Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In Studio Today: Esme Witbooi

In Studio Today: Passionate’, ‘Confident’ and ‘Results-driven’ are descriptions Esme is well-used to hearing from delighted therapists she coached from all therapy practices in the United Kingdom.

Working in the United Kingdom for 5 years, specialising in Alternative Dispute Resolution as a Facilitator to Mediations and Arbitrations , has given her the most advance skills in Conflict Resolution. She now ploughs this back into South Africa, and specialize in Separation and Divorce Mediation. Helping couples achieve better outcomes without adjudication.

Her methods are the product of world-class training, anchored to unique life experiences gathered from exploring scores of countries, seeking answers to basic human desires and motivations, to answer questions, such as:

“Who am I?”

“What is my purpose in this life?”

“What is my core beliefs and values?”

“Where does my passion lie?”

How can I use my emotions work for me?”

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