Thursday, April 09, 2009

By Denisia Adams
Hello to you it’s the eve of the long weekend. Hope you’ll have a enjoyable and safe Easter weekend.
Today on the Morning Cruise was Community Buzz Thursday where we kept you in touch and in tune with your community(Cape Town) Check it out:

1.tending to delude; misleading; deceptive: a delusive reply.
2. of the nature of a delusion; false; unreal: a delusive belief.

What does SAPO stand for in South Africa?

Answer: South African Post Office

A Duke is the highest rank you can achieve without being a king or a prince. Also did you know Alexander Graham Bell never phoned his wife or mother because they were deaf.

How to Develop Self-Appreciation
By eHow Relationships & FamilyEditor

Learning to appreciate one's self is a necessary step to develop confidence. When one can truly appreciate himself, he will typically live a fuller and happier life. The following steps will help in the process of developing self-appreciation.

Step1 Take good care of yourself. It sounds simple but is not necessarily an easy thing to do. You have to be consistent and disciplined in your effort.

Step2 Eat right and exercise regularly. A healthy lifestyle will positively affect the way you perceive yourself.

Step3 Find time to relax. When you have time to relax, you will have less stress and ultimately will be happier.

Step4 Accept yourself for who you are. Your perception of yourself will reflect how you act and behave.

Step5 Think good thoughts, listen to good music and read good books. Increase your knowledge and seek continuous learning. The more you learn, the more confident you are.

Step6 Avoid comparing yourself to others. Most of the time, you will tend to compare your weaknesses to the other person's strengths. Comparing is counterproductive to the idea of developing self appreciation. Remember, you have nothing to prove to others, just yourself.

Step7 Develop your talents and share them. As you become better and continue to share your abilities, other's appreciation for your skills will increase. This, in turn, will lead to greater self-appreciation.

Step8 Learn to forgive yourself and others. You will release a burden off your chest and will be happier and more productive.

Step9 Count your blessings. List everything you are grateful for and you will be surprised at the number of positive things in your life. If nothing else, this will help you realize that you are better off than a lot of other people. Appreciate this good fortune.

An interview with Alfred Turner from The Alfred Turner Foundation. Alfred being disabled himself felt the need to have a foundation of this kind to help the disabled with some employment and homes. The Foundation currently is in much need of help and donation. Bare in mind that the employment he provides for the disabled is merely letting them stand with tins. If you can help or to find out call 086 111 21 96 or 021 592 44 96

We then spoke to Andie Du Plessis from the Peninsula School Feeding Association (PSFA). He spoke to us about they’ve been combating the prevalence of hunger in children attending schools or other educational institutions in the Western Cape. The Motto is, “You can’t teach a hunger child”. To find out more visit or call 021 447 60 20.

Marcia Wieder:
Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dream closer.

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