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Check out what went down on the Morning Cruise Gender Hub Show. We focused on single parenting. Single dads&Single Moms


By Denisia Adams


fad : a temporary fashion; a craze, interest or activity that (some) people follow enthusiastically, but lasts for a short period of time What's the latest fad in dieting?; a health-food fad.


What is Pietersburg now known as?

A – Mafikeng B – Polokwane or C – Delft

Answer: B – Polokwane

A British girl who received a second heart as a toddler has become the first heart transplant patient to make a complete recovery after the donor organ was removed and the job of circulating blood was restored to her original heart. When her body rejected the donor heart 10 years later and doctors removed it, they found that the decade-long rest period had allowed her own heart to recover.


How to Manage Your Time Better at Work

Step 1

Stop jumping around. The keyword for many years has been “multitask.” And while multitasking is a very important trait to master, what many people believe is multitasking is just task abandonment. Finishing one task and then moving on to another is better than juggling two or three assignments at once. If you need to multitask, save that skill for last-minute pinches when you have no other choice. You’ll likely be more relaxed, better organized and much more focused if you try to do the majority of tasks at one time. Instead, remind yourself to stop moving on if you feel you’re drifting to something else. Write down your main tasks for the day and follow the list.

Step 2

Break the assignments down into smaller parts. Just stating that you have a job to complete doesn’t give you an accurate idea of how your time will be spent. Making an outline is a great way to visualize the way you are going to complete your task. Let’s say you break one assignment down into four parts; that gives you four distinct goals that instill a sense of accomplishment throughout the project instead of the feeling that the end will never come. When you focus on completing the smaller bits, you will ultimately accomplish the entire thing.

Step 3

Do not procrastinate. For some, procrastination works and people can thrive under it. I say try to save procrastination for when you really need it. If you have a project due in 2 weeks, try to at least start the first part over a one to three-day span. Then, even if you take a few days off from it, you’ll at least have some done. Give yourself small deadlines and gently remind yourself to stay on task when you feel like you’re floating off—or putting it off!

Step 4

Take time to self-evaluate. By looking over the assignment in your mind you’ll be able to identify what worked and what didn’t. A self-evaluation will make you more efficient in the long run and it doesn’t take more than a minute to conduct. This will help you with future tasks.


Interviews about single mothers and fathers. We’ve now learnt that the role of a mother and father differs particularly in the way they raise their children. We also learnt single parents can have family members or positive individuals to assist them for example, if you a single dad raising daughters have a sister, aunt or women friend assist especially when it comes to puberty etc. Men and women cannot replace eachother in parenting so ask for assistance.


Victor Hugo

People do not lack strength, they lack will.

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