Monday, March 02, 2009

By Denisia Adams
Hello to you and good day. Hope you energized and satisfied, being Monday and all.

Today was Best of the Best where we recapped on the week that passed. Check it out:

WORD(s) OF THE DAY (best of last week)
glower \GLAU-uhr
AND beneficence \buh-NEFF-i-suhns

glower \GLAU-uhr: To look or stare angrily or sullen dislike, discontent

beneficence \buh-NEFF-i-suhns\: the killing of one’s father; a person who kills their father.

S.A TRIVIA QUESTION (best of last week)
What is Saldahna Bay’s economy strongly dependent on?

A – sand B – wine C- fishing, seafood and steel industry

Answer: C- fishing, seafood and steel industry

Saldanha Bay is strong on the watersports front. The town´s economy is strongly dependent on fishing, mussels, seafood processing, the steel industry and the harbour.

DID YOU KNOW (best of last week)
It is estimated that there are several million earthquakes in the world each year. On average, about 60 earthquakes per year are classified as significant, with 19 classified as major. Did you know Thomas Cook, the world's first travel agency in the world, was founded in 1850. Did you know Traffic lights were used before the advent of the motorcar. Did you know Chocolate is the number one foodstuff flavour in the world, beating vanilla and banana by 3-to-1.

TIP OF THE DAY (best of last week)
How to Fall Asleep Easier at Night

Stop drinking coffee or any caffeinated beverages after mid-afternoon. While some people can drink a pot of coffee and promptly go to bed, others retain the effects of caffeine for up to 16 hours. Have your last cup at lunch and drink decaff after in order to fall asleep easier.

Forget warm milk. If you have trouble falling asleep, opt for herbal tea with a dash of nutmeg, instead. Alternately, swallow a nutmeg capsule with a small healthy snack about one hour before bedtime.

Take a walk after supper or do some gentle exercises for half an hour but avoid exercising within 3 hours of bedtime. Your body needs time to allow the adrenaline to wind down before you fall asleep.

Create a happy story in your head. Remember something you loved as a child, perhaps a favored pet or childhood friend. Imagine a story where you and your pet or friend walk together once again and be the age you were when you had this friend. Make your story totally happy and "feel" the depth of happiness between you.

Make a mental list. It can be a grocery list or a to-do list but imagine yourself writing your list on a piece of paper or a blackboard. Feel your hand as it forms the letters and see your list clearly.

Tell yourself that whatever is keeping you awake won't be solved tonight by worrying. During times of stress, our minds jump into action when our bodies relax. If stress is the cause of not falling asleep, form your problem into a question and repeat the question over and over in your mind, telling yourself that you will dream of a satisfactory answer.

Sit up and force your mind to focus on one thing. Insomniacs complain that their mind jumps from idea to idea, never focusing long enough to make a mental decision.

Get up. the longer you toss and turn, the angrier you will become and sleep will be that much more elusive. Get up and do something. Don't do anything strenuous but check your email and answer your correspondence or watch an old rerun on TV.

Wear soft foam earplugs or get a white noise machine if noises disturb you at night. Some people are frightened to sleep and in that case, a good guard dog on your floor might offer some reassurance that no one will slip up on you, unawares.

WE ALSO FEATURED (best of last week):
We played an interview done with Lameez de Vos and Inspector Bennet (Athlone SAPS) from the Safe Schools programme. They spoke to us about the programme’s action against truancy in schools.

We also played an interview done with the CEO of Educo Africa Trevor Johnston who joined us last week to talk about his 6 six day challenge he participated to raise R1 million for their “On the Edge Campaign”.

Lastly we played an interview done on our Community Buzz Thursday show. It was about the Food Security Programme in which they train and assist disadvantaged persons in the communities to setup their own vegetable gardens. Where they can live off and hopefully profit from.

QUOTE OF THE DAY (best of last week)
Jane Wagner.
A sobering thought: what if, at this very moment, I am living up to my full potential?

That’s it for the Morning Cruise, where we cruise through your weekday here on BushRadio 89.5fm live on your stereo between 9am – 12pm with me Denisia Adams. Take Care ... make the best of your day and Keep the Faith. Stay Real……!!!!!!!!!!

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