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By Denisia Adams

1.Muddy; thick with or as if with roiled sediment; not clear; -- used of liquids of any kind
2. Thick; dense; dark; -- used of clouds, air, fog, smoke, etc
3. Disturbed; confused; disordered

What is the name of Lira’s latest album?
A – Lira’s album B – Good Feel C – Soul in Mind
Answer: C – Soul in Mind

According to a recent study, more than half of the babies now born in wealthy nations will live to be 100 if current life expectancy trends continue. Danish experts say that in the 20th century, most developed countries saw an increase in life expectancy of around 30 years. Advances in medical treatments also mean that the elderly face less serious disability and functional limitations as they age, allowing them to remain active for longer. A growing aging population could pose a challenge for health, economic, and social systems, but the study authors suggest that the elderly can help reduce this burden by maintaining a degree of employment into their old age.

How to Stop Swearing Like A Sailor
Step 1
Admit you have a problem. You will never solve “diarrhea of the mouth” if you don’t see that it impacts your life.
Step 2
Consider your peers. Profanity is influenced and reinforced by the company we keep. Just like drug use, if your friends are “using”, then it makes your journey to vocab-sobriety that much harder.
Step 3
Discover your triggers. Do you swear when you’re angry or just to make a point? Are you swearing to fit in? Or is it just the way in which you speak all the time? Each answer has a different solution. If when angry, try to take a calm breath before instantaneously reacting to the situation at hand. Realize that your words can easily escalate a situation towards violence. If you swear to make a point, try to emphasize the point more with your tone or inflection of your voice, rather than using a swear word. If you are swearing to fit in with a particular peer group, consider why? Is it to look cool? (Because it’s not; we are cool because of who we are not our flair with gutter-slang.) And if you swear all the time, unconsciously, you must become more aware of what you are saying. You are suffering from lack-of-a-mental-filter. Get one quick!
Step 4
Replace the words with something else. I agree with those who argue that “frick” sounds ridiculous when compared with the power of the F word. “Darned” is a watered down version of “Damn” and it’s obvious. So don’t use those replacement words. Use something that suits you. Or don’t use words at all. Sigh instead. Or take a deep breath. Or snap a rubber band around your wrist.
Step 5
Visualize yourself not swearing. How does it make you feel? Hopefully, more in control of yourself, and thus, your life. If you feel hamstrung by not being able to use swear words, then you are not pushing yourself hard enough. Our speech reflects how we think. How are you thinking?
Step 6
Give yourself a reward. You are breaking a habit and deserve every amount of encouragement you can get.
Step 7
Take up yoga or meditation. No, you don’t have to stare at your navel and give up meat; the point is to become more aware of your thoughts and to relax your mind and body. Peaceful minds rarely need to use vulgarities.
Step 8
Increase your vocabulary. I know, I know, it sounds like you’re back in school studying for a spelling exam. But there are (gasp!) fun ways to learn new words. Some websites offer word-of-the-days which can be delivered straight to your in-box. Read more, even if it’s the articles in Playboy (which you claim to read, anyway.)
Step 9
Be persistent. If you fall off the wagon, get right back on. It’s not worth giving up your progress for a minor offense.
Step 10
Be aware. I am not suggesting a 100% ban on swear words. Sometimes they have a time and place. If you do choose to swear, make it a conscious choice appropriate to the situation.

Violiona Anguelov principle singer of the 21st century opera, ‘Dead Man Walking’. It’s a story of a nun’s heart-wrenching interactions with a death-row inmate. Sister Helen, a young nun, working with the poor in the projects, becomes a pen pal to Joseph de Rocher, a convicted murderer on death row. Dead Man Walking begs the questions - is there a moral difference when the state kills as opposed to an individual and should justice be determined by the notion of an “eye for an eye? The opera therefore offers much more than a debate about the rights and wrongs of the death penalty. Virtually every scene develops into an exchange of views about love, faith, grief, justice, vengeance and the possibility of redemption, drawing its musical influences from jazz, rock, musicals and gospel.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I say to you today, my friends, that in spite of the difficulties and frustrations of the moment, I still have a dream.
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