Thursday, June 07, 2012

In Studio Today: Tara-Lee Delport (CL: Cherrie-Lee)

Young designer Tara-lee Delport joined the Morning Cruise team to discuss the importance of pursuing your dreams. She describes herself as "Very passionate about Art, Fashion, and Design", she says "when people think 'FASHION' they think glitz and glam, when actually its 90% hard work, sweat, tears and frustration and only 10% glam...but the validation in the end makes it all worth while". She explains design and creativity is only one aspect of the fashion industry "you need to understand Retail, sales, merchandising and marketing a brand", skills she acquired while working in retail for two years.

 CL Winners:

Marguerita Freeks
Dennis Klaasen

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Tara-Lee Delport 





Anonymous said...

So proud of this girl! I know this is only the beginning for Tara-Lee Delport with her amazing spirit, vision, perseverance and of course TALENT!
Love Cara Joy

Sieraaj Allie said...
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Anonymous said...

Great Show!

murico said...

Well done.. you so talented.. keep up the good work CL

Anonymous said...

We are proud of you. Your passion,commitment & determination will fulfull all your dreams.You are multi talented and so much fun to be around with, a true blessing. Confirmation once again that every good and every perfect gift comes from the hand of GOD. Much love. Madre & Padre

johnfdelport said...

Tara-Lee Delport, we are so proud of you, you really got the right end of the ladder and definitely we're already looking up to where you'll be soon...up, up, up, keep climbing dear cousin! There's so many people whom you have inspired (including me and John). Stay blessed
John F. Delport Photography