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Find out what City of Cape Town is doing to re-integrate street people back into communities

By Denisia Adams

1. To speak (a language) without fluency
2. To study or approach superficially; dabble in.

What town in the Western Cape close to Montagu was originally known as Roodewal?
A – Robertson B – Ashton C – Cape Town

Answer: B – Ashton
Ashton was originally known as Roodewal. The English speaking official who was in charge of the railway station built there could not cope with the name Roodewal, so he named the station after his home town in England.The station was built in 1887 and grew into a town only in the 1940s after the Langeberg Cooperation was established near the station.

During WWII, the Japanese attempted to attack the US mainland by floating hydrogen-filled balloons equipped with inflammable devices across the Pacific Ocean. In 1944 and 1945, the Japanese launched over 9,000 of these weapons, which were designed to kill, destroy property, and start fires. Although, at the request of the US government, fire balloon incidents were not reported by the press at the time, about 300 such bombs are known to have reached N America.

How to Avoid Online Fraud

Even though it is usually safe and convenient to handle your personal and financial transactions on the Internet, you should still be continually aware of anyone who is attempting to defraud you of your money or steal your identity. Protecting your credit card information and personal information should always be of utmost importance.
1. Step 1
Get into the practice of carefully weeding out your email on a daily basis. Do not open any email that is not specifically addressed to you, has a strange subject line or appears fraudulent. If you open an email from a known company, do not fill out any financial information. Go to that company's website and call or send an email to find out if the email you received is valid. Do not fall for any of the emails that say, "The IRS has your Refund" or "Your Files Need to be Updated." If you receive an offer for an online newsletter that promises "great stock returns," talk with your financial adviser or attorney first before signing anything.
2. Step 2
Deal only with known companies for retail or mail order when you are ordering online. You definitely want a website that has a telephone number and address as a contact. Every site should have a privacy policy, which explains what information the company keeps on you and how it will protect your credit card information. If you have questions, call the customer service number first. If you need to sign up with a user name and password, do not use your birthday or anniversary date. Mix numbers and letters. Keep a notebook nearby where you list the different websites and the user name and passwords. Make a copy of the transaction page after making a purchase.
3. Step 3
Avoid any "work at home" or "job success" emails or websites that ask for a fee upfront. These are scams. Do not provide your social security number or any other personal information to any employer until you know that it is a reputable company. You should receive a contract and IRS tax forms from the business once you have agreed to do the work. You will have an address and phone number of the company, so you can check with the Better Business Bureau or that state's consumer protection department to ensure reliability. Once you have begun to receive payments and feel comfortable about the organization, you can sign up for direct deposit of payment into your banking account.
4. Step 4
Check once a year with all three credit reporting agencies, which is free of charge, to make sure of your credit status and that no one has used your credit illegally. Also read through each credit card statement you receive to make sure you understand all payments. Sometimes you will sign up for a "free month" of a service. If you do not cancel, you will be charged thereafter. Close any bank accounts or credit cards that have fraudulent payments. Let your bank or credit card company know at once.

Africa Unite. Africa Unite strives towards the achievement of a united, prosperous Africa in which all people live together harmoniously and peacefully. It is our belief that refugees from other African countries and South Africans should work together for the future good of all, especially children and youth. They provide skills and life training. They assist with job placements, they offer arts and culture and mostly important they educate people on their human rights. For more details contact +27 (0) 21 467 – 7626 or email

Lastly we were joined by Lungelo Nokwasa from the City of Cape Town. Joined us to discuss the announced new city programme to uplift street people. “The ideal of re-integrating street people into their communities is often not realised because they lack a support system and the opportunities and incentives to create a new life for themselves”, says Councillor Grant Pascoe, the City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee Member for Social Development and Special Projects.
The key is to ensure that they have back-up after they return to their communities of origin and the new service providers are expected to:

  • create a safety net for street people after they are returned to their communities
    support, monitor and assess them individually in terms of physical and mental health
    provide rehabilitation and detoxification programmes where required
    individually assess their skills to enhance their chances of getting work
    provide training that will help them to get work
    provide care services for youth at risk in communities of origin
    assist and train their parents to enable them to cope with the challenges of children who are vulnerable to the lure of a life on the streets.

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