Friday, June 01, 2012

In Studio Today: Crazyworld Productions

Crazyworld Productions: Ceo Brilynn Van Rooyen and crew.


Crazyworld Productions contributed to the mid-morning madness by joining us in Studio to discuss the labels latest projects. The launch of the Poetry in Motion takes place at Kraaifontein Stad Saal on 6 July 2012, they'll be showcasing 17 different artists, and featuring recording artist Jean Pierre's latest single Okapi.

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In Studio Today: Emile Jansen

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Heal the Hood: 

Friday & Saturday from July 27th to August 25th

Heal the Hood is offering schools an opportunity to raise some funds with a 10 leg regional Hip Hop tour and talent search. Winner gets to record a demo and release a track with Emile YX?

We already have Vredenberg, Saldanha & Stellenbosch. We have space for 7 more school halls/ areas to get involved. Contact me now to include your school. We are also offering an hour showcase ( 20 - 30mins demo from HTH group, rest is artists from community) at schools or in your communities on the Sprite/ Coke Truck for interested artist collectives in various communities. If you interested call Shaquile at 0217060481 or Emile @ 0823958125

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