waist when you drop something. That's what your knees are there for.
Have a headache? You do not always need an aspirin! There is an easier way to fix your headache. Get rid of a headache by:
1.Taking a few deep breaths,
2.Closing your eyes,
3.Taking your index finger and thumb of your right hand to make a backwards "C" shape, and
4.Clamping your fingers near the webbing between your left thumb and pointer.
(It might be a bit of a discomfort, but it relieves the headache

Mugwena Maluleke from SADTU (South African Democratic Teachers Union). He joined us to give us SADTU’s stance on the 2009 Matric pass rate decline in South Africa. On the question of SADTU’s sentiments toward the 2009 Matric results Maluleke responded by saying that they are not impressed and disappointed by it, a drop is not what they had expected. Maluleke believes there are mulitple factors that have caused the drop, he says, “For one this results still reflects the old setup in terms of the rich and poor and where the poor schools will always perform a bit bad as compared to schools where the parents still participate and contribute to education. He continued to say that another problem faced was the fact that there was a physical science curriculum in grade 12 that teachers did not understand as well as language problems especially to those who have english as a second language. Maluleke is also concerned about the efforts of the parents, parents allowing too much TV time etc.

When asked about people possibly striking against teachers and what SADTU is prepared to do this is what Maluleke had to say, “We are prepared because we know teachers are doing their best under difficult circumstances.. we would want evidence to be put in place by those who rise against the teachers… we will be ready to stand up and address the situation…already teachers are demoralised because of their salaries they receive”. Maluleke says SADTU is adopting a campaign called, “Give a child a chance” insuring as leaders they adopt a child at a particular school, the school and essentially turn the school around. This means they will be insuring teachers are on time they on task and prepared as well as insure principles as managers are well trained and provide proper leadership and direction, “where the management is weak the school is going to perform very badly”.

Norman Vincent Peale
Change your thoughts and you change your world.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The first phase of MC's series of interviews around the '09 Matric pass rate in S.A commenced. Today's focus-the individuals being blamed for the decline i.e teachers


By Denisia Adams
1.Disgracefully or shamefully criminal; grossly wicked; scandalous; -- said of acts, crimes, etc.
2.Guilty of enormous crimes; corrupt; reckless; -- said of persons.

New languages develop as different cultures meet and mix. For instance, about 700 different languages are spoken in London. In some suburbs of the London, English is now a second language. The same is happening - or has taken place - in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Singapore. Already the Internet and mobile phone texting are influencing the development of languages as people communicate freely across cultural and regional borders. DID YOU KNOW The smallest country in the world is the Vatican. It also is the only country where Latin is the official language.
Somalia is the only country in the world where all the citizens speak one language, Somali.

How to better your Job Skills
Step 1
Be a Student. Go to a Professional who does the same thing as you. Observe how they perform and learn from that. Use their services if applicable. This enforces you tithing into the field which will come back to you!
Step 2
Take continuing education classes at least 2 hours every 4-6 months minimum. Note - today's technology allows Educational Organizations to sponsor online classes easing the task.
Step 3
Market watch. Whether working for another company or yourself, it behoves you to keep up with the Competitors expansions and ideas.
Step 4
Creativity. Become creative in your career by generating not just ideas and sparks off other people's ideas and concepts, rather by creating some of your own. You just may get a raise from this.
Step 5
Enthusiasm. Be enthusiastic, what creates this for you only you would know. Get involved in activities, seminars, banquets, or simply by gaining Spiritual grounding and enthusiasm will give the push needed in all areas.
Step 6
Determination. Give it your all. Even when your in a career you desire to get out of, integrity, and potential must be genuine. Utilize the position you have to practice this priceless trait and ability to increase your potential.
Step 7
Train someone. Train someone else in your field, or speak at career days in the school systems, even if you don't have children. This helps you promote and appreciate who you are building an escrow of confidence in your self esteem pool.
Step 8
Give thanksgiving. Give thanks for the skills and position you have. Enforcing this energetic vibration welcomes more skills and opportunities of this caliber or greater to your life path assisting your innermost desires to achieve.
Step 9
Flexibility. Open yourself to learning additional skills within your field. Let mistakes be used for learning vs. trauma... encouraging growth in integrity and accountability (responsibility).
Step 10
Practice what you preach. If you don't follow the guidelines you set for others to follow, likely you'll fall away at any sign of opposition. Build a solid platform in yourself to work from by knowing who you are first and holding true to yourself. The method & result... is excellence.

Today was the first phase of a series of interviews around the 2009 Matric pass rate in South Africa. Today we focused on educators. Currently teachers are under scrutiny as it is believed to be the incompetence of the educators that caused the decline in the matric pass rate.
We were joined by Nazeema Omar from the Retired Teachers Association as well as the principle of Oude Molen High in Cape Town. Both gave their views and sentiments towards the 2009 Matric pass rate in South Africa, the possible causes for the decline etc.

Andy Warhol
They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself
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