Thursday, July 30, 2009

Find out how community worker/hero Roger Samuels from Mitchell’s Plain Cape Town brings back positivity to the youth.
By Denisia Adams


Manifesting or feeling dislike; scornful

For example: Watching another person sloppily eat with their hands would make you contemptuous of their table manners.

Name the most poisonous snake indigenous to South Africa?
A – Cape Cobra B – Canal snakes or C – Black Mamba

Answer: C – Black Mamba

Ducks are never male. The males of the species are called drakes. In a casino, however, ducks is a nickname for a pair of deuces. ALSO DID YOU KNOW Shoemakers are commonly called cobblers but correctly speaking a cobbler is a shoe repairmen. A shoemaker is a cordwainer - they also made leather bottles and harnesses.

How to Become Computer Literate
Are you the kind of parent who has absolutely no idea how to use a computer? Someone who has never touched a computer before and just got here by luck? This article will help you become computer literate.

1.Find a real person to help you; not just someone online. Some good people to ask are your own kids. They know a lot about the computer, but they may be annoyed if you ask too much. Also, check out some books at the library about computers. There are a couple of good books out there.

2.Learn the basic steps to get on the computer. Learn how to turn the computer on, off, on standby if applicable, how to log off if using Windows XP, and how to put discs in the disc drive.

3. Learn about the assorted programs and applications that you will be using. Install them on the computer by placing the CD into the disc drive, and following the installation wizard that pops up on the screen. After installing, play around with the application. this will help you understand the program better.

4. Learn a little about some of the chat jargon or chatspeak. Some examples are "lol" (laugh out loud), and "btw" (by the way). You won't really need to worry about Elite speak, as it was mainly used by hackers and crackers in the 1990s. Now it is mainly used by "wannabe" hackers, so you are most likely safe. Check out the external links for more information. Also, remember that this will help you figure out what you children are saying online when you look at their IMs, or instant messages.

5.Remember that there are some programs which can send where your child is going online right to your email inbox.

6. Set up an email account, which will be required to register with just about any website that allows posting messages (ie: forums, blogs, and sites with built-in chat rooms or IRC clients). Find a free email provider you like such as Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, or AOL. Sign up using their instructions.

7. Learn a little about bad people online. First, there are pedophiles which are a danger to your kids. There are also scams, viruses, cookie grabbers, and Trojan horses. See external links for more info. Also, always keep your computer up to date with security patches and other updates.

8. Explore a little on the web. Visit to search for sites that focus on some of your interests.

Community Worker/ Hero/ex drug addict, Roger Samuels from Mitchell’s Plain Cape Town. He joined us to speak about what made him dedicate his time to his community or more specifically the youth. He said it started three months ago; the community had PAGAD rallies as well as residents standing up fighting crime and drugs in the parks where kids play. Roger then noticed how all these activities and negative vibes have entered into the community homes and he had to do something to bring positivity back. He then started an initiative/ fun day together with the City of Cape Town for the kids which Roger states was a success. His had kids come up to him thanking him for his efforts, kids who claim have never had that much fun ever. Roger also provides leadership programmes etc. As with most small scale community developments assistance and funds wreaks havoc on the programmes. If anyone would like to contact Roger to help out in any possible way contact 072 0160 256 or 021- 374 33 96

Lao Tzu

When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everybody will respect you.

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