Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In Studio Today: PAWUSA

In Studio: PAWUSA General Secretary, Gavin Jood joins The Morning Cruise to discuss PAWUSA's 45 Year Celebration.

PAWUSA is one of the oldest trade unions in South Africa with a rich history of proud members united in the struggle for the rights and freedoms of workers.

The organization was formed on 23rd November 1967 in Cape Town, as the Public Service League (PSL), when access to racially segregated unions was prohibited, and changed name to the Public and Allied Workers Union of South Africa (PAWUSA), in 1995 after the event of our new democracy.

STATEMENT: Launch of PAWUSA 45th Anniversary Celebration 1967 - 2012

Held at PAWUSA national office, 5 Buiten Street, Cape Town.

Once in a while, the power of human effort triumphs over adversity, and this is the case in the existence of PAWUSA, in its fight for the rights and freedoms of workers in South Africa. Remembering this fight, and the fight for equality, in the month of the worker, has got to be placed in context.

We have launched our celebration of 45 Years in existence, since PAWUSA was founded in 1967. The celebrations will be held in November 2012, in George. Every member has been sent a 45 Year celebration pack together with a celebration lanyard.

PAWUSA, the Public & Allied Workers Union of South Africa, formerly known as the Public Servants League PSL, or SDL Staats Diens Liga, is one of the oldest unions in the Public Service.

PAWUSA'S history dates back to 1967 when the PSL (Public Servants League) was established in Cape Town, on 23 November 1967 to represent employees in the public service.

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