Tuesday, March 17, 2009

By Denisia Adams

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Today saw Omniscient Tuesday on the Morning Cruise where we kept you in know between 9am – 12pm. Check it out:

cormorant KAW – MIR - RANT:
gluttonous or greedy person

The V & A in the V&A Waterfront means Victoria and Alfred. Who is Victoria and Alfred?

Answer: Queen Victoria and Alfred is her second son.

Since its origins in 1860, the Port of Cape Town has been the scene of excavations, reclamations, harbour construction programmes and land based developments.
By the time Prince Alfred* tipped the first load of stone into the sea to initiate construction of Cape Town's harbour, the trade routes to the East had transformed the city into a hive of seafront activity. The discovery of gold and diamonds in South Africa meant that the first section of harbour, the Alfred Basin, had to be added to and the Victoria Basin was built.

The first documented lighthouse was the Lighthouse of Alexandria, built in 200 BC on the island of Pharos by the Egyptian Emperor Ptolemy. Considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, it is thought to have been 150 metres (492 ft) high - about three times taller than modern lighthouses. Also did you know a green diamond is the rarest diamond.

How to Allow the Good Into Your LifeBy
-Michelle Starkey
You want to have more of the good things in life and less of the not-so-good, right? Living in duality, you are bound to have both. Learn how to allow more of the best of everything to arrive right now.

BE CLEAR. Since you know what you don't want (that's easy) decide what you do want. Perhaps it's happiness, success, inner peace, financial freedom or a happy family life. Get clear about your vision for yourself and the future. Feel the emotions associated with these states.

GET FOCUSED. Now that you have decided how you want your life to be, focus on it. Catch yourself when you begin having negative thoughts and switch to positive ones. For example, if you notice you are starting to exhibit the symptoms of a cold rather than saying, "Oh no! I hope I don't get sick," focus on how healthy you are. Rest a bit more and take care of your physical and emotional needs. These symptoms may be a message for you to slow down and you don't have to buy into the whole concept of getting sick.

SET YOUR INTENTIONS. State to yourself and the universe exactly what it is you intend to create in your life. You may use statements such as, "I intend to be happy no matter what." or "I intend to have a peaceful life." You may also use these sentences as if you already have what you want since this can be even more effective.

LET GO. Let go of any thoughts, memories and experiences that no longer serve you. The past is over and unless you can learn from these situations there is no sense in holding on to them. When you hold on, you block the flow of new, more beneficial things to come in. Letting go can be as simple as focusing on the thought, taking a deep breath and blowing out. If you need to do this a few times, go ahead. You will notice you feel freer and lighter afterward.

WELCOME THE GOOD. Once you have decided what you want, set the intention and let go, you are ready to accept all the wonderful, amazing experiences you deserve to receive. "I am open to receive the good in life." Trust, have faith and know that you are a worthy child of God. You deserve to have all the best life has to offer!

An interview with Tania Garde an organizer from Simply Organised. She joined us to let us know how to organise our homes, how to maintain it, how to start etc. Tania’s contact details are email: Tania@simplyorganised.co.za or call 073 227 03 14

We also spoke to Gary Ronald from the AA, Automobile Association of South Africa to joined to provide some helpful steps on what to do in a hijacking and/or how to be alert. Here are the tips:

Halt The Hijacking Mayhem

Firstly, it is imperative that we are constantly alert to the possibility that we could be the next victim. The AA would advise precautionary measures such as being familiar with your environment and keeping alert to anything around you that is out of the ordinary.

Varying your route so as to avoid habitual routes that can be easily traced is a good way of throwing potential attackers off. There are obvious protective mechanisms such as locking doors and stopping your car a few metres behind the car in front of you to make a quick getaway.
Leaving your windows open just a fraction may also prevent smash and grab incidents, but be sure that they are not open more than five centimetres. Where possible, avoid driving at night and in high crime or unfamiliar areas and have your key ready, but not visible, when approaching your vehicle.

In the event that you are hijacked, the following simple steps are recommended:

· Do not make any sudden or alarming moves. Remember that the hijackers are on edge and remaining calm is imperative. Keep your hands visible and move slowly.

· Do not resist your hijackers; remember that your personal safety takes precedence over valuables.

· Listen carefully to the demands of the hijackers, and try to concentrate on the possibility of identifying your hijackers at a later stage without blatantly staring at them.

· Tell the truth when asked any questions as hijackers may fly off the handle should they feel they are being lied to.

· If you are kidnapped, or have a child in the car, make this clear to your attackers. As calmly as possible, ask if you can fetch your child while making it clear that there is no threat from the child

Lastly we interviewed Ivan Bromfield from the City of Cape Town to speak
about Meningitis. The symptoms, if it’s a crisis in Cape Town etc.

Anne Wilson Schaef:
Life is a process. We are a process. The universe is a process

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