Thursday, July 23, 2009

Find out how a new soccer academy is taking the underprivileged to higher heights. Also see how the refugees are being cared for at the Alice House.

By Denisia Adams


1. To cause to withdraw into seclusion/privacy.
2. To remove or set apart; segregate.

Example: She sequestered the two boys to prevent them from continuing to argue.

Which is South Africa’s oldest welfare organisation?
A – Nelson Mandela Foundation B – WWF
or C – South African Children’s Home

Answer: C – South African Children’s Home

An amateur astronomer has discovered a disturbance near Jupiter’s southern pole, indicating that the planet was struck by a large meteor or asteroid. NASA scientists have confirmed that the dark mark is the result of a new impact. According to the astronomer who first identified the disturbance, the impacting object that left an Earth-sized mark on the gaseous planet was likely moving at speeds of about 31 to 62 miles (50 to 100 kilometers) per second and was probably 50 to 100 miles (80 to 161 kilometers) across.

How to Become a Very Healthy Person
Want to become a healthier person, but don't want to eat vegetables for every meal? This article is just for you.

1. Get lots of sleep. This may not sound like much, but in order to maintain a healthy body, you'll need 8-10 hours of sleep every day. This keeps you awake and alert, so you don't have to drink caffeine and sugar-loaded energy drinks. If you have early school times, go to sleep earlier on school nights.

2. Laugh and smile! Smiling a lot makes your face look younger and it feels great. If you laugh a lot, it has been scientifically proven to keep you healthier.

3. Do nothing. Staying in a dark, quiet place without having any stressful thoughts for about ten minutes will leave you feeling refreshed. If you just relax, you will feel better and probably keep feeling good through the day. Just do this a couple of times a day.

4. Drink water! Good old H2O is key in making you run throughout the day. Try drinking 8 eight-ounce glasses of water each day. It helps you re-energize and keep going. Not drinking enough fresh water leads to acne, headaches, and even dehydration. Do this, and you'll stay in good condition.

5. Stretch! It feels great! From when you wake up in the morning, to your gym class, this easy form of muscle exercise warms you up and makes you more flexible. If you continuously stretch each day, you will end up being really flexible and nimble. It keeps you running longer and gives you strength.

6. Run and jog! I'm not saying run five miles, but jogging or running for about 10 minutes at an easy pace definitely will keep you in shape. Try jogging for about 10 minutes 2 times a week. It will keep your muscles strong and fit every day. Don't ever run for an hour and then suddenly stop and sit on the couch for another hour. This will give you terrible cramps and will make it so it hurts to walk the next day. Slowly kick down the pace to a walk, and take deep breaths. Running will get you that A in gym class, trust me!

7. Challenge yourself. If you got 10 push ups as your maximum, try going for 12! Little challenges like this keep your body nice and fit.

8. Do something you love. Play with a pet, go swimming, or jump on a trampoline! Doing things you love to do keep you in a good mood, and make you happier. If you had a bad day at school, ride a bike and take out your anger. Not only is this fun, but it lets you be yourself for awhile. Try it!

9. Feel good about yourself! There is always going to be someone in the room who does at least one thing better than you, so don't compare yourself to other people! Find things you are good at, and use your talents!

10. Accomplish something. This will make you feel victorious! Performing a song or using your talents to amaze someone else makes you feel great!

Grant Veitch from the Youth Football Club. The Academy provides the youth of Hout Bay a platform for them to develop their talents as soccer players. There’s also an opportunity for top players to play alongside members of Super Sport united. The academy is fairly new but the plans are big and in the words of Grant Veitch, “you got to dream big”. To find out more Grant can be contacted on 082 777 3711.

Lastly we were joined by volunteer Matteo Baggio. He joined us to speak about the branch initiative of the Lawrence House who sees to refugee kids, the Alice House. The Alice House is a new home for refugee teens. They felt that the needs of the kids and teens are different and then needs to be addressed separately. The Alice House can be contact on 021 448 11 44.

Rule your mind or it will rule you, you may delay, but time will not.

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