Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In Studio Today: Meg Shout

She Built This City

Meg Shout joins The Morning Cruise to discuss She Built This City, and her aims for the project.

"I have 3 aims for SBTC – INSPIRE those in the industry. You’re not alone in the hustle, there are many of us trying to make it happen! CONNECT young creatives or provide a source for those looking to find young women for various creative projects. EDUCATE those who are interested in joining a creative working space.

She Built This City is a about the young women working in the Mother City striving to achieve their goals. Not only are they pursuing their dreams but they are also contributing to the creative wealth of the city. Cape Town has always been steeped in arts and culture and these treasures are only kept alive by the citizens of the city. These are the UNIQUE stories of young creative women working in their desired fields.

Learn more about Meg Shout and She Built This City:

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