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By Denisia Adams

Being the very same; identical

What was Plettenberg Bay originally christened/nicknamed?
A – Plet Bay B – Bahia Formosa C – It’s always been Plettenberg Bay

Answer: "Bahia Formosa" (beautiful bay) by early Portuguese explorers.

The first study investigating the effects of childhood diet on adult violence has found a link between children who eat sweets every day and aggression in adulthood. According to the data, 10-year-olds who ate sweets daily were significantly more likely to be convicted of a violent offense by the age of 34. While further study is needed to explore this apparent link, researchers say that by giving children candy and chocolate in exchange for good behavior, parents may be preventing their kids from learning how to delay gratification, leading to impulsive behavior and violence.

How to Cope With Frustration
Frustration is a form of poorly expressed anger. Frustration is about expecting the world and its inhabitants to be a certain way.
1. Look for the triggers that cause you to feel frustration. Common ones include:
o Impatience at the speed of people, systems,
o Slow comprehension of facts or a situation by another person
o Lack of reliability of a person, item, or system
o General sense of unfairness or injustice about things that are occurring in your life
o Poor communications resulting in something not being done at all, or on time
o Wanting things your own way without compromise
2. Think through your answers. Do any of the above situations apply to you? If so, note down why. Draw another column and suggest ways that you might address each frustration in a fruitful manner instead. For example:

o "I get frustrated when the traffic crawls to halt and I am sitting in it, sweating. Counter thought: "I do hate the traffic being slow but I can avoid it by leaving earlier or later; or I can turn on the air-conditioning and play my favorite music really loud when I do get stuck and just go with the moment."
o I cannot stand the way George is so slow at understanding the point of every exercise! I'm tearing out my hair!" Counter thought: "I know that George is a slow learner but my goodness, when he grasps the concepts finally, there is no stopping him and he is often the person who points out errors as we go along, helping us to avoid greater
3.Breathe deeply and count when you feel a bout of frustration coming on. This is a good opportunity to create your reaction rather than to react and create your frustration. One deep breath, followed by a slow count to ten, during which time you let your thoughts go. Return to reality and consider the situation before you carefully and with a reality check. Ask yourself:
o Are things really as I perceive them?
o What sort of reaction can I give that will properly express my concern, my annoyance, my wishes?
o What good and positive words can I use to express the need for seeing things my way too?
o Am I seeing things in other people's way too?
4. Remember that frustration is born of wanting things or people to be a certain way that is fixed in your head. Your expectations of others and of how the world works is formed over many years of experiences and sometimes your personal overlay is defective; it might have been a source of self-protection once but when it continues to advise you poorly for future experiences, then it is stuck in time, and generally plain wrong. When you cease to expect other people to act in a certain way, when you start to look at the world with fresh eyes again and expect nothing apart from the fact that you are a member of a community of individuals and a world of many happenings, then you start to realize that things happen, people are the way that they are, and most importantly of all, how you react matters. For example:

o Let's say that somebody yells at you for accidentally standing on the street, as you intend to cross the road at the same time that they're coming around. There is no real fault here. You thought the road was clear, the driver did too. Neither of you had malicious intent. To take offense at the driver's fear of running you over is to place an interpretation on this event that isn't there; instead, accept that the driver was scared they'd hurt you (and that's a good intent) and that your piece in the action was equal. Simply apologize, acknowledge your own scare in the situation, and move on.
5. Practice talking back to yourself every time that frustration arises. It takes a long time to overcome what has become essentially a very comforting but demoralizing habit. While it might feel justified to feel a sense of outrage, persecution, and insult, where do those types of self-pitying feelings ultimately lead you? They lead to personal stagnation and a victimhood type mentality that prevents you from growing as a human being and from experiencing what the whole world truly has to offer. Don't give up on letting go the grip of frustration; it will take time but it will happen if you put in a concerted effort to change your perspective.

Pauline de Klerk from a non-profit organisation called SALT (Sharing Abundant Life Together). She joined us to about the reopening of the Enozipho Edu-care Centre in Joe Slovo Cape Town. SALT opened their hearts and gave the centre a place to be proud of. Initially Enzipho Edu-care Centre housed 100 children aging from 3months to 6years old in two tin containers. Not once have the teachers not shown up nor closed down the centre for any reason. The revamp has the kids in a brand new spacious bricked building with everything they need and even air-conditioning.
John Buchan
There may be peace without joy, and joy without peace, but the two combined make happiness
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