Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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By Denisia Adams
To regain or try to regain (friendship or goodwill) by pleasant behavior.
To make or attempt to make compatible; reconcile.

What does the word Gauteng mean?
Answer: Gauteng is a Sesotho word meaning, ‘Place Of Gold’.

DID YOU KNOW (www.didyouknow.org)
At 10h35 on Friday 17 December 1903, Orville Wright took the Flyer that he and his brother Wilbur built into the air for what has come to be known as the first powered flight. Earlier, unbeknownst to them, Gustave Whitehead and Richard Pearse were also experimenting with flying machines. Who actually took first to the sky remains a controversy. DID YOU KNOW Adolph Fick first suggested contact lenses in 1888, and although two companies manufactured lenses out of glass, it wasn't until 1948 when Kevin Tuohy invented the soft plastic lens.

TIP OF THE DAY (www.ehow.com)
How to Keep Cool When Rude is the Norm
"You lie!" Congressman Joe Wilson screams at our President. Rapper Kanye West storms the stage and steals spotlight on the biggest night of Taylor Swift’s life. Tennis star Serena Williams berates a judge over a botched call. "Seinfeld's" Michael Richards puts down a heckler with a racist rant. What's with these people?Your mama taught you better. And if you've forgotten what she told you, here’s how you can learn to keep your cool in a rude, rude world.

Rely on the Facts. Politicians, comedians and talk show hosts may make money for being uncivil, but you won’t. Disregard of the facts may be entertaining, but unless you’re reeling in the money in front of a paying audience, it’s best to rely on intellect. Get your point across without flinging insults back and forth, by reciting the facts instead. Leave out the verbal abuse and you will appear intelligent.
Zip it Up. Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt," says Mark Twain. In other words, when you’re riled up and heated, it’s probably more productive to keep your mouth shut.
Make Grandma Proud. If you have a tendency to lose it, think about your grandma. What would Grandma advise? She probably doesn’t want her little darling swearing and throwing fits in public. After all, how you behave does reflect on your relatives. One bad apple spoils the whole bunch.
Use Company Manners. A little etiquette goes a long way in soothing nerves and negotiating a solution. Opinions aren’t changed by bullying. If you feel the urge to shout out, shout out something positive.
Rein in Rage. Anger, ranting and raving is bad for health. From high blood pressure--to heart disease--to stroke and depression--acting out might land you in the doctor’s office. Who can afford that? It’s better for your heart and your relationships if you replace rage with sensible responses. Be gentle with yourself. Your heart and family will benefit from your mild manner.
Choose Happy. Unless you’re big on apologizing in public for rude remarks and bad behavior, it’s really more satisfying to think happy and avoid embarrassment. Replacing angry thoughts with pleasant ones will keep you calm. Children are watching, so set a good example. Say out loud: “Today is a good day to be alive.”
Stop and Chill. If you are getting riled up, take a break, go for a walk, get a drink of water and cool down. Don’t be dumb. Don’t do something stupid. If you need to do something, do something smart. Walking away is not being “chicken;" it’s a strategic action.
Be a Lover, Not a Fighter. Sometimes you have to put up with other people’s bad manners, but you don’t have to adopt their immature ways. Treat neighbors and strangers as you would like to be treated. Stomp out rude by applying the "Golden Rule." Make love your mission.

An interview I had done with Nazeema Omar about the Retired Teachers Association and how imperative their role is in the education system.

Lastly I played an interview done with Jenny Handley from Jenny Handley promotions about how to expand your profile by increasing visibility.

Anatole France

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
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