Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In Studio Today: JITSENIC

In Studio Today: Arsenic and Jitsvinger

Join the Morning Cruise to discuss the Hip Hop scene in Cape Town and the Jitsenic collaboration. They explain that they would like to pay tribute to the local Legends who inspired and incited them to pursue their musical aspirations. Jits also adds that the Cape Town scene could benefit from increased female influence and participation,  and he would like to see Women represented in Hip Hop.

 Learn More about Jitsenic here

 Jitsenic Live

Cape Town Hip Hop with Jitsvinger and Arsenic the Maniac Metalloid aka JITSENIC collaborates on stage using rhymes, guitar licks and loops, finger-drumming techniques and samples.

Special guests: BLACK n BLUE

Host Dj Juice

-taking you on a journey into Soul Power through the Vibrations of Blues, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Reggae, Hip Hop and more...see Jitsenic at:


Date: 21 June 2012

Time: 9pm

Door: R30

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