Friday, April 10, 2009

By Denisia Adams

Good day and Happy Easter weekend!!! Hope you going to have an absolute blast but a safe one, especially if you driving.

Today on the Morning Cruise was Art – C Friday where we kept it all about entertainment, arts and culture. Check it out:

gambol :
To dance and skip about in play; to frolic.

What South African song bird is known for songs like, MAGIC, TAXI RIDE and FLY?

A – Andriette B – JODY C - Zamajobe

Answer: C - Zamajobe
Born in Frankfort in South Africa’s Free State province. Zamajobe Sithole sang in the local choir from the age of nine. In 2003, Zamajobe competed in the “Pop Idols" competition, an experience which afforded her a platform to learn about South African audiences.

She made it through to the final ten, and of course, built her own profile in the process. A recording contract followed.

Tap dancing originates from Irish clog dancing and what is called the Irish reel and jig. Also did you know Elvis favourite collectibles were official badges. He collected police badges in almost every city he performed in.

How to Stay Alert While Driving

Get a good night's sleep, and plan around your body clock so you drive at the times of the day when you are most alert.
Take a 10- to 15-minute break to exercise, stretch or walk briskly after every 2 hours you drive.
Let someone else do a share of the driving. Divide the driving into blocks of no more than about 4 hours for each driver.

Eat regularly to keep blood-sugar levels even, but be mindful of what you eat. A candy bar won't help much once the initial sugar buzz wears off. To stay alert, the body requires good nutrition.

Drink coffee or tea (or another form of caffeine) for a temporary fix. Keep in mind that caffeine does not take the place of adequate sleep.

Don't drink alcohol.

Learn to recognize drowsiness. Among the signs: You keep yawning, your head nods, your mind wanders, you feel eyestrain, or your eyes want to close or have trouble staying focused. It all means that you need a break from driving.

Take a nap if you're sleepy, even if you can't get to a bed. You'll have to judge your surroundings, but you're probably safer napping for a half-hour in a locked car pulled over to the side of the road than you are driving drowsy.

A first time ever on Bushradio, the launch of a baking show sponsored by Golden Cloud. We baked up some hot cross scones (not buns) and gave away a hamper worth R500 to the lucky caller. To get the full recipe sms 367 27. SMS charge R5 or simply keep checking the blog and the full recipe will be posted on the blog.

We then played an interview done with Black Noise’s Emile who joined us to speak the Heal The Hood Project which tries to uplift and empower the Cape youth through Hip Hop.

We then ended off with an interview with 21 year old Kyle Sheperd, a up and coming Cape Town jazz musician/artist who is authentic and real. His future looks promising.

Anatole France:
If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.

That’s it for the Morning Cruise, where we cruise through your weekday here on BushRadio 89.5fm live on your stereo between 9am – 12pm with me Denisia Adams. Take Care ... make the best of your day and Keep the Faith. Stay Real……!!!!!!!!!!

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