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Safety parents has become a much need since more kids are abandoned and abused daily- Find out what retired teachers do with their time.

By Denisia Adams


1. of crucial importance
2. of or acting as a pivot

What town in the Northern Cape is the gateway to Namibia. It’s also known as the town of Diamonds, Copper and Spring flowers?

A – Colesberg B – Springbok C – Kimberley
Answer: B – Springbok

History of Springbok
In 1684 Nama and Khoisan people arrived at the Castle in the Cape of Good Hope to sell their bangles and bracelets. Simon van der Stel believed they come from the Monomatapa of Africa, and started expeditions to the most western corner of the Northern Cape Province. Today this area is called The Garden of the Gods and is famous for the wondrous display of spring flowers that explode into bloom every August and September.

Copper was discovered on the farm Melkboschkuil in 1850. In 1852 the farm was bought from Long Kowie Cloete by the mining company Phillips and King, which later become known as Cape Copper Company. The mine became the first commercial mine in South Africa, but was worked out by 1888. Springbok was build around the copper mining industry.

DID YOU KNOW (http://www.didyouknow.org/)
In a small Chinese study, researchers found that children who drank milk fortified with probiotics—beneficial bacteria found in the intestinal tract of healthy humans—during the winter and spring had less colds, needed less antibiotics, and missed fewer school days than children who had plain milk. Not only did the children who received probiotics remain healthier during the course of the study than those who did not, but those who received a combination of two strains of bacteria in their milk rather than just a single one had the fewest fevers, coughs, and runny noses overall and recovered from illnesses the fastest.

How to Avoid Getting Cold Sores
Step 1
Stay out of the sun, or at least limit exposure. Overexposure to the sun can trigger outbreaks.
Step 2
Wear sunscreen if you are out in the sun.
Step 3
Drink alcohol in moderation.
Step 4
Stay out of the wind as much as possible.
Step 5
Protect your immune system . Other viruses, such as the flu, can trigger outbreaks.
Step 6
Make sure to have a healthy diet with plenty of fresh, unprocessed foods.
Step 7
Take a good, high-potency multivitamin.
Step 8
Eat foods high in vitamin C or take a supplement of at least 1,000mg daily.
Step 9
Keep in shape, get enough sleep, do things you enjoy and drink lots of fluids.
Step 10
Reduce consumption of processed foods, cola drinks, sugar and caffeine, which may increase the chance of an outbreak.
Step 11
Don't share a drinking glass, food utensils or a toothbrush with someone who has a cold sore.
Step 12
Avoid intimate contact such as kissing someone on the lips when that person has a cold sore.

Nadine du Plessis from Miracle Kids a place where they care for abandoned and abused kids. She spoke to us about what it takes to be a safety parent etc.

We then spoke to Nazeema Omar from the Retired Teachers Association. She mentioned how pivotal it is for retired teachers to continue to assist the kids with our current education system. Retired teachers often have to stand in for teachers and also assist with tutoring. With a scary statistic of matriculants who find themselves unable to do the basics like reading and writing. The Retired Teachers Association is currently seeking more retired teachers to assist. To find out more contact Nazeema on 082 425 2054


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