Thursday, June 14, 2012

In Studio Today: Freedom Dialogue


Freedom Dialogue

Through a 30 minute performance - directed by Eldene Jones -Winslow Schalkwyk and Glen Arendse, will examine our notions of freedom and deliver commentary from pre and post 1994, as the duo ebb and flow through history remembering not only the Cape Town struggle or South Africa's struggle for freedom but also the struggle to be a human, to be free, to be comfortable in your own skin and be classified as South African.

This showcase at House of Joy will be the first time the audience will be able to experience Freedom Dialogue and also serves as a fundraiser to get the crew to the National Arts Festival Grahamstown.

Venue: House of Joy

6 Lower Trill Road, Observatory, Cape Town


Doors open at 4pm (performance scheduled for 5pm)

Soup and drinks will be on sale.

Learn more about Freedom Dialogue:

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