Tuesday, June 05, 2012

In Studio Today: Thohera Fagodien

Thohera Fagodien, a Factreton resident is passionate about her community. She contributed to Mid-Morning Madness today by sharing her story on the Morning Cruise.

This everyday hero and former ballroom dancer, developed a love for the youth and community and is passionate about 'putting Kensington on the map' because she believes there are many people who want to help. She would love to see the development of community projects that facilitate the social development of the Factreton youth, through sport and performing arts.

Recently Tohera was incited to action when a fire ravaged the homes of families in her community. She used Facebook to mobilise the community and to draw attention to their plight. She would like to appeal to anyone who would like to get involved in the community and give back, she says she's been blessed because she 'pays it forward' but there is much work to be done and she would like you help! Contact Thohera at fire3@cellc.blackberry.com

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