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Find out what it takes to become a sales product manager and about card fraud syndicates

By Denisia Adams

1. Untidy, as in dress or appearance.
2. Marked by negligence; slipshod.

Which town in South Africa was established as South Africa's first "dorp"?

A – Bredasdorp B – Paarl C – none
Answer: A – Bredasdorp

Bredasdorp was established as South Africa's first "dorp" (town) by Michiel van Breda in 1838. Van Breda, the first mayor of Cape Town, also regarded by many as the father of the merino sheep industry laid the foundation of the merino sheep on his farm Zoetendals Vallei.

DID YOU KNOW (http://www.didyouknow.org/)
On Monday, Indonesia officially called off the search for missing survivors from Wednesday’s massive earthquake. Helicopters have been dropping much-needed supplies over villages cut off from outside aid by the 7.6-magnitude temblor. The powerful quake caused a number of devastating landslides that buried entire villages under tons of mud, boulders, and trees. According to officials, more than 88,000 houses, 100,000 official buildings, and 285 schools were flattened, leaving many without shelter.

TIP OF THE DAY (www.wikihow.com)
How to Respond When Someone Insults Your Convictions
It can be hard to know what to do when someone makes a thoughtless remark that is insulting to your convictions, values or beliefs. It's even harder when that person wasn't thoughtless at all, but made a pointed effort to be insulting. Fortunately, that's rare - most often, insults like these are the result of ignorance. Knowing how to respond appropriately can make all the difference between managing a potential conflict or fanning the flames; this article provides you with the tools for responding effectively.
Don't react immediately. Take a moment to gather your thoughts before saying or doing anything, no matter how much the comment may have stung.
Speak up for your convictions, but do it in a calm, rational manner. You don't have to lower yourself to the level of the ignorant, but if, for good reason, you don't want to let the comment pass without answering it, even if it wasn't directed at you, then you do want to make sure any response is not seen as a fanatical, knee-jerk reaction. As a matter of fact, it's best not to react, but instead, respond.
Give the person the benefit of the doubt. If there is any doubt, that is. In other words, if the remark was offhanded, and particularly if it came from someone you hardly know, there's a good chance that person has no idea the remark might offend you. Rather than assuming that the statement was intended to be insulting, give the benefit of the doubt, and allow for some ignorance on the part of the speaker.
Ask a question rather than making a statement. If the remark was something to the effect of, "What kind of idiot do you have to be to vote for him?" (and you are exactly that kind of idiot, because you do plan to vote for him), try responding with, "What would make you say that? What is it about him that you disagree with so strongly?" Find out. Maybe the person has some personal vendetta - some personal reason that made him speak out so strongly. If that's the case, there's very little you can do other than follow the next step:
Try to be as diplomatic as possible if you feel the need to reveal your position. Rather than being inflammatory and picking a fight, like in the previous example, identify yourself with tact and generosity for the other person's point of view - even though that person didn't really accord you the same courtesy. There are times when it makes sense to step up and reveal your secret identity.
Tell that person you feel insulted. If you still haven't made your point, let the other person know that, while s/he is entitled to his/her opinion, likewise, so are you. Let him/her know that those remarks are hurtful to you, and ask that s/he tone it down, if for no other sake than courtesy to another person, on a humanitarian level.
Take the high road. No matter what the response is from that person who's going off on you, you must maintain your cool. In the end, if you are kindly and gentle in your response to that person, s/he is the one who will end up looking bad to the other people present. No matter what kind of person you're dealing with, the only thing you need to worry about is what kind of person you are.

A career interview with Sales Product Manager Tamsyn Judd. Tamsyn who studied Travel and Tourism couldn’t deny her real passion which is footwear anymore took the industry on full-force! Tamsyn says to make it she had to start at the bottom, making staff coffee, taking pictures of the footwear etc to be taken seriously. Despite there being trying times she knew what she wanted for herself and kept on pushing and without having to study again managed to become a Sales Product Manager.

Lastly we were joined by Superintendent Jerome Hardenberg from the South African Police Service Commercial Crime branch. He joined us in studio to educate us on card fraud and more specifically the card skimming device syndicate. Superintendent Jerome Hardenberg had to point out that the crisis doesn’t only threaten South Africa in fact exist everywhere in the world more so. The syndicates target waitors, front desk receptionist as well cleaning staff to “employ”. These participants are handsomely rewarded which explains the growth in the syndicate. They make use of card readers which have evolved into pocket size devices (view pictures) to retain card user’s details even if your card leaves you for just a second. Hardenberg wants to encourage people to be extra careful and watchful with their cards. Try not to use deserted ATMs and watch out for men in suites standing around the ATMs. At restaurants avoid entrusting anyone with your card best go with your waitor when making payments.
Winston Churchill

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
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