Wednesday, March 18, 2009

By Denisia Adams
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Today on the Morning Cruise was our Gender Hub Show:

ebullient \ih-BUL-yuhnt
: Overflowing with enthusiasm or excitement; high-spirited

What town in the Overberg Region outside Cape Town is known as 'sleeping beauty of the Overberg'.

A – Hermanus B – Grabouw C – Villiersdorp

Answer: C – Villiersdorp

There are 92 known cases of nuclear bombs lost at sea. Also did you know There is no record of a person being killed by a meteorite but animals are occasionally hit.

How to Beat the High Gas Prices

Pinpoint the Lowest Gas Prices in your AreaSurf the web for the very best price for gas in your area. You may fill-up once a week or you may stop every other day for gas**. Even if the difference is a few cents, that will add up on a fill-up.

Plan your Errands CarefullyWhen you need to go shopping for food, clothing, personal items etc... plan your trip out before hand. Start with the store that is the farthest away and end with the one that is the closest to you. One stop shopping is better, shop at a mall or super store that offers two or more of your stores in one spot. If you watch your prices and use coupons, you will be able to exclude a extra stop, allowing you to save on gas.

Fill your Tank up on a MondayAfter the week-end, gas stations need to fill-up the tanks on Monday. The prices are at the lowest for the week. Also, if you fill-up before the temperature gets hot, you will get more. The gas expands when hot, fill-up in the cool morning air.

Saving Gas while DrivingYes, you can save on gas while you are driving, if you follow some easy tips. Avoid sudden stops; Avoid fast take-off from stop; Driving even 10 km faster will burn gas; Stay off the brakes, unless coming to a stop. Highway Driving; Stopping at a rest stop for gas is asking to pay a higher price right off the bat. Most exits have gas stations with-in a mile of the exit that will have lower prices on gas. Also, use your GPS to scan and locate the exits with gas stations close to the highway.

Save your Cash Have a Trusted Mechanic for General MaintenanceFinding a mechanic that you trust 100% with your vehicle is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. Let's be real, some mechanics are out to rip you off. Do your research first, Goggle your car maker and year, a lot of sites offer searches for the cars issues and problems. The more you know about your car and how it works the odds of you being ripped off are greatly reduced.

Also, ask to see your old parts before you leave the repair shop. And always get a receipt and any warranty in writing.

An interview with Dr Carol Thomas who joined us to speak about a very important topic, PMS. I’ve now learnt that PMS is actually something serious, something that should not be taking lightly. If you as a women experience intense mood swings you should exactly go to your doctor. Having mood swings, feeling sulky it’s not a normal occurrence during a women’s monthly. Also the pains some women experience is healthy it means you fertile and it also doesn’t mean you incapable of doing things like work etc.

We played an interview with a member from Women In Finance.

Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow-ripening fruit.

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