Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In Studio Today: Active Social Assistance

In Studio Today: Active Social Assistance

Active social assistants and ASA founders, Royston and Lolita Bennett joined us in studio today to discuss the NPO and the role the organisation plays in the community. ASA was born of the couple's personal history and victory over substance abuse.

The organisation, based in Athlone, works with families affected by substance abuse, they provide emotional tools and support to members of the community who seek active social assistance.

The new ASA offices will be launched on Youth Day, Saturday the 16th of June at 10:00am. This event takes place at Peak View High school, Cypress rd Bridge Town. The ASA website http://www.active.org.za/ will be launched on June 15th.

ASA Contact Details:

Royston Bennett:
(Operations Director and founder member)

Mobile: 073 506 0980
Office:  021 637 9464
Fax: 086 510 974

Lolita Bennett:

Mobile: 079 222 9537
Office: 021 637 9464
Fax: 086 554 1788

ASA on Facebook

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