Thursday, April 02, 2009

By Denisia Adams
Ola! Hello! Dag Sê! Dumela - hay the list goes on. Hope you doing great, I’m definitely feeling great I woke on the incredible side of my bed this morning.

Today on the Morning Cruise was Community Buzz Thursday where we keep you in touch and in tune with your community:

the state, quality, or character of being notorious

From the 17th to the 20th centuries, Robben Island served as a tourist attraction.

Answer: FALSE

From the 17th to the 20th centuries, Robben Island served as a place of banishment, isolation and imprisonment. Today it is a World Heritage Site and museum, a touching reminder to the newly democratic South Africa of the price paid for freedom.

The shortest war on record took place in 1896 when Zanzibar surrendered to Britain after 38 minutes. Also did you know In Old Testament times the Mediterranean Sea was called the Great Sea.

How to Block Drafts

Use a lighted incense stick or a tissue on a stick to find any drafts. Move it slowly around windows and doors; even slight air movement will move the smoke or the tissue.

Check the caulking around your windows. There should be no gaps in the caulking between it and the walls of your house. If there is a leak, remove the old and install new caulking. Checking the caulking every year is a good way to save energy.

Check the weatherstripping on your doors. Weatherstripping prevents drafts from getting in or cool air from getting out. If you have no weatherstripping it's easy to add, lots of it is adhesive- backed and just sticks onto the doorframe or bottom of the door.

Check around your electrical outlets. Areas behind the electrical outlets and switches are often not insulated, but you can buy thin foam insulation specifically designed to fit under an outlet plate that will block drafts.

An interview with Edith Pienaar from the Plumsted Meals-on-Wheels an organisation that provides a much needed services for the elder from the ages of 70 and up. This service provides the bedridden and needy elders who no longer can see for themselves with nutritious meals for only R6.00 as well as helping them with shopping, getting medication etc. To find out more about Meals-on-Wheels contact Edith on 021 761 2443

We then were joined by Gina Gilbert one the members of Odd Fella’s Social Club. She joined us to speak about the social club how they help kids in homes (orphans) to be kids. Providing them with social events like fun fairs etc. To find out more contact Gina on 082 077 67 97

Lastly we were joined by community worker Mr Ivan Wrenn and his assist Priscilla who spoke to us about how he’s been providing free on charge much needed computer lesson in his home with no finance or resources. He currently seeks any assistance, computers, donations etc. To find out more please contact 072 3444 260 or 021 633 16 18

G.K Chesterton:
Don’t ever take a fence down until you know the reason why it was put up

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