Wednesday, April 01, 2009

By Denisia Adams

Hello and great mid – week to you. Today’s been pretty passive – in a good way today and the show was fun and informative

Today on the Morning Cruise was Gender Hub Wednesday where discussed gender issues etc:

(1)Gradually destructive; steadily harmful: corrosive anxiety
(2)Spitefully sarcastic: corrosive criticism; corrosive wit.

What explorer gave Hout Bay its name?

A – Christopher Columbus B – Jan van Riebeeck
C – Nelson Mandela

Answer: B – Jan van Riebeeck

Hout Bay, twenty minutes drive from Cape Town, was named by explorer Jan van Riebeeck, for it lush forests surrounding the peaceful bay.

Rich in history, Hout Bay remains one of the few rural areas near the city centre. Hout Bay has one of the busiest working harbours in Cape Town. Fisherman jostle with tourists catching one of the several charter boats or visiting one of the many local restuarants.

During a trip to Asia in the early 1800s, a German merchant - it is said - noticed that the nomadic Tartars softened their meat by keeping it under their saddles. The motion of the horse pounded the meat to bits. The Tartars would then scrape it together and season it for eating. The idea of pounded beef found its way back to the merchant's home town of Hamburg where cooks broiled the meat and referred to it as it as Hamburg meat. This how the hamburger got it’s name.

How to Be Sober-Minded
By eHow Health Editor
A clear and sober mind is a valuable asset in this crazy world. The ability to calmly deal with the everyday struggle of life will win you respect from your peers and single you out as a person that can get things done, even under pressure. Being sober-minded is a characteristic that anyone can attain with a bit of discipline.

Modify your habits. To be sober-minded requires that you are not addicted to drugs or alcohol, whether they are legal or illegal.

Detach yourself from your long-standing beliefs. Question your own beliefs, and look at all issues and problems with an open-mind.

Educate yourself continuously. Read newspapers, magazines and even online news sources. It is important to stay abreast of all local, regional, national and world news.

Be logical. Do not let dreams or wishes get in the way of your good judgment. Consider the consequences of every action before you take action. You have to examine all the side-effects and long-term effects of everything you do.

Keep your emotions in check. It’s OK to have emotions, just don’t let them get the better of your thinking process.

Look for enjoyable things to do that do not require drugs or alcohol. Spending time with loved ones, taking a walk or playing games can help.

An interview with Ella Monakali from Ilatha Labantu who joined us to speak about a march they conducted today with various schools trying to bring awareness of woman abuse and all the issues concerning the them. Taking a stand!

We then spoke to Fatima Ismail who joined us to speak about how to spot an abuser. Some of the ways are: notice the manner in which they touch or handle. Are you isolated from friends and family? Are you humiliated in front of friends? Are you blamed for your partners faults? There are many more and to find out more contact the Saartjie Baartman Centre on 021 633 52 87.

Lastly we spoke to Rolin Mahlanyana a man who was a victim of abuse. He joined us to speak about his experience how he was mentally and sexually abused by his former partner and how he got out.

Jim Ryun:
Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going

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